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30th August 2010
                                 V O L U M E      1 ,   I S S U E     5                               J U L Y / A U G U S T         2 0 1 0

                                Hello Everyone,
 President’s Report             This newsletter brings some amazing news! Longtime member Sharyn Crystal has finally
                                received the news of a lifetime! Last Wednesday July 28 Sharyn underwent a heart transplant!!!

It was a most amazing moment when I got the call from VP Lisa. Sharyn‘s husband had made the call early and by around 4pm that
afternoon it was all over with the surgeon very happy and Sharyn doing well. I managed to hook up with Sharyn‘s dear friend, editor and
co-author Lindsay Lewis, also a long time ALVA girl, to hear all the news. As of last Friday, Sharyn was still sedated and on a heart machine.
This machine pumps the heart for her until everything settles down. As soon as the doctors are happy, Sharyn will slowly be woken up to
start her new life with a new heart! Lindsay is going to keep us updated with news as soon as it happens and to those of you on email I will
send it out as soon as we hear. But so far so good, with all in the transplant unit at St. Vincent‘s happy with Sharyn‘s progress.

Now I have had many calls and emails as to where to send flowers, cards etc. As I did mention in the emails, Sharyn is still in the intensive
care unit. So no flowers or cards until she is moved to a ward and is awake as there simply is nowhere to put things in ICU. It will be much
more beneficial for Sharyn to hear from everyone when she is awake and probably in need of our love and support. So – as soon as we are
told it is ok to send things, I will let you all know and also what ward, what name etc as we always do when we have someone in hospital.
But in the meantime I have suggested that you email either to me or Kerri or Lisa at
and we will send the emails onto Sharyn so she has a lovely record of messages when she is recovering and allowed near a computer.

This IS an amazing thing to happen! As I said in one of the emails ALVA has had many, many ups and downs, many births, deaths,
marriages, divorces, dramas, challenges, issues and a whole lot of love and friendship that has held us all together, but I do believe that this
is our very first ALVA heart transplant! Sorry Sharyn it‘s now ALVA‘s and yours too!!!

So onto a quick catch up – our fabulous last luncheon with a seriously amazing Guest Speaker in Professor Tony Broe AM, Scientific
Director, Aging Research Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital. Tony is a delightful man and a wonderful speaker. He had us all captured with
his knowledge of the science of aging and what we can do to prevent it as much as we can! Remember to make sure you have a healthy
hippocampus ladies! ( I am sure I have spelt this incorrectly!) That part of the brain is the bit that keeps us young and healthy so we need to
look after it! Thank you to Sandra Forster for assisting us with finding the time in the Professor‘s schedule and organizing it all on the day.
It was a resounding yes to having Tony come back again to continue his talk so we will definitely have that happen.

Great to see Julie Foley-Walker up and about after a badly broken ankle. Another huge thank you to our fantastic Associate Members that
support us ALL the time and we do love and appreciate them always! Xxx

Rita Barnett let us know that Hal Fenner, longtime secretary of Actors Equity passed away late last year. Echidnas let us know that Jim
McDonald had passed away in June. Jim was longtime agent with his agency Delicados with many associations at Easts Leagues and
St.George Leagues etc. As Alan Dale said in their newsletter everyone that was working in that fabulous era will have their own Jim
McDonald stories!! Thanks Alan for the news. Kathy Watson reminded us the importance of our correct title A.L.V.A. Inc. We were one of
the first Incorporated small charities in 1986, thanks I might say to a huge effort from Kathy herself, incorporated with the then Dept. of
Corporate Affairs. Kath reminded us of how important it is to be proud of our achievements and to be proud of our incorporation! It is the
efforts of Kathy, Pat, Maria, Toni (and yes dangerous territory now as I know I have left some off here!) and all those hardworking ladies who
did the hard yards in the beginning of ALVA so that your committee now can be caretakers of this wonderful Association. Thanks Kath.

It has been remiss of me, as Tabbi has asked me to give you this address last newsletter and I did forget! Shelley May has a new address in
Wagga and would like to be remembered to everyone and says hello. Shelley May Rogers, 6/36 Taracan Ave., Ashmont, Wagga Wagga
NSW 2650 Ph: 69711468 / 0418 498 109

Congratulations to Melinda Schneider for her success on Dancing with the Stars. Wonderful effort for such a very big call. Great job, well
done dear girl!!! And great to see Mary and Melinda‘s partner Mark in the audience on opening night.

Congratulations to our own Liz Taylor with the season at NIDA of the new Australian musical ―Beaudy‖ Great work Lizzie, happy we could
help with publicity, thank you for tickets for raffle and hope to see you at an ALVA dooo soon, We miss you!!!

Next function will be our Annual ALVA Trivia Night. This will be held on Monday August 30 at Brighton Fisho‘s. So, due to the ALVA heart
transplant we will be making this night a Tribute to and Fundraiser for Sharyn Crystal - who obviously now will not be able to do any form of
work for who knows how long. For those of you who know Sharyn personally, you will know that this is long overdue and a very worthy
cause, heart transplant or not, but most certainly in need at this time. You will find all details on the flyer attached, but do please make an
effort to come, have fun with Trivia Mistress Lizzie Layton and help a mate in need of support. Lindsay Lewis will be giving us an update of
course on the night and by that time we will have much more good news of Sharyn‘s recovery process. Please make the effort everyone as it
really does make a difference. Thank you all in advance!!!
Hope everyone is well and I look forward to seeing you at all Trivia Night!

Love & Light,
Susie xx
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  An update on Chris Farnham….
                                                               Rickie’s in New York...
Hello to all you BEAUTIFUL ALVA Ladies &
                                                         Hi Susie and girls,
Mark K.,
                                                         Hullo from New York where I have just come
To let you know my update – have had a
                                                         in from dinner with Teddy Williams. We
traumatic time recently due to a prostate
                                                         spoke about ALVA girls on the subway not
cancer operation. This was done very swiftly
                                                         20 minutes ago, and he asked to be
after diagnosis, on the 24th March. I did end
                                                         remembered to everyone. He looks just the
up with lots of complications, too many to go
into, in the days directly after, but after 4
                                                         I've been here 10 days now, after week
months I'm now beginning to feel like my old
                                                         in Paris, and also St. Petersburg, Moscow,
self again.
                                                         and Florence. Hong Kong next, then home.
Just wanted to say thank you everyone for
                                                         Keen to get back home as I have a new
your well wishes that have come thru ALVA
                                                         grandson who was born while I have been
via Susie. Much love to all,
                                                         away, and I am looking forward to meeting
Chris Farnham
                                                         him. See you soon, love Rickie
Triple Treat xxxxxxxxx
Pres - and thank you from Clive and I to
everyone that has been so concerned about
our little Christine. And yes I have had a feel
this week and he is feeling like his old self
again! Susie xx

                Alan Jones interviews our dear Sylvia...
  Hi Susie,
  I cannot tell you the reaction I am having to the Alan Jones interview. Unbelievable! It sure is
  an interesting business we are in. I have not sung a note since I recorded those two songs just
  before Mark died. Here is an Mp3 file of the interview. You might like to put it out with the email
  news letter if anyone is interested and didn't hear the program.
  What all of us would give for publicity like this and to think Alan pursued me and I don't perform
  anymore. Amazing. This way might be better. Love, Sylvia

                                                          Guess whose coming to dinner!
                                                           This photo is courtesy of Sylvia
                                                           Raye. Can you name all those
                                                           in attendance?

  VOLUME      1,   ISSUE   5                                                                       PAGE       3

                               News about Noelene Batley….
 Hi Susie: I had a call the other day from Noelene Batley – back for a few weeks from Miami - she just
 wanted to say ―hi‖ to all the girls and let them know she can be contacted on 9529 2356. She has
 been here attending her brother Billy‘s 80th birthday and she is also a grandma to twins – her daughter
 Sasha has given birth to a boy and girl. There was a Bandstand re-union to commemorate her visit, at
 which 35 ‗old rockers‘ were in attendance. John Charter reckons she looks as young today as she did
 back in the sixties. I hope we shall get to meet her some day at one of our ALVA functions. Cheers
 Toni Stevens.

 Hi Susie - Just a quick note regarding the email from Toni Stevens that you sent out. Thought it a
 good idea for the ALVA Newsletter as we may be able to find some more of our folk from that era.
 Last Monday, 17th July, at Bulldogs Leagues Club, ARROWS (Australian Rock and Roll Original
 Wankers Society), that I founded in 2007 on the 50 year anniversary of Alan Dale and the House-
 rockers, our first working Australian rock and roll band, (17th January 1957) had a historic
 luncheon and invited 50's superstar, Noelene Batley, along with Alva girls, Claire Poole, Mary
 Schneider, Judy Stone, Carol Jacobson, Trish Noble, Nina Raye and a host of recording, radio and
 television stars, 34 in all from that era.

 This was a meeting we have every 3 months to celebrate the 'First Wave' and 'Trailblazers' of
 Australian Rock and Roll, selected only from the period........ 1956 - 1960. We started off with just five
 guys and now have a list of over 68 people that are personally invited to each of our quarterly
 lunches. This was not a Bandstand reunion, that's only one part of our goal. Television
 appearances are not the total criteria, as we're inviting non-performing people who had an influence
 on the emergence of Australian Rock and Roll with TV and radio people and promoters as well from
 that fledging period.

 We're still searching for quite a few people that have disappeared off the radar. If anyone has any
 information and contacts for eligible musicians, singers, DJs, compares, etc. who were part of the rock
 and roll scene during the stated years, we'd love to hear from you. Beside a Central Coast
 contingent, ARROWS are opening a Queensland Chapter this September and I'm in contact with
 people up there now to have a lunch meeting. Date to be advised between 7th and 12th.
 Cheers John Charter, President (02) 9822 4414
 Alan Dale, Secretary (02) 9449 1814

               Donna & Marie, cooking up some great jazz...
DONNA LEE and MAREE MONTGOMERY are still cooking up some GREAT Jazz at the ROYAL HOTEL
Leichhardt. We are coming up to the 2nd Birthday Celebrations on Sunday 26th September, 2010.
It always falls on the last Sunday of each month 5pm – 8pm.

Many terrific Artists have come and jammed with Maree and The Laurie Bennett Trio over the past two
years, - Johnny Nicol, Dave Bourke, Kevin Hunt, Anne and Betty Dargie, Reg Denver, Annie Doyle, Frank
McQuade, Joe Epps (trombone), Marilyn Gee, Sandie White, Susie Newman, Gary Stirling and Rosemary
Schofield, Ray Aldridge , Michael Hope and Peter Dilosa (Trumpet) to name a few.

So while the Music is SWINGING with Maree and the new Chef is serving some fantastic food, the Pub
has been filled with happy faces in the audience having a ball especially when Donna sits in for a few
songs. Would love to see some ALVA gals.
          PAGE     4
                                THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
     Hi Susie, thank you so much for letting the girls know of my illness. I have heard from quite a few and appreciate
     them all very much. I think mostly being remembered at all is wonderful. You are all a good lot, I have always
     known that. Love to all, Judy Barnes Widdowsen

     I would just like to say a very sincere thank you to all the girls and boys who have contacted me since my illness,
     it has been lovely to know that I am remembered. Little Rose Bandel has been constantly in touch which is
     bringing two old friends back together and heaven knows we all need each other. Rose has been asked to join
     two rehearsal bands and maybe Gosford Musical society, isn't that just wonderful, Dennis would be so proud to
     know she is picking up that saxophone. Having only just experienced some of what Sharyn is going thru, my best
     wishes and prayers go out to her, she will be fine, she is one of us and we are a tough lot.
     Love to all, Judy Barnes Widdowson.

    Dear Kerri and Committee
    Firstly, I would just like to say thankyou for the beautiful flowers I received while convalescing at home.
    Its been quite a life changing experience for me the past couple of months in appreciating my mobility and not
    having the freedom and strength to get around like the social butterfly that I usually am. I had an inconvenient
    fall the day after the ―Mo Awards‖ after suffering with bad circulation, it made me lose feeling in my left leg and
    down I went, not knowing the full severity until the Doctors examined me and said that I had broken bones, and
    would have to be in fibreglass plaster for 8 weeks. After the shock and quick turn around of me being able to do
    the simple things of walking, Cleaning, Driving and Cooking, I was left to spend a little more time at home and
    WOW what a shock to my system and my husbands who has been a fantastic carer through it all.

    4 days after my accident my wonderful son Nathan surprised me and arrived at the front door—he had caught a
    Plane, Train And Taxi from Melbourne to Sydney where he was currently performing in the musical ―Mamma
    Mia‖ spending his only 2 days off, to keep me company and cook scrumptious meals for my husband and I
    before flying back the next morning.. It made me happy having my family together again, as I was also feeling
    down from losing my brother.
    The past couple of months have been hard, but as a positive, it has also made me slow down and appreciate the
    simple things in life, one being, the good in people, strangers and friends that have thought of me through it all,
    so thank u so much girls.
     Love Julie Foley-Walker xx

 Letter from Billie Wilde...
Hello to Everyone!
Our darling Shaz is doing very well according to the report I got from the staff at the hospital, so at least at this
stage we can rest easy. Our love goes out to Alan and family. I have had my sob of mixed shock – it has
finally happened – and relief – it has finally happened!!! The amazing miracle of modern medicine.
On Saturday the 24th of July my darling Dougie and I went to Nida‘s ―Parade Theatre‖ to a showcase
performance of a new Australian musical called ―Beaudy‖ written by Michael Orland. In the cast – which I
ncluded some terrific young singer dancers – were seasoned notables like Scott Radburn, Anita Hartmann,
Stephen Fisher-King and our very own [making her music theatre debut] Liz Taylor!!!!!! She was gob-smacking

So proud was I, watching my darling friend, after all this time in ―Show Biz‖, doing something ostensibly foreign
to her and walking into it like she had been doing it all of her life. Having said that, maybe it was an easy
character for her to play [her character was the bitch from Hell. Just joking.......!]
Really though, Liz looked like a seasoned pro with her character analysis fully in place and an amazing sense of
comedy, which probably doesn‘t surprise anyone. We hope to see her doing more of such work in the not too
distant future. It does go to show that – if we are flexible enough and willing to put in the hard yards – we can
actually re-invent ourselves at any time. Deliciously heartening isn‘t it!?!
On a personal note, our new environment is almost under control [only EIGHT boxes to go. Sigh!] Then the
games begin with a kitchen renovation and various decorating alterations [ I cannot begin to tell you how much I
hate these light fittings.] Then we can have a party on the balconies, looking over the water, sipping
champagne that Dougall is pouring for the Alva troops and eating some lovely finger food. I look forward to that!
Hoping to see you all soon, Billie Wilde

VOLUME     1,   ISSUE      5                                                                                     PAGE        5

The latest from Toni Stevens….
Hi Susie: I boarded the Dawn Princess recently at Singapore
and who should be on there, on the complete round the world
cruise, Ken Jeacle from Regency Artistes and his wife
Lorraine. I know several entertainers would have met them on
the first leg of their cruise and as far as Dubai. This is
generally when the Australia contingent stops and the UK
contingent takes over. It was so nice to have good friends on
board. Off to see mum again in September to celebrate her
91st birthday and also hope to catch up again with Dame
Vera. See you soon. Luv, Toni Stevens

MELINDA SCHNEIDER brings Doris Day to life!
Press Release from Melinda: As 2010 has unfolded the career dimensions of Melinda Schneider
have broadened dramatically. The winner of six CMAA Golden Guitars and with songs have been
recorded by John Farnham, Olivia Newton John, Paul Kelly, Billy Thorpe and Jimmy Little.
Melinda has been busy dazzling us with her dexterity on television‘s Dancing With The Stars and
has put her country recording career on pause for a moment to indulge a passion that goes back
                               decades. A passion that has resulted in a connection with Universal
                               Music and the shimmering tribute album ―Melinda Does Doris‖
                               Melinda was inspired by a Doris Day tribute show in which she
                               performed seven years ago at Melbourne‘s Mardi Gras Midsummer

                                    Melinda Schneider says, ―Everybody loves Doris! I have been a fan
                                    of Doris Day since I was a child and my all time favourite ‗Doris‘ film
                                    is ‗Calamity Jane‘. She was such a huge talent, a triple threat as they
                                    say, she could sing, dance and act. Doris is the best of everything a
                                    woman can be. When I grow up… I want to be just like her!

                                    People have been telling me for years that I should make this record
                                    and I knew that one day, when the timing was right, I would. I am so
                                    excited about this project and to be working with the great team at
                                    Universal Music. Melinda transformed a dozen Doris staples into
                                    contemporary renditions that both keep the faith and expand upon
                                    the possibilities.

                    VALE: BILL RILEY
                                                        Email from Rosemary Schofield
                                                        VALE: Bill Riley (husband of Brunie Riley and hypnotist).
                                                        Passed away 7th July 2010

                He fought so hard to the very end. He had lost a lot of weight and was just too tired to fight anymore. He
                will be laid to rest 14th July 2010 at St Mary’s Catholic Church at Noraville on the Central Coast.

                My dear friends, my darling Bill will be laid to rest next Wednesday the 14th July at 10am, St
                Mary's Catholic church Noraville, on the Central Coast near Toukley
VOLUME      1,   ISSUE   5                                                                      PAGE      6

                 “My Corner of the Sky” - Kerri Dyer Keen
 Hi there, everyone that remembers Kerri Dyer, and hi to everyone who doesn't!
 Those who knew of me in the late 70's will know how active I was in the industry, and will also know
 how loved ALVA was by me, even after my accident and compensation case.
 It may have taken me 30 years to get to the stage I am at the moment, which by the way is an
 alright place to be compared to where I was, even 2 years ago. But my love for ALVA and the help
 they gave me at the time still plays a predominant role in my autobiographical book - MY CORNER
 OF THE SKY! There is even a patrons mention page at the beginning as well as a foreword written
 by the present committee heads.
 For those of you who knew me at the time, you might remember that I used to open my cabaret
 show with a song called My Corner of the Sky!
 That song was always lucky for me when I was working. It helped get me into the Sydney Opera
 House in the Tommy Tycho Concerts in 1988 and now I am hoping that at almost 60, it will be lucky
 for me and ALVA again, so many years later. A percentage of all sales of the book, both in
 Australia, America, and England will go to ALVA for as many years as the book sells. This world
 wide economic down turn has hit me just as I am sure it has hit all of you.
 But I am spending money that I have had put aside - I wasn't sure what I was putting it aside for -
 but I know now. Expensive as it is, I am coming to Australia partly to publicize my book!
 If you can spare the time from your busy lives to have a good chat with an old friend ( even if you
 don't physically know me) then the book is written as just that! One of the readers has even
 commented that it was like picking up an old friend. It's meant to be an interesting, informative and
 sometimes scary chat, with some great photos throughout the story!
 But for those of you who can't wait until I get to Sydney a hard copy of the book is available now
 through - books- biographies and memoirs.-
 The book is called "My Corner of the Sky: Though I Never Expected Life To Be Quite Like This"! by
 Kerri Dyer-Keen (Paperback - Jun 14, 2010)
 Buy new: $25.95 American dollars ($34-31 Australian - computer conversion rates)
 ( of which ALVA would only get (via royalties) approx. 82cents)
 OR you can buy an e-book
 My Corner of the Sky - Kindle Edition - Kindle Book (June 9, 2010) by Kerri Dyer-Keen
 Buy: $9.99 ($11.44 AUD), again of which ALVA would get via royalties, about 1/2c
 Auto-delivered wirelessly BUT-BUT - BUT
 If you would like a signed copy, and would be prepared to wait until I get to Sydney on January 13th
 - 21st 2011 - place of signing to be advised (even to me - but there will be one) then a SIGNED
 COPY will only cost you $34-00 of which $3-00 will go directly to ALVA.
 If anyone would like to know anything about the book and what is inside it, place a 'put aside for me'
 order to be collected in January, or even just to say hello to an old ALVA mate, then the email is

 I HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON! Wishing ALVA a truly long and successful life!!
 Yours as always in friendship - Kes x Kerri Dyer-Keen

                                                      For those members who may have known the
VALE: JO ELLIS (CRUSHED ICE DUO)                      duo Crushed Ice, we felt it necessary to pass
                                                      this information along to you. Shayne O‘Leary
                                                      from AAC sent us the details.

My Darling Wife Joanne Passed away Saturday 10-7-10 at Camden Hospital. Thank you everybody for your
love & support Stan

Jo & Stan had only recently found out that she was ill. Many of you would have not been aware she
was sick. Our thoughts are with Stan and his family.
Cards can be sent to: PO Box 55 Minto NSW 2566
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                     The latest buzz from Wendy Allison….
 What wonderful news about Sharyn Crystal, at long last she has been given the chance to lead a normal

 Also Congratulations to Melinda Schneider for the wonderful effort she put into Dancing With The Stars,
 that is very hard going, learning a new routine each week and to be so polished. What wonderful
 comments too from all the judges. Her Dad Keith would be so proud. Rex clapped madly when she juggled
 on one show.

 We have just come back from two wonderful weeks in Vietnam. We have visited Saigon many times on the
 ship but only for a day, so we took the opportunity to travel around and see the place. We were so sad
 when we visited the war museum in Ho Chi Minh, it brings tears to the eyes, when you see the horror of
 what went on. It is something everyone should see to realize how lucky we are not to have suffered like so
 many of those people. We also saw so many victims of agent orange and their children mainly in
 Saigon. After 4 days we travelled to Hanoi, the heritage listed town and beach resort. How pretty it was at
 night when the town was all lit up with lanterns all along the waterside. Our final stop was Hanoi, which we
 loved, staying in the old town which they call the city of 36 streets, as that is how many intertwine in that
 part of town, with so much to look at and buy. A shoppers paradise one might say. We had two nights in
 Halong Bay on a junk, which was just amazing, so beautifully fitted out. Had we known just how beautiful it
 was we would have stayed longer. Throughout we stayed at French style boutique hotels which were just
 gorgeous. One downfall was it was so hot, which made it hard getting around during the day. Later in the
 year is when to go when it cools down. All in all though it was fabulous. The last night in the middle of
 Hanoi the street was closed off and a huge stage set up, we stood and saw the most amazing sight acts.
 Jugglers, Adagio, Trapeze, etc. all beautifully dressed. We were the only two that clapped! The audience
 just looks, how disappointing for the entertainers with no feed back.

 On 19th August we are off to U.S.A. for 5 weeks, mainly up in New York, Boston etc. Can't wait to catch up
 with friends. If you want to see the most beautiful little girl, Adam Scicluna's 11 month old daughter
 Stephanie is just adorable. We went over for lunch with Adam and Belinda, what a fun day.
 Love from Wendy Allison.

 Hello from Shelley May...
                                                During the time that Shelley was selling her house at Lake
                                                Munmorah, she was visiting Sydney frequently at that time,
                                                she made arrangement to rendezvous with her good friend Jill
                                                Perriman. She was on a flying visit with her husband, singer,
 dancer, choreographer, Kevin Johnston. In earlier years, Shelley had been her bridesmaid. Many ALVA
 girls would remember Jill Perriman in Sydney starring in Funny Girl, Annie, Dolly, No No Nannette, Phillip
 St Productions and the mother in the Boy From Oz with Todd Mc Kenney, just to name a few. Shelley is
 very busy in Wagga being involved in two singing groups, art classes, and she has formed a jazz group
 with good musicians calling it Hits of the 20s. They will be appearing at the yearly Wagga jazz festival in
 September. Shelley sends her love to all the ALVA girls.

                                                                  Tabby the catwoman...
Tabby Francis has sadly and reluctantly hung up her dancing
shoes after being with the ballet for 23 years which still
involves Olive Johnston and Angela Townsend. Good luck and
lots of gigs for the future. Love Tabby

Tabby recently was bitten on her left hand by her neighbour’s cat. It involved an operation and four days in
hospital. The boyfriend is constantly having to do the washing and dishes ( ha ha). What a small world it can
be. Whilst in the recovery ward at the hospital, who should be in the next bed but Lucky Starr’s grand
daughter Paige Morrison, who was being visited by her father Craig Morrison, who is following in his
fathers footsteps as an entertainer. On the sick list at present is Sue Malcolm, entertainer, ventriloquist
and queen bee of ALVA for a short season. She is in hospital at Taree, having had her boob removed
completely. We all wish her a speedy recovery. Love and good wishes to everybody
Tabby the cat woman

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What’s On Next!
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