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									               Code of
  Name                         IC Radio
   CCU                          Media
This code of conduct is a set of guidelines designed to safeguard and ensure the safe practice of
the activities of IC Radio.

1. Introduction

    1.1. Being committed to the safety of its members, IC Radio considers it good practice
         to operate in accordance with the following guidelines.
    1.2. This code of conduct has been written with reference to the National Governing
         Body (NGB) guidelines, by the 2007-08 IC Radio committee.
    1.3. This code of conduct will be available to anyone wishing to read it in the Imperial
         College Union Resource Centre.

2. Union Activities

    2.1. Union activities are recognised as being one or more of the following.
        2.1.1. Any event publicised at IC Radio meetings.
        2.1.2. Any event publicised on IC Radio notice boards by an official and approved
        2.1.3. Any event that is funded to any degree by the Union.
        2.1.4. Any event that requires the use of equipment owed by IC Radio or by the
        2.1.5. Any event that requires transport booked through the Union

3. Activity Registration

    3.1. All overnight trips will be registered using a trip registration form at least the
         Wednesday prior to departure. All reasonable steps should be take to ensure that
         the Union is notified of any changes made prior or after departure from the
    3.2. It is the responsibility of the IC Radio Station Manager to ensure that all club
         members have completed a club membership form, either electronically or in
         paper form. These are to be kept up to date and stored in the Student Activities.
    3.3. The activity leader will take a copy of any relevant information from the IC Radio
         file on each trip.
    3.4. Any proposed activities that do not operate within the Clubs and Societies Health
         and Safety Policy will not be authorised.

4. Activity Leaders

    4.1. Given the nature of IC Radio activities it is recommended that an activity leader
         should be appointed for each individual activity. The attendance of an activity
         leader will be the requirement of any activity, which involves novice members.
    4.2. The Station Manager is responsible for ensuring activity leaders are appointed.
    4.3. An activity leader is responsible for the following:
        4.3.1. Planning and running of the any specific IC Radio activity.
        4.3.2. The safety of all the activity participants.
        4.3.3. Ensuring that IC Radio Code of Conduct is adhered to.
        4.3.4. Ensuring that club members act in a responsible way, and IC Radio is not
               brought into disrepute through the actions of its members.
       4.3.5. Providing the ICU DP(C&S) with a report of any accident that occurs during a
              IC Radio activity.
       4.3.6. Being aware of the location of convenient First Aid facilities in case of

5. Club Equipment

   This section covers not only IC Radio equipment, but also any other equipment that is
   used during IC Radio activities.

   5.1. A member of the club must be appointed as IC Radio Equipment Officer. Should
        this post not be filled, the responsibility lies with IC Radio Station Manager.
   5.2. It shall be the duty of the Equipment Officer to ensure that equipment used during
        IC Radio activities is in a usable and safe condition.
   5.3. A qualified inspector should check IC Radio equipment on a regular basis to ensure
        that it is safe to use.

6. Clubs Conduct

   6.1. No member of IC Radio shall act irresponsibly during club activity, nor shall any
        individual member or members of IC Radio bring IC Radio, Media Group or Imperial
        College Union into disrepute.
   6.2. Where necessary and appropriate, IC Radio members shall purchase their own
        insurance further to that offered by Union Membership
   6.3. The Activity Leader (see above) shall ensure that any venues used are in a fit state
        for IC Radio activity.
   6.4. Those who are participating in IC Radio activities shall be aware of the dangers of
        the activity, and shall participate only if they wish to, in the full understanding of
        the nature of the activity.
   6.5. Persons under the age of eighteen years shall not participate in club activity
        without written permission from their parent(s) or legal guardian, who shall be
        aware of the nature of the activities of IC Radio.
   6.6. The parent(s) or legal guardian of anyone under the age of eighteen years shall
        give written notice that they bear the responsibilities of that person as described

7. IC Radio specifics

   7.1. All members of IC Radio must abide by the regulations laid out in the IC Radio
        Constitution, the IC Radio Risk Assessment and the Clubs and Societies Health and
        Safety Policy

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