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									                                           HADASSAH BULLETIN
                                              Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc.

                                                   ALBUQUERQUE CHAPTER
                                                         DESERT - MOUNTAIN REGION

 Volume 57, Number 1                             September 2007                            Elul 5767 / Tishrei 5768

   M RI   F                                   LB  U Q E AD A AH
                                             ALBUQUERQUE HADASSAH
 U R        SA                                              i t all e m   em
                                                            invites a l members
by Mildred Perelman Chanin                                  oo      pen ng event
                                                           to our opening ev ent
Youth Aliyah Chair
    The year was 1941; the place,
                                                         A LUNCH TEA
Tucson, Arizona. I received a call
from Pearl Brown, a 14-year-old,                                                                         U
                                                    L nch
                                                 A Lunch Tea is is                                 MEN
who said she had just returned from                                                                           es
Chicago where they had a Junior                  similar to a High Tea
                                                  imilar           h Tea                         Tea Sa e s
                                                                                                          & Tea
Hadassah group that was raising
funds for children in Palestine. She
                                                     served    l         day
                                                 but serv earlier in the day!                      Coffee
said she thought it would be nice if
we had a group in Tucson; and since                     with Special Guest Speaker:
I had started a Jewish girls high                                 an L p
                                                                Dan Lepow
school club a few years before, she        R i       D c       for e wi sh g nc           Isr ae
                                           Regional Director f or the Jewish Agency for Israel
thought I might know how to start a
                                          The Current Situation in Israel and how Hadassah Fits In
Junior Hadassah. I called Dora
Rubenstein, the local Hadassah presi-
dent, and she sent to national for the         S    y ans n
                                               Sandy Hansen will report on her trip to the
material. In a couple of months we             2007 National Convention in New York City
had a Junior Hadassah group estab-                             N .
lished. Unfortunately, Pearl was too
young to belong so we made her an
                                              0                 P R S        O N     I L
                                         THE 2007 TREASURER’S REPOR T “SPIEL OR NO SPIEL”
honorary member.
    As I recall, most of the funds we
                                                            Se mbe
                                                   ue ay September 1 , 0
                                                  Tuesday, S e m be 18, 2007
raised went to supporting Meier                                   : 0
                                                         1 00 – 3:00 pm
Shefeyah the Youth Aliyah                             w sh       m t Center
                                                    Jewish Community Ce nte
children’s village Hadassah had es-
tablished for children who had been                    5 0 yo ng l v
                                                      5520 Wyoming Blvd.
brought from Europe. I recall seeing                          t 1 .
                                                           cost: $10.00
pictures of Henrietta Szold welcom-
ing those children who had escaped
                                                                              rv tion
                                                             Make your reservations by September12, 2007.
                                                                     o        r v tio n     pte          2    .
from the Holocaust with only the
                                                             Please call Doris Taylor at 867-5043 to charge
clothes on their backs and with
                                                             your reservation by Visa or MasterCard or send her
memories that required professional
                                                             your check, payable to Hadassah, to 7089 Albany
                                                             Hills Court, Rio Rancho, NM 87144.
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                                                                                        see ov      y on a
                                                                                        s cover story o page 3
       ALBUQUERQUE HADASSAH                                   FROM THE PRESIDENT’S PEN...
                                                                    H     S DE T     N
             2007-2008                                        Dear Hadassah Sisters.
                                                                  I am pleased to announce that the Albuquerque Chapter of
EXECUTIVE BOARD:                                              Hadassah and Lailah Hadassah will be hosting the Regional
Co-Presidents: Sandy Hansen, ralphles43@aol.com, 294-2131     Mid-Winter Board Meeting and Education Seminar this coming
& Carol Bernstein, italamber@aol.com , 266-1448               February 9 – 11, 2008. It will be our responsibility to make their
Treasurer: Ida Humphrey, 294-4015
Recording Secretary: Sandy Wedeen, 922-6449
                                                              visit a pleasant one. This will be combined with an education
Corresponding Secretary: Gerry Kipper, 856-4097               program put on by the regional education department. We will
Membership Co-Vice Presidents: Caitlin Hecsh, 896-3428        have more details, as the time gets closer.
& Loretta Saslawsky, meyernleah@comcast.net                       Thanks to all of you, I had the opportunity to attend the
Education Vice President: Janice Goodman, 821-9302            Hadassah National Convention in New York City this past July.
Fundraising Vice President: Fran Luftschein, 856-1526
Program Co-Vice Presidents: Jan Bray, 292-7270
                                                              I will be talking about some of the highlights at this month’s
& Rochelle Schwalb, 332-3189                                  meeting. I hope that everyone will show up and smile so I don’t
                                                              collapse from nerves.
EDUCATION:                                                                   I want to wish everyone a sweet, happy and fulfilled
American Affairs: Jan Bray, 292-7270                                     New Year. Happy Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur to
Israeli Affairs: Shirley Hurwitz, 294-6753                              all.
Health Education: Linda Hayon, lindahayon@comcast.net,                       Shalom,
                                                                              Sandy Hansen
Historian: Janice Goodman, 821-9302                                                                Wishing you & your
Book Discussion: Barbara Waserman, 275-9937                                   Co-President
& Anita Toppston, 898-0336                                                                          family a happy,
Sunday Morning Discussion: Connie Slavin, 265-6001                                                 healthy, and sweet
& Loretta Saslawsky, meyernleah@comcast.net
                                                                                                       New Year!
                                                              JUNIOR HADA H RE EM D
Calendar: Fran Luftschein, 856-1526
Donor Records: Marji Adolphe, 344-2730                         U R     DASSAH EMEMBERED
JNF Trees & Certificates: Lydia Horowitz, 892-8589            Continued from page 1
National Certificates: Fran Luftschein, 856-1526
Tribute Cards: Janice Gordon, 299-8395                            Our group also took over from the senior group the job of
& Esther Brown, 299-5585                                      raising some of the funds for JNF by having a day when we
Blue Boxes: Sue Sehr, 891-8909                                canvassed the city. Hadassah gave us a list of all the known
Youth Aliyah: Mildred Chanin, 797-4784
Youth Commission/Young Judaea: Jana Druxman, 898-4057
                                                              Jewish families in town. I remember sitting on the living room
                                                              floor, cutting up names and addresses and dividing them by areas.
COMMUNICATIONS:                                               One Sunday morning, all of the girls, carrying JNF boxes, went
Bulletin Editor: Sandy Hansen, ralphles43@aol.com, 331-1456
Assistant Editor: Janice Goodman, 821-9302                    to their assigned areas and called at each of the homes. The
Lailah Liaison: Sylvia Goffe, 345-3100                        following Sunday my best friend’s father drove her and me to all
Life/Associate Chair: Ruth Held, 299-2051                     the homes in the outlying areas that couldn’t be reached by foot.
Credit Cards: Doris Taylor, 867-5043                          We didn’t miss many Tucson homes!
LAILAH GROUP:                                                     Our first big fund raising function was a Black and White
Co-President: Laura Grossman, lgmsw@comcast.net, 342-1886     Cocktail party on December 7, 1941; actually it was coffee and
& Jan Secunda, BigJ3852@aol.com,299-4660                      cream plus cake, cookies and tea sandwiches. I remember we
Treasurer: Stacy Neill, 857-9117
Membership VP: Debbie Seely, 292-4286                         were in the kitchen of the All States Club preparing the refresh-
Program VP: open                                              ments when one of our members came running in shouting, “Pearl
Education VP: Evie Zlotkin, 296-4938                          Harbor has been attacked, we are at war!” Needless to say, that put
Fund Raising VP: Marti Johns, 858-1430                        a damper on our party.
Recording Secretary: Janet Ehrlich, 828-1175                      Most of our members were University students, and when a
Corresponding Secretary: Evie Zlotkin, 296-4938
Young Women/Young Leaders: Marti Johns, 858-1430              coed campus Zionist group was started several years later, the
                                                              Junior Hadassah group ended.

         R 200
  VE                        O R                                                       HADA H QUOTAS
                                                                                        DASSAH O
    Dan Lepow is currently the Regional director for the Jewish                         This year we will not have a line item
Agency for Israel, working with the Jewish communities in the                       quota. We now have two quotas. One is
western United States to provide an increased awareness of the                      a total for Hadassah projects and the
social, economic and educational needs of Jewish people in                          other is for the new Sarah Wetsman
Israel and around the world. Because of his daily contact with                      Davidson inpatient tower at Hadassah
the people in Israel his information is timely and relevant.                        Medical Center in Jerusalem. Our quota
    Originally a Philadelphian, he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru after  for the tower is $17,000 and for the other
graduation from Penn State University followed by a position with Philadelphia      Hadassah projects, including HMO, our
National Bank as their Officer for Corporate Social responsibility and charitable   quota is $70,000.
contributions. Always active in Jewish community from his youth in the Habonim          Hadassah honored chapters and re-
Movement, he shifted careers into Jewish fund raising working in executive and      gions nationwide with membership and
campaign positions with the Jewish federations in Miami, Florida; Vineland, New     fundraising awards, July 2007.
                                                                                        438 of its nationwide chapters and
Jersey; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Tidewater (Virginia Beach), Virginia.
                                                                                    regions nationwide that met or exceeded
    He is married to Susan Lepow, a Jewish educator. They have three sons. You
                                                                                    their yearly membership and fundraising
can find him in the Federation Office at the JCC.
                                                                                    objectives were recognized. The awards
    Sandy Hansen, Co-President of our chapter, will report on the 2007 National     were presented at the recent National
Convention in New York City. She will tell us how she managed this carrying only    Convention in New York.
a knapsack.                                                                             Recipients were honored for reach-
    Have you seen “Deal or no Deal” with Howie Mandel on TV? As Howie               ing either 100 percent or 110 percent of
Mandelbaum, he is also the host of Hadassah’s Treasurer’s Report “Spiel or no       their objectives with 136 chapters or
Spiel.”                                                                             regions meeting 100 percent of their
    You don’t want to miss a minute of our informative and exciting opening         membership goal and 31 exceeding their
program. Make your reservations by September 12, 2007. Please call Doris            goal by an additional 10 percent. Of the
Taylor at 867-5043 to charge your reservation by Visa or MasterCard or send         402 fundraising awards distributed, 86
your check, payable to Hadassah, to 7089 Albany Hills Court, Rio Rancho, NM         were given to chapters and regions that
87144.                                                                              met 100 percent of their individual quo-
                                                                                    tas, while almost four times that number
                                                                                    – 316 chapters and regions – received a
    E     M O                            E R F H                                    Medallion of Merit for oversubscribing
                                                                                    their HMO quota by 20 percent and their
    We want to welcome our new Keeper of the Gate, Jana Druxman. Keepers of other quotas by 10 percent.
the Gate celebrated its 10th anniversary at a reception at the New York convention.     Special recognition was given to
Each Keeper was individually recognized and thanked. Many Keepers present those chapters and regions that met both
have participated in this annual gift program for 10 years.                         their bottom-line fundraising quota and
    The monthly automatic credit card plan continues to be the easiest way to pay total membership goal. 131 Special
a Keepers gift. A nominal amount is charged to your credit card each month which Achievement Awards were presented
allows you to complete a Keeper’s commitment by the end of the fiscal year (May this year – a remarkable jump from last
31st). To become a Keeper call Marti Johns at 858-1430 or Fran Luftschein at 856- year, when only six chapters and re-
1526.                                                                               gions nationwide were granted this
                                                                                        Our representative at the national

L    ailah           U     pdate
                                                                                    convention, Sandy Hansen, was given
                                                                                    ribbons to wear throughout the conven-
                                                                                    tion so all could know that Albuquerque
     The Lailah group will be having their first Rosh Chodesh meeting               Hadassah was recognized. A special
 September 20, 2007, with Tanya Miller presenting information and spiritual         thanks goes to all of you who donated
 guidance. Check your e-mail for more details as the time approaches or email       this past year and made it possible.
 Jan Secunda at bigj3852@aol.com for more information.

        F   DASSAH      ND E     RLD                                                  SHOP FOR A CAUSE:
    Hadassah International was born in 1983. Bernice Tannenbaum, a past               SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13TH
president of Hadassah, conceived the idea of going beyond the borders of the
United States to cultivate support for the Hadassah Medical Organization. With             What is “Shop For A Cause?” This one-day
unanimous backing of the parent organization, the Hadassah International              shopping event is one of the many ways Macy’s
Medical Relief Association (HIMRA) was born. Our mission was: to provide              gives back to our community through support
support for the Hadassah Medical Organization in Israel, so that it remains an        of local non-profit organizations!
academic center of excellence for healing, teaching, and research; to enhance the          We will sell $5 shopping passes to Macy’s
image of Israel though the works of the HMO worldwide; to serve as a bridge to        that entitle the bearer to special savings on
nations through medicine.                                                             select merchandise throughout the store in
    To quote Bernice Tannenbaum: “The future lies before us. Medicine knows
                                                                                      addition to regular and sale merchandise spe-
no boundaries, neither should Hadassah International.” That quote says it all.
                                                                                      cials. 100% of the ticket sales go to Hadassah.
Hadassah International creates connections and builds bridges. We, the members
of Hadassah chapters all over this country, share this vision and will continue to    Macy’s does not keep a percentage. There will
work and move forward.                                                                be more information in the next bulletin.
    In July, 31 Sudanese refugees (17 children and 14 adults) found safety in              Passes must be purchased before October
Israel; shortly thereafter, a new baby was born in Israel. Mazel Tov!!                13. Call Fran Luftschein at 856-1526, or you
    Faruk Rashid, a 58 year old Pakistani citizen, who runs a large international     can e-mail her at franjoe2@earthlink.net. You
business in Uzbekistan, was admitted to Hadassah Medical Center and received          can also send an e-mail to Sandy Hansen at
relief from a heart problem.                                                          ralphles43@aol.com for more information.
    Multidisciplinary teams of Hadassah physicians have successfully removed               The all day limited exclusion savings pass
and frozen the eggs of young girls about to undergo chemotherapy giving them          includes:
hope for preserving their fertility.                                                       20% off regular, sale and clearance
    These are just a few examples of the help that citizens of the world have         women’s, men’s and children’s apparel and
received through the efforts of Hadassah. It is always gratifying to see the good     accessories, fine, bridge and fashion jewelry,
things that can happen when good people get together and work to make the world       bed and bath items, housewares, picture
better.                                                                               frames, luggage, china, crystal and silver, all
                                                                                      kitchen items, personal care items, electronics
      E TIO
        TIO    NS ERE                                                                 and technology items. 10% off regular, sale
                                                                                      and clearance furniture, mattresses and rugs.
   (New York, NY – February 9, 2007) This week, the discussion about the
                                                                                           *EXCLUDES: Cosmetics and fragrances, fine
vaccine against cervical cancer (Human Papillomavirus [HPV]) made its way
                                                                                      and fashion watches, bridge sportswear, Coach,
onto the front page and into prime time television. To help readers understand
                                                                                      kate spade and Dooney & Bourke handbags,
the importance and value of the vaccine for all girls and women, aged 9-26,
                                                                                      designer and bridge shoes and handbags for
Hadassah’s Department of Women’s Health and Advocacy has compiled the
most common FAQs:                                                                     her, Louis Vuitton, Martha Stewart Furniture,
   Q: What is the HPV vaccine?                                                        Ralph Lauren Furniture, Bridal Kiosks, All-Clad,
   A: It is a vaccine that protects against the 4 types of HPV that are responsible   all Waterford, Baccarat and Lalique. ALSO EX-
for approximately 70% of all cervical cancers and 90% of genital warts. The           CLUDES HIS/HERS: Oval Room, 28 Shop, St.
HPV vaccine is not a substitute for routine cervical cancer screening; it will not    John, Lacoste, Impulse, Polo/Ralph Lauren,
treat or cure HPV.                                                                    Lauren and Tommy Bahama. Not valid on Ev-
   In addition to the vaccine, your health professional has a new tool available      eryday Values, specials (including Morning Spe-
to help diagnose HPV infection in combination with the Pap test. The Pap test         cials), Super Buys (including fine jewelry Super
screens for abnormal cells in the cervix that may turn into cancer over time and      Buys), Macy’s Gift Cards, special orders, previ-
doctors recommend that women have their first Pap by age 21 or within 3 years         ous purchases, restaurants, wine, or
after first intercourse.                                                              nonmerchandise-related services; on purchases
   The HPV test is used to show the presence or absence of genetic DNA                from leased departments; or as payment on
material from HPV. An HPV test is recommended for screening women 30 and              credit accounts. Discount will be deducted from
over at the same time as they get their Pap test. Women under age 30 will get an      the current price (regular, sale or clearance, as
                                               see “Questions” continued on page 8

        da ss h Calendar      e Once A ain!
It’’s Hadassah C l en a r Tiime Once Again!
We invite you to participate in our major fundraiser for Hadassah Medical Organization in 2007-2008.
We hope that all members will make an effort to get at least one commercial advertiser for our calendar.
Wih your help, we can reach our goal of approximately $25,000 for this year.

                                  a     r r ic s for Display
                                 Calendar Prices f Di pl Ads s
     FRONT COVER INSIDE - $250             WHOLE PAGE - $225               BACK COVER INSIDE/OUTSIDE - $250

     1/2 PAGE - $125               1/4 PAGE - $75              1/8 PAGE - $50              1/16 PAGE - $ 40

                                          O ther Calendar Prices
                                          Other Ca lend a    ce
                                                           r ce
     MEMORIAL BOX - $25         GREAT GRAN’S RICHES - $5          MOTHER’S JEWELS - $5            GRANDPETS - $5

     HMMM ...

                              Don or redits      h Calendar
                              Donor Credits for the C l en ar
   CREDITS ???

  THE DEADLINE FOR ALL ADS AND LISTINGS IS OCTOBER 15, 2007. If you are unable to renew your old
  ads, please let Fran know immediately so that we can reassign them. We don’t want to lose them.

  1. 1/2 CREDIT IS GIVEN FOR DISPLAY ADS. If you bring in $300 in new ads, you will receive $150 credit
  which makes you a donor without adding any cash of your own. Old listings will receive 1/2 credit
  towards your donor, up to $100, but you must add an additional $50 to become a $150 donor.


  TREASURES, MOTHER’S JEWELS, FUR CHILDREN OR GRANDPETS. We have discontinued birthdays and

  We accept anonymous contributions. All donations are tax deductible. Try to get the check when you
  pick up an ad. Checks must accompany listings for memorial lines and memorial boxes, Great Gran’s,
  Grandma’s and Mother’s listings, Friends of Hadassah, Fur Children and Grandpets. This will help us
  cut down on the cost of billing two and three items. Please make all checks payable to HADASSAH.
    •   •     •    •    •    •    •     •    •   •     •    •    •    •    •    •    •   •      •     •
 **IMPORTANT** Be sure you have an accurate address for your advertiser. Sometimes this will differ from
 the address on the advertisement. We also need the phone number of a responsible contact should any
 questions arise regarding the effective reproduction of photographs or artwork. DIGITAL ART MUST BE
 NEW ADS are to be cleared with FRAN LUFTSCHEIN at 856-1526 to avoid duplication. Members who wish to
 be NEW SOLICITORS, must contact FRAN at 856-1526.

           Fr ds          assa        emoria Line
           F r d s of Hadassah,, Memorial Lines,
                       Ha a ssa      em oria Lin e
           Memorial Box
           Mem r              Gran ma       easure
           M emor l Boxes, Grandma’s Treasures,
                              Gra n m a     ea sure
             r t Gra n R he s, M oth e Jewels,
           Great Gran’s Riches, Mother’s J e e s,
                  Gran      hes, Mother’s Je els,
                 Fur h d n
                 F Children & Grandpetsnd
For more names, please add your own sheet of paper.
Friends of Hadassah: minimum $36 for each listing
Name_____________________________________ Name__________________________________________
Name_____________________________________ Name__________________________________________

In Loving Memory: line - $5 each line; box - $25 (up to 7 lines)
Name_____________________________________ Name__________________________________________
Name_____________________________________ Name__________________________________________

Great Gran’s Riches: $5 each child, Great Gran’s name free
Name_____________________________________ Name__________________________________________
Name_____________________________________ Name__________________________________________
Name_____________________________________ Name__________________________________________

Grandma’s Treasures: $5 each child, Grandma’s name free
Name_____________________________________ Name__________________________________________
Name_____________________________________ Name__________________________________________
Name_____________________________________ Name__________________________________________

Mother’s Jewels: $5 each child, Mother’s name free
Name_____________________________________ Name__________________________________________
Name_____________________________________ Name__________________________________________

Fur Children: $5 each child, Mother’s name free
Name_____________________________________ Name__________________________________________
Name_____________________________________ Name__________________________________________

Grandpets: $5 each child, Grandparent’s name free
Name_____________________________________ Name__________________________________________
Name_____________________________________ Name__________________________________________

      Please send both personal listings and business ads with checks payable to Hadassah to:
                                          Fran Luftschein
                                     2009 Quail Run Drive, N.E.
                                      Albuquerque, NM, 87122
            • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

          R       AI      O E NC          S I NT S                                    QUESTIONS
   June Walker was nominated the next chair of the Conference of Presidents of        Continued from page 4
Major American Jewish Organizations. The election took place on June 4. At that       HPV test if their Pap test results are
time, Walker became only the second woman to head the Conference; Shoshana            inconclusive.
Cardin served as chair from 1990-1992.                                                    Q: Who should get the vaccine?
   Since 2003, Walker served as Hadassah’s 23rd National President. Her fourth            A: The vaccine was approved by
and final one-year term concluded in July when a new National President was           the Food and Drug Administration
elected at Hadassah’s annual national convention in New York City this past           (FDA) in 2006 and made available for
July.                                                                                 use in girls and women between the
   Outgoing Conference of Presidents’ Chairman Harold Tanner applauded the            ages of 9 and 26. The vaccine may also
committee’s recommendation: “I am delighted with the decision of the Nominat-         help protect people who have one type
ing Committee to select June Walker. She has been a longtime leader and is            of HPV from becoming infected with
highly conversant in the issues facing the Conference of Presidents. She has been     another type.
an outstanding leader with one of the largest and most important organizations.           Q: Why is it important for girls and
She is well known in the US, Israel, and Jewish communities abroad.”                  young women to be immunized?
                                                                                          A: To safeguard their health by pro-
                                                                                      tecting them against 70% of all cervi-
 ANCY     H     E          NA        ENT                                              cal cancers caused by high risk types of
                                                                                      HPV and 90% of genital warts.
    July 2007- Nancy Falchuk of Newton Center, MA, was elected National                   Q: Is it likewise important for Jew-
President of Hadassah at the annual National Convention held in New York City.
                                                                                      ish girls and young women to be immu-
    In accepting the position, Nancy said, “Each one of us has a fire in our hearts
for something wonderful. The fire in my heart is for Hadassah….I proudly accept
                                                                                          A: Yes. Jewish girls and young
the role as the 24th National President of Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organi-
                                                                                      women are included in the population
zation of America, fully aware that our organization is as relevant today as it was
                                                                                      for which the FDA has recommended
almost a century ago.
                                                                                      the HPV vaccine. The old wives’ tale
    For 95 years, Hadassah women have overcome the obstacles of war, terror, and
                                                                                      that Jewish women do not get cervical
disease to save lives, heal bodies, and educate minds. From the first two American
                                                                                      cancer is false. HPV is very common
Jewish nurses we sent to Palestine, Hadassah’s primary goal has never wavered.
                                                                                      and does not distinguish among race,
It remains what it has always been – to support the land, the people, and the well-
                                                                                      religion, ethnicity or culture.
being of Israel.”
                                                                                          Q: How can Hadassah help?
    A nurse by training, she is the co-founder of the Hadassah National Center for
                                                                                          A. Hadassah recognizes the HPV
Nurses’ Council, the first and still only national professional organization for
                                                                                      vaccine as a breakthrough in the pre-
Jewish Nurses. She combines her passion for nursing with a deeply held belief that
                                                                                      vention of cervical cancer and that 2006
medicine is a bridge to peace in all parts of the world. It was with this guiding
                                                                                      marks the first time the FDA approved
principle that she devoted more than 17 years of work to Hadassah International,
                                                                                      a vaccine that prevents cancer.
the international arm of Hadassah with a presence in more than 26 countries.
                                                                                      Hadassah recommends that you have a
    Her goals for her presidency include returning to the organization’s roots of
                                                                                      frank and open discussion with a health
providing Zionist and Jewish education to the membership through today’s
                                                                                      professional to make certain it is right
technology, reinforcing the link between domestic issues and the organization’s
                                                                                      for you or your loved one.
Zionist heritage, fully engaging the membership in the upcoming 2008 electoral
                                                                                          For more information visit:
process through voter forums and other means of education, attracting young
Jewish women to the organization, and sensitizing “an indifferent world to issues     www.cdc.gov,            www.fda.gov;
of Jewish survival and security.”                                                     www.womenshealth.gov                 and
    “Going forward, my vision for Hadassah is to continue on the path of becoming
                                                                                      www.niaid.nih.gov, or call Hadassah’s
an international powerhouse,” she said.                                               Department of Women’s Health and
    Nancy is married to Dr. Kenneth H. Falchuk from Venezuela, a professor of         Advocacy at (212) 303-8094.
Medicine at Harvard Medical School. They have three children and five grandchil-

    SS     M    HP     O                                                         CURRICULUM WATCH:
                                                                                          M    C
    We are pleased to announce that we will be continuing the current member-    WHERE WE STAND TODAY
get-a-member initiative, Hadassah Values Members. This successful initiative
will be extended through the next fiscal year ending May 31, 2008. Members who       Fifteen years ago, when Hadassah
refer a new Member/Associate to Hadassah (referring member’s name and ID#        implemented Curriculum Watch, we
or address must be included with each new member’s name, contact information     started out simply trying to see how
and dues submitted) will receive one of 18 enamel lapel pins embossed with a     Judaism as a world religion was por-
Hadassah value. Members are encouraged to keep referring new members in          trayed in textbooks, looking for bias,
order to collect the whole set!                                                  slant, misinformation, and/or prejudice.
    If every member refers one new member, Hadassah will be 600,000 strong.      When we began, we were concerned
Welcome New Members:                    New Life Member:                         with the hyphen in the expression
                                                                                 “Judeo-Christian tradition” of this
Andrea Newman (Lailah)                  Susan Shadoff                            country.
5723 Guadalupe Trail NW, 87107          1608 Narcisa Ct NW, 87107                    Today, we have a professor from
975-0271                                344-9237                                 Georgetown University who says that
                                        Upgrade to Life:                         education must teach the Judeo-Chris-
Shri Prabhupada-Markham
PO Box 738                              Stacey Neill                             tian-Islamic tradition.
Tome NM 87060                                                                        We have Eurocentrism replaced by
(505) 861-0119                          Transfer:                                Afrocentrism resulting in the elimina-
                                                                                 tion of the contributions of European
Dr. Margaret Warner                     Laurian Pokroy Dixon (Lailah)
                                                                                 Jews to American history. We have
5850 Eubank Blvd NE B49-215, 87111      5709 Bosque Vista Dr. NE 87111
                                                                                 found a textbook published by Prentice-
                                                                                 Hall on African-American history,
                                                                                 adopted by every ninth grade school in
                                                                                 the city of Philadelphia, which elimi-
               In Memory of our Hadassah Sisters:                                nates any contribution of the American
                                                                                 Jewish community to the civil rights
            A rl
            Arline Ryterr                   Frankie Ge l
                                            Fran ie Gellert
                                                                                 movement. Another textbook, pub-
             di h      m
            Edith Friedman                    e l a Malach
                                             Bellina M ac                        lished by Glencoe, is Judenrein – free
                                                                                 of every contribution by American Jews
Change of Address:                                                               to American history.
Jan Bray                                Jeanne Weinstein                             We have come a long way from
7041 Prairie Court NE, 87109            3920 Juan Tabo NE, 87111                 worrying about the hyphen in Judeo-
                                                                                 Christian tradition. Now we are con-
Victoria Isaacson                       Hilda Feigelson
1000 Riverview Dr SE #108               22219 W. 63rd Ave                        cerned about our place in American
Rio Rancho, 87124                       Boca Raton FL 33428                      history and our existential identity as a
                                                                                 people. If we are missing from the
Marge Danies                            Elaine Beckett                           textbooks and we are missing from the
10500 Academy Road NE, #814, 87111      1901 S. Sunset Avenue, apt. 810
                                        Roswell NM 88203                         classrooms because our numbers have
Sylvia Goffe                                                                     diminished, our youngsters will have
6204 Tierra Antigua NE, apt. G, 87111   Rochelle Schwalb                         no sense of Jewish identity. The big-
345-3100                                new phone: 404-1222                      gest problem for self-identification as
Carolyn Sedalnick                       Suzanne Rich                             a Jew is to sit in a classroom, year after
1412-B Vassar NE, 87106                 8050 E. Broadway Blvd                    year, where everything that we have
                                        Tuscon AZ                                done and have experienced as a Jewish
                                                                                 people is missing.

CERTIFICATES:                                            Jean Jaffee, in loving memory of Jay Jaffee, beloved      Mary Ann Fisher, get well wishes
To...                                                    husband, father & grandfather                             - Jan Bray
Ruth Held, in memory of Irving Held, your beloved        - Pauline & Bud Moranz                                    Marge Danies, get well wishes
husband                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kubie, in memory of Edith Kubie            - Jan Bray
- Doris & Donald Taylor                                  - Connie & Jerry Slavin                                   Connie Howard, get well wishes
The family of Ted Singer, in memory of Ted Singer,       Ruth Carl, in memory of Edna Carl, beloved mother &       - Jan Bray
your beloved husband & father                            grandmother                                               Mimi Efroymson, in honor of your birthday
- Henri & Lee Courtnage                                  - Marion Blumberg                                         - Shirley & Leon Hurwitz
Jim & Elizabeth, in memory of your beloved mother,       Dolores Rubio, in memory of Reuben Rubio, beloved         Leo Bisconte, wishes for a speedy recovery
Edith Kubie                                              husband, father & grandfather                             - Shirley & Leon Hurwitz
- Muriel Hartz                                           - Sylvia & Jerry Sherman                                  Rita Duley, thinking of you and hope you are feeling
Paul Rockett & Joanne Brown, congratulation and          Bernard Eisberg, in memory of Madeline                    better
best wishes for the happy occasion. With love.           - Steve Schiff, Post 375, Jewish War Veterans of U.S.A.   - Esther Brown
- Janet & Ben Barsky                                     Max Schneider, in memory of Marcella                      - Connie & Jerry Slavin
Clara Tritt, happy birthday for the biggie               - Steve Schiff, Post 375, Jewish War Veterans of U.S.A.   - Janice Gordon
- Ida & Dick Humphrey                                    The Katz family, in memory of Herbert                     Doris Taylor, thinking of you and hope you are feel-
Ed Starsky & family, in memory of Karin Starsky,         - Steve Schiff, Post 375, Jewish War Veterans of U.S.A.   ing better
beloved wife & mother                                    Hy Rosenfeld & family, in memory of Irene Rosenfeld       - Connie & Jerry Slavin
- Doris & Donald Taylor                                  - Rosemary & Stuart Fessinger                             Richard & Shari Friedman, congratulations on the
Selma Van West, in memory of your sister                 Daniel Gross, Stephanie Andrew & Seth Andrew, in          occasion of your son Philip’s wedding
- Doris Taylor                                           memory of Susannah Gross                                  - Loretta & Mike Saslawsky
Werner Gellert & family, in memory of Frankie Gellert,   - Marion Blumberg                                         Marilyn & Dick Reinman, in memory of Ira Ravel
beloved wife, mother & grandmother                       Lisa Medford, in loving memory of your beloved            - Connie & Jerry Slavin
- Caitlin Hecsh & Joe Scott                              mother, Mollie Saltman                                    Dr. & Mrs. Robert Katz, condolences on the loss of
Judy Boles, in honor of your conversion, we wish you     - Judy & Alan Greenfeld                                   your son Mark
the very best for the future                             Asher & Dr. Leatrice Ravinsky, in your honor with my      - Loretta & Mike Saslawsky
- Ilana & Steven Locke                                   very best wishes                                          Mr. & Mrs. Richard Reinman, condolences on the
Linda Hayon, congratulations on the birth of your        - Esther Brown                                            loss of your sister Elaine
granddaughter                                            Paulina B. & Judge Ira Robinson, in loving memory         - Loretta & Mike Saslawsky
-Fran, Sandy, Greg, Marji & Marcia                       of Paulina’s mother                                       Warner Gellert, in memory of your wife, Frances
                                                         - Dr. Keith & Betty Harvie                                - Judith Kaplan
TREES:                                                   Mary Ellen Milzer Shapiro, in loving memory of my         Janet Barsky, wishing you a quick & speedy recovery
To...                                                    friend Carol Milzer                                       - Janice Gordon
Ruth Held, in memory of Irving Held, your beloved        - Betty Harvie
husband, with our deepest sympathy                       Charlotte Carmel, in memory of Irving Carmel
- Steve Schiff Post #375,                                - Evelyn & Joe Sadt                                       All contributions to the “Hadassah
Jewish War Veterans U.S.A.                                                                                         Bulletin” must be submitted to the Editor,
Mr. & Mrs. Al Feigelson, our best wishes in honor of     TRIBUTES:                                                 Sandy Hansen, by the 3rd of the month
                                                                                                                   prior to the publication month. Please
your new home and your future                            To...                                                     remember to include your home address
- Rita & Ralph Haas                                      Ruth Held, in memory of your husband, Irving Held         and e-mail address with your submissions.
The Smelkinson family, in memory of Jeanette, be-        - Hyman Eisenberg
loved wife, mother, grandmother and great-grand-         - Jan Bray                                                 Contributions to Hadassah, a tax-exempt organization under
                                                                                                                   section 501 (c) (3) of Internal Revenue Code, are deductible for
mother                                                   - Shirley & Leon Hurwitz                                  computing income and estate taxes. A copy of Hadassah’s
- Bernice & Harold Isaacs                                - Janice Gordon                                           latest Financial Report is avail-
Ajay, Meka & Calista Hayley Shroff, in honor of the      - Connie & Jerry Slavin                                   able by writing to the Hadassah
baby naming of Zivia Hinda bat Micheala & Ajay           - Judith Kaplan                                           Finance Dept. 50 W.58th Street,
- Uncle Eric & Aunt Renie                                Rita Getty, get well wishes                               New York, NY, l0019.
Sol Gordon, in honor of your 75th birthday               - Janice Gordon                                           REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY
- your shvester Ester & family                           - Jan Bray                                                ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL OR
Mimi Efroymson, in honor of your birthday                Barbara Schlactus, get well wishes                        RECOMMENDATION BY ANY
- Pam Ashley                                             - Janice Gordon                                           STATE/COUNTY.
Bebe Jaffee, in honor of your 80th birthday. Life with   - Jan & Olin Bray                                         “Hadassah Bulletin”
Bernie & Bebe was a gift to me                                                                                     Layout & Design by Caitlin Hecsh
                                                                                                                        - Outside the Box Productions
- Judy Kaplan

                  O   I US S O N  O P                                                          SUNDAY
                                                                                               SU A
                    The Hadassah Book Discussion Group meets on the second
                 Tuesday of the month, 1 - 3:00 pm at Congregation Albert.
                 Light refreshments will be served. There is a $2.00 charge at
                                                                                         DISCUSSION GROUP
                                                                                          I CU O       U
                 each meeting to cover the cost of the room.
                    Tuesday, September 11 - There will be a meeting to discuss
                 this year’s agenda. Please come with the name and title of a
                 book that you would like to have discussed. The book should
be available at the public library and in paperback. There will not be a book
discussed at this meeting. As of this bulletin, I am not connected to e-mail.
   Barbara Waserman                                                              P A K R:
                                                                               SPEAKER: Noel Pugach
   Co-Chair, Book Discussion Group
   275-9937                                                                      O IC:
                                                                               TOPIC: Pioneer Jews of New
                                                                               Mexico from the Perspective of
                                                                               the NM Jewish Historical Society
     FLE                                                                       DATE: September 9, 2007
   Congratulations to the following ladies who won Raffle prizes at our intstallation TIME: 9:45 am
                                                                                       IM :
program in May: Fran Luftschein, Marsha Blank, Ilana Locke, Pauline Moranz
and Marji Adolphe.                                                                        C
                                                                                      PLACE: Home of Mariana Ahrens,
   We raised a little over $300 which went to Hadassah’s Youth Aliyah program.                6817 Glendora NE
   We’d like to conduct the Raffle again this year. Stay tuned for more details!
                                                                                      COST:: $3.00
                                                                                              If you wish to attend and are NOT
                                                                                         on the regular calling list, please con-
  E A          NS     Q E S                                                              tact Gerry Kipper no later than the
     Another special bequest has been received from the estate of Edith Kubie.           Thursday before the event. If you have
          A bequest has been received from the estate of Rosalyn Gethner.                accepted and find that you cannot at-
                                                                                         tend, please call Gerry Kipper and let
             To learn more about making a bequest to Hadassah                            her know. These requests are a cour-
                       call Fran Luftschein, 856-1526.
                                                                                         tesy for the hostess in planning for food
 A donation has been made in loving memory of Michael Chapman by Cyndi Heller.           and seating. Please DO NOT ARRIVE
           A special donation has been made in memory of Irving Held                     before 9:30 as the hostess needs time
                            by Helen & Norman Sider.                                     to prepare.
                                                                                              Thank you for your understanding
              A donation has been made in honor of Lydia Horowitz,
              Lillian Taylor & Ilse Blaugrund by Estelle Rosenblum.                      and cooperation. We hope to see you at
                                                                                         the meeting to hear this interesting
               D OMESTIC A BUSE MAY BE :                                                    The Sunday Discussion
   EMOTIONAL , VERBAL , PHYSICAL , SEXUAL OR                       ECONOMIC                 Group Committee
                    For confidential help & information,
                   call 1-800-773-3645, a 24 hour hotline                                DONOR STATUS
                      Women’s Community Association
                                                                                            Call Marji Adolphe, 344-2730, to
                         It’s time to break the silence!                                 check on your donor status. Donor
                                                                                         credit is given on certificates, some
                                                      A program of Women’s Division      calendar donations and cash or check.
                                                              of the Jewish Federation   No donor credit is given on trees or
                                                              & Jewish Family Service

ALBUQUERQUE CHAPTER OF                                                      NON-PROFIT ORGN.
                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE PAID
HADASSAH                                                                     ALBUQUERQUE NM
                                                                              PERMIT NO. 1457
Women’s Zionist Organization of America

4324 Magnolia Drive NE
ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87111                                            TIME SENSITIVE MATERIAL



SEPTEMBER                                      A LOOK AHEAD...
      3      Labor Day                           October 15      Calendar Ad Deadline
      4      Board Meeting                       October 16      Monthly Meeting
      9      Sunday Discussion Group           2008
      11     Book Discussion Group               January 27      Education Day
      12     Erev Rosh Hashannah               February 9 - 11   Regional Mid-winter mtg.
                                                 April 10        Women’s Seder
  13- 14     Rosh Hashannah
      18     Monthly Meeting, JCC
      20     Lailah Meeting
                                                 It’s Calendar Time Again!
      21     Erev Yom Kippur
      22     Yiskor Yom Kippur                   See pages 5, 6 and 7 for all
      26     Erev Sukkot                         the updated information.
                                                 The deadline for ads is October 15, 2007.
      27     Sukkot


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