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					WildFlowers Australia Ltd
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           National Floristry Training
        2008 Floristry Design Competition
                  “Love Eternal”

     A floristry competition for students with the aim of
     promoting the use of Australian grown flora – both
                   wildflowers and foliage.

                            Organised and run by
                  the national industry body for wildflowers:

                         WildFlowers Australia Ltd

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            National Floristry Training
         2008 Floristry Design Competition
                                 “Love Eternal”



        Over the last 8 years, WildFlowers Australia Ltd, as the national industry body
for wildflowers, has run a popular competition for TAFE floristry students. With the
aim of promoting the use of Australian grown flora – both wildflowers and foliage –
the competition has shown the diversity and strengths of our local flora while also
flaunting the artistic designs and imagination of floral students across the continent.

                              Kristi Yew - National Winner 2006

      After a siesta of a year, the competition is being relaunched, not just to
TAFEs across Australia, but also to other professional floristry schools in Sydney,
Melbourne and Perth.

        The competition has been organised so that it is simple and convenient for
both students and lecturers. Judged from photographs submitted after review from
Floristry lecturers, in many areas the competition is used as the format and structure
of a scheduled lesson, with students doing the assigned project and submitting their
creations (entries) at the end of the designated period. In other areas, the lecturers
permit the students to design and complete their entry at any time before the
competition ends, providing guidance and direction as needed.
        Regardless of how you use the competition, WildFlowers Australia simply
asks lecturers that they assist by assessing each entry against the marking schedule
that corresponds with the “WorldSkills Australia” Marking Scale (copy attached), and
sending that assessment in with each student’s entry. These will play a key role in
determining the finalists in the competition.

                            Pauline Howard – National Runner-Up 2006

        This year, students will need to design and produce one arrangement based
on the theme of “Love Eternal”. The arrangement must use Australian grown
wildflowers and foliage either fresh or dried. The range of flowers and foliage
permitted is huge and as the industry grows, so does the list of available flora. Any
wildflower grown in Australia is permitted, including the well known Proteacea family
(ie. Protea, Leucadendron, etc.).

        The entry must be suitable for expressing love to another, whether that is in
the form of a gift, anniversary arrangement, celebration of a wedding, birth of a child,
or even a funeral. It must communicate the theme of “Love Eternal”.

       The Love Eternal arrangement must be in a bowl/container and use a
base medium that contains Australian grown native flowers/foliage and may
(optionally) include up to 20% exotic flowers.

        Costs should be kept to a minimum and WildFlowers Australia will assist by
providing as much information as possible on flora seasonability and availability. In
some cases, we may be able to also provide information on local growers who can
supply product for use in the competition. Information will be made available at for easy access by all colleges and schools.

       The competition is open until 1 October 2008 in order to give students the
opportunity to use the many flowers available in our Spring months. Also, with this
early notification we hope there will be sufficient time for you to schedule this national
competition into the students’ 2008 program
       Acknowledgement of your College’s participation is required by 30 April .

        Each College may decide when students make the flower arrangements,
have them assessed by the floristry lecturer and photograph them, as long as the
final submissions are received by WildFlowers Australia by 1 October.

        Final submissions should be in the form of a folder containing (i) the
school/college competition entry forms, (ii) the marking sheets and (iii) the
digital photographs of each entry (on a CD). These folders are to sent to
WildFlowers Australia Competition, PO Box 8046, Gundaroo, NSW, 2620 and be
received by the 1st of October 2008.

       No late entries can be accepted.

      All entrants will receive a certificate indicating their participation in the
competition. These will be sent to the college/school for distribution.

         The competition will be judged based on the digital photographs submitted, so
it is important that they are taken against a plain background and from directly in front
of the piece. These photographs will potentially be published and promoted in the
media, so high quality will give each entry the best presentation.

        A panel including florists will judge the photographs. The highest aggregate
points for the best arrangement in each State will be the State winner.

       The National winner and Runner-Up will be chosen from the State winners. In
the event of a draw WildFlowers Australia will make the final decision.

       The National Winner will receive a cash prize of $ 500.
       The National Runner Up will receive $ 250.
       Each State Winner will receive $ 100.

       In addition there is a special “purely Australian” category open for all that wish
to enter. For this category an entry must be wholly Australian flora and foliage only
(no exotics, no South African flora permitted). There will be a cash prize of $500 for
the “Purely Australian” National Winner, and $250 for the “Purely Australian” National
Runner-up. A single entry is only able to be in one category, however students are
permitted to submit more than one entry if they so choose.

        WildFlowers Australia will be publishing photos of entries to promote the
diversity and potential of our wildflowers as well as the artistic skill of our floristry
students. We may also contact your college for media purposes as part of the
competition. As we are routinely asked for information on floral design with Australian
natives from both within Australia and also overseas, a special section of the
WildFlowers Australia website will include photos of all entries from across Australia
for students, teachers, florists and public to access and view. It is possible that
designs from your students will become benchmarks for Australian floral design as a
result of this competition.

       If you have any queries or need further information please don’t hesitate to
contact me at or call me on 0401 946 282,
or by mail to PO Box 8046, Gundaroo, NSW 2620.
        We hope that students will find this both an exciting and challenging
competition to participate in. We look forward to seeing the wonderful designs that
will be developed from this theme.

                                   Lana Mitchell
                                   Co-ordinator Floristry Competition 2008
                                   WildFlowers Australia Board Member