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					                                                               Ship To:
                        SHEET             Name: _________________________________

     Size       Mens/Women      Price     Address: _________________________________
1/3oz-Cologne   Womens            $7.75
                Essential Oil
                                          City/St/Zip: _______________________________

                                          Phone: __________________________________
1oz - Cologne
                Essential Oil
                                          Form of Payment:

                                          Check _____                  Money Order _____
1oz - Perfume   Womens          $12.90                  Credit Card _____
2oz - Cologne   Mens            $14.50
2oz - Cologne   Womens          $14.50    CC # _______________________Exp___________
Body Gel        Men/Women       $10.95     QTY          Size         Fragrance         Price
Body Lotion     Men/Women       $10.95

                                                                                                     Mailing Address:
                                                                Shipping/Handling        $9.95
                                                                Tax (IN only)                     8102 Winchester Place
                                                                Grand Total
                                                                                                  Indianapolis, IN 46227

                                             T HE F RENCH R E C ONNECTION
                                                      Phone: 317-427-8889
                                                                 Toll Free:             
                                                          MAILING ONLY:
                                                        8102 Winchester Place
                                                        Indianapolis, IN 46227
       Women’s Fragrances                                Essential Oils                                           Men’s Fragrances
Allure                 Diamonds
Angel                 The One                    100% Natural True Essential Oils                        Angel                        Black
April                 Deseo                                                                              Aramis                       Polo Black
                                         Basil                      Lemongrass
Basic Black           Girlfriend         Bergamont                 Lime                                  Azzaro                       Polo Blue
Beautiful            Golden Goddess                                                                      Bill Blass                    Black Code
                                         Cedarwood                 Orange
Bill Blass            Arden Beauty                                                                       Boss                         Carlos Santana
Casmir                Lovely             Chamomile                  Patchouli
                                                                                                         Brown County Gold             Envy
Chanel 5              Obsession Night    Citronella                Peppermint
                                                                                                         Brut                           Blue Jeans
Chloe                 Princess           Clary Sage                 Rosemary
                                                                                                         Calvin                        Burberry Brit
Chloe Narcisse        Juicy Couture      Clove                      Rosewood
                                                                                                         Chanel                        Burberry Touch
CK-BE                 Hot Couture        Eucalyptus                 Sandalwood
CK-One               Unforgivable                                                                        Chaz                         Escada Magnetism
                                         Geranium                   Spearmint
Demi Jour             Carlos Santana                                                                     CK One                        Lacoste
                                         Ginger                     Tea Tree
Escape                Covert                                                                             Cool Water                    Very Irresistible
                                         Lavender                   Yiang Yiang
Eternity              Inspiration        Lemon                                                           Curves                         L’Issey Blue
French Musk           Lolita Lampicka                                                                    Drakkar Noir                   Unforgivable
Giorgio              Ralph Socks                                                                         Elements                        Voyager
                                         Cautions for essential oils:
273                  Pink Sugar                                                                          Elis                            Silver Creek -
Gucci                Be Delicious            Never use essential oils on or near eyes
                                                                                                         Escape                             mountain
Happy                Pacific Paradise        Keep away from children
                                                                                                         Eternity                        Polo
Hugo                Euphoria                 Alternate and vary the oils
                                                                                                         Fendi                           Tommy
Joop                Island Live              Use by the drop
Jovan Musk          Cool                 We are neither medical physicians nor health
Joy                 Armani Code          professionals. We neither recommend nor
Liz Claiborne       Alien                                                                                Halston
                                         prescribe treatment or cures.
Obsession           Warm Vanilla Sugar                                                                   Hugo
Pleasures           Lovein Black                                                                         JHL
Poison              Amber Mist                            Aromatherapy                                   Joop
Rain                China Rain                                                                           Jovan Musk
Realities           China Musk           Aromatherapy: Therapy with Aroma simply                         Lagerfield
Red                 China Lilly          Means elevating or alternating moods or con-                    Michael Jordan
Shalimar                                 ditions through the use of essential oils.                      Nautica
Sun Moon & Stars                                                                                         Old Spice
A.Sung                                   Types:
                                         Pain                                                              AND MANY OTHERS NOT LISTED
Tommy Girl
Vanamber                                 Insomnia
Vanilla Fields                           Stress                                                             Body Lotion and Shower Gel
Victoria’s Secret
White Diamonds                           We are neither medical physicians nor health professionals.     The body lotion and shower gel are sold in 8oz
                                         We neither recommend nor prescribe treatment or cures.          bottles. We can mix any fragrance you like into
   AND MANY OTHERS NOT LISTED            Please see a health physicians for any questions or concerns.   these.