Tips for Using Facebook

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					Tips for Using Facebook

Internet is an interesting way that is
connected globally to the whole world.
You can do various things on the Internet
by using only one click of a button. Use
the Internet in addition to electronic
shopping, one of the most popular
reasons why people need the internet is
because of the social networking site.
They are the new trends in global
markets, and almost everyone who has
access to computers and the Internet, is a
member of a social networking site. This
is the best way to stay connected with
friends and colleagues far without pain
call or meeting their day-to-day. When
you speak of social networking sites, one
Name comes to mind and it is up of
course, there are many more social
networking sites in the market, but
Facebook is the most popular, and today
we will discuss some safety tips for
using Facebook.

Safety Tips for Using Facebook
This is the most popular social
networking site in the world. More than
200 million people more into the daily
on Facebook, and this site offers a
membership of more than 600 million.
Although the site is the best platform for
people to meet, interact, share photos and
experiences, it is also a good platform for
the elements of anti-social who hack
accounts of others and try to cause
Facebook users often share personal
information through chat and
post information on every other wall,
which can create many problems when
viewed by the creator of evil.

Sharing Information with caution
Most photo sharing and information
from us about our profile, but it's very
important to ensure that no outsiders can
see what you upload to your profile. The
default setting to allow people who are
not your friends to see information about
you. Make sure you only allow your
friends to see all the pictures and videos
you post.
Do not Accept Any friend request
The main purpose of Facebook is to
ensure that you, as a member, stay
connected with all my friends and
colleagues. However, accepting every
friend request you get is folly. There are
many cases in which sex offenders,
potential kidnappers, and even private
detectives have made a fake account to
get access through your information. As
soon as you receive a request of their
friends they started damaging to your

Reduce Your Personal Information
Make sure you do not fill out your
personal information Updating your
facebook page, your birthday is also an
error, the more information about you
add the more easy it will get to someone
To use your account for the wrong
purposes. Do not enter your phone
number, address or even a birthday.

Do not Leave your facebook account
Leaving your account open for public
computer like leaving your phone in a
public place. Anyone can sit down and
begin to update the posting to your wall,
adjust site settings, and even a kind
which can lead to conflict. Always sign
out of your account.

Avoid Posting Photos Children
The world is filled with child molesters
and kidnappers, so I would recommend
not sending your child photos on

Think Before Posting
Before posting anything on the walls,
Think twice. Almost everything you post
on the wall to be viewed by all members
of the "Friends List" You. If you really
need to share information with your
friends and colleagues to do it in an
email. Do not joke laughing on the