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									                              GLENWOOD WRESTLING CLUB
On behalf of the coaching staff and wrestling board members, we would like to welcome all participants and
parents for another year of exciting youth wrestling. We are excited to be moved to our new location at 501
Tyson St. that features an area for parents to visit and enough space to hold both large groups of wrestlers at
the same time. Here is a brief outline of what you can expect from the program and what we expect from the
kids and parents. There will be a parents meeting the first night of practice. If one parent is able to
attend that would be great.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: All students from K through 8th grade are eligible to participate. Students younger than
1st grade are allowed to participate if a parent helps coach.

PRACTICES: First practice is Monday, December 1, 2008.
Preschool and Kindergarten first year wrestlers:
       One night per week, Friday at 6-6:45 PM
1st thru 2nd graders:
       Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 6-7 PM
3rd thru 8th graders:
       Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 6-7:15 PM
*If there is no school due to weather, there is no practice for that night.

Although practices are not mandatory, they are critical in your child’s development as a wrestler. For some
children, school and 3 nights of wrestling practices a week is too much. Please do what’s best for your child.
If your child is ill or not feeling well, please keep them at home. Coaches have the authority to decide to pull
a wrestler out of practice that does not appear to be feeling well.

Practice gear should be clean t-shirts, shorts, or sweat pants. Shoes can either be wrestling shoes or tennis
shoes that are not worn on the street. Headgear is optional. Mats are disinfected before every practice to
prevent the spread of any type of skin condition. We ask that all wrestlers take a bath or shower after every

CONDUCT: We will not allow horseplay. Anyone that is continually being disciplined for any reason at
practice or tournaments may be suspended from the club. This included poor sportsmanship. We ask that all
younger siblings stay off of the mats during practice. We also ask that anyone who stays to watch practice
stay in the new entry area behind the windows.

COACHING: We are always looking for dedicated coaches. Even if you do not have wrestling experience,
you could help provide guidance so each youngster could receive more individual encouragement. If you are
interested in helping in any way, please talk to John Nebel (527-5267) At tournaments, we ask that parents
stay in the stands a let the coaches coach.

UNIFORMS: The wrestling club will provide uniforms to all that register. Uniforms are only to be worn at
meets and tournaments. You will be responsible for returning the uniform in good condition at the end of the
season or you will be charged $25 for it. In order for us to provide uniforms free of charge, we must receive
all uniforms back at the end of the season. If uniforms are not returned, we will be forced to have everyone
purchase their own as in the past. Uniform Care: It is best to turn them inside out when washing and using
warm or cold water, not hot. DO NOT put them in the dryer.

E-MAIL: E-mail has become the most effective way to communicate with club members to ensure that
everyone is kept informed of various events. If your e-mail address changes, please let us know. If you are
not getting emails from the Club, please fill out an address sheet at the Wrestling Building or email John Nebel
at and we will add you to the list.
SPORTSMANSHIP: This is mandatory for everyone involved with the program, the coaches, kids, and
parents. The coaches and parents need to set good examples.

WEBSITE: Tennille Anderson, our Media Director, maintains/designs the Club’s website. Visit the site
throughout the season at There will be information posted there about
upcoming tournaments and happenings in the club. When new information is given to her, she will put it up
for all to see. We will again showcase our wrestlers with a few of their favorites listed. Parents please show
your children this site so that they can be proud and see their hard work publicized.

TOURNAMENTS: Kids are encouraged to participate in tournaments. It is up to the kids and parents to
decide if and how many tournaments they attend. The coaches will post the tournaments that they will be
attending. You can choose to take your child to other tournaments that the coaches will not be a however,
that makes you the coach. After every tournament, please fill out the posted sheets at the wrestling building
in order to give recognition to all who participate and place in the tournament. We encourage the kids
themselves to fill out their tournament information. For those that cannot, please, parents fill this out for
them. This information is given to the Opinion Tribune for publishing and posted on the web site. With the
large number of participants, we need your help in making sure we acknowledge everyone.

The Glenwood tournament is Saturday, January 17, 2009. The meet is our biggest fundraiser. We will
need all of your help in order to continue making this a top notch event.

The AAU District and AAU State schedules are not yet posted. The date for the Pee Wee state wrestling
tournament is not published as yet either. We will have that information posted at the wrestling building as
soon as it becomes available. We have always had a good representation at these tournaments, and we
expect to have a number of wrestlers ready for these challenging tournaments. For more information, contact
any coach.

CLUB EVENTS: The wrestling club will also have various fun team outings during the year. Events include:
a camping trip, an alumni golf tournament in the spring, a fishing excursion, and of course summer wrestling
camps. Check the website for updated information and the board in the building.

PICTURES: To be announced. Check the website for updated information and the board in the wrestling

CLUB T-SHIRTS, SWEATSHIRTS AND HATS: Youth and adult sizes are available throughout the season
at bargain prices.

AWARDS: Every wrestler will be presented with an award at the end of the year at our annual banquet. The
club also presents Senior High School wrestlers with an award if they were a member of the club through 8th
grade. The Optimist Club also offers a scholarship every year to be awarded to one of these graduating

QUESTIONS: If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Any coach or board member
will do their best to help you. Even other wrestling parents may be able to direct you in the right direction.

Glenwood Wrestling has a long tradition of excellences and is well respected across the state of Iowa. We
have a great bunch of kids and parents that are very involved. It takes all of us volunteering together to keep
this program running. We are always looking for any assistance that you may be able to give; whether it is
helping keep the building clean, helping or attending fundraisers or helping out at the tournament. Let’s
continue the tradition that has been handed down to us.

Always remember “The expert at anything was once a beginner”

The Glenwood Wrestling Board

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