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					                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ARAB TIMES, THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2011
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Cubans free to trade homes:
Cubans can buy and sell homes and cars
for the first time in 50 years under
reforms approved at a landmark
Communist Party congress in Havana
seeking to secure the island’s socialist
   President Raul Castro also surprised
many by proposing that top political posi-
tions should be limited to two five-year
                     terms, but hopes of a
                     major shake-up were
                     dashed as the old guard
                     kept a vice-like grip on
                        There were emotion-
                     al scenes as revolution-
                     ary icon Fidel Castro,
                     in a rare public appear-
                     ance, attended
                     Tuesday’s finale of the
       Castro        four-day congress and
                     formally ceded the
party leadership to his younger brother.
   Delegates raised their arms aloft and
swayed, some in tears, as 84-year-old
Fidel, wearing a trademark tracksuit and
appearing wobbly and frail, joined them
in a rendition of the Cuban national
   The congress named political veteran
Jose Ramon Machado, 80, as second sec-
retary and introduced three new members
of the leadership, including Marino
Murillo, 50, who has led Raul Castro’s
reform program. (AFP)
             ❑         ❑        ❑
22 Zeta suspects held: Twenty-two
suspected Zetas drug gang members were
held in the latest arrests over the killings
of 145 people found in mass graves this
month in northeast Mexico, the justice
ministry said Tuesday.
   The arrests brought the total to 55
detained, including 16 police officers and
a suspected ringleader, for alleged
involvement with the mass graves found
in San Fernando, Tamaulipas state, near         Ngu Aumbo, a Nigerian septagenerian, cradles her stump with her left hand, outside her mud and brick home where she lives with her children and grandchildren, on April 19, in the village of Dyamburuk,
the US border. Marines detained the 22          about 10 kms east of Jos, which suffered from post-election violence. (Inset): Newly-elected Nigerian President Jonathan Goodluck (left) celebrates with his wife after receiving the certificate of return
latest suspects, including five women, in                                              from Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Chairman, Attahiru Jega (unseen), in Abuja, on Tuesday. (AFP)
an operation Friday. They were accused of
involvement in organized crime, murder,
kidnapping and violating firearms laws, a
statement said.
   A total of 145 bodies have now been
unearthed from mass graves in San
Fernando, which lies on a path regularly
used by migrants heading for the United
States. (AFP)
            ❑          ❑        ❑                                                                                                            Rush for aid after ‘unbelievable killing’ in riots
Gunmen killed in shoot-out:
Mexican police killed 10 suspected gun-
men after a high-speed chase and an
intense shoot-out that saw a car full of
armed men crash into a passenger bus,
authorities said.
                                                                                                    Hospitals struggle to treat wounds
   The state government in Veracruz said                                                               KADUNA, Nigeria, April 20,              almost immediately, with one mob             north. A dozen states across                    The morgue at the Bara Dikko
it had arrested another 10 people in                                                                (Agencies): Idris Ibrahim tried to         allegedly tearing a home apart to            Nigeria’s north have Islamic Shariah         hospital in the city of Kaduna was
Tuesday’s incident.
   The Mexican Navy said one of the gun-                                                            outrun the angry mob, but they near-       look for a Quran to prove the occu-          law in place, though the area                overflowing. It had 20 bodies in its
men’s vehicles, believed to have had                                                                ly severed his left hand with              pants were Muslims before setting            remains under the control of secular         cold chambers. The charred remains
grenades on board, “lost control and                                                                machetes before leaving him for            the building ablaze.                         state governments.                           of at least another 20 lay on the
crashed” into the bus before exploding.                                                             dead in a northern Nigerian town              In an interview with CNN,                    The defeated opposition candidate         floor.
   Two charred corpses were found inside                                                            where postelection violence has            Jonathan said Wednesday that the             in Nigeria’s presidential polls                 Kaduna’s deputy police commis-
the car but that none of the bus passengers                                                         erupted this week.                         postelection violence “was not a             Wednesday rejected the results, but          sioner, Nwodibo Ekechukwu, said
were wounded, it said.                                                                                 A Christian hid Ibrahim, a              spontaneous reaction.”                       urged calm amid a rush to help some          hundreds of people had been arrest-
   The state government said the chase                                                                                                                                                      25,000 displaced by deadly post-             ed.
began with an anonymous tip-off that            The new Chief of Staff of the Burkina               Muslim, inside a car and brought              “I don’t want to accuse anybody
armed men were operating in the north of        army, Brigadier General Honore                      him to a hospital in Kaduna, where         but we believe that people must be           election riots.                                 Health workers collected black-
the Gulf port city of 800,000 people.           Traore, attends a tranfer of power                  overwhelmed staff had to use card-         behind this,” Jonathan said.                    One government official, explain-         ened corpses in the streets of
   Nearly 37,000 people have been killed        ceremony in Ouagadougou, on April                   board boxes Wednesday to make                 Muslim presidential candidate             ing authorities’ reluctance to release       Kaduna on Tuesday, one of them
in a wave of violence since Mexico                           19. (AFP)                              splints for the wounded.                   Muhammadu Buhari has called the              a death toll, said, “I wouldn’t like to      apparently “necklaced” with a flam-
launched a military crackdown on power-                                                                More than 200 people have been          violence “sad, unfortunate and total-        use the term massacre... some places         ing tyre. A mosque was still burning,
ful and increasingly brutal drug cartels in                                                         brought to St Gerard’s Hospital,           ly unwarranted.”                             it was terrible.”                            and the remains of tyres and barri-
2006. (AFP)                                                                                                                                                                                    There were reports of fresh clash-        cades littered the streets.
                                                                                                    including a preschool-aged girl               “I must emphasize that this is
             ❑        ❑       ❑                                                                     whose chin was bandaged.                   purely a political matter, and it            es in one area of the state of Kaduna           Ekechukwu said the security situ-
FARC rebels nab officers: Marxist                                                                   Authorities have been fearful of           should not in any way be turned into         overnight, with a community leader           ation was gradually improving and
FARC rebels kidnapped two Colombian                                                                 releasing casualty figures for fear of     an ethnic, religious or regional one,”       telling a local radio station that “the      that a 24-hour curfew was being
army officers who were unarmed and in                                                               inciting more violence, but at least       Buhari said late Tuesday.                    killing was unbelievable and the             reviewed on a daily basis. Soldiers
civilian clothes, the army said Tuesday.                                                                                                                                                    destruction is colossal.”                    manned checkpoints every few hun-
   “In the early morning hours of                                                                   67 deaths had been reported across            Mobs also engineered two prison
                                                                                                    the north, including 20 who died at        breaks, burned down the home of                 Those displaced were taking               dred metres in parts of the city.
(Monday), Jose Coba Teatin and Fernando
Builes Mazo were abducted by armed                                                                  this hospital.                             one powerful traditional ruler and           refuge in police and military bar-              The burned out shells of trucks
men who are members of FARC unit 36.                                                                   In the morgue lay the bodies of         attempted to destroy the home of             racks, with curfews and military             and cars lay along the 200 km (120
                                                     Gbagbo                  Ouattara                                                                                                       patrols appearing to have brought an         mile) stretch of road between Kano
The military staff were unarmed and not                                                             victims shot, burned and in one case       Nigeria’s vice president.
in uniform,” the statement said.                                                                    disemboweled in rioting that swept            The region remained tense and in          uneasy calm to many areas. Police            and Kaduna, a Reuters witness said.
   The incident took place on a road                                                                Kaduna in the aftermath of                 the northeastern state of Gombe,             were saying little about the violence.          Post-poll unrest in Nigeria has
between Toledo and Valle, in the north-
western department of Antioquia.
                                                       Africa                                       Saturday’s presidential vote.              local radio stations have suspended             A spokesman for the national              killed more than 200 people, a rights
                                                                                                       On Wednesday, about 200 sus-            programming to run recordings of             emergency management agency said             group said Wednesday, as the
   The army has sent troops to search for                                                                                                                                                   help was being hurriedly organised           Muslim opposition candidate who
the victims, it said.                           Heavy gunfire erupts: Heavy gunfire                 pected rioters appeared in court in        religious and community leaders
   The Revolutionary Armed Forces of                                                                Kaduna to hear the charges against         calling on young people to be peace-         for the displaced after the Red Cross        lost alleged rigging but said he did
                                                erupted in a district of Abidjan
Colombia (FARC) is Latin America’s              Wednesday as Ivory Coast’s new govern-              them. A local magistrate accused the       ful.                                         warned that slow arrival of aid was          not instigate the riots.
largest and longest-fighting insurgency         ment forces tried to dislodge militia loyal         men of committing armed robbery,                                                        causing anger to build.                         Aid workers rushed to help nearly
with 46 years at arms. (AFP)                                                                                                                                     Fair                          The Red Cross has so far counted          40,000 displaced, many of whom
                                                to deposed president Laurent Gbagbo,                rioting, rape and murder during the
             ❑         ❑      ❑                 residents said.                                     violence that gripped the northern            Nigeria has a long history of vio-        some 375 people wounded in the               had taken refuge in military and
                                                   Die-hard pro-Gbagbo militia are still            state. He remanded them to prison          lent and rigged polls since it aban-         violence that began sporadically in          police barracks, while victims being
Peru elects indigenous lawmaker:                operating in sectors of Abidjan’s north-                                                       doned military rule and embraced
Peru has elected the first congressman of                                                           for two months’ time. None of the                                                       the country’s mainly Muslim north            treated in hospitals spoke of being
                                                western Yopougon district, where resi-                                                         democracy 12 years ago. However,             over the weekend before spreading            hacked with machetes and beaten
indigenous descent in its history, with         dents said insecurity is high and were              suspects had a lawyer in court.
Eduardo Nayap Kinin winning a seat in                                                                                                          observers largely said Saturday’s            to some 14 states on Monday.                 with clubs.
Congress for the northern Amazon region,
                                                forced to flee to safer neighbourhoods.                            Attacks                     presidential election appeared to be            Those perceived to be supporters             Authorities say many were killed
                                                   “Since 4:00 am we have been hearing
officials said.                                 heavy firing and loud explosions. We                  Muslim rioters burned homes,             fair, and the US State Department            of the ruling party have been                in the violence, which saw corpses
   According to final results from the          were forced to flee the neighbourhood               churches and police stations after         said it was a significant improve-           stabbed, hacked and shot to death by         burnt beyond recognition and bodies
National Office of Electoral Processes,         very early,” a Yopougon resident told               results showed Nigeria’s President         ment over the last poll in 2007.             angry youths since Jonathan, a               reportedly thrown into wells, but
55-year-old Nayap Kinin, with the Gana
Peru party, beat out rival Jose Maslucan
                                                AFP.                                                Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian, had           The nation of 150 million people          Christian southerner, defeated               have refused to give a toll, saying it
                                                   “An FRCI soldier told us that they had           beaten his closest Muslim opponent.        is divided between the Christian-            Buhari. Churches, mosques, homes             could spark reprisals and would be
with 100 percent of votes tallied —             come to dislodge pro-Gbagbo’s Liberian
17,556 to 16,051. “I am not only repre-                                                             Reprisal attacks by Christians began       dominated south and the Muslim               and shops have been set ablaze.              inaccurate.
                                                militia who are still hiding in Yopougon,”
sentative of the people of Wampis and           said another resident, using the acronym
Awajun, but I am a representative of the        for new President Alassane Ouattara’s
entire Amazon region,” he said, quoted by                                                       who married his ex-lover.                    the court that there was circumstantial evi-   spent days on the run before turning him-      ruling party took the witness stand
the website                              The sound of heavy fire reverberated            Richard Mdluli is charged with three      dence linking Mdluli to the crime, Sapa        self in last month, in a case that height-     Wednesday to defend himself against hate
   One of his major goals once he arrives       over the vast metropolis, where the new         co-accused, two senior police officers and   news agency said.                              ened worries about wrong-doing by South        speech charges over a song with the lyrics
in Congress, he said, is to investigate the     administration is trying to re-establish        a court orderly, of shooting dead Oupa          The victim was allegedly told to leave      Africa’s police. (AFP)                         “shoot the farmer”.
violent June 2009 clashes between author-                                                       Abel Ramogibe, who local media report        Mdluli’s former partner or be killed.                                                            The anti-apartheid struggle song has
ities and native groups protesting for
                                                security following heavy fighting earlier
                                                                                                                                             Ramogibe had opened a case of attempted                      ❑       ❑       ❑
                                                this month to oust Gbagbo. (AFP)                was in a love triangle with the police                                                                                                     been at the centre of a politically charged
indigenous rights, which saw 10 locals                                                          intelligence boss.                           murder before he was shot dead.                Youth leader defends song: The                 controversy in South Africa, where Julius
killed along with 24 policemen. (AFP)                         ❑       ❑       ❑                    Magistrate Emmanuel Magomba told             Ranked Lieutenant-General, Mdluli           firebrand youth leader of South Africa’s       Malema, the president of the ruling
             ❑        ❑        ❑                Gov’t to meet with soldiers:                                                                                                                                                               African National Congress (ANC) youth
                                                Burkina Faso’s army chief has taken com-
Sweep aims at drug traffickers:                                                                                                                                                                                                            league, is locked in a legal battle with a
Brazilian police swept through Rio de
                                                mand of the country’s restive armed                                                                                                            Uganda crackdown                            white lobby group that wants it banned as
                                                forces and said the government will meet                                                                                                                                                   hate speech.
Janeiro’s largest slum in a crackdown on        with soldiers to resolve issues behind a
drug-related crime Tuesday, arresting 11
people and seizing an estimated three
tonnes of marijuana, officials said.
                                                mutiny that has threatened the president’s
                                                24-year rule over this impoverished coun-
                                                                                                                                                                                              4 people killed                                 Malema told the court that the song —
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           whose Zulu chorus, “Dubula ibhulu”,
                                                try.                                                                                                                                                                                       means “shoot the boer”, or farmer — was
   With a helicopter hovering overhead,                                                                                                                                                       KAMPALA, April 20, (AFP): A                  not his personal anthem but part of ANC
                                                   The mutiny began recently in the capi-                                                                                                     crackdown by Ugandan security
200 members of the country’s Civil Police                                                                                                                                                                                                  heritage and a legacy of the struggle
force swarmed into the slum, known as           tal when members of the presidential                                                                                                          forces on opposition protests
                                                guard began firing into the air, demanding                                                                                                    has left four people dead in the             against white-minority rule.
Rocinha. But the police apparently failed                                                                                                                                                                                                     “This is an old song that was sung by
to find their main target, Antonio              unpaid housing allowances. By Monday,                                                                                                         last week, the Red Cross said
                                                soldiers in several cities north, south, east                                                                                                 on Tuesday.                                  leaders before us and we are just continu-
Francisco Bonfim Lopes, 34, alias “Nem.”                                                                                                                                                                                                   ing with it. This is not my song,” he said.
Since October, 2010, authorities have           and west of Ouagadougou joined in and                                                                                                            “Three deaths were reported
                                                students burned down the ruling party                                                                                                         in Gulu on April 14, while one                  He denied that the lyrics, which he has
offered reward of around $2,800 for infor-
mation leading to Nem’s arrest.                 headquarters and the prime minister’s                                                                                                         death was reported in Kasangati              made his trademark at rallies, targeted
   The raid was part of series of efforts       house in a central city.                                                                                                                      on April 18,” the Uganda Red                 white people or were meant to incite vio-
which began in 2008 intended to clamp              President Blaise Compaore tried to                                                                                                         Cross said in a statement.                   lence, saying the word “ibhulu” meant
down on the deadly violence in Rio’s            stem the unrest Friday by dissolving the                                                                                                         Red Cross spokeswoman                     only “oppressor”.
slums, known as favelas, ahead of the           government — but keeping himself in                                                                                                           Catherine Ntabadde said the                     “Our struggle has never been directed
2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics,           power — and removing the country’s                                                                                                            three victims in the northern                at white people,” he said.
both of which will be held in Brazil.           security chiefs, including the army head.                                                                                                     town of Gulu had died as a result               But Afriforum, the lobby group that
   Around a third of Rio de Janerio’s           (AP)                                                                                                                                          of gunshot wounds after being                brought the case, argues that the word —
population of six million live in slums in                    ❑       ❑       ❑                                                                                                               shot by security forces and that             which is itself derived from the word
and around the city. So far, police opera-                                                                                                                                                    the one victim in Wakiso district,           “boer” in Afrikaans, the language
                                                Crime intelligence boss bailed:                                                                                                               just outside Kampala, had col-
tions have been organized in more than          South Africa’s crime intelligence chief                                                                                                                                                    descended from South Africa’s Dutch
20 favelas, with drug organizations                                                                                                                                                           lapsed and died after inhaling               colonisers — is used to single out whites.
                                                was granted bail on murder charges on           People look at a van following a road accident on April 19 near Goma. At least                tear gas.
expelled. (AFP)                                 Thursday over the 1999 killing of a man            32 people were killed in a car accident, most of them children. (AFP)                                                                   (AFP)