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					                                              Dove Gift Store                                      1954 Lyell Ave,
                                                                                            390 exit 21 BEHIND Diplomat
                                                                                                   Rochester 14606
                                           Class Descriptions                                      (585) 254 - 6410

Animal Communications:
You KNOW that your pets have real thoughts. Learn methods you can apply to enhance connections with the
animals in your life.
Astrology - Basics:
Learn that there is more than the “Sun Sign” we all know. Find out about your emotional sign,
thought/communication sign and more! Identify YOUR personal energies, and how you connect with your
important life patterns.
Astrology – gardening by nature’s energies:
Create your personal “farmer -type Almanac for planting, mowing lawns, cutting hair, etc. Find out about
nature’s growth cycles (both promoting and slowing) Learn methods used that in olden times were just
“common sense”.
Astrology-Series: 3 or 5 (classes include chart)
Learn “astrologese” – the language that brings specific understanding of your personal patterns; why you have
certain talents and tendencies in your life. Apply this knowledge to better use your natural skills in your life.
Aura Imaging:
An Aura Camera allows you to see your own aura as your thoughts change! Have an image printed and/or
described by a professional.
Auras - Seeing and Knowing Auras:
We all have energy fields (Auras) around us. Learn practical ways to identify these auras. Find how to
see/feel/sense these everyday energies and expand your interactions in life.
Candles and Colors:
Do you want to find ways to assist energies in accomplishing the highest good? Learn how the use of candles along
with specific colors will work together with the application of intentions, blessings and prayers.
Crystals and Gemstones:
What energies and properties do these gifts of the earth have for us to utilize? Find ways to add them into your life.
Learn what attracts you to by these beautiful items, and how to combine their energies with your own.
Dowsing – Basic Tools and Applications:
Learn the ways of finding energy fields for a purpose. You may apply these methods for personal use or for
locating energies for others. In this class, you will find methods that work best for you, then practice with various
Dream Catchers – make your own:
Learn traditions, legends & basic ways to weave your own Dream Catcher. Each person will have a personal
keepsake to take home
Dream Interpretation (Intuitive Skills Class):
Learn YOUR personal symbolic language. Find the “clues” that decode your dreams, daydreams, and messages in
your life. Learn to explore what you are telling yourself!
Drumming / Full Moon ceremony (monthly event Saturday before actual Full Moon):
Come participate in celebrations to honor earth’s cycles. Many Traditions are celebrated; all are welcomed.
Healing Circle (monthly –Saturday):
Join us the morning of the Full Moon Ceremony at 10 am for non denominational blessings to all who have need.
All beliefs are respectfully welcomed. Healing petitions are private and are always available.
Health Assessment Scans (Zyto Compass)
Your body talks to the computer via a specialized hand plate to assess 76 bio-markers in your body to determine if
any of them are out of balance and recommend products to assist in bringing those bio-markers back into balance.
Herbal Hours:
Learn about natural ways to become healthier. Each herbal hour has a different topic. We will review subjects
like: “Nature Has a Remedy” –how you can put together a simple and relatively inexpensive herbal home first
aid and health care kit and use it to take care of many of your family’s common health problems. “Mend the
Mind” – Explains how unresolved mental and emotional stress and structural imbalances contribute to the “mental”
health problems, and introduces practical tools for releasing this unresolved stress. “Pet Health” – Natural health
care isn’t just for people. Learn how to take care of your pet the natural way. “Get Up & Go” – Natural ways to
enhance your energy and increase your vitality by understanding how energy is produced and consumed in your
body. “Colon Cleansing” – Colon cleansing has helped with a wide variety of health problems. Learn the basics
of a colon cleanse and why doing one at least once or twice a year is essential to staying healthy in modern times.
“You Can Handle It” – Overcoming chronic stress and adrenal fatigue. “Weightier Matters” – tools and tips for
weight loss. “Three Keys to a Healthy Heart” – Learn about your heat and how to take care of it. Many more to
Jewelry Making (Wire Wrapping):
Learn how to wire wrap crystals, cabochons (flat on one side) into personal jewelry! Make a unique gift for
yourself or for someone special. Come enjoy the creative process!
Journaling (Your Journal, Your Wisdom):
Your personal consciousness has a way to bring your thoughts into focus. Learn that the process of the written
word(s) brings a deeper understanding of you and the world around you. It becomes easier with each word written!
Kabbalah - Basics:
Learn of the ancient patterns of the unseen real worlds. Start on a process to bring an expanded clarity to our lives,
and our places in the worlds around us. While there is One Truth, Truth has many places in which to manifest.
Meditation (Fridays – Open to All - weekly):
Come share in a few reenergizing, peaceful moments. Relax quietly; join in a guided meditation, if you choose. A
silent time is respectfully honored during the meditation.
Meditations (Intuitive Skills Class):
Wonder how to find those precious few peaceful moments for yourself? Learn practical methods for meditations.
Explore various ways that a meditation easily fits into your daily life. Give yourself the instant Gift of Calming!
Mediumship (Intuitive Skills Class):
Learn to connect safely with those in the Divine Creator’s realm. Your personal Spirit Guides work with you as you
work with them.
Meet YOUR Animal Totems:
Identify Totem Animal energies that are currently active in your life! You will find practical ways to add
understanding of the purposes you and your totems walk together.
Message Night (monthly 3rd Friday):
Come to a gallery style mediumship event! Professional Intuitives bring messages from those who have traveled
beyond. Held in a sacred space where there are respectful blessings for all life.
Open Forum(monthly Thrs.after message nite)
Share your thoughts with like minded people! All beliefs are respectfully welcomed. Holistic Professionals,
Professional Intuitives, and others are available for discussions in a casual, relaxed environment
Palmistry (Intuitive Skills Class):
Ever wonder what those lines in your hand mean? This class is where you find out! Learn more about yourself and
where you’re headed … yes, options show in your hand before they’re in your life!
Past Life Party (class event):
Come to a fun, informative class where we each explore past connections! Each person will identify at least two
lifetimes that have meaning in this life. All receive a global map of where their past life was located!
Professional Readings (Private or Corporate):
Ever want to have a “reading”? We offer professional readers trained in a variety of methods. Sessions available
during store hours or by appointment. 3 minutes / $5 and up
Specialties available. Inquiries Welcomed.
Psychometry (Intuitive Skills Class):
Hold an object or picture and learn how to identify information that is not apparent. We all have skills that may be
focused to an item.
Raindrop Technique (classes and treatments)
Experience the effect of having pure essential oils applied to your spine for healing or relaxation. We also teach the
process and oils to use.
Reiki – (certification classes):
Become a Reiki Practitioner (Level I). Continue on to symbol/distance Reiki (Level II); then Advanced Reiki
Training (ART). You may also choose to become a Reiki Master (Level IIIa); Reiki Master/Teacher (Level III)
Reiki – (holistic, basic information; Review):
Come learn about Reiki from Reiki Practitioners. This ancient form of energy balancing brings renewal and
recognition to all life forms (human, animal, plant, earth).
Reiki – (treatments):
Have a non invasive energy treatment (spot area or full body) from trained Practitioners. Allow yourself to receive
assistance in finding a way back to natural states of health.
Spirit Art - Learn Spirit Message Art:
Learn how Spirit (Divine Energy) shows us information through the creation of artwork, doodles, scribbles etc. You
can find personal information in any artistic process!
Spiritual Awareness; Intuitive Studies:
Learn techniques of how Spirit (Divine Energy) is in our lives. Intuition is just “inner knowing” – it is a skill we all
have. Learn how work successfully with your own energies!
Tarot – the art of reading cards:
Learn skills to know how images on cards contain information for revealing answers. True Tarot decks of 78 cards
contain 22 cards pertaining to the Hebrew alphabet. Open to your intuitions and a new world of knowledge.
Young Living Oils:
Learn how these PURE essential oils are applied to bring balance to your life! Come share in this practice of
enhancing your natural state of health – enjoy the benefits that are naturally yours. Actually sample some of the

                                 Other class topics are available – please ask!
                                Private classes of 3 or more may be scheduled.