Guide to wave power capacity in the Basque Country by Mikiozas

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									Guide to wave power capacity in the Basque

                           March 2010

     1. Introduction

     2. Components of a wave farm and types of converter

     3. The wave power value chain

     4. Presence of Basque companies and other support organisations

     Appendix: Company sheets


    Marine energy, a renewable future

                                           The future of energy unquestionably lies in renewables. And it is a future that will not be dominated by
                                           any one source of energy, but will involve making the best use of the resources each country or region
                                           has to offer. Wind, solar, marine, hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass and biofuel energy together form
                                           an extensive toolbox from which we can choose the best instruments for fighting our dependency on
                                           fossil fuels.

                                           All of these energy types are currently involved in a process of technological development that seeks
                                           to cut generating costs to levels values similar to current central thermoelectric rates. Alongside hydro
                                           power, wind energy is currently the most widely harnessed renewable energy type in the world, but
                                           other sources are beginning to play an increasingly important role, such as biomass, solar
                                           thermoelectric and solar photovoltaic.

                                           Among all of these options, marine energy still has a bit further to go before it can be used on a large
                                           scale. The challenge is important. The sea is a hostile environment for equipment and infrastructures,
                                           and this increases the technological effort required to extract its energy efficiently. Indeed, the first
                                           attempts to develop marine energy data back more or less the same time as other renewables. Yet at
                                           the same time, it is a challenge with exciting perspectives. Marine energy is one of the renewable
                                           sources with the highest energy density and with the greatest generating capacity, among other
                                           reasons, because more than 70% of the planet's surface is covered in water. Moreover, the converters
                                           can be located offshore, and involve little interaction with the marine ecosystem, which means that
                                           potentially, this has the potential to be one of the renewable sources with least environmental impact.

      The sea's energy can be harvested in a number of ways. The five principal systems currently being explored are wave energy, tide energy,
      currents, the difference in salt gradient with the fresh water of a river and the difference in temperature between the sea surface and major
      depths. The fact is that the industry still stands at a stage of technological divergence. According to figures from the International Energy
      Agency, there are over 80 concept types of marine energy converter under development, with only a few of them at a pre-commercial
      phase. Nonetheless, it is clear that in recent years the pace of progress has accelerated and it would not be fanciful to imagine that less
      than a decade from now, output from marine energy farms could be running into gigawatts. The wait will have been worthwhile.

The Basque Country's commitment to wave energy

 The Basque Country has 150 kilometres of coastline and a vast capacity to generate energy from the waves, the only marine resource that
 can be harvested, given local conditions. This potential was recognised at the beginning of this decade by both the Basque Government
 and by the regional network of technology centres, not to mention companies from the private sector that for many years had been working
 to make marine energy a reality in the Basque Country. Their efforts have helped make the Basque Country one of the world's key regions
 for marine energy and home to 3 iconic projects:

  "BIMEP“: Biscay Marine Energy Platform

                                           The BIMEP is an infrastructure for research, demonstration and operation of offshore wave-capturing systems.
                                           It has open installations allowing manufacturers to install their own equipment for demonstration and testing
                                           Among its key characteristics, it has a total capacity of 20 MW, several connection points for converters, and an
                                           associated research centre with an estimated staff of 30 researchers in 4 years. It is due to come into operation
                                           at the end of 2011.

  "Mutriku": Wave energy facility

                                           Another energy project in Mutriku involves installation and commissioning an innovative new plant to generate
                                           electricity by harnessing the energy of waves reaching the shore. The plant has been developed by EVE and
                                           the Basque Government's Department of Transport and Public Works.
                                           It consists of 16 turbines using oscillating water column (OWC) technology, with a combined capacity of 480
                                           kW. It will be the world's first commercial grid-connected OWC. All the electricity produced will be exported to
                                           the grid.

  “Oceantec”: Development of a wave energy converter

                                           OCEANTEC is a technologically-based company, part owned by Iberdrola and Tecnalia Corporación
                                           Tecnológica, whose purpose is to develop a high-efficiency, competitively priced device for capturing wave
                                           This is the first wave energy converter developed using Spanish technology to be tested on the open sea (in
                                           Pasajes, off the coast of Gipuzkoa). The initiative, which has a budget of €4.5 million, hopes to develop a full-
                                           scale prototype during 2011 and a pilot plant in 2012.

An industry with historical links to the sea and to energy

  The joint commitment by all Basque public and private agents to marine energy should come as no
  surprise. The Basque Country has a long and closely-knit relation with the sea and its energy, and it
  was only a question of time before the two areas found their intersection.

  Indeed, the very origins of the city of Bilbao are inseparably linked to the sea, with the town being
  founded at the same time as its sea port. Since the Middle Ages, the Basque coast has boasted a
  strong shipbuilding industry, which originally grew up on the back of major trade in wool, weapons and
  iron with Flanders. The tradition has continued to this day, with large shipyards and other auxiliary
  industries of importance for marine energy such as ship engineering, ship's engines, mooring and
  anchoring and protection against corrosion and biofouling, among others.
  In the field of energy, the Basque Country is home to some of the world's top names. They include the world's largest developer and
  operator of wind farms, one of the top manufacturers of wind turbines, a key enterprise in the technological development of solar
  thermoelectric energy and a group of electrical equipment manufacturers who together amass a similar size to the leading multinationals in
  the power transport and distribution industry. The Basque energy industry gives employment to nearly 70,000 people and has total turnover
  of €45 billion.

  Given the strength of these two industries, the business opportunities and outlook of marine energy have not gone unnoticed in the
  business sector. Many Basque companies are currently participating or collaborating in one or more of the headline projects we have
  already mentioned. Basque business also dominates large-scale R&D projects being carried out in Spain. All the companies participating in
  the Singular Strategic Marine Energy Project, begun in 2005, financed by the Spanish government and led by Tecnalia, were from the
  Basque Country (Arteche, Gamesa, Iberdrola, Ingeteam, Tamoin, Vicinay Cadenas and ZIV). More recently at the beginning of 2010 the
  CENIT-E Ocean Leader project was set up. Coordinated by Iberdrola, it is intended to be the world's largest ocean energy R&D+I project
  with a budget of €30 million. As well as Iberdrola Renovables and its subsidiary Iberdrola Ingeniería y Construcción, the project also
  includes companies such as Ibaia Energía, Ingeteam, Nem Solutions, Oceantec, Sener and Vicinay Cadenas.

  The idea of harvesting energy from the sea is not a new one in the Basque Country. There were once 33 tide mills dotted along the coast,
  of which unfortunately only one —the Arteaga mill at Portu Errota— is still in operation. Now a new opportunity has arisen to make this type
  of renewable energy one of the features of the Basque Country.

Contents of the catalogue

    This catalogue is meant to meet three objectives:
            To offer a quick overview of the state of the art and value chain of wave power.
            To show how Basque companies are currently operating in all areas of the value chain.
            To present each of the Basque organisations with capacity in the industry, classifying and describing their capacities in the area of
            wave power.

    As well as the following analysis, the document also contains a data sheet for each of the participating organisations, listed alphabetically,
    with a description of each one’s activities and contact information.

EVE - Ente Vasco de la Energía                                               “Energy Cluster” association
      The Basque Government created its own energy agency, the Ente                The purpose of the Energy Cluster is to carry out promotion and
      Vasco de la Energía (or EVE) in 1982, laying the foundations for             study activities geared towards improving the competitiveness of
      an energy policy that has been grounded, to different degrees at             energy-related companies operating in the Basque Country:
      different stages, on energy efficiency, diversification of energy                  Carrying out study and research projects to extend
      sources and promotion of renewables. Since then EVE has been in                    understanding of the position of the energy industry and
      charge of developing projects and initiatives in line with                         related industries in the Basque Country, as well as in other
      government policies.                                                               geographical areas of interest.
      EVE is the Basque Government's energy agency. Its mission is to:                   Promotion of public/private sector co-operation to achieve
                                                                                         joint solutions on subjects of mutual interest affecting
           Propose energy strategies for the Basque Country, using
                                                                                         companies and institutions in the association.
           criteria of supply security, cost competitiveness and
           sustainability.                                                               Identification of commercial opportunities and creation of
                                                                                         specific consortia.
           Participate in developing these strategies and contribute to
           meeting the targets established in them.                                Its various area of work include undertaking a range of projects
                                                                                   (internationalisation, funding, technology, reduction in energy cost,
      EVE provides a service to the Basque Government in matters of
                                                                                   business synergies) and general information and marketing
      energy and geological and mining resources; carries out a range of
      actions involving and galvanising companies and institutions; and
      publicises the criteria and values behind its strategies amongst the
      public at large.


         A wave farm consists essentially of 3 parts: the WEC (wave
         energy converter), the power take-off (PTO) infrastructure and
         the substation…

              WEC                                                                       PTO infrastructure                                        Substation


                                              Beaconing system.                                                                         Manhole

                          Umbilical                                      Junction box                                                             Terrestrial cable
                                                                                                    Static cable
                                       Interconnection   Dynamic cable

                     The umbilical cable from each WEC is connected by                             A static cable from the junction box feeds the power
                     way of an interconnection point to a dynamic cable,                           generated to the substation

                     Each junction box has several dynamic cables and can                          The cable goes underground before making landfall
                     serve a group of WECs                                                         on the coast where it meets the terrestrial cable at a
                                                                                                   connection box and manhole
                     On the sea surface, there is also a complex system of
                     beaconing devices to stake out the area of the farm                           Finally, the voltage level is raised at the substation
                     and give an indication on the surface of certain key                          and the electricity is exported to the power grid
                     locations, such the interconnection points.

Source: EVE, BIMEP (Biscay Marine Energy Platform)                                                                                                                    7
             … although their structure may vary slightly depending on the
             type of wave energy converter used…

                              Oscillating water   The waves move a water column which moves
                                                  the air in a sealed chamber through a two-way air
                                column (OWC)      turbine


                                                  The energy is produced by the motion of a
                             Floating body with   floating body relative to another fixed one
                                fixed reference   (anchored or submerged)

                             Floating body with   The energy is produced by the movement of a
                                                  body floating on the surface, generally the relative
                              moving reference
        Oscillating bodies

                                                  motion between two bodies

                                                                                                         Archimedes Wave Swing

                                   Archimedes     The oscillating body is moved by the pressure of
                                        Effect    the water column located on it


                                                  The oscillating body moves with an inverted
                                        Impact    pendular movement caused by the impact of the
                                                  wave against its surface

                                                                                                         Wave Dragon

                                                  The WEC uses the potential energy of the waves
                                                  by retaining the water flowing over the brim of an
                                      Overtop     obstacle and letting it run out through a water

Source: EVE, IEA-OES, EuroPraxis                                                                                                 8
                  … whose components vary depending on the PTO (Power Take Off)
                  system for harnessing the energy…
                                                Most common PTO system   Description

                                                                              An air turbine and generator set transforms the air flow
                            Oscillating water       Air turbine
                                                                              into electricity
                              column (OWC)                                    The turbine generally operates in both directions and
                                                                              requires the use of power electronics for control

                                                                              This is the most commonly used system in oscillating
                           Floating body with                                 bodies
                              fixed reference                                 A piston or ram is used to increase the pressure of a
                                                                              fluid that drives a hydraulic motor or PELTON (sea
                                                                              water) turbine
                                                                              The converter usually contains a generator for
                                                                              producing electricity, although in some cases the fluid is
                           Floating body with                                 transported at high pressure to the surface
                            moving reference
      Oscillating bodies

                                                                              Other typical components are the accumulators

                                                                              The linear movement is transformed directly into
                                                    Linear generator          electricity by means of a linear generator
                                 Archimedes                                   This is generally accompanied by an inverter

                                                                              These come in different forms, such as racks and
                                                                              helical gears to transform vertical motion into rotational
                                                                              Other typical components include inertia drives,
                                      Impact                                  clutches and rectification systems
                                                                              They also use a generator and inverter

                                                                              A hydro turbine and generator set         transforms the
                                     Overtop        Water turbine
                                                                              water flow into electricity

Source: EVE, IEA-OES, EuroPraxis                                                                                                           9
         … and which influence other aspects such as the mooring or
         anchoring system and the need for civil engineering
                                                                   Description                                  WECP, Azores

                                                                        Located on the coast, this requires
                                                      Isolated          civil engineering for construction of
                                                                        the containing building

                                     Onshore                                                                    Wavegen, Mutriku

                                                                        Located on a pier or breakwater,
                                                      On pier           requires additional civil engineering

                                                                                                                Oceanlinx, Hawaii

                                                    Supported on        Requires foundation on seabed
                                   Nearshore (10-
                                                                                                                OCEANTEC, Pasaia

                                                                        Requires an anchorage            and
                                                      Floating          mooring system

                                                                                                                AWS, Portugal
                                                                        Requires an anchorage            and
                                                    Submerged           mooring system

Source: EVE, IEA-OES, EuroPraxis                                                                                                    10
        There are currently a large number of WEC designs at different
        stages of development. The most common are point absorbers
        and OWCs

                                        WECs by type (%)
                                        WECs by type (%)                                                                 WECs by degree of commercial maturity (%)
                                                                                                                         WECs by degree of commercial maturity (%)

                                                                                   Absorption                                                         Real scale
                                                                                   Overtop                                                            Partial scale (sea)
                                                                                   Impact                                                             Partial scale (tank)
                                                                                   Others                                                             Concept design

         Note : Data by IEA-OES classification (the point absorbers are the key fixed floating bodies and the Archimedes effect ones. "Others"
         includes mainly mobile floating bodies and other concepts)

                                                         Nearly 80 different technologies for WECs are known
                                                         Nearly 80 different technologies for WECs are known

Source: IEA-OES                                                                                                                                                              11

         The value chain covers all activities related to commissioning
         of wave farms

            Concept design and study                                                                               Testing and certification
            Design of structural                                                                                   R&D infrastructures and services
            components                                                                                             Wave farm developers
            Mechanical engineering
                                                     Design of
                                                                                                                   Legal consultancy
            Electrical engineering
                                                   converters and                                                                                                 Horizontal activities
                                                                                                                   Financial and business advisors
            Electronic and                                                                                         Consultancy in training, HR, marketing and
            communications engineering                                                                             communication
            Marine engineering and                                                                                 Shipbuilding and other auxiliary services

        Location and                     Design of wave             Manufacture and distribution of equipment
                                                                                                                                         Installation              maintenance and
      resource studies                       farms                             and components
                                                                                                                                                                      end of life

         Resource rating                 Project management         WECs                       Auxiliary components                    Installation of WEC and      Operation services.
         Sea and land surveying          Civil engineering             Supply of materials         Anchors, chains, etc.               auxiliary components,        Inspection, repair and
         Environmental impact            Design of submarine           Structure                   Beaconing., etc.                    marine and terrestrial       maintenance services
         studies                         power take-up                 manufacturing                                                   logistics                    Wave and weather
                                                                                               Power take-up
                                                                       processes                                                       Installation of              prediction
         Auxiliary location and          Design of terrestrial                                    infrastructure
                                                                                                                                       submarine cable
         resource equipment              power take-up                 Mechanical equipment        Cables for umbilicals,                                           Disassembly, recycling
                                                                       Electrical Equipment        static and dynamic                  Civil engineering - land     and waste treatment
                                                                                                   cables,                             and sea                      Auxiliary unit in
                                                                       Electronic and
                                                                                                   interconnections, etc.              Other auxiliary              operation and
                                                                                                                                       commissioning                maintenance work
                                                                       equipment                   Land-based electrical
                                                                       Components of other         T&D equipment
                                                                       auxiliary systems                                               Auxiliary unit in
                                                                                                                                       installation work
                                                                       Shipbuilding and ship

Source: EuroPraxis                                                                                                                                                                           12
Design of the converters and systems is led by the owner of the
technology, with the participation of support engineering firms

Design of converters and systems

                                                             Oyster Wave Energy Converter

Design of the farm is based on a preliminary stage in which the
optimum location is determined on the basis of the potential
wave energy and orographic conditions.
Location and resource studies
                                                      Map of potential wave energy in New Zealand

Design of wave farms
                                                                   Design of BIMEP infrastructure

Component manufacture centres on the structure of the
converter and its equipment, but wiring and other components,
such as beaconing, are also relevant.
Manufacture and distribution of components: WECs
                                                                           Pelamis PTO system


Manufacture and distribution of components: Auxiliary components


Manufacture and distribution of components: Power take-up infrastructure

In the installation, O&M and end-of-life of the converters it is
common to use technical vessels and ROVs, for example, for
installing the submarine cable

                                                        Installation of an OPT (Powerbuoy) WEC in Santoña

                                                                Maintenance of a Pelamis WEC in Portugal
Operation and maintenance

ROV: Remotely Operated Vehicles

Horizontal activities include R&D, testing and certification,
given the rate of maturity of the technology

Horizontal activities

4    Presence of Basque companies and other support organisations

    The Basque Country has 72 organisations with capacity in this
    value chain

     List of organisations

The Basque Country's main strength lies in the manufacture of
components for the WEC, although it has capacities throughout
the value chain

Organisations with capacities at every link in the chain

                            WECs and system design                          34

                      Location and resource surveys          15

                                   Wave farm design               21             Manufacture and distribution of equipment and components

                         Wave farm and  PTO design                               59

                           Manufacture of auxiliaries    11

               Manufacture of take‐off infrastructure    8

                                          Installation        17

                       Operation and maintenance*                           34

                                 Horizontal activities                 27

                                                                                      * Includes auxiliary equipment installation operation and maintenance tasks

Practically all sections of every link in the value chain are
  Companies 1-36

… many of whom have taken part in projects demonstrating
different types of technology
    Companies 37-72

 The Basque Country also has a network of organisations
 offering support to marine energy initiatives

EVE (Ente Vasco de la Energía)                                                      Energy Cluster

      EVE is the Basque Government's energy agency. Its mission is to propose             The purpose of the "Energy Cluster" association is to carry out development
      the energy strategies of the Basque Country, participate in implementing            and study actions, geared towards improving competitiveness in the energy
      them and contribute to achieving the objectives                                     area in the Basque Country
      The EVE is a co-developer in the wave-harnessing facility in Mutriku and is         The Energy Cluster has nearly 100 members, who include the leading
      leading the BIMEP project                                                           Basque companies in the industry

CIC energiGUNE                                                                      Basque Maritime Forum

      The energiGUNE CRC is a new cooperative energy research centre based
      in the Basque Country. It aspires to achieve and maintain levels of                 The FMV comprises companies, associations and public institutions. Its
      excellence in its operations and to build itself into an international              mission is to represent, defend, consolidate, promote and improve
      benchmark in its field                                                              competitiveness among companies in the Basque maritime industry through
      The centre's operations focuses on four areas of work: Marine energy,               the services it offers in its various strategic areas.
      power storage, solar thermal energy and bioenergy

Universities                                                                        BEC (Bilbao Exhibition Centre)

      The Basque Country has 3 leading universities: The University of the                Bilbao Exhibition Centre is a meeting point for commercial, industrial,
      Basque Country (public), Deusto University and Mondragón Univesity (both            professional and leisure activities. BEC has a total floor area of 150,000
      private)                                                                            square metres (1.6 million square feet) distributed into 6 pavilions, which
      Between them, they have over 57,000 students and nearly 3,000                       hosts around thirty trade fairs each year.
      researchers, who have provided support in developing wave energy                    In October 2010, the BEC will be staging the 3rd International Conference
      technology in the Basque Country.                                                   and Exhibition on Ocean Energy

                    as well as enjoying support from the Basque government, provincial governments
                    as well as enjoying support from the Basque government, provincial governments
                                                and municipal authorities
                                                 and municipal authorities
Company data sheets


                   Albert Einstein, 31
              01510 Miñano Mayor (Álava)
                 Tel.: +34 945 21 41 10
                 Fax: +34 945 21 41 11 /

                 AEG POWER SOLUTIONS is a leader in electrical supplies for critical components, in industry and traditional infrastructures and in
                 emerging applications in renewable energy.
                 It designs, manufactures and markets UPS DC and AC systems, providing comprehensive solutions to ensure power supply, even
                 in extreme conditions, in which interruption of the power supply could cause instability in processes, damage to equipment or a
                 significant loss in time and production.
                 The main applications and markets in which it operates are:
                      -   Oil & gas: exploration, oil rigs, marine transport, transport and storage installations, etc.
                      -   Power generation, transmission and distribution, including renewable energy.
                      -   Transport: signalling, safety, communications.
                      -   Data and ICT datacentres.
                 Some of these fields are closely related to marine energy and the company's expertise can therefore be applied in this area.


               ALKARGO S.COOP.
                  Aritz Bidea 83
            PO Box 102, 48100 Mungia
              Tel.: +34 94 674 00 04
              Fax: +34 94 674 44 17 /

              Design and manufacture of distribution and power transformers, for applications in power generation, transport, distribution and
              conversion, as well as for other special applications.
              The manufacturing range in liquid dielectric is of up to 40 MVA and 72.5 KV and in dry vacuum-encapsulated up to 4000 KVA and
              36 KV.
              ALKARGO's leading customers include the principal Spanish power utilities as well as Telefónica, Repsol, Aena and Renfe. The
              company also supplies transformers for steel mills, rolling plants, CHP plants, wind farms, hospitals, hypermarkets, the marine
              industry, the paper industry, foundries, open plan buildings, etc.


            ALSTOM HYDRO
            Barrio Galindo s/n
       _48510 Trapagaran (Vizcaya)
          Tel.: + 34 94 472 85 03
          Fax: + 34 94 472 85 04

          ALSTOM Power is the market leader in power generation and is the word's largest manufacturer of hydro power stations (offering
          turnkey plants and supplying turbines and generators).
          Through its subsidiary “ECOTECNIA” ALSTOM, it plays a very important role in the wind power industry.
          ALSTOM Hydro – through its “marine energy” activity is also developing a Tidal stream energy converter (TISEC) with a view to
          becoming a leading supplier of this energy type throughout the world.


               AMPO S.COOP_
                Polígono Poyam
           20213 Idiazabal (Gipuzkoa)
             Tel.: + 34 943 80 53 43
             Fax: + 34 943 88 88 47 /

             AMPO S. Coop. (a cooperative firm operating in the foundry industry) and its division VÁLVULAS POYAM (which manufactures
             valves) have now combined the experience and know-how acquired over many years of commitment to the industry under a single
             name: AMPO, thus capitalising on the group's working philosophy.
             Since it was founded in 1964, VÁLVULAS POYAM has participated in numerous projects in the field of hydrocarbons,
             petrochemicals and mineral refinery plants throughout the world, collaborating with the world's principal engineering firms and
             EPCs. Its capacity for advanced designs and manufacture, together with its skill in project management, have enabled it to complete
             large-scale projects with an enormous degree of success.
             Our own AMPO foundry is fully aligned with the POYAM manufacturing processes, and they supply us with parts of excellent quality
             and service, allowing the process to be comprehensive, from design of the valves through to testing, and including foundry and
             assembly, all in our own facilities. Integrated monitoring of the entire process is the key to our quality and our success.


                           ASMATU, S.L.
    Parque empresarial Zuatzu, Edificio Zurriola, planta 2ª local 7
                      Donostia – San Sebastián
                       Tel.: + 34 943 31 73 00
                       Fax: + 34 943 31 63 50 /

                       ASMATU, S.L. performs projects and site management for government and private developers: Housing estates, industrial estates,
                       industrial buildings (pavilions), maritime sites, hydraulic work, layout (roads and tunnels), supply and sewerage, bridges, tunnels,
                       water treatment plants, etc.
                       It has important experience in ports and pier work, enabling it to obtain the experience necessary to perform marine energy projects.
                       Specifically, ASMATU has performed implementation of an OWC-type power generator plant, (drafting of modified design and site
                       management) making use of construction of the new outer breakwater in the “Design for improvement of marine access to Mutriku
                             -   The body of the vertical breakwater is made of prefabricated plates designed to facilitate the construction process and once
                                 in position, they are filled with the internal cells to ensure the monolithic performance of the structure, except for the 16 air
                                 chambers created to produce fluctuations in the water surface.


                         Gabarrari, 7
                      20280 Hondarribia
            Tel.: + 34 943 64 52 34 / 685 72 33 64
                    Fax: + 34 943 64 00 00 /

                    Vessels built at ASTILLERO IGNACIO OLAZIREGI are known for their sturdiness and excellent seaworthiness. Most of the vessels
                    are semi-displacement or displacement hulled and are designed for use in the Cantabrian Sea.
                    The shipyard has various moulds with different characteristics. It also builds one-off vessels, tailored to the customer's tastes. Each
                    construction order is studied independently. As a result, each project is exclusive and each vessel is 100% adapted to the
                    customer's needs.
                    The shipyard has built on its long experience in the construction of professional fishing boats to build pleasure boats. The yard is
                    now using new construction techniques such as vacuum and infusion methods.
                    It has also built vessels for diving and sea rescue for official bodies.


                   C/ Ribera de la Ría s/n
                  48910 Sestao – Bizkaia
                  Tel.: + 34 94 485 86 00
                  Fax: + 34 94 485 86 51

                 Design and Construction of special high value added vessels.
                 Capacity to design and manufacture structures and for assembly and integration of equipment and components and performance of
                 the tests required for delivery of a fully operating vessel to the customer.
                 The innovation and technical capacity of our engineering give the yard a high degree of flexibility and management capacity, so
                 necessary for tackling projects, however complex and innovative.
                 Innovation, research and development, the central plank of our work, have led us to launch vessels with cutting-edge technology in
                 the area of shipbuilding. The development and impetus of R&D+I projects is considered to be a strategic factor and the company
                 plans to undertake new projects of a high technological level over coming years as a response to market demands, for example in
                 marine energy.


                   Gran Vía 45, 2 (203)
                   Bilbao 48011 Bizkaia
                  Tel.: + 34 94 401 50 40
                  Fax: + 34 94 676 48 56 /

                  BAJOELAGUA carries out real-time underwater inspection and monitoring services, using ROVs, fixed underwater cameras,
                  autonomous underwater cameras and marine sensors embedded in buoys and other devices. It also offers customers the possibility
                  of buying or renting this equipment and performs dissemination activities, such as marine communication and educational events
                  and contents.
                  Turnkey real time service for monitoring the seabed or submerged structures, with real time access to images, in the specific site
                  (dry) or remotely over the Internet (restricted access).
                  Development of software for managing underwater images and cameras, in order to monitor and/or control them from anywhere
                  over the Internet, orienting approach, accessing files, turning on lighting, activating zoom, etc., offering real-time underwater
                  monitoring with access from anywhere in the world.


            Capitán Mendizábal, 7 - 1º Izda.
                    48980 Santurtzi
                Tel.: + 34 94 461 12 64
                Fax: + 34 94 462 49 98 /

                BAM is a marine services company specialising in offering an immediate response to marine and underwater operations in ports
                and nearshore / offshore installations.
                Our multidisciplinary teams are made up of professionals with long experience in land, sea and underwater operations.
                Our main activities are:
                     -   Maritime consultancy
                     -   Diving
                     -   Salvage
                     -   Pollution – LCC
                     -   Underwater facilities
                     -   Equipment hire
                     -   Hydraulic work


                  BATZ, S. COOP.
                     Torrea 32,
           48140 IGORRE (Bizkaia) SPAIN
               Tel.: + 34 94 630 50 50
               Fax: + 34 94 630 50 20 /

                Founded in 1963 as a printing tools manufacturer, since 1982 Batz has supplied the leading vehicle builders in the automotive
                industry with solutions to a range of functions, encompassing the entire value chain from concept design to series life of our
                In 2005, the company began operating in the renewable energy industry, offering structural solutions in solar thermal energy and
                industrialisation of the assembly process for solar farms.
                With proven engineering capacity in the automotive industry we offer our customers innovative solutions oriented towards ensuring
                system quality at a competitive cost. Based on comprehensive implementation, we offer a large supply capacity, covering complete
                process logistics.
                The company is a member of the MONDRAGON corporation, the largest cooperative group in the world.


                      Manuel Calvo, 20.22
                    48078 Portugalete Bizkaia
                     Tel.: + 34 94 496 25 11
                     Fax: + 34 94 630 50 20 /

                     BERGÉ MEDIOAMBIENTE is a major group in the logistics and maritime industry with operations worldwide.
                     BERGÉ MEDIOAMBIENTE channels its activities through ECOLMARE and ECOFLOAT:
                          -   ECOFLOAT is dedicated to research, technological development and commercialisation of real-time remote systems for
                              monitoring water quality, including microbiological factors, to EU Directive 2006/7/EC (implemented in Spain as RD
                              1341/2007). It also offers sensors for monitoring waves and setting alarms. The control system also includes a wireless
                              data transmission to the coast and monitoring software. We provide full management of the service, from seabed surveying,
                              transport and commissioning, to preventative and corrective system maintenance.
                          -   ECOLMARE IBÉRICA S.A. is a services company specialising in cleaning harbour, coastal and offshore waters. We also
                              contribute to the safety of beach users, offering beaconing of bathing areas. The company also specialises in the fight
                              against western sea pollution, an area in which it has proven experience. We offer global solutions with our own fleet of
                              vessels and a team of specialist professionals. The company has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certification and its
                              services are classified by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.


                        KSB ITUR
                Camino de Urteta s/n
                   20800 Zarautz
               Tel.: + 34 94 389 98 99
               Fax: + 34 94 313 07 10 /

               Since 1920 Itur has been offering the latest pump technology in Spain in all areas of application.
               KSB ITUR is characterised by an extensive sales network, with the most modern technical innovations and a comprehensive
               service. We provide the best solutions based on international manufacturing standards. We tailor our pumps to the requirements of
               our customers, driving the development of new products and an extensive production schedule.
               KSB ITUR is recognised as a leading reference point in the main pumping industries:
                    -    Building (climate control, pressurised equipment, firefighting, waste water, etc.)
                    -    Clean water (supply, transferrals, irrigation, desalination, etc.)
                    -    Waste water (treatment and purification)
                    -    Oil, chemicals, energy (loaders, refineries, basic chemistry, CHP, etc.)
                    -    Miscellaneous industries (automotive, iron and steel, bio-diesel, paper manufacture, etc.)
                    -    Marine (miscellaneous services, bilge bailing, main engine cooling, flushing, etc.)


                 BOSCH REXROTH, S.L.
  Parque empresarial Zuatzu, Francisco Grandmontagne, 2
                     20018 Donostia
                  Tel.: + 34 94 331 84 05
                  Fax: + 34 94 331 84 09 /

                  BOSCH REXROTH offers customers automation solutions in the fluid power industry.
                  Rexroth performs engineering and manufactures fluid power equipment for marine energy (hydraulic cylinders, accumulator battery,
                  valves and hydraulic blocks, pumps for generator drives and wave compensation systems) and is involved in numerous projects for
                  developing PTO systems, based on its own systems and components, sturdy, reliable and widely tested in marine applications.
                  Rexroth supplies manufacturers of PTO systems and collaborates on projects from the design phase with “wave-to-wire” computer
                  simulations. In an iterative design, the specialists at Rexroth optimise both the system itself and the assembly system for the
                  manufactured subsets. Rexroth combines its experience in this field with specialisation in automating systems for marine energy
                  Rexroth works in the two main areas of development of PTO systems: generators that are similar to wind turbines and hydraulic
                  In the latter case, Rexroth's hydraulic components are especially designed for use offshore and are perfectly adapted to the harsh
                  environmental conditions of marine systems, both in terms of anti-corrosion protection and resistance to large fluctuating loads in a
                  reduced watertight space.


             Calle Autonomía, 26, 8º
                  48010 Bilbao
              Tel.: + 34 94 470 01 18
              Fax: + 34 94 470 07 87 /

              BOSLAN, Ingeniería y Consultoría, S.A., Works primarily in the energy industry (electrical, gas, renewables, etc.) where it
              undertakes all types of projects: electrical, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, etc., on occasions offering turnkey projects. In
              all cases it can undertake all phases of a project from preliminary and viability studies to management and site control,
              encompassing basic, execution and detailed design, and coordination of health and safety.
              Another industry in which the company works extensively is communications, where it covers all phases of the projects and site.
              Much of its work is also in the field of building projects and civil engineering in the area of information and mapping systems, with a
              team capable of providing developments specially tailored for customers in any of the currently used languages or systems.
              BOSLAN currently has 400 employees working in different offices in Spain: Bilbao, Madrid, Seville, Alicante, Valencia, Murcia and
              In the area of marine energy, BOSLAN can develop the entire electrical and mechanical part and the terrestrial civil engineering for
              projects. Its references include:
                   -   Viability and site study for the Mutriku harbour design (EVE)
                   -   First phase of development of the design of the offshore testing area for marine energy prototypes off Lemoiz (EVE)


                 CINTRANAVAL-DEFCAR, S.L.
                     Lauroeta Etorbidea, 4
                      48180 Loiu (Bizkaia)
                     Tel.: + 34 94 463 16 00
                     Fax: + 34 94 463 85 52 /

                     CINTRANAVAL-DEFCAR,S.L., is a leading marine technical office in its industry, backed by 40 years work in which it has designed
                     nearly 500 highly technological and innovative vessels. This immense experience covers all areas from the conceptual design
                     through to production engineering. Cintranavl offers a comprehensive service encompassing all aspects of the vessel design.
                     At the same time, CINTRANAVAL-DEFCAR,S.L.. has developed its own CAD/CAM/CAO software for ship design and construction,
                     the DEFCAR system, with which more than 100 vessels are designed around the world each year.
                     Designs carried out for customers in 30 countries around the world include the following:
                          -   190 Tugs, offshore vessels and port service vessels.
                          -   75 Tuna refirigerator boats.
                          -   175 Fishing boats using other tackle.
                          -   25 Merchant vessels.
                          -   25 patrol boats, yachts and fast vessels.
                          -   3 viability studies for shipyards.
                     CINTRANAVAL-DEFCAR,S.L. has also performed the detailed engineering for over 60 vessels of all types, with lengths of between
                     15 and 180 m.
                     To date it has also installed the DEFCAR CAD/CAM systems in nearly 100 organisations in 24 different countries.


                  GRUPO COBRA
          Larrondo Goiko Kalea nº2 Pab.3-4
                     48180 Loiu
               Tel.: + 34 94 453 26 29
               Fax: + 34 94 453 26 23 /

               Founded in 1944, COBRA works in the services sector and occupies a lead position in: Energy and water distribution networks,
               telecommunications , railways , industrial systems and energy projects, offering specialist services of engineering, operation,
               installation and maintenance.
               Leading customers include:
                    -   Electricity, gas and water producers and distributors
                    -   Telecommunications operators
                    -   The automotive industry
                    -   Shipping, airport, road and rail companies
                    -   Large shopping and distribution centres
                    -   Central, regional and local government bodies.
               COBRA's human resources are distributed across a wide network of 200 delegations in Spain and 60 abroad, making up a team of
               23,600 highly specialised professionals. Of these, 11,600 are distributed among countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and
               COBRA's matrix organisation, with Central Units specialising in products that support the territorial network, based on its four
               services activities (Engineering, Operation, Facilities and Maintenance) means that it can take on projects of any size practically
               anywhere in the world.


               DANOBAT S.COOP.
                 Arriaga kalea 21
                 20870 – Elgoibar
              Tel.: + 34 94 374 80 44
              Fax: + 34 94 374 31 38 /

              DANOBAT is one Europe's largest machine tool companies and can advise customers on all phases of development
                   -   Diagnosis of customer's needs: Production process analysis, Feasibility study, technical and financial study,
                   -   Design and manufacture: Project management, FMEA, Documentation, List of recommended spare parts, Preliminary-
                       acceptance of the installation, Customer staff training, Transport logistics,
                   -   Installation at customer's premises: Assembly and commissioning, Acceptance of installation, Customer staff training,
                   -   Warranty and after-sales service: Technical assistance and repair in 24 / 48 hours, remote service, hot-line, spare part
                       management, improvement in performance and productivity, integration of new technologies and processes, preventative
                       maintenance, repair and conversion of machines.
              In the area of marine energy, DANOBAT offers special and/or turnkey arrangements for automating processes for manufacturing
              composite structural parts.


            ECN CABLE GROUP
             Portal de Bergara 36
                01013 Vitoria
            Tel.: + 34 94 526 11 00
            Fax: + 34 94 526 71 46 /

            ECN CABLE GROUP manufactures conductors and earth cables for high-voltage overhead power lines and insulated power cables
            for underground distribution in LV and MV.
            Other companies in the GENERAL CABLE group, such as the German firm NSW, are leaders in the supply of different types of
            submarine cables:
                 -   Power supply cables: design, manufacture and installation of submarine cables for power transmission electrical, e.g. for
                     offshore wind farms and for the oil & gas industry.
                 -   Submarine telecommunications cables.
                 -   Special and offshore cables: Submarine umbilical cables (ROV, high voltage, power supply and control, electromechanical
                     and geophysical/seismic) as well as probe-cables for fishing applications.
                 -   Overhead and terrestrial optic fibre cables.
                 -   Braided cables for submersible motors.
                 -   Plastic products: extruded networks for protection, packaging and support.


              C/ Jon Arrospide Nº15
                  48014 Bilbao
             Tel.: + 34 94 489 91 00
             Fax: + 34 94 489 92 01 /

              ELECNOR is a comprehensive projects manager. It performs viability studies, basic and detailed engineering, construction, supply,
              installation and assembly, commissioning and maintenance in the following areas:
                  -    Energy:
                            o Renewable energy: wind, solar photovoltaic and thermoelectric, hydro and biofuels.
                            o Electricity: Transport, transformation and distribution.
                            o Gas: Transport, ERM and distribution.
                  -    Facilities: Industrial, commercial and singular buildings.
                  -    Telecommunications and systems: Telecommunications infrastructures and systems.
                  -    Transport: Rail: Catenary, traction substations., signalling and interlocks.
                  -    Airport: Air navigation systems and terminal buildings.
                  -    Environment and Water: Municipal and industrial waste water and waste plants. Water distribution and transport networks,
                       irrigation and pumping stations.
                  -    Construction: Singular building and civil engineering.
                  -    Operation and maintenance: Industrial plants and singular buildings.
              Developer of investment projects in the renewable energy industry, power transmission and environment systems.


               Bº San Andrés, 19 - Apdo. 144
               E-20500 Arrasate - Mondragón
                   Tel.: + 34 94 371 92 00
                   Fax: + 34 94 379 17 12 /

                   Design, manufacture, sale and technical service of:
                        -   Electronic equipment for measuring, monitoring and automation of machinery, especially machine tools: numerical control,
                            capture, visualisation data, motion control, etc.
                        -   Repair and maintenance services for electric motors
                        -   Comprehensive solutions based on power, monitoring and communications electronics equipment, for transformation and
                            adaptation of energy within the area of distributed generation, related to renewables, e.g. invertors for grid-connected
                            photovoltaic installations, designed to maximise reliability, efficiency and safety.
                   Products manufactured by FAGOR AUTOMATION incorporate various of its own technologies, including: real time monitoring
                   software, analog, digital and power hardware, design of specific integrated circuits, 3D simulation software, high level software,
                   automatic networks/buses, vectorial control, microsystems, CAE, electromagnetism, mechanics, optics.
                   Since 2002, FAGOR AUTOMATION has had its own technology centre, FAGOR-AOTEK, which is a member of the Basque
                   Technology and Innovation Network.


          Parque Tecnológico, Edf. 202
            48170 Zamudio Bizkaia
             Tel.: + 34 94 600 23 23
             Fax: + 34 94 600 23 24 /

             The GAIKER-IK4 Technology Centre, located in the Bizkaia technology park is dedicated to generating own knowledge and
             developing innovative technologies for subsequent transfer to customers in a wide variety of industries: pharmaceutical industry,
             chemical industry, human and animal health, engineering and consultancy, government, automotion, construction, packing and
             packaging, domestic appliances, etc.
             Since 1985, it has carried out over 1,400 R&D+I projects related to its areas of knowledge: biotechnology, environment and
             recycling, and plastics and composites. As well as its R&D+I activity - its core business- GAIKER-IK4 offers its customers services
             of technological consultancy and technical assistance, certification analyses and tests and homologation of products and a
             technological training and dissemination service.
             In 2008, GAIKER-IK4, which currently has a staff of nearly 130, was the prize winner for the best European organisation in
             “Process-based and fact-based management”, awarded by the European Foundation for Quality Management. (EFQM). The quality
             of its business management based on the EFQM model has also won it other awards, making it a reference point in this area. The
             centre also has other certifications, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, demonstrating its commitment to quality and continuous


  Ctra. Bilbao – Asua. Polígono Fátima. Edificio Enekurimendi
                        48950 Erandio
                    Tel.: + 34 94 471 21 31
                    Fax: + 34 94 471 21 30 /

                    GLOBAL ENERGY SERVICES (GES) is the leader in engineering services, installation and maintenance for the electrical and
                    petrochemical industries and very especially, for the renewable energy industry.
                    Since its foundation in 1982, it has participated actively in developing the power industry, and is a leader in the installation and
                    maintenance of wind farms throughout the world. GES has a stable presence, with established companies in all strategic markets in
                    the wind industry.
                    On the solar energy market, GES also occupies a leading position in the assembly and maintenance of solar installations, in Spain,
                    southern Europe and the US.
                    High levels of productivity, guarantees on delivery times and its large team of professional staff are well received by its customers in
                    the industry. GES currently has around 4,500 professional staff working around the globe.
                    In the area of off-shore energy, it has performed assembly of six 5 MW wind turbines for Areva-Multibrid at Alpha Ventus, the first
                    offshore wind farm in Germany. It is currently performing maintenance of those turbines.
                    In the area of marine energy, GES has been involved in a campaign to replace components at the Horns Rev offshore wind farm in
                    Denmark, which is owned by Vattenfall.


              GLUAL HIDRÁULICA S.L.
                Landeta Hiribidea, 11
              20730 Azpeitia (Gipuzkoa)
                 Tel.: + 34 315 70 15
               Fax: + 34 94 381 49 20 /

                Founded in 1969 with its own engineering, specialising in automation of industrial processes.
                GLUAL is made up 150 people and has its own delegations in Germany, China (workshop) and the USA.
                Its main activities are:
                     -   Design and manufacture of hydraulic systems (sets, cylinders, control blocks) and electronic.
                     -   Design and manufacture of electronic control hardware and software (PLCs).
                GLUAL is Spain's largest manufacturer and one of the largest in Europe of cylinders for the industrial sector, including the marine
                sector, and manufactures cylinders, blocks and hydraulic sets for wave energy.
                Our aim is to satisfy the customer by integrating the best turnkey solutions.


                HINE RENOVABLES S.L.
             Pol. Ind. Altune nº 6010, Pab.7
               20212 Olaberria Gipuzkoa
                 Tel.: + 34 94 316 20 20
                 Fax: + 34 94 388 84 50 /

                 HINE RENOVABLES designs, manufactures and offers after-sales service for hydraulic systems for the renewable energy industry.
                 HINE's equipment uses the firm's own fluid-power design and development, allowing it to meet the specific needs of customers, with
                 highly qualified human resources and state-of-the-art technology. It has powerful and innovative computer design software in 2D
                 and 3D for designing equipment, allowing projects to be developed faster and more reliably.
                 HINE Renewables enjoys an international presence with manufacturing centres in Spain, China and the USA.
                 Specifically in the area of ocean energy, it can perform R&D, simulation, preliminary and detailed design, manufacture, type tests
                 and fatigue tests on hydraulic PTOs and has participated in the following projects:
                      -   Hydraulic PTO of the Santoña project (OPT).
                      -   Hydraulic PTO of OCEANTEC Project, collaborating on R&D, simulation, manufacture of prototype and tests.


                     Ribera de Axpe 5,
                  48950 Erandio. Vizcaya
                  Tel.: + 34 91 383 31 80
                  Fax: + 34 91 767 53 89 /

                   The distinctive feature of Iberdrola Engineering is its capacity for performing work for all networked services industries (gas, water,
                   telephone and electricity) with special emphasis on the power industry, specifically transport and distribution., thermal/gas
                   generation, hydro generation, wind power, photovoltaic and solar thermal, nuclear generation, telecommunications, remote
                   measurement and remote monitoring.
                   Since 2007, it has led a number of R&D+I projects in the area of offshore wind farms, with special emphasis on site analysis,
                   technology of offshore wind turbines, foundations, marine operations, electricity infrastructures and environmental engineering.
                   In 2009, it led a proposal for the CENIT-E project for marine energy, especially for harnessing wave, tide and current energy.
                        -   The aim of the OCEAN LIDER project is to develop the ground-breaking technologies required for introducing integrated
                            installations for harnessing renewable ocean energy. The consortium for executing the project includes the leading national
                            players in the industry. 11 of the 19 companies and 25 centres involved are from the Basque Country.


                    IBERDROLA RENOVABLES_
                            c/ Menorca 19
                           46023 Valencia
                        Tel.: + 34 96 388 45 88
                        Fax: + 34 96 388 45 89 /

                        IBERDROLA RENOVABLES is essentially involved in the development, construction and operation of power generating plants
                        using renewable energy sources, and to the sale of the electricity produced in them. The company's work currently focuses on wind
                        power and small hydro as well as solar thermal power. It has also begun developing other technologies such as biomass and tidal
                        With an installed capacity of just over 1,000 MW in 2001, IBERDROLA RENOVABLES was a pioneer in the renewables industry,
                        being the first company to adopt clean energy as a basic line of strategy. Its total installed capacity at this time (third quarter of
                        2009) comes to nearly 10,500 MW, confirming the company's position as one of the world's leading references in renewable energy
                        and at the head of the wind energy market(1) with over 10,000 MW of installed capacity in wind farms.
                        IBERDROLA RENOVABLES produced 15,052 million kilowatt hours (kWh) between January and September 2009, 24.4% up on the
                        same period in the previous year.
                        IBERDROLA RENOVABLES has a broad, diverse and high quality portfolio, totalling over 57,400 MW(2), allowing the company to
                        expand further.


             Lehendakari Aguirre nº 3, 4º
                    48014 Bilbao
               Tel.: + 34 94 479 76 00
               Fax: + 34 94 476 18 04 /

               Multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy service with activities in civil, electrical, construction and environmental engineering.
               The company now has nearly 700 staff working at its Bilbao office, participating in projects throughout the world, for both the public
               and private sectors in all areas of IDOM's specialisation, especially in the fields of industrial engineering, energy, architecture and
               building, civil engineering, consultancy, telecommunications, environment, territorial management, advanced analysis and
               integrated "turnkey" services.
               Expertise in projects involving development of offshore wind farms, as well as in the basic and detailed design of different renewable
               energy infrastructures: solar thermal, wind, biofuels, biomass, biogas.


                 INDAR ELECTRIC S.L.
               Polígono Industrial Txara s/n
                20200 Beasain Gipuzkoa
                 Tel.: + 34 94 302 82 00
                 Fax: + 34 94 302 82 04 /

                                                                                                                       Submergible Motor (IP-68)

                  Design and manufacture of the following types of rotary electrical machine:
                       -   Oil or air-filled submergible motors operating to depths of 1,000 metres, with a power range of 1,000 kW to 10 MW and
                           voltages from 690 V to 15 kV for dredgers.
                       -   Wind generators, with a power range from 850 kW to 6 MW and voltages from 690 V to 15 kV for variable turbines,
                           asynchronous double feed turbines or synchronous turbines with permanent magnets, and the innovative xDFIG
                           technology, Clean Power Series.
                       -   Synchronous generators, with powers of between 1,250 KVA and 40 MVA and voltages ranging from 690 V to 15 kV, for
                           hydro generation with Pelton, Francis and Kaplan turbines.
                       -   Synchronous generators, with powers from 1,250 KVA to 35 MVA and voltages from 690 V to 15 kV, for CHP
                           (Cogeneration) and the marine sector with steam turbines, gas turbines and diesel engines.
                       -   Asynchronous motors, with powers from 400 kW to 15 MW, and voltages from 690 V to 15 kV, in squirrel cage or collector
                           rings, for all types of applications in industry, the energy sector, the marine sector, infrastructures and the environment.
                       -   Synchronous Motors, with powers from 1 MW to 15 MW, and voltages from 690 V to 15 kV, fixed and variable speed
                           applications in industry, the energy and marine sectors, infrastructures and environment.
                       -   DC motors with powers from 400 kW to 4 MW In industry and the marine sector.


               Calle Obieta, 24º 7ºD
              48.950 Erandio Bizkaia
              Tel.: + 34 94 467 13 51
              Fax: + 34 94 467 48 00 /

               INDASA is a highly specialised company operating in the field of paint applications since 1968.
               With these treatments it manages to extend the life of some of the equipment by up to 20-25 years by minimising faults, with all the
               saving this involves. INDASA's staff are highly qualified in this type of work.
               It is one of the world leaders in the maritime industry with over one million square metres treated every year, distributed between
               construction, repair and new projects.
               It also plays an important role on the new constructions market with wide experience in offshore and chemical tankers which require
               tough paint specifications.
               In the marine energy industry, INDASA has provided its experience to the Robotiker Oceantec, Tecnalia project for the 1:4


                    Mendibile 2 bis
                 48940 Leioa ( Bizkaia
                Tel.: + 34 94 480 32 00
                Fax: + 34 94 480 30 50 /

                 INDENOR is a company founded in 1992 that has been specialist in give a response comprehensive to the needs of its customers
                 thanks to the best resources technical and humans, all them with a clear commitment with The environment.
                 Its main activities are: the Design engineering and detail, supervision and commissioning, technical assistance, engineering of
                 purchases and Supervision of projects.
                 These activities are developed in the industries of Energy, Water Treatment, Environment, Industrial facilities, Oil&Gas, shipbuilding
                 e Industry fed.


 ENGINEERING AND Innovation, ADVISORS OF Management, S.L.
 Álava Technology Park, Albert Einstein, 44 Building E6, office 306
                       01510 Vitoria-Gasteiz
                      Tel.: + 34 94 506 46 92
                      Fax: + 34 94 506 56 51 /

                      INGE-INNOVA is a engineering of plant (of Processes industrial) dedicated to industries punteros as • motor industry, machinery,
                      aeronautics and renewable energy.
                      Is specialising in design: AND DEVELOPMENT of Processes of production, lay-out, stations and START-UP of lines.
                      Between its customers highlight the Main Agents related to these industries (Builders of vehicles, providers, institutions, etc.).
                      INGE-INNOVA also offers All services in parallel with the process of development throughout the value chain added, from Planning
                      and the design to the plant digital; from the Technologies of Control and address and the Robotics to services of Technical
                      documents and of safety.


             INGETEAM ENERGY, S.A.
           Avda. City of the innovation¡, 13
                 E-31621 Sarriguren
               Tel.: + 34 94 828 80 00
               Fax: + 34 94 828 80 01 /

               The activity of INGETEAM is based on the power electronics and Supervision, The Technology of Electric machines, generators
               and motors and the engineering of application. in particular, the company INGETEAM Sea has wide experience in The surroundings
               maritime e INGETEAM Energy in the sertor of the power generation from renewable sources.
               Has over 60 years of Experience in the industry Electrical and more than 35 in the industry electronic, more than 3,600
               professionals, of which a 32% are dedicated to the engineering AND DEVELOPMENT of projects what test the commitment by The
               Technology e Innovation as motor of growth. During the year 2008, se destinaron 24 million euros to R&D.


                  ITSASKORDA, S.L.
               Poligono Kareaga I Pab. 2
                48,270 Markina Bizkaia
                Tel.: + 34 94 616 94 08
                Fax: + 34 94 616 94 10 /

                 ITSASKORDA, is a company whose main activity. is design:, manufacture and commercialisation of cordelería, cables and cabos
                 mixed. The industry main where applies its products is the fishing, Aquaculture, industry and parks infantiles.
                 The goal of ITSASKORDA centres in the development of products: of high quality with the that is achieved a positioning high of
                 brand and the fidelidad of our customers.
                 ITSASKORDA is basando su development and expansion, towards the markets: international mainly, In identification of New needs
                 and in the development of products: that cover the same.
                 The lines of business of ITSASKORDA are based in the development of product own of character innovator and ) are as follows:
                      -   Line of business of malleta
                      -   Line of business of jareta
                      -   Line of business of conbirop
                      -   Line of business of seine-clothes
                      -   Line of business of cordelería
                      -   Line of business of cordón and cable.
                 Mission of ITSASKORDA is the of collaborate with the customers in its strategies of TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION with the
                 development of products: innovators that help to aid its processes of improvement.


                Walk of the Circuit, 10
            20160 Lasarte - Urine Gipuzkoa
                Tel.: + 34 94 337 64 00
                Fax: + 34 94 337 12 79 /

                JEMA designs and manufactures systems static of food, industrial and Customised, for customers of everyone. Centres su activity
                in three Business Areas: Systems of Food Critical for industries energy, Systems Advanced of Food for Nuclear Fusion and Physics
                of Particle AND SYSTEMS for Renewable Energy.
                JEMA has a wide experience in design: and manufacture of power converters: for the field of renewable energy sources of
                application also to the systems of harnessing of energy procedente of the sea such as:
                     -   Full-Converters
                     -   WECs Back ToBack
                     -   ¡Invertors¡
                     -   Grinding machines
                     -   UPS
                In this same industry our equipment account with systems of monitoring of last generation that allow the monitoring remote, the
                telediagnóstico and the telecarga.


             LASANAVAL OTN, S.L.
        Plaza del Cedro nº2, Bajo “LASA”
        20016 Donostia – San Sebastián
      Tel.: + 34 94 339 05 04 / 94 339 85 50
             Fax: + 34 94 340 11 52

             Marine engineering company that designs marine vessels and other craft. We have designed fishing vessels, tugs, patrol boats,
             dredgers, pontoons, floating cranes, oil tankers, pleasure boats and other craft.
             LASA's main activities are:
                  -   Concept design and study.
                  -   Design of structures.
                  -   Marine engineering and hydrodynamics: We perform calculations of stability, prediction calculations of sea performance,
                      CFD simulations, etc.
                  -   We carry out designs for submitting to classification and government orgnisations. We perform site inspection and
                      management, assessment and inspection of failures.
                  -   Processing of Official Construction Licenses, Towing Authorisations, management and processing of official documents
                      with harbour authorities and Ministry of Economic Development].
             We have performed R&D+I projects alongside various TECNALIA technology centres and with the Basque Maritime Forum.


                  Barrio Murinondo s/n,
                20570 Bergara Gipuzkoa
                 Tel.: + 34 94 376 90 16
                 Fax: + 34 94 376 51 69 /

                  Construcciones Mecanicas J.Lazpiur designs, manufactures and assembles special machinery and precision tooling. We are fully
                  adapted to our customers' needs and offer customised solutions. We specialise in production processes.
                  We work for the following industries; automative, lockmaking, domestic appliances, forging, aeronautics and electronics, among
                  others. Approximately 70% of our work involves machining and 30% tooling.
                  We have a global vision and operate in many countries around the world: United States, France, Germany, Poland, Italy,
                  Philippines, China and Brazil, among others.
                  We have comprehensive systems management, based on “Process-based management.”, where we take into account product
                  quality, management quality, environmental management and risk prevention, with a view to ensuring our customers' satisfaction.
                  We are strongly engaged with R&D and work with centres such as Ikerlan, Robotiker, Tekniker, Fatronik, Inasmet. We are members
                  of some of the most important organisations in the industry: Adegi, CONFEBASK, GAIA, AFM, etc.
                  We also cooperate with education centres; IMH, Miguel Altuna Instituta, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Tecnum, UPV, Escuela de
                  Armería de Eibar, etc.


              LEROY SOMER IBERICA, S.A.
                    Avda. Europa, 25
                  Tel.: + 34 94 363 01 39
                  Fax: + 34 94 363 11 29 /

                  LEROY SOMER IBÉRICA is a subsidiary of the French group LEROY SOMER which is devoted to the manufacture of electric
                  motors, geared motors, alternators and electronic variable frequency drives.
                  In the area of renewable energy, we manufacture alternators (generation) and motors (generation, orientation, pitch, ventilation) for
                  wind generators, a market in which we supply the world leaders.
                  In the field of solar energy, we suply drives for positioning solar trackers and alternators for generation in solar thermal energy by
                  concentration. In CHP we have performed numerous projects alongside some of the world leaders in the industry.
                  LEROY SOMER has an important position in the marine industry and is collaborating on various wave energy projects.


          Capitán Mendizabal, 10 (trasera)
              48980 Santurtzi Bizkaia
               Tel.: + 34 94 461 12 64
               Fax: + 34 94 462 49 98 /

               LICAF work includes submarine site work and inspections, salvage, hydraulic works, underwater cutting and welding, etc., offering
               the maximum quality in all our work.
               In addition to this professional approach, LICAF has the latest and most modern equipment with the higest precision and quality. Its
               diving personnel are highly qualified and certified, and it is in a position to successfully take on any type of work related to the
               company's main activities.
               LICAF is located in Bilbao, one of the leading European passenger and freight ports, strategically located at the confluence of the
               most important international shipping lanes in the Northern area.


               AUTOMATISMOS MASER, S.A
                      Ibaitarte kalea 3,
                  20870 Elgoibar Gipuzkoa.
                   Tel.: + 34 94 374 44 38
                   Fax: + 34 94 374 44 68 /

                   MASER's main activity is design, assembly, installation, commissioning and after-sales service for special machinery, electric
                   cabinets and robotic installations as well as reconstructions of industrial facilities including commissioning of any type of automation
                   In general. It offers comprehensive management to achieve satisfactory results throughout the value chain, from concept to turnkey
                   Its key activities are:
                        -   Industrial and process engineering
                        -   Assembly of electric cabinets, field installations and programming
                        -   Process control and monitoring
                        -   After-sales service
                   From the outset, MASER has seen research and development as being essential for competing on an increasingly demanding and
                   diversified market. It therefore collaborates actively with different technology centres in its desire to offer the market new and
                   innovative tools.
                   As a result of its quest for constant improvement, it has created INGEKOMAS, a business cooperation project, sustainable over
                   time, with companies of recognised prestige in the industrial world, which offers comprehensive management from concept through
                   to turnkey delivery.


                   MAVI FORMACIÓN, S.L.
                  Avda. de la Libertad, 65-5ª
                   48901 Barakaldo Bizkaia
                    Tel.: + 34 94 480 07 02
                    Fax: + 34 94 480 10 79 /

                    Since 1995, MAVI has offered comprehensive human resource advice services. Made up of a team of professional experts, our
                    experience has allowed us to identify different and effective solutions for tackling our customers' training projects.
                    We have over 15 years' experience in the design, preparation and execution of specific training schemes for the global industry,
                    both for shipyards and for the auxiliary industry.


                 METALURGICA MARINA,S.A.
                     José Luis Goyoaga, 38
                   48950 Erandio – BIZKAIA
                    Tel.: + 34 94 467 12 00
                    Fax: + 34 94 467 68 82 /

                     The company is devoted to the construction and repair of machinery, reconstruction of turbines – hydraulic power stations,
                     automated systems, machining and boilermaking, metal assembly and construction and engineering and projects.
                     Following our customers' indications, we design the machine, mechanism, tools, piece etc... contributing the best materials,
                     treatments, ergonomics and respect for the environment, as well as compliance with applicable regulations.
                     In the area of marine energy the company has worked with IBERDROLA, ROBOTIKER and TECNALIA on the OCEANTEC project,
                     manufacturing the prototype, and we are currently developing and building a prototype for a WEC.


              MIESA INGENIERIA S.L
              Ambrosio de los Heros s/n
           48549 Abanto y Zierbena Bizkaia
               Tel.: + 34 94 670 98 16
               Fax: + 34 94 636 81 74 /

               MIESA Engineering, S.L. has increased its resources and projects in the area of engineering, R&D and commissioning, in
               collaboration with various official organisations and associations. The advances achieved in this area have allowed us, on many
               occasions, to optimise our tenders to be more competitive in the different fields in which we operate.
               These activities also include developing preliminary projects and viability studies for CHP (Cogeneration) and Thermoelectricity. We
               are also continuing with projects for re-instrumentation and advanced supervision for several industrial plants.
               But the company's main focus is on the execution of projects encompassing medium voltage, low voltage and supervision of
               industrial facilities. We can develop the detailed engineering of any of these parts, construction of medium voltage cabs, distribution
               boards and control centres for low voltage motors, as well as construction of control panels containing PLCs. We also carry out
               scheduling of control and commissioning of all our installations.


           Larrondo Goikoa kalea, 2 Pab 3-4
                  48180 Loiu Bizkaia
                Tel.: + 34 94 453 68 80
                Fax: + 34 94 471 15 77 /

                MONCOBRA is the COBRA group's subsidiary in the area of assembly of all types of structures.
                We specialise in the following types of installations:
                     -   Assembly of heavy structures:
                             o Singular structures
                             o Shipbuilding and offshore
                     -   Industrial Assembly
                     -   Operation maintenance and support
                             o CHP plants
                             o Use of biomass energy
                             o Special energy types in general
                     -   Turnkey projects


                Polígono Bakiola, Pab. 17
              48498 Arrankudiaga (Bizkaia)
                 Tel.: + 34 94 648 12 15
                 Fax: + 34 94 648 17 91 /

                 MTS manufactures industrial sluice valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves, plunger valves and butterfly valves. The
                 company has over 35 years experience supplying valves for all the main industries (Oil&Gas, Desalination, Power, etc), supplying
                 for complete Projects (refineries) as a part of specific products (e.g. high-pressure plunger valves for the reverse osmosis block in
                 the sea water desalination plants and it is currently the world leader in this product on the desalination market.
                 With over 10 years experience manufacturing valves for sea water ducts, we have extensive knowledge of the best materials for
                 resisting corrosion, as well as the design factors that affect the life of the equipment.


                  MULTINACIONAL TRADE S.L_
                     BARRIO ELBARRENA 28,
                    20150 ZIZURKIL GIPUZKOA
                       Tel.: + 34 94 369 32 69
                       Fax: + 34 94 369 31 44 /

                       A Basque company owned by the NexanspGroup, a world leader in the manufacture of submarine cable with a turnover of €31m.
                       Multinacional Trade operates in the industries of energy, rail, nuclear and petrochemicals where it has all the quality certificates and
                       homologation required, supplying cables and their accessories, power transformers, sectionalising switches and safety valves.
                       One of the most recent projects undertaken is the installation of the 237 km long 250kv cable that will run from Sagunto to Palma de
                       Mallorca, due to be ready in late 2010.


               Ribera de Axpe nº20
               48950 Erandio Bizkaia
              Tel.: + 34 94 496 78 13
              Fax: + 34 94 496 73 68 /

               Manufacturing heavy and complex industrial equipment in 28,700 square metres of installations in Bilbao Port.
               NAVACEL's main activities are:
                    -    Heavy and large boiler making: sets in 16,200m2 of premises.
                    -    folding of plate of up to 125mm in thickness in 4000mm of width.
                    -    Heavy and large machining jobs: Boring cutter, travel 18000x5000 mm and vertical lathe Ø 14000mm.
                    -    Surface treatment: Pressurised blasting and painting, 2 cabs of 37m x 10m x 10m .
                    -    Installation of equipment, sets and lines: hydro and electro-hydro and adjustment machining.
               NAVACEL has its own jetty on the Bilbao estuary, opposite the La Naval shipyard, for direct loading with internal bridge cranes with
               a capacity for pieces of up to 450 t. Door leading to jetty of 27m in width and 16m clearance.


                   NEM SOLUTIONS S.L.
  Parque Tecnológico San Sebastián Paseo Mikeletegi 56, 2º
                     20009 (Donostia)
                   Tel.: + 34 94 330 93 28
                   Fax: + 34 94 330 93 26 /

                   NEM Solutions offers an intelligent and advanced vision of maintenance engineering, allowing interaction between the maintainer
                   and the machine, based on full information and knowledge. This comes thanks to the incorporation of the most advanced
                   technology in maintenance engineering, to facilitate and optimise the work and its cost-effectiveness. NEM Solutions has developed
                   its own "a-maintenance" technology, which allows a fluid communication between the machines and the maintainer, opening the
                   door to auto-maintenance. Thanks to a-maintenance, NEM Solutions has helped evolve predictive or "condition-based"
                   maintenance. It even goes beyond proactive maintenance thanks to the knowledge it generates on the systems to be maintained.
                   Specialising in maintenance or rail systems and renewable energy sources, NEM Solutions adapts to the engineering needs of
                   anyone opening the door to the maintenance of the future, anyone wishing to improve the profitability and logistics of their business
                   and who sees optimisation of maintenance as being essential. Its collaborators include the technological corporation, TECNALIA.
                   In 2009, NEM Solutions began extending its activities to industries such as renewables and more specifically to wind, small wind
                   and photovoltaic power. It is currently one of the leaders in its business in R&D projects in collaboration with manufacturers and
                   operators of this type of technology, leading activities for optimisation of maintenance, including advanced tools for asset monitoring
                   and diagnosis (predictive/proactive maintenance), specifically in the following projects:
                        -   Control centre, supervision and maintenance of mini-wind distributed power generating facilities distributed (wind turbines
                            <100kW) together with IBAIA Energía (15ENERGY project).
                        -   Intelligent management, maintenance and communication systems for ocean operations (OCEAN LIDER project)


                  Pol Ind Azitain 3ª
                    20600 Eibar
               Tel.: + 34 94 382 00 82
               Fax: + 34 94 382 01 57 /

               Manufacture of measuring and testing equipment for quality control and investigation of coating, paint and construction.
               The following instrumentation manufactured by NEURTEK can be used in the area of marine energy:
                    -    Instrumentation for inspecting quality of materials with regard to marine corrosion.
                    -    Equipment for Material Testing:
                              o Mechanical tests (strength, torque, stress, friction, etc.)
                              o Thermodynamic tests
                              o Metallographic tests
                              o Image analysis
                              o Physical parameters (roughness, hardness, etc.)
               Manufacture of measuring and testing equipment for quality control and investigation of coating, paint and construction.
               The following instrumentation manufactured by NEURTEK can be used in the area of marine energy:
               The company also carries out training and consultancy, mainly in areas related to paints and coating.


                  Amasorrain 2
               20018 San Sebastián
              Tel.: + 34 94 336 21 40
              Fax: + 34 94 336 24 46 /

              Since its foundation in 1948, OASA has built over 40,000 transformers. It has always stood at the forefront of technology, satisfying
              the ever greater demands from customers.
              OASA currently has an annual production capacity of over 2,000,000 KVA, with power ranges of up to 100 MVA and voltages of up
              to 245 kV.
              OASA manufactures and repairs power transformers for electrical substations, for traction, electrolysis, electric furnaces,
              reactances, mobile substations, etc.., and can take charge of all processes associated with manufacture from customised design for
              every application to final delivery, fully assembled and prepared for commissioning.
              OASA builds equipment for the great majority of applications, especially conventional type transformers for power distribution and
              generation, special transformers for electrolysis, rectification or supply of furnaces and special transformers for rail traction.
              In recent years it has supplied an important number of transformers for wind and photovoltaic generation and can work on land-
              based PTOs for wave farms.


                     OBEKI GROUP
    Polígono Industrial Apatta Erreka, Baratzondo nº 3
                 20400 Ibarra Gipuzkoa
                 Tel.: + 34 94 367 99 00
                 Fax: + 34 94 367 99 01 /

                 OBEKI S.A. specialises in the design and manufacture of rotary electrical machinery, an area in which it has over 50 years of
                 experience in the industry.
                 Our Product Range covers:
                      -   Brake Motors.
                      -   Standard three-phase motors with squirrel cage rotor.
                      -   Collector ring motors.
                      -   Torque motors
                      -   Permanent Magnet Generators
                      -   Asynchronous Generators
                 Products come in a wide range of powers/speeds and can be personalised to the level of specification required, mainly for
                 renewable energy (large and small wind, wave, etc.), lifting machinery (cranes, etc..), marine (on-deck machinery, off shore
                 installations, etc.) and Iron and Steel Working, etc.


     Parque Tecnológico Bizkaia, Edif. 700,
            E-48160 Derio Bizkaia
            Tel.: + 34 94 657 56 06
            Fax: + 34 94 600 22 99

         OCEANTEC is the first independent company in the Spanish market which is involved in all aspects of the marine energy technology
         development process.
         OCEANTEC dedicated team of specialist technical and engineering consultants is working with developers of technologies, utilities,
         investors and farm developers supporting their projects through all stages.

         OCEANTEC skills and experience includes:
         • Technology Development
         • Technical Due Diligence
         • Prototype Design (construction, installation, O&M)
         • Resource Assessment and Site Selection
         • Project Management
         • Marine Energy Components R&D
         • Environmental Impact Assessment

         OCEANTEC is also currently researching the development of multiple subsea connectors especially designed to fulfill the wave and
         floating wind mills needs.
         OCEANTEC works with testing sites and wave farm developers to tackle the technical, logistical and commercial challenges to be
         overcome to be overcome.
         Industrial companies to leverage significant expertise in wave Industrial companies to leverage significant expertise in wave energy
         conversion, hydrodynamics and engineering.


              OCINORTE / OCINAV S.L.
         Pto. Deportivo Área Técnica Pab. B1
                 48990 Getxo Bizkaia
                Tel.: + 34 94 491 40 02
                Fax: + 34 94 491 42 33 /

                OCINORTE Navegación y Electrónica, which is based at the Getxo marina, is devoted to the supply, installation and maintenance of
                marine electronic equipment, as well as marine electricity and safety, specialising in navigation and marine accessories.
                Some of the systems installed and maintained by OCINORTE include plotters, radars, GPS evices, probes, automatic pilots,
                telecommunications and safety equipment
                OCINORTE / OCINAV is the distributor for the Basque Country and Cantabria of the company SIMRAD, which forms part of the
                Norwegian group KONSGBERG MARITIME, a world leader in hydrographic systems, as well as location and positioning systems.


               Parque Tecnologico de Zamudio, Edif. 104
                       48170 Zamudio Bizkaia
                        Tel.: + 34 94 431 87 31
                        Fax: + 34 94 431 87 32 /;

                        We are one of the world's leading Medium Voltage manufacturers, offering our customers solutions that incorporate high value
                        added products and services for power distribution networks.
                        We enjoy the knowledge and commitment of our staff and relations of mutual benefit with our customers and providers.
                        Our values: Flexibility, Leadership, Innovation, Pragmatism and Support are the features that characterise our management.
                        Since its foundation in 1967, ORMAZABAL has been a driving force behind innovation in the power distribution industry, in constant
                        collaboration with power utilities throughout the world.
                        ORMAZABAL is the ideal technological partner for determining the best solution for each project, covering the cycle, design,
                        manufacture, operation, maintenance and decommissioning.
                        Our product mix is based on transformers, MV cells, remote monitoring, protection and automation adapted to each customer's


          Astintze Kalea 6 Edificio Inbisa Astintze
                    48160 Derio Bizkaia
                  Tel.: + 34 94 454 47 92
                  Fax: + 34 94 454 44 69 /

                  Pine Instalaciones y Montajes, undertakes high and low voltage assemblies either directly for external clients, with its own assembly
                  engineering, or in projects led by other companies in the INGETEAM group.
                  We specialise in the following activities:
                       -   Assembly engineering, supply and execution of electrical assembly for the industrial, energy, marine, rail and tertiary
                       -   ”Turnkey” supply of marine electrical equipment for ships.
                       -   Corrective electromechanical, preventative/predictive and proactive maintenance of industrial processes in high and low
                  Our high and low-voltage activities in heavy engineering and the energy and marine industries include:
                       -   High voltage: Electric installation and assembly of interconnection substations, transformation and distribution in the
                           industrial, marine, energy and tertiary industries. Specialisation in adapting substations for remote control, remote
                           monitoring and incorporation of high voltage protection systems.
                       -   Low voltage: Electric installation and assembly including engineering, assembly and maintenance for the industrial, marine,
                           energy and tertiary industries.
                  We work chiefly from our central offices in Bizkaia but also operate elsewhere in Spain, with an important presence in Galicia,
                  Andalusia, Valencia and Madrid.


                        - QUIMYCAT-
                   Pl. Berreteaga Pab. 6 Mod.F
                     48150 Sondika (Bizkaia)
                      Tel.: + 34 94 453 83 80
                      Fax: + 34 94 471 13 98 /

                      QUIMYCAT aims to satisfy its customers' needs quickly, effectively and competitively, with highly qualified personnel and extensive
                      experience in chemical and industrial cleaning and environmental services. Our experience has enabled us to develop a series of
                      techniques and processes that stand at the forefront of those used at this time.
                      Our experience covers a wide variety of industries: refineries, thermal power stations, paper mills, sugar mills, petrochemical plants,
                      iron and steel mills, shipyards, etc.
                      Our work covers the widest range of services demanded by the market, such as suction and cleaning of septic tanks and sewage
                      networks, pipe unblocking, special cleaning with high pressure water, comprehensive waste management, inspections with CCTV
                      equipment, chemical cleaning of boilers and cooling circuits, flushing of oil to hydraulic circuits, cryogenic cleaning, cleaning with
                      high pressure water at up to 2500 bars, hydraulic tests, dry-way dust suction, cleaning of sanitary networks, environmental services,


                   Lekunbiz Auzoa, 20
                48170 Zamudio (Bizkaia)
                 Tel.: + 34 94 452 09 61
                 Fax: + 34 94 452 07 03 /

                  RALPE, a firm which has been operating on the industrial market for half a century, designs and manufactures industrial drives,
                  mainly dividers and multipliers, for most industries. Iron and Steel, Metal Processing, Energy, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry,
                  Mining and Bulk Extraction, Hoisting and Transport, Aeronautics, Defence, Food, Machinery and Industrial Equipment, etc.
                  Through its subsidiaries it works in the sectors of Industrial Maintenance and Recycling of Solid Industrial Waste.
                  Its products are sold in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia and it has supplied mechanisms of a rated capacity of up to 5 MW.
                  For 30 years, it has worked for the alternative energy industry, supplying drives for small hydroelectric stations, solar thermal
                  stations, wind turbines, etc.
                  The Projects and R&D departments design specific drives for all industries and, in the area of renewable energy, they are currently
                  working with companies specialising on the development of projects involving photovoltaic concentration energy and wave energy.
                  (The photograph shows one of the mechanisms made for harnessing wave power).


            Sorgintxulo Nº3 Entresuelo
                   20100 Renteria
              Tel.: + 34 943-390241
              Fax: + 34 943-528900 /

              Shipping company, belonging to the BERGÉ group, which provides a tug service at the port of Pasajes and between ports, 24 hours
              a day 365 days a year.
              We have experience and availability in positioning and maintenance of marine artefacts (wave energy collectors) and buoys
              (meteorological, signalling, etc..).
              The company has ISO 9001/200 quality management and ISO 14001/2004 environmental management certificates
              We have three tugs:
                   -   Facal Dieciocho
                   -   Facal Diecinueve
                   -   Facal Once


                  Muelle Tomás Olabarri, 4 5º
                          48930 Getxo
                    Tel.: + 34 94 464 51 33
                    Fax: + 34 94 464 55 65 /

                     Remolcadores Ibaizabal, S.A. was founded on 13 November 1906, with a small fleet of tugs and water carriers.
                     Following constant renovation and adaptation to meet the needs of the Port, the company's fleet now comprises a large range of
                     tugs, working not only in the inner port of Bilbao, but also the oil tanker port.
                     Our tugs, skippered by expert seamen, are known for their manoeuverability.
                     They can also provide offshore support in the various manoeuvres and movements involved in marine energy projects.


                    Andrés Cortina 2
                 48993 Algorta Bizkaia
                 Tel.: + 34 94 656 79 55
                 Fax: + 34 94 656 79 56 /

                 RULITRANS designs and manufactures industrial transmission components: clutch, brakes, free wheels, couplings, safety and
                 locking components, etc.
                 We have two RULSA manufacturing plants in Vitoria and the EIDE plant in Castellar del Vallés.
                 We have applications in all types of industry, collaborating for many years with specific products for alternative energy sectors,
                 including wind, solar and wave energy.
                 For wave energy we have designed multiplier boxes with incorporated freewheels that allow an alternating input motion to be
                 transformed into a continuous movement in a single direction at the outlet of the generator, the entire transmission and adapting it to
                 the needs of each customer's design.


              Avda. Zugazarte 56, CP
                48930 Getxo Bizkaia
               Tel.: + 34 94 481 75 00
               Fax: + 34 94 481 75 86 /

               SENER is an engineering and construction firm operating in Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East. It works in various
               areas of activity, such as aerospace, marine, civil and architecture and energy and processes.
               SENER has turnover in excess of €400 M and a staff of over 2,500. Within the energy and processes business, SENER is the
               leader of engineering projects and EPC’s, with important references in :
                    -   Conventional and renewable generation: Combined cycles, nuclear power stations, solar thermal plants, CHP, MSW
                        incineration, etc.
                    -   Refining and petrochemical plants: CCR, Hydrogen, Vacuum, desulphurization, etc..
                    -   Gas Plants: regasification of liquefied natural gas, underground gas storage, LPG storage, etc..
               In the area of marine energy, SENER seeks to operate as a contractor and developer of marine energy farms, based on its
               multidisciplinary capacities (experience in the marine industry, in generation plants, in drive systems, mechanisms and structures).


         Edificio Udondo-Ribera de Axpe 50-5º
                48950 Erandio Bizkaia
                Tel.: + 34 94 480 07 53
                Fax: + 34 94 480 05 59 /

                SINTEMAR supplies products and services for the maritime industry and specifically:
                     -   ECOSPEED: 100% non-toxic anti-corrosion coating (IACS-IMO), designed to be applied just once in the device's lifespan.
                     -   DOW HYPERLAST: Polyurethane system for protecting structures and devices in marine environments.
                     - Mechanical department specialising in assembly and alignment of equipment in the marine industry.
                SINTEMAR's catalogue also includes the services of HYDREX, which from its base in Algeciras, offers an underwater maintenance
                service for any floating or submerged devices, reducing or avoiding costly removal to dock.
                     -   The underwater maintenance service includes underwater cleaning of the hull of any marine vessel or device using latest-
                         generation own technology.
                     -   As for underwater repairs, HYDREX specialises in more complex underwater actions such as repairs to damaged propeller
                         blades and replacement of manoeuvring propellers and all types of welding approved by the different classification bodies.
                     -   HYDREX has rigid and flexible devices (transportable by truck) to perform this work dry under the water as well as its own
                         fully equipped vessels.


                  STAS IBÉRICA, S.A.
             Polígono Erletxe, P115, E1, nº2
                    48960 Galdakao
                 Tel.: + 34 94 457 22 66
                 Fax: + 34 94 457 22 44 /

                 The mission of STAS IBÉRICA is to supply standardised and tailored products and solutions for load-handling in the industrial area.
                 The experience accumulated over 41 years on the market has enabled us to develop our own expertise and a guarantee of quality
                 that our customers recognise by placing their trust in us.
                 Products that can be used in the marine industry include lifting components and accessories, cable chain slings, shackles, rockers,


                   Katuxa Ibarra, 7
                  01400 - Llodio (Álava)
                Tel.: + 34 94 672 85 05
                Fax: + 34 94 672 86 35 /

                 Our installations and equipment enable us to offer a complete manufacturing process from the design and boilermaking process to
                 machining and final assembly.
                 We have highly qualified personnel and suitable machinery and installations for supplying the equipment in the required conditions.
                 In the area of the construction process, we have specialised in the most complex welding processes, entering into highly-demanding
                 fields where we offer our knowledge, a quality system and certified processes which include welding and machining processes.
                 For marine energy projects, our complete machine-welding carbon steel and alloy equipment is available.


                 Ribera de Axpe, 47
               48950 Erandio Bizkaia
               Tel.: + 34 94 435 65 50
               Fax: + 34 94 480 36 43 /

               TAMOIN offers industrial services ranging from electromechanical and instrument assembly and maintenance to specialist
               engineering services. It seeks to serve the customer, innovating in the development of solutions with the most demanding standards
               of safety, quality, cost-effectiveness, respect for the environment and social responsibility.
               The main industries in which TAMOIN operates are power generation and petrochemicals. As well as the renewable energy
               division, it also has capacities in power services, special maintenance, engineering services and mechanical constructions.
               In renewable energy its main activities are:
                    -   Comprehensive wind farm maintenance
                    -   Engineering
                    -   Turnkey projects (CHP, biomass,…)
                    -   Energy audits


                  FUNDACIÓN TECNALIA
                Parque Tecnológico ED.202.
                   48107 Zamudio Bizkaia
                   Tel.: + 34 94 600 22 66
                   Fax: + 34 94 600 22 99 /

                   TECNALIA is an independent private technological corporation, born out of the Basque technological industry, well known on the
                   markets and formed by the technology centres Azti, European Software Institute (ESI), Fatronik, Inasmet, Labein, Neiker and
                   Robotiker. Our mission is to contribute value and wealth to society in general, and to the business world in particular, through
                   research and innovation in an international context.
                   TECNALIA's commitment to the energy industry is oriented in two directions: renewable energy sources and new more efficient and
                   sustainable energy carriers such as electricity and hydrogen.
                   In the field of wave energy, it investigates:
                        -   Wave energy collectors: new collection concepts and design of components
                        -   Components for developing marine energy farms: anchoring, connection systems, PTOs, etc.
                        -   Selection of locations, estimation and characterisation of the resource and environmental impact studies
                        -   Design of infrastructures: conceptual studies, detailed design, assessment of technical solutions, etc.
                        -   Dynamic models for assessment of collectors and analysis of grid integration network


                Avenida Otaola, 20
               20600 Eibar Gipuzkoa
              Tel.: + 34 94 320 67 44
              Fax: + 34 94 320 27 57 /

               TEKNIKER is a centre for mechatronics, manufacturing technologies and microtechnology. TEKNIKER is the manufacturing centre
               for industrial design and production.
               It essentially designs industrial and consumer products, resolves problems related to friction, wear and lubrication and incorporates
               information technology and factory communications, high precision, miniaturisation and micro/nanotechnologies.
               TEKNIKER has extensive experience in different energy industries, but in wind energy it specialises in lubrication of critical
               components and biolubricants, mechatronic design and simulation, development of complex checks, monitoring and instrumentation
               of equipment, complete life cycle and advanced maintenance strategies.
               It has also worked on other important aspects such as the design of linear generators, storage systems (magnetically held inertia
               wheels), design of intelligent materials for accumulation of heat energy, development of bio-oils (application to hydraulic oils and
               lubricants) and characterisation and development of multi-function coatings with anticorrosion and anti-wear characteristics.


                TRADEX, S.A._
          Av. Navarra, 15 Bajo Dcha.
           20800 Zarautz Gipuzkoa
     Tel.: + 34 94 335 00 11 / 628 93 69 89
            Fax: + 34 94 335 22 44 /

            TRADEX, S.A. is a marine brokerage firm specialising in the sale and chartering of ships at national and international level. It has a
            department specialising in offshore projects.
            Tradex offers personalised intermediation to provide solutions for all requirements related to tugs of all kinds, supplies, pontoons,
            dredgers, etc... and we can guide our customers through the process of selecting candidates, negotiating and finalising contracts.
            TRADEX has the capacity to advise and intermediate in direct contracting of the resources required for installation and maintenance
            of the BIMEP.


                   VICINAY CADENAS S.A.
                  Particular de Sagarduy, 5.
                        48015 Bilbao
                    Tel.: + 34 94 489 11 30
                    Fax: + 34 94 489 11 40 /

                    VICINAY CADENAS S. A. is a family organisation with over 80 years experience. It principally designs, verifies and manufactures
                    chains and accessories for anchorage lines.
                    99% of the product manufactured is sold to the offshore market: drillers, engineering firms and foreign oil companies. But VICINAY
                    CADENAS also offers engineering work and performs research and development related to fatigue studies and fracture mechanics,
                    development of specific solutions for each project, new qualities of chain and accessories, design of new auxiliary products, surface
                    treatment to improve the life of the product and offshore technical assistance to the customer, among other services.
                    At the same time, VICINAY CADENAS S.A. is committed to renewable energy sources and to collaborating on the development of
                    offshore systems capable of transforming marine energy (waves, wind, tides, etc.) into electricity.
                    Based on the knowledge it has acquired in designing anchoring lines for the oil market, VICINAY CADENAS S.A. can design,
                    optimise and where necessary supply anchorage lines for WECs that will allow maximum use to be made of the energy and ensure
                    that the system operates properly.
                    VICINAY CADENAS S.A.'s first experiences in this field were with the Oceantec converter (designing and supplying the prototype
                    fitted in the summer of 2008) and on the design conception of the anchoring lines of the wind towers in the EOLIA project.


               VOITH HYDRO, S.L.
          Baratzondo, 5 Polígono Apatta
                   20400 Ibarra
              Tel.: + 34 94 367 37 99
              Fax: + 34 94 367 28 48 /

              VOITH HYDRO has installed over 40,000 generators and turbines throughout the world. Our products range from individual
              hydraulic and electrical components to customised solutions and services; from new turnkey installations to the modernisation of
              existing installations.
              VOITH HYDRO is a division of Voith and with approximately 3,600 workers and orders totalling almost €1.4 billion last year, it is one
              of the world's most important suppliers in the hydro power industry, specifically in hydraulic turbines and associated equipment.
              In the specific field of marine energy, it manufactures and distributes equipment for marine energy plants, especially with OWC
              (oscillating water column system) technology. It has provided the equipment for construction of the wave energy power plant in


               ZIGOR CORPORACIÓN
               Portal de Gamarra nº 28
                01012 Vitoria Gasteiz
               Tel.: + 34 94 521 46 00
               Fax: + 34 94 522 96 00 /

                Zigor Corporation is a hi-tech company operating in the the power electronics and energy conversion industry. It is committed to
                creativity and innovation and has a powerful R&D+I team.
                Zigor is dedicated to the design, manufacture, marketing and servicing of technologically advanced solutions and products in the
                area of energy conversion, development of personalised electronic solutions and renewable energy.
                These capacities make it an added value technological partner in the marine energy industry.


     Larrondo Beheko Etorbidea Edif. 3 Nave P.4.
               48180, LOIU, (VIZCAYA)
                Tel.: + 34 94 453 59 16
                Fax: + 34 94 453 51 49 /

                 Zineti, founded in 1977, works in the area of cathodic protection using sacrificial anodes and impressed currents in all types of
                 submerged offshore metal structures, buried onshore structures, pipe systems, vessels ranging from small pleasure boats to Post-
                 Panamax Plus vessels.
                 We have staff working to design cathodic protection systems by impressed currents and galvanic anodes. Zineti is the largest
                 manufacturer and distributor of sacrificial anodes on the Iberian peninsula.
                 Our anodes were used on the cathodic protection system on the OPT buoy type converter fitted in Santoña. We are also involved in
                 cathodic protection projects for meteorological buoys anchored in the Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay). We have corrosion-
                 protected anchor chains for offshore platforms and have a production capacity of 4 tonnes per day.


                ZUMAIA OFFSHORE, S.L.
             Iturribarri, nº16 P.Baja Local dcha.
                      48700 Ondarroa
           Tel.: + 34 94 335 00 11 – 628 93 69 89
                  Fax: + 34 94 335 22 44 /

                   ZUMAIA OFFSHORE, S.L. operates powerful and versatile multi-purpose tugs for port and offshore work, for which we have
                   specialist crew. We offer a quality service in 3 main areas in which we have proven experience:
                        -   Dredging, moving, connecting, disassembling or repairing dredger pipes on deck, supported by our cranes, towing the
                            dredger and managing its anchors. Most recent project: Misurata, Libya. Client: Società Italiana Dragaggi, S.p.a. (DEME
                            group). June 2009 – February 2010. Vessel: “ZUMAIA SEXTO”
                        -   Off-shore energy projects, assisting pontoon and specialist vessels for underground cable laying, towing, pushing,
                            managing anchors, inspecting the sea bed using ROVs, sample-gathering with Vibrocore, farm maintenance, etc.. Most
                            recent project: Oostende, Belgium. Client: Stemat, bv. June 2008- January 2009. Vessel: “ZUMAIA SEXTO”
                        -   Projects of marine civil construction, such as hydrodemolition, levelling, towing, positioning and sinking of caissons for
                            construction of harbours, etc. Most recent project: Valencia, Spain. Client: UTE Obras de Abrigo Puerto de Valencia.
                            Vessel: “ZUMAIA SEPTIMO”
                   We are currently building “ZUMAIA OCTAVO”, a vessel that will be ideally suited for performing maintenance operations on the

Ente Vasco de la Energía – EVE
                                        Asociación Cluster de Energía
Alameda de Urquijo, 36, 1º - Edificio
                                        San Vicente, 8, 2º - Edificio Albia I
         Plaza Bizkaia
                                                  48001 Bilbao
          48011 Bilbao
                                             Tel.: + 34 94 424 02 11
     Tel.: + 34 94 403 56 00
                                             Fax: + 34 94 424 60 01
     Fax: + 34 94 403 56 99

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