August Warm-Ups by wanghonghx


									August/September Warm-Ups
               August 24, 2009
•   About My School:             •   Dialect/sayings
     – You have been chosen      •   Dress
       to describe your school   •   Mannerisms
       in a brochure that will
       be given to students      •   Customs
       who live across the       •   Character types
       country. Assume that      •   groups/cliques
       your readers know         •   Best thing
       nothing about your city
       or school. Address the    •   Worst thing
       following topics in       •   The ONE thing your
       your paragraph:               readers should know!
      SAT Vocabulary Word #1
•   Adversity: Misfortune, bad luck,
adversity1200–50; ME adversite (< AF) < L adversitās.
•   : a state, condition, or instance of serious or
    continued difficulty
     – He showed courage in the face of
     – We had to learn to deal with adversity.
•   “You can't run away from trouble. There
    ain't no place that far.” ~Uncle Remus
             August 25, 2008
•   Write a paragraph about a girl named Dot,
    but use no letters with dots. (i, j)
          Vocabulary Word #2
•   Discredit: to dishonor or disgrace; prove
•   The prosecution discredited the witness by
    showing that she had lied in the past.

•   Many of his theories have been
    thoroughly discredited
                  August 26
•   Write a paragraph that includes at least 10
    words that rhyme with be.
          Vocabulary Word #3
•   Fortuitous: lucky, unexpected
•   His presence there was entirely fortuitous.

•   You could not have arrived at a
    more fortuitous time.
                  August 27
•   Write a paragraph about a cat attacking
    something, but don’t use the words hiss,
    scratch or pounce.
           Vocabulary Word #4
•   Tenacious: Persistent, resolute, insistent
•   The company has a tenacious hold on the
•   A tenacious trainer, she adheres to her
    grueling swimming schedule no matter
                SAT Super Sentences
•   Use these vocabulary words to create a sentence
    using all of the words correctly:
•   Example: The querulous old man was a tenacious and
    resilient resident whom no one could discredit.
• adversity, discredit, fortuitous, tenacious
                  August 30
•   A bad dude in a cowboy hat is walking into
    the saloon in a bad Western movie. He’s
    looking dangerous and mad. Tell what
    happens, creating a happy ending.

•   *** If you didn’t turn in your class starters
    from last week, please turn them in
•   To shorten, reduce, condense

•   “To send a text you simply abbreviate your
                 August 31
•   Write a paragraph that includes twenty
    words with double vowels. Examples:
    poodle, peep, needle.
•   Kind, caring, compassionate, generous

•   That man’s benevolent nature shows in his
    contributions to the Red Cross.
                September 1
•   How many ways can you find to say no?
    Write ten sentences that say no in various
    ways, but without using the word no.
•   Trust among friends;
    fellowship with friends;

•   Real camaraderie shows in a
    unit of soldiers on the
                September 2
•   Describe the stuff that gets caught in the
    strainer of the sink without using the word
•   harmful often in a
    subtle or unexpected
                September 3
•   Create a sentence with words that begin
    with the letters in sentence, in order. In
    other words, the first word in the sentence
    should begin with s, the second with e, the
    third with n, etc.
           Super Sentence Day
•   Create a Super Sentence using the 4
    vocabulary words from this week.
•   Turn in your sentences and your class
    starter pages.
                September 7
•   In one paragraph, describe a scene from any
    sport. Use these words somewhere in the
        • bounced, struggled, spied, roared,
          collapsed, giggled.
•   Sharing of feelings-
    sympathy, anger,

•   He felt great empathy
    with the poor.
               September 8
•   Describe someone who looks bored. Don’t
    use any form of the words yawned or stared
    or sighed.
•   Flushed, red-faced; ornate
•   Covered in flowers
•   “Many were florid and
    overweight, too bulkily
    dressed and perspiring
•   He gave a florid speech in
    honor of the queen's visit.
                September 9
•   Write one sentence consisting entirely of
    three-syllable words (not counting the
    articles a, an, and the)
•   Arrogant; condescending
•   Blatantly and disdainfully
•   The haughty waiter smirked when
    I remarked that it was odd that a
    French restaurant didn't even have
    French fries on the menu.
               September 10
•   Write a sentence that makes sense reading
    either from left to right or right to left.
     – Example: Bob liked Mary and Bill
     –           Bill and Mary liked Bob
•   marked by impulsive vehemence or passion
•   marked by force and violence of movement
    or action
•   He's always been an impetuous young man.
              Super Sentence
•   Create a super sentence using these
    vocabulary words:
•   impetuous
                        Turn in your
•   haughty             class starters and
•   florid              your super
•   empathy             sentences today!
              September 13
•   Write a blue paragraph incorporating as
    many words that rhyme with the word blue
    as you possibly can.
•   Elation, triumph, joy
      The jubilation of the crowd strengthened as the
      parade passed.
               September 14
•   Create a much more interesting version of
    this sentence:
     – The dog barked.
     What kind of dog was it? Where was it?
       Why was it barking? How would you
       describe the barking? Make the sentence
       as interesting as possible by choosing
       your words and details carefully.
•   Ordinary, common
•   Everyday task
•   Her day was filled
    with mundane
    chores like washing
    clothes and dishes.
                September 15
•   Like looking for a needle in a haystack is a
    descriptive phrase that we have all heard.
    Create five different phrases that mean the
    same thing.
•   Calm, casual; having an air of easy
    unconcern or indifference
•   He was surprisingly nonchalant about
    winning the award
                September 16
•   Here’s the last part of a newspaper story:
    – Neighbors called police when they noticed the
      pink gooey substance oozing from all the doors
      and windows of the modest ranch home.
    Now write the first part of the story. Remember
      that a newspaper story starts right out
      answering the questions, “Who?, What?,
      When?, Where?, Why?, and How?
•Ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish

•They own an opulent mansion filled with art
and antiques.
               September 17
•   The worst time of life:
    – What was your most humiliating junior
      high experience? Write a short, possibly
      funny, description of it.
Dried up

My mouth was
parched after
mowing the
             Super Sentences
•   Create a super sentence with the vocabulary
    words from this week:
•   Parched
•   Opulent
•   Nonchalant
•   Mundane
•   Jubilation
               September 20
•   Respond to this quote:
    – “If you have the opportunity to play this
      game of life you need to appreciate every
      moment. A lot of people don’t appreciate
      the moment until it’s passed.”
             • Kanye West
•   Talented beyond one’s

•   The precocious boy
    attended Harvard at age
               September 21
•   Tell a fish story. Use as many fishy words
    as possible without actually writing about
    fish. Examples of fishy words: scales,
    whales, shrimp . ..
•   Hateful; acrid, acrimonious, embittered,
    hard, bitter, resentful, sore
•   “The rancorous debate over global
    warming created enemies throughout the
    science community.”
September 22

        Autumn begins
        today. What is
        your favorite
        season? Explain
        why you enjoy
        that particular

•   Controlled, restricted
    She was admired for her
    restrained behavior.
                September 23
“National Dog
Week” is the 4th
week of September.
There is a saying
that a dog is “man’s    Today is also my 52nd
best friend.” How do    birthday! So in honor of
you think this saying   my day-you don’t have to
came to be and does     do any work. Find a picture
it hold any truth?      to color, play a game or
                        take a nap.
           September 24, 2008
•   Which color is most like you? Explain why
    you think this color is like you

•   No super sentences this week, but you need
    to get all your vocabulary words together in
    order to study for a test next week.
               September 27
•   Would you rather be the wind or the rain?
    Explain the reason for your choice.
      Vocabulary Test Tomorrow
•   You need to study the definitions of these
    words for your test tomorrow:
               September 28
•   Vocabulary Test today! Spend the first few
    minutes of class preparing for the test.
                   September 29
•   A sense of sports:
     – People feel passionately about sports. Some play sports
       and detest it, because they’re not as good as they want
       to be; others play and love it, because they’re
       competitive and skilled. Some pay close attention to
       pro or local teams. Some attend games as serious fans;
       others attend because they like the social interaction in
       the stands. Some people loathe sports and think that the
       people who play them and watch them are brainless
       jocks. Which group do you fall into? Explain
               September 30
•   Musical Memories
    – Songs can invoke vivid memories;
      hearing a particular song can rocket you
      back to seventh grade or last summer.
      Write about a song that is really
      evocative of a certain time in your life.

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