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					How to Keep Your Premium Low

If rising gas prices have inspired a recent mini-bike purchase, you may still have some
lingering questions about the legality of driving it. Just like with any other vehicle,
insurance for motor scooters must be acquired before it can be driven on the road. If you
already have car coverage, scooter insurance policies can likely be obtained from the
same company. You may want to weigh your options, however and to do that there are a
few things you should understand about the evaluation process that will help you come to
the best conclusion.

As with car and motorcycle policies, this type of coverage is often determined by a
driver’s previous experience and the amount of time that driver is likely to spend on the
road. If you plan to use your mini-bike to make a long commute to and from work, then
your policy will surely be priced higher than if you were mainly planning to drive it on
recreational outings. Drivers who have had previous mini-bikes will find that they pay
less each month than those who have never been on one before because they are more
experienced drivers. And of course, if you are low on driving infractions and manage to
avoid accidents, this will show in your premium.

Keeping your driving record as spotless as possible will keep rates admirable. This goes
for premiums on any type of motor vehicle, blemishes on your driving record spell out
recklessness to insurance companies. Stockpiled tickets and violations can make the
difference between an affordable rate and one that is sky-high. For mini-bike drivers, a
record of recklessness can be worse as the risk of personal injury is steeper than with a
car. Therefore, the best bet for owners is to simply stay ticket free for a number of years
to keep the cost down with your coverage.

Those owners who can show an active interest in preventing theft may also be rewarded
by insurance companies. For example, if you live in an urban area and rent a space for
your scooter in a guarded parking lot for overnight use, it is much less likely that your
mini-bike will be stolen than if you park on the street. If this sounds like it might be too
hard on the pocketbook, simply install an anti-theft device. Coverage considerations
aside, owners should know that their mode of transport is something of a magnet for
thieves; taking the proper precautions will benefit drivers as well as insurance companies.

Using the same company that supplies your car policy may land you a better deal,
however not all providers specifically cover mini-bikes. Get second opinions from other
riders and insurance brokers in your area, this may be the best way to discover what you
can expect, as well as where to obtain coverage that is both affordable and reasonable. Do
not be afraid to take your time and shop around, it may well be the best advice when it
comes to getting the best rate to insure your scooter.

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