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					                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ARAB TIMES, THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2011


   Int’l Dialing Codes                         civil ID info           1889988                                                                 Important Tel. Nos.
  Afghanistan 93; Algeria 213; Argentina                                                 234; Norway 47; Oman 968; Pakistan 92;         Electricity: Kuwait City 24847329, 2484704;      23940600; Ibn Sina 24840300; Al Razi 24846000; Al     24883000; Farwaniya 24725149; Jahra 24575448;
                                                                                                                                    Fahaheel 23915300, 23911333; Hawalli 22650702/4;     Jahra 24575300; Maternity 24848067; Allergy           Mubarak Al-Kabir 25311437; Nuwaisib 23950114;
54; Australia 61; Austria 43; Bahrain        36; India 91; Indonesia 62; Iran 98; Iraq   Philippines 63; Poland 48; Portugal 351;   Kuwait City 24832933; Hawalli 22627728, 22627729;    24849252; Blood Bank 25336538; Burns Centre           Sabah 24815000; Salmiya 25739011; Shuaiba
973; Bangladesh 880; Belgium 32;             964; Ireland 353; Italy 390; Japan 81;      Qatar 974; Russia 7; Saudi Arabia 966;     Jahra 24578380; Kheitan 24722935/7; Salmiya          24840300; Cancer Control Centre 24849100; Chest       23261927.
                                                                                                                                    25712259, 25711130; Shuwaikh 24831781; Street        Diseases 24838990, 24849400; Drug Control
Bolovia 591; Brazil 55; Bulgaria 359;        Jordan 962; Kazakhstan 7; Kenya 254;        Singapore 65; Somalia 252; South Africa    lights 24745408.                                     24837245; Infectious Diseases 24870351; Islamic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Consumer Protection Hotline: 24820281/25720252.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Traffic Violation Inquiry: 198
Canada 1; Chile 56; China 86; Colombia       Korea 82; Kuwait 965; Lebanon 961;          27; Spain 34; Sri Lanka 94; Sudan 249;         Water: Emergency (drains) 24834044; Ahmadi       Medicine Centre 24849000.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The Scientific Center: 1848888.
57; Croatia 385; Cyprus 357; Denmark                                                                                                23984755, 23984926; Jahra 24553640, 24555231;           Private Hospitals: Ahmadi 23985174; Dar Al Shifa
                                             Libya 218; Luxembourg 352; Malaysia         Sweden 46; Switzerland 41; Syria 963;      Salmiya 25642104; Shuwaikh 24832933, 24832987;       22423151.                                                Labour Complaints Hotline:
45; Egypt 20; Finland 358; France 33;        60; Malta 356; Mauritius 230; Mexico        Turkey 90; United Arab Emirates 971;       Sulaibikhat 24677378, 24674568.                         Ambulance: Central 24722000; Emergency                Tel 24344954, Fax 24347562.
Germany 49; Ghana 233; Greece 30;            52; Morocco 212; Nepal 977;                                                                Hospitals: Amiri Casualty 22450005; Al Sabah     24765616; Adan 23940660/23941455; Amiri Hospital         Social Work Society of Kuwait (Human Rights
                                                                                         United Kingdom 44; United States 1;                                                                                                                   Organization): Tel 25375031, Fax 25375032
                                                                                                                                    24812000/24815000; Mubarak Al Kabeer 25312700        22422366; Dai’ya 22510854; Dasman 22419785;
Guatemala 502; Hong Kong 852; Hungary        Netherlands 31; New Zealand 64; Nigeria     Venezuela 58; Yemen 967; Zambia 260.       to 709; Farwaniya 24883000, 24888000; Adan           Fahaheel 23919089; Faiha’a 22553779; Farwaniya           E-mail: Q8sws@q8sws.com, http://www.q8sws.com

   Conceptis Sudoku                                                              indoor gardening                                                                         beauty tips                                                                    taste buds
The grid must be so completed that every row, column
  and 3x3 box has every digit from 1 to 9 inclusive.

                                                                                            oxalis                                                pimple cure at home                                                                          mint presto
                                                                     Oxalis deppei has red flowers in spring, Oxalis cernua           Pimples can disappear without scars by rubbing gar-                                Ingredients: 1 cup parsley, chopped
                                                                     (Bermuda Buttercup) bears yellow blooms and Oxalis               lic on pimples several times a day.                                                1 cup mint leaves
                                                                     Bowiei is pale purple. The leaves close at night.                   Mix a teaspoon of honey with half teaspoon each                                 1 garlic clove, crushed
                                                                       Temperature: Warm — minimum 50F in winter.                     of camphor lotion and tomato juice. Apply this mixture                             1/4 cup virgin olive oil
                                                                       Site: As much light as possible, shade from hot                on the pimples and wash after fifteen minutes with                                 1/4 cup vegetable oil
                                                                     sun.                                                             lukewarm water followed by cold water. This also                                   Method: Process parsley, mint and garlic in a food
                                                                       Water: Keep compost moist at all times — reduce                helps lighten spots or marks left by pimples.                                    processor. Slowly add oils until emulsified. Serve at
                                                                     watering in winter. Mist leaves frequently.                                                                                                       room temperature.
              Answer to yesterday’s puzzle

                                                                  Kuwait Ernakulam Residents Association is in the process          the meeting.                                                                    briefed the activities of the association.
                                                                  of enrolling members residing in Kuwait from all areas of           Jomy Augustin, Convener inaugurated the membership                            We invite all capable and talented people to join their
                                                                  Ernakulam District. An inaugural function for Membership          campaign by giving the New Membership to Harish,                                hands and support to KERA to strengthen the association.
                                                                  campaign conducted on 16.04.2011 at Rhythm Auditorium,            Tripunithara. Zainudheen welcomed the audience. Abdul                           For further details, contact: 66900455, 67080447,
                                                                  Abbassiya Parameswaran, General Convener presided                 Kalam & Ms Shabnan Bai Zeyad, Vanitha Vedi Convener                             66874364 or e-mail to: kera2011ekm@gmail.com


                                                                                what’s on today                                                                                                                                          emergency number                         112

    Fill each square
 with a number, one                                                 THURSDAY                                       known and the popular association IASCO                        Items for the What’s On page can be                    Salmiya — Edee Stores / Bestow Super
                                                                                                                   is launching its first program for 2011 titled                 sent directly to the Arab Times, P.O.                  Market / M&M confectionery; Abu Halifa —
        through nine.                                                                                              as “SHAM- E- KHAYAL- O- GHAZAL”. The                                                                                  Al Madina Stores. For more details regard-
         ■ Horizontal                                             ■ International Day: The English School          grand function will be held today, at                          Box 2270, 13023, Safat or faxed to                     ing Entry Passes contact 66457286 /
squares should add                                                Fahaheel will hold the annual International      Musical Arts College Auditorium, Salmiya.                      24818267          or      e-mail       to              97214325 /66179149 /99815174 /
   to totals on right.                                            Day today.                                          For invitations and more details please                                                                            25612476.
 ■ Vertical squares
                                                                               ❑       ❑     ❑                     contact 99509952, 65939113, 90010060 or                                                                                           ❑       ❑     ❑
should add to totals                                                                                               email at iascokwt@gmail.com                                    All items on this page are published as a
                                                                  ■ Holy Week Services: The Holy Family                                                                           courtesy to the public. These announce-                ■ Holy Week at St George Church: Holy
           on bottom.                                                                                                             ❑       ❑      ❑                                                                                       week program at the St George Universal
                                                                  Cathedral: Maundy Thursday – April 21
■ Diagonal squares                                                – Celebration of the Lord’s Supper: 3:30         ■ FA gallery exhibition: You don’t need                        ments can include birthday greetings,                  Syrian Orthodox Reesh Church Kuwait.
      through center                                              am The Lord’s Supper in Malankara; 6:30          your vision to stimulate your emotions. Let                    weddings, social functions or any other                   April 22, Friday (Good Friday): 9:30 am
 should add to total                                              am Mass of the Chrism in English; 3:00 pm        your hands take the lead into your imagi-                                                                             – 2:00 pm, Good Friday Service at
 in upper and lower                                               The Lord’s Supper in Malayalam; 3:00 pm          nation. Feel the pure light flourishing out
                                                                                                                                                                                  non-commercial events. Photographs of                  Integrated Indian School, Abbassiya.
                right.                                            Mass in Korean (GSH); 4:30 pm The                from Cristina Potella’s butterflies in the art                 all events are welcome.                                   April 23, Saturday (Easter Service): 9:15
                                                                  Lord’s Supper in Konkani; 4:30 pm The            exhibition dedicated to the blind through                                                                             pm – 12:00 mid-night, Easter Service at
                           Yesterday’s solution                   Lord’s Supper in Tamil (HFH); 6:30 pm The        touch and smell senses.                                                                                               Kuwait National Evangelical Church.
                                                                                                                      Please touch                                           The exhibition will run until April 22. For
 THERE MAY BE                                                     Pontifical Mass in English; 6:00 pm The
                                                                                                                                                                            more details log on ArtKuwait.org.                                          ❑      ❑     ❑
MORE THAN ONE                                                     Lord’s Supper in Sinhala (GSH); 5:00 pm             At FA Gallery, Sharq, Block 4, Gulf Road,
                                                                  The Lord’s Supper in Bengali (VMH); 8:00         Villa 76                                                               ❑     ❑      ❑                                 ■ Iszonica Fashion Week: Hosted by
    SOLUTION.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Caribbean Association Kuwait (CAK) and
                                                                  pm Adoration in the PPH in Konkani; 8:00            The exhibition will be open until April 21,           ■ Exhibition at Al Funoon: Dar Al
                                                                  pm The Lord’s Supper and Adoration               2011.                                                                                                                 Iszonica Modelling School. Compliments of
 Today’s Challenge                                                                                                                                                          Funoon will hold an exhibition by artist                     the Embassy of Jamaica in Kuwait.
                                                                  (Arabic); 8:00 pm The Lord’s Supper in                         ❑       ❑      ❑                           ‘Zaman Jassim’ continuing through to
   Time 5 Minutes                                                 Syro-Malabar (HFH/Court); 8:30 pm The                                                                                                                                    Come and witness a spectacular artistic
        3 Seconds                                                                                                  ■ Earth Day celebration: Earth Day cele-                 Thursday, April 28, 2011.                                    blend of fashion and art on the runway.
                                                                  Lord’s Supper in Coptic (VMH); 9:15 pm                                                                      Exhibition hours: Sunday to Thursday 10
     Your Working                                                 Adoration in the PPH in English.                 bration at the Discovery Mall, April 21-23!                                                                           Premiering designs from Jamaica, Africa,
                                                                                                                   The Al-Bayan Bilingual School Alumni                     am - 1 pm and 4-8 pm.                                        Columbia, Canada, England, Kuwait and
  Time __ Minutes                                                   Parish of St Daniel Comboni                                                                               Friday and Saturday: by appointment.
       __ Seconds                                                                                                  Environmental Committee is celebrating                                                                                Thailand.
                                                                    Maundy Thursday – April 21 –                   Earth Day with an interschool HS multi-                    Getting to the Gallery: Al-Watiah,                           Date: Today; Venue: Al Manshar Rotana
                                                                  Celebration of the Lord’s Supper: 5:30 pm        activity competition on April 21st, environ-             Behbehani Compound, House No. 28.                            Hotel, Fahaheel; Time: Stalls open: 5:00
                                                                  The Lord’s Supper in Malayalam (Syro-            mentally-conscious Kuwaiti establishments                  For further information call +965                          pm onwards; Show starts: 7:00 pm.
                                                                  Malabar) – Integrated Indian School; 7:00        and individuals who will be displaying their             22433138                                                       Tickets: members of CAK: KD 10; Non-
                                                                  pm The Lord’s Supper in English –                talents and services, along with an arts and               www.daralfunoon-kw.com                                     members: KD 12; VIP front row: KD 20;
                                                                  Basement; 8:00 pm The Lord’s Supper in           crafts corner for children. Come and create                                                                           Light refreshments will be served.
                                                                  Malayalam (Latin) – Integrated Indian            an “Earth Day Birthday Card”, or an envi-                   FRIDAY                                                                 ❑      ❑       ❑
                                                                  School. Adoration in Our Basement: 9:00
          legal clinic                                            to 9:30 pm English; 9:30 to 10:00 pm
                                                                  Konkani; 10:00 to 10:30 pm Tamil; 10:30 to
                                                                  11:00 pm Malayalam.
                                                                                                                   ronmental poster, or how about making a
                                                                                                                   sculpture or an art project out of “junk” or
                                                                                                                   adding to our “environmental community”
                                                                                                                   collage? “My Gym” will have designated
                                                                                                                                                                            ■ Holy Week Services: The Holy Family
                                                                                                                                                                            Cathedral: Good Friday – April 22 –
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ■ TISOK free course: The Triskelion
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         International State of Kuwait (TISOK) will
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         be having a free course on MS Office 2007
                         PRO BONO LEGAL ADVICE                                 ❑      ❑      ❑                     “open hours” at their gym for games and                  Celebration of the Lord’s Passion. Day                       for OFWs. Registration will be today, from
                                                                                                                   activities with an Earth Day theme! Come                 of Fast and Abstinence: 6:00 am The                          9:00 am till 12 noon at the Philippine
                                                                  ■ Australian embassy closure: The                                                                         Lord’s Passion in Malayalam (Trans to                        Embassy Consular Section in Jabriya.
                                                                  Australian embassy advises that it will be       and join in the fun!!
                                                                                                                                                                            Halls); 8:00 am The Lord’s Passion in                        Kindly bring two recent receipts of Western
                                   Indemnity                      closed today, Sunday, April 24 and                              ❑       ❑     ❑                           English (Trans to Halls); 9:30 am The                        Union on registration day. Classes will start
                                                                  Monday, April 25, 2011 on the occasion of        ■ St. Gregorios services: St. Gregorios                  Lord’s Passion in English (Trans to Halls);                  on April 29.
                                                                  Easter holiday. The embassy will resume          Indian Orthodox Maha Edavaka, Kuwait                     11:00 am The Lord’s Passion in Tamil
                                                                  work on Tuesday, April 26, 2011.                                                                                                                                                     ❑      ❑      ❑
      Our company is considering only the basic salary                                                               (Maundy Thursday) Marina Hall,                         (HFH); 11:00 am The Lord’s Passion in
   for the indemnity calculations even though we get                           ❑      ❑      ❑                     Abbasiya; April 21, Thu 3.00 pm, 9th Hour                Maronite; 11:00 am The Lord’s Passion in                     ■ 4th Golden Era Club meeting: Origami
   regular allowances. From a previous ‘Legal Clinic’                                                              Prayer & Washing the Feet Service NECK,                  Coptic (VMH); 1:00 noon The Lord’s                           or Acupressure? Seniors (60+) can judge
                                                                  ■ Spanish Embassy closure: The                                                                                                                                         for themselves, today, which activity is
   columns we understand that allowances should be                Embassy of Spain would like to inform the        City; April 22, Fri 6.00 am, Good Friday                 Passion in Tagalog; 3:00 pm The Lord’s
   included. When we highlighted this issue, it seems                                                              (Morning Prayer) Salwa; April 22, Fri 7.30               Passion in Konkani (Trans to HFH); 3:30                      more enjoyable!! Time: 5 to 7 pm. Venue:
                                                                  public that the embassy will remain closed                                                                                                                             House #34, next to Abu-Tammam
   that they were not aware of the related articles in the        today.                                           am, Good Friday (Morn. Prayer & 3rd Hour                 pm The Lord’s Passion in Sinhala (VMH);
   law. So could you please once again publish the                                                                 Prayer) Prayer Hall, Abbasiya; April 22, Fri             4:00 pm The Lord’s Passion in Korean                         Intermediate School for Boys, Sate
   related clauses in the law on this subject?                                  ❑     ❑       ❑                    10.30 am, Good Friday Service Marina                     (GSH); 4:30 pm The Lord’s Passion in                         Alhusari St, Block 2, Rumaithiya.
                                                                  ■ Samarpanam: You are cordially invited          Hall, Abbasiya; April 22, Fri 4.30 pm,                   English (Trans to HFH); 5:30 pm The                          Registration/queries: Drop a line to golden-
                                          Name withheld                                                                                                                     Lord’s Passion in Bengali (VMH); 6:00 pm                     era60@yahoo.com or call 97172788 or
                                                                  to a music and violin program at Indian          Evening Prayer NECK, City.
      Answer: The employer is wrong. In the old law, the          Community School (Senior), Salmiya,                                                                       The Lord’s Passion in English (Trans to                      66208183. The above contact details may
   word ‘wage’ was used and in the new the focus is on                                                                           ❑      ❑     ❑
                                                                  Kuwait.                                                                                                   HFH); 6:00 pm The Lord’s Passion in                          also be used by talented volunteers willing
   the word ‘renumeration.’                                          Today: Sri B. Sasikumar an acclaimed          ■ Ahmadi Orthodox Church service:                        Italian (PPH); 7:30 pm The Lord’s Passion                    to conduct quality educational/entertain-
      Article 51 (b) of Kuwait Labour Law says a work-            violinist and also the guru of Mavelikkara       H.G. Josua Mar Nichodimos, Metropolitan                  in Syro-Malabar (HFH/Court); 8:00 pm The                     ing/craft workshops during regular meet-
   er is entitled to 15 days ‘renumeration’ for each of the       Sathees Chandran will perform at 7.00 pm.        of Nilcackel, will be the chief celebrant at             Lord’s Passion in Arabic.                                    ings. The Golden Era Club is a non-profit,
   first five years and one month ‘renumeration’ for each            Admission free. All are welcome.              the St Thomas Orthodox Church, Ahmadi                       Parish of St Daniel Comboni                               voluntary setup meeting on the 2nd and
   year after that.                                                  For further details contact – 99584182.       for the Holy Week from April 16 to 23 (till                 Good Friday – April 22 – Celebration of                   4th Friday of each month.
      Article 56 explains the word ‘renumeration’ as fol-                        ❑       ❑     ❑                   Easter Sunday). H.G. will meet different                 the Lord’s Passion. Day of Fast and                                        ❑      ❑      ❑
   lows: The basic payment of a worker plus all pay-                                                               church dignitaries and will be available in              Abstinence: 7:00 am The Lord’s Passion in
                                                                  ■ Kool Kidz Club: The Kool Kidz Club of          Kuwait until May 2.                                      English – Basement; 7:45 am The Lord’s                       ■ St Paul’s Anglican Church: St Paul’s
   ments made to a worker on periodic basis such as                                                                                                                                                                                      Anglican (Episcopal) Church of Kuwait has
   bonuses, benefits, allowances, endowments or cash              the British Academy of International Arts           April 21 (5.00 pm to 7 pm): Kalkazhukal               Passion in Malayalam (Latin) – Indian
                                                                  celebrates the British Royal Wedding in          (Feet Washing) Service at DPS Ahmadi.                    Central School; 10:30 am The Lord’s                          worship services in English, every Sunday
   benefits.                                                      style with A TOP HAT and TIARA FUN                                                                                                                                     at 6.30 pm in Ahmadi and every Friday at
                                                                                                                      April 22 (7:00 am to 9.30 am) Good                    Passion in Malayalam (Syro-Malabar) –
                     ❑        ❑       ❑                           AFTERNOON today. Games, fun and                  Friday Service at Church; (10.00 am to                   Indian Central School.                                       10.30 am in Salwa. The Chinese worship
                                                                  competitions. Wear your best prince and          3.30 pm) Good Friday Service at DPS                                                                                   service is held every Friday at 10.30 in
      The Arab Times invites questions on all                                                                                                                                             ❑      ❑     ❑                                 Salwa. Bible classes for children are held
   aspects of Kuwaiti law. If you face a problem, or              princess costumes and design a plate of          Ahmadi.
   need specific advice on any legal matter, from                 food fit for Royalty. Non BAIA students can         April 23 (8.35 pm to 12.05 am): Easter                ■ Kalanjali holds Musical Nite: Kalanjali                    during all the services. You are all invited to
   commercial and investment law to divorce and                   attend too! For details and tickets please       Service at Church.                                       Kuwait is organizing Musical Nite of                         come and enjoy the services and fellow-
                                                                  check the website www.baia.com.kw and                                                                     Sadhana Sargam on April 22, 2011, in                         ship. You are welcome to visit our website
   labour, send questions to the Managing Editor,                                                                                 ❑      ❑      ❑
   Arab Times, P.O. Box 2270, 13023 Safat,                        contact the BAIA office at administra-                                                                    American International School, Maidan                        – http://www.stpaulskuwait.com
   Kuwait, Fax to 24818267 or e-mail: arab-                       tor@baia.com.kw                                  ■ ‘Genesis: Informal Universe’ expo: An                  Hawally from 6.30 pm onwards. Sadhana                          For more information, you may call
   times@arabtimesonline.com                                                     ❑       ❑     ❑                   art exhibition of Italian artist Enzo Manara             Sargam is accompanied by Chetan Rana                         7356700,7992517, 3985925, 4837716,
                                                                                                                   entitled ‘Genesis: Informal Universe’ at the             (K for Kishore Kumar fame) and her troupe                    9114947 or Email at stpaulskuwait@-
                                                                  ■ IASCO cultural fest: Kuwait’s well             Museum of Modern Arts in Kuwait.                         from India. Entry passes are available in                    yahoo.com

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