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Journal of Applied Sciences 5 (5): 856-858.2005
ISSN 1812-5654
2005 Asian Network for Scientific Information

       Ultrasonic Technology Effectiveness in Total Coliforms Disinfection of Water

                            A.H. Mahvi, M.H. Dehghani and F. Vaezi
   School of Public Health, Center for Environmental Health Research, Tehran University of
                               Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

The effect of ultrasonic upon the destruction of total colifom1s has been studied in this research.
Also, the impact of power intensity and ultrasonic frequency on the gem1icidal effectiveness of
sonification has been explored. The results obtained from the work carried out have shown that
ultrasonic can be used effectively for water disinfection and increase in percent kill for colifom1S
may occur with increase in contact time to ultrasonic in the 42 kHz, These results suggest that
ultrasonic in this frequency is capable to some degree in inactivating total coliforms in water.

Key words: Ultrasonic, power intensity, total coliforms, germicidal effectiveness, water
disinfection, sonification

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