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									Teen Suicide

  Sam Hoffman
  John Torppey
  Jeremy Allen

• Suicide is the third leading cause of death
  in teenagers
• 19.3% of high school students
  contemplate suicide
• 14.5% make plans to attempt suicide
• 8.3% attempt suicide
• In 2005 712,000 teens attempted suicide
               More Facts
• Suicide rate for teens has tripled since the
• Suicide is the second leading cause of
  death for college students
• 1.5 out of 100 college students attempts
  suicide every year
• Males attempt suicides 5x more than
• In the US, 11 people from ages 15-24
  commit suicide every day.

• Too many teenagers are contemplating,
  making plans, and attempting suicide.
• With certain bills being sent to Congress,
  this problem can be stopped.
• We want to improve and expand suicide
  prevention and community healing and
  response training under the Yellow Ribbon
  Reintegration Program.
      Suicide Prevention Bills

• In Florida, Governor Charlie Crist signed
  into law Senate Bill 434. This bill requires
  suicide prevention education to all high
  school students.
• Bill HB4672, in the 96th General Assembly,
  requires all school workers to be trained
  for 2 hours in suicide prevention for
  grades 7-12.
  Governement Official on Suicide
• Florida Governor Charlie Crist says,
 "Teachers and other school personnel are
 one of the first lines of defense when it
 comes to protecting our youth and
 ensuring their well-being. This legislation
 is a step in the right direction to increase
 the public’s awareness of suicide
       Getting the word out

• On Wednesday, December 8th, we walked
 around in downtown Wheaton asking
 people on the street about the suicide
 prevention bill in Florida. Everyone
 thought this bill was a great thing that
 would hopefully catch fire and be headed
 to Illinois schools. We received no
 negative responses.
       Personal Connection

• Ryan Mademann, a 2007 Wheaton North
 graduate, took his life in April of 2009.
 Had people known how to prevent suicide,
 a life could have been saved. This is why
 we need suicide prevention education.
            Why We Care

• Teenagers do not know how to help
  themselves or get help. If they knew how
  to do these things, many deaths would be
• The first step is to call 1-800-SUICIDE
• An operator will talk you through your
  situation and get you the help you need
           Signals of Suicide

• If you notice any signs at all of suicidal
  behaviors, tell some one and ask them
  about it too.
• An 18-year-old from New York typed
  “Jumping off the gw bridge sorry.” for
  millions to see over the internet. Four
  days later his body was found floating in
  the Hudson River.
      “anything but painless”
• People who attempt       • …Most jumpers suffer
 suicide are often           a terrible death, with
 under the impression        massive internal
 that you just free-fall     injuries, broken
 into an abyss when          bones, and skull
 you jump off a high         fractures. Some die
 structure when in           from internal bleeding
 fact…                       and drowning too

• If the bills we stated earlier become laws,
 suicide prevention education will be taught
 throughout the US and will bring a
 decrease in suicides. The best way to get
 our solution to work, is for Congress to
 pass the suicide prevention education bills.
          Take Action Now

• Many people will die from suicide even
  today… 11 on average
• The sooner the Suicide Prevention
  Education bills get passed, the sooner that
  number drops.

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