High School Book Report by kellys3ps

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									1. State the title and author of the novel.

2. Where is the story set?

3. When is the story set?

4. Place it in its’ historical context.

5. Who is the narrator?

6. Who is the protagonist? Provide biographical details.

7. Who are the other main characters? Provide biographical details.

8. Discuss the style of the novel.

9. What is the significance of the novel’s title?

10. Give a brief summary of the plot.

11. What is the climax of the novel?

12. What major themes does the author deal with?

13. Through which events, characters or images does the author explore

these themes?

14. What imagery and/or symbolism does the author use?

15. Write a short review of the book stating why you would / would not

recommend this book.

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