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					Jamal Mohamed College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli-20
                                RESUME (as on 15.02.2010)

                           Department of Chemistry (Aided)

1. Name                 : Dr. A. BURKANUDEEN

2. Date of birth         : 18.07.1967

3. Address:

        Residential:                                      Office:

 77, 9th Cross, Sakthi Nagar,                  P.G & Research Department of Chemistry
 Karumandapam,                                 Jamal Mohamed College (Autonomous),
 Tiruchirappalli – 620 001.                    Tiruchirappalli – 620 020
 Tamil Nadu,                                   Tamil Nadu,
  India.                                       India.
  Phone: 0431 – 2481313                        Phone: 0431 – 2332235*304.
                                               Fax : 0431 – 2331035.
 Email:                  Email:
 Mobile: +91-94436 44691                       Mobile: +91-94436 44691

4. Designation: Reader in Chemistry

5. Educational Qualifications:

                                                                      Year of
S.No.     Examination Passed             University / College
 1.         B.Sc.(Chemistry)            Bharathidasan University       1987
             M.Sc.(Industrial                                          1989
 2.                                     Bharathidasan University
 3.          M.Phil.(Polymer                                           1990
                                          Alagappa University
 4.         B.Ed., (Education
                                         Annamalai University          1993
 5.         M.Ed.(Advanced                                             1997
                                           Madras University
            Education Tech.)
 6.               Ph.D.                 Bharathidasan University       2000
6. Experience:            Undergraduate: 18    Years and 7 months
                          Postgraduate : 11    Years and 7 months
                          M.Phil.      : 8     Years and 7 months
                          Ph.D          : 8    Years and 7 months

7. Areas of Specialization: Polymer Chemistry, Material Science and Electro Chemistry.

8. Languages known        : Tamil & English

9. Subjects Taught:
 Under Graduate/ Postgraduate : 1. Inorganic Chemistry
                                2. Analytical Chemistry

10. Research Supervision             :

              Ph.D (completed)           -     01
                    (on going)           -     07 Scholars (1 Submitted synopsis)
             Research co guide           -     01 Scholars (Submitted Thesis)
             M.Phil (completed)          -     21 Scholars
                     (on going)          -     02 Scholars

11. Details of Publications:
       (i)   The Journal of Polymer Materials, Vol.10, 1993, 203-208.
             Title: Vinyl Polymerization and graft copolymerization onto nylon66 initiated by
             a new redox system.
      (ii)   Oriental Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 18(1), 2002, 65-68.
             Title: Chelation ion exchange properties of ortho nitrophenol thiourea
             paraformaldehyde terpolymer.
      (iii)  Journal of Econ. Taxon. Bot. Vol. 27 (3), 2003, 679-685.
             Title: Ethanobotany of Poliyars of Anamalai Hills, Tamil Nadu.
      (iv)   Oriental Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 19(1), 2003, 225-228.
             Title: Synthesis and characterization of Anthranilic acid thiourea –
             paraformaldehyde copolymer.
      (v)    Oriental Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 19(1), 2003, 115-118.
             Title: Effects of hydro dynamic volume of acrylic acid – acrylamide copolymer
             ions on conductance.
      (vi) Jamal Academic Research Journal: an Interdisciplinary, Vol1, No.1, 2004,17-20.
             Title: Synthesis and characterization of terpolymers of Phthalic acid and
             thiourea with paraformaldehyde.
      (vii) Journal of Current World Environment Vol.3(1), 143-146, 2008.
             Title: A study on the quality of ground water in and around Ramanathapuram
      (viii) Journal of Plant Archeives: Vol. 8, 2008, 899-901.
             Title: Pharmacological studies of Justicia tranquebariensis leaves.
      (ix)   The Pharmacist: Vol. 3(1), 2008, 35-37.
             Title: Evaluation of antibacterial activity of leaves of Justicia tranquebariensis
      (x)    The Pharmacist: 2008 (In Press)
             Title: Antipyretic activity of the leaves of Justicia tranquebariensis.
     (xi)     Journal of Cell and Tissue Research: Vol. 9(1), 2009, 1681-1685
              Title: Hypoglycemic and antihyperlipidimic activity of ethanolic leaf extract of
              Azimotetrcantha Lam on Alloxan induced diabetic rats.
     (xii)    Ionics: Published online January 31st 2009
              Title: Synthesis and characterization of novel nano-size polyreactive yellow
     (xiii)   Iranian Polymer Journal: Vol. 18(10), 2009, 821-832.
              Title: An Eco-friendly synthesis of a terpolymer resin: Characterization and
              Chelation Ion-Exchange Property.
     (xiv)    Iranian Polymer Journal: Communicated
              Title: Metal ion binding properties of a terpolymer resin: Synthesis,
              characterization and its applications.

12. Details of Papers Presented:

      (i)    Presented a Research paper in Polymers ’91 (An international symposium on
             polymers held at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune (2-6 January 1991)
             Title: Vinyl Polymerization and graft copolymerization onto nylon 66 initiated by
             a new rodox system.
     (ii)    Presented a paper in the council of Indian chemists 10 th Annual conference at
             Goa (28-30 October 1991).
             Title: Polymerization of acrylamide initiated by Cerium IV-metabisulphite redox
     (iii)   Presented a paper in the Sixth International Symposium on Advances in
             Electrochemical Science and Technology at Madras (26-28 November 1998)
             Title: Modified electrodes with mixed Metal hexacyanoferrate – Fe / Co HCF.
     (iv)    Presented a paper in 2nd Baltic Conference on Electrochemistry organized by
             International Society for Electrochemistry at Lithuania (10 – 12 June 1999).
             Title: Ni/Fe mixed hexacyanoferrate electrode and their electrochemical
     (v)     Presented a paper in the National Seminar on Environmental Pollution (Enviro
             2kl) held at Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirappalli (8 & 9, March 2001)
             Title: Film Diffusion and intraparticle diffusion mechanism in lead – lignite
     (vi)    Presented a research paper in the 2nd National conference on recent advances
             in Material Science (NCMS – 2002) held at Nehru Memorial College,
             Tiruchirappalli (11 & 12, December 2002).
             Title: Thin film modified mixed metal hexacyanoferrate ion sensitive electrodes.
     (vii) Presented a research paper in the UGC sponsored seminar on Recent
             Advances in conducting polymers held at Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyala
             College, Coimbatore (30th & 31st March 2005).
             Title: Preparative structure and thermal studies of terpolymers synthesized
             from thiosaliylic acid-thiourea – paraformaldehyde.
     (viii) UGC sponsored National Conference on Medicinal Chemistry at N.G.M.
             College, Pollachi (23 & 24 September 2005)
            Title : Biochemical and Antimicrobial analysis of Justicia gendarussa,
     (ix)    NAAC sponsored seminar on students support and progression on enhancing
             the quality in higher education held at Hajee karutha Rawther Howdia College,
             Uthamapalayam, (25 & 26th September 2006).
             Title: Higher Education vis-a-vis privatisation & globalisation.
(x)    Presented two research papers in the UGC sponsored Regional seminar
       on Recent Trends in Biotechnology and its role in utilization of Biodiversity
       during 5th and 6th March 2007 at PG & Research Department of Botany, Jamal
       Mohamed College, Trichy.
       Title: a. Heptoproductive activity of Azima tetracantha lam in Albino
               b. Dermol wouned Healing potential of acacia Arabica on Albino rats.

(xi)     Presented three research papers in the CSIR sponsored National
         Conference on Recent advances in chemistry (RAC-2007), on March 2nd 2007
         at Department of Chemistry, Periyar University, Salem.
         Title: a. Synthesis and characterization of p hydroxy benzoic acid with
                 urea and paraformaldehyde resin.
                b. Synthesis and characterization of terpolymer resin.
                c. Synthesis and characterization of copolymer resin.
(xii) National seminar on Recent advances in Textile and Electrochemical Sciences
        (RATES-2007) on June 1st and 2nd 2007.
        Title: synthesis and ion exchange properties of 2-methy phenol-thiourea-
        paraformaldehyde resins.
(xiii) 7th National Level Biological congress on Biotechnology: Evolution and
         Revolutions held at Muthayammal College of Arts and Science, Rasipuram (4 &
         5 Jan 2008).
(xiv) National Conference on Emerging Materials and Technologies for
         India-2020 held at National Institute of Technology, Trichy,
         (24 & 25 Jan 2008)
         Title: Development of Zn Based Phosphor Materials for Led Lighting
                 and Display Devices.
(xv) National seminar on Recent advances in Organic Physical chemistry on
         Feb. 11th and 12th 2008 held at National College, Tiruchirappalli.
         Title: a. Synthesis and chelation ion exchange properties of 4-
                    hydroxybenzoic acid-paraformaldehyde copolymer resin
                 b. Synthesis and chelation ion exchange properties of
                    Resorcinol- paraformaldehyde copolymer resin.
(xvi) International Conference in Frontier in Chemical Research organized by
       Manglore University, Manglore held on Dec. 28 – 31, 2008.
       Title: Microwave Assisted Synthesis and Characterization of
 (xvi) National Conference in the Emerging Areas in Chemistry (NACEAC-
        2009) during 31st July & 1st August 2009 held at Department of Studies in
        Chemistry, University of Mysore, Mysore.
       Title: Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Evaluation of a
                   New Terpolymer Chelates involving 8-hydroxyquinoline and
                  Anthranilic acid with Formaldehyde
(xvii) International Conference in Polymer Vision &Scenario: Polymer Science and
         Technology (APA 2009) organized by Asian Polymer Association during 14 th to
         17thDecember 2009 at IIT, NewDelhi.
         Title: a. Novel Polychelates: Synthesis, Characterization, Thermal,
                    Electrical and Electroanalytical Studies.
                 b. Lanthanide Complexes of a Terpolymer Resin.
(xviii) UGC sponsored National Conference on Pioneer Areas in Chemistry, held at
         Devangar Arts and Science College, Aruppukkottai during 16th to 17th January
         Title: a. Electrical and Thermal Properties of Polychelates.
                 b. Chelation Ion-Exchange Properties of a Terpolymer Resin.
     (xix)   State Level Conference on Emerging Trends in Chemistry held at Jamal
             Mohamed College, Tiruchirappalli during 09th – 10th February 2010.
             Title: a. Polymer-metal complexes: Synthesis, Characterization, and its
                     b. Synthesis, Characterization and Metal Binding Properties of
                        a Terpolymer Resin.
     (xx)    International Conference on Recent Advances in Materials and
             Characterization held at National Institute of Technology during 14th to 15th
             February 2010.
             Title: Hydrothermal Synthesis of Phosphor Materials.

13. Details of Seminars / Conferences / Workshops Attended:

      (i)   Attended two day workshop on Youth and Future, Science & Technology
            dimensions sponsored by DST (16th & 17th March 1990) at Alagappa University,
     (ii)   Participated in the 4th CECRI Research Conference on Emerging trends in
            Electro Chemistry (3rd March. 1993).
     (iii)  Participated in the one day seminar on Advances in Electrochemical science &
            technology in Alagappa University, Karaikudi (19th April 1994).
     (iv)   Attended the sixth National Convention of Electrochemists held at CECRI,
            Karaikudi (20-28, December 1995).
     (v)    Participated in the three days National Seminar on Canadian Studies
            (Sponsored by AICS, New Delhi), organized by Jamal Mohamed College,
            Tiruchirappalli, (27-29 March 2003).
     (vi)   Participated in the workshop on recent trends in medicinal chemistry organized
            by Periyar College of Pharmaceutical Science, Tiruchirappalli (27 th February
     (vii) Participated in the National symposium on “Recent trends in heterocyclic
            chemistry” held at Jamal Mohamed College (24th & 25th September 2004).
     (viii) Coordinated the UGC sponsored state level seminar on Emerging Trends in
            Chemistry held at Jamal Mohamed College (9th March 2006).
     (ix)   Attended Three day UGC sponsored workshop on Curriculum Development
            and Evaluation held at Jamal Mohamed College (2 & 4 March 2006)
     (x)    Participated in the Visual programme cum workshop on cheminformatics held
            at AVVM Sripushpam College, Poondi, Thanjavur (14th March 2006).
     (xi)   Participated Seminar on Advances Topics in Chemistry held at Jamal
            Mohamed College (13 & 14 March 2007)
     (xii) Attended National seminar on Changing Paradigms in Services Marketing held
            at Jamal Mohamed College (23 & 24 March 2007)
     (xiii) Attended two days seminar on “Modern Techniques in Chemistry” organized by
            Jamal Mohamed College (5 & 6 March 2008)
     (xiv) Participated 8th National Level Biological congress on “Biotechnology:
            Glimspses of Future prospects” held at Muthayammal College of Arts and
            Science, Rasipuram (9 & 10 January 2009)
     (xv) Attended Academies-sponsored two day workshop on Frontiers in Chemistry
            held at National College (13 & 14 March 2009)
     (xvi) Participated three days workshop on “Testing & Evaluation” held at National
            College, Tiruchirappalli (28 – 30 May 2009)
     (xvii) Participated in “Training cum Orientation for Item Preparation on Test and
            Evaluation” held at National College (30th Sep. – 01st Oct 2009)
14. Details of Seminars / Conferences / Workshops Organized ----

15. Details of Orientation / Refresher Courses Attended:
      (i)    Attended the Orientation Course (12 days) for NSS Programme Officers at
            Madras School of Social Work (MSSW) Chennai (November 30th to 12th
            December 1992).
     (ii)   Paticipated in the Training Programme (4 days) on University Talk AIDS at
            Academic Staff College Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli (26 – 29 July
     (iii)  Undergone the Refresher Course (6 days) for NSS Programme Officers at
            MSSW, Chennai (24 – 28 July 1995).
     (iv)   Attended the Orientation Course for college teachers at Academic Staff
            College, Bharathidasan University, (20th May to 16th June 2000).
     (v)    Participated in the three days Orientation Training programme for YRC
            Coordinator at Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli (1st to 3rd March 2002).
     (vi)   Undergone the Refresher Course for NSS Programme Officers at MSSW,
            Chennai (4th to 8th August 2003).
     (vii) Attended a Refresher course in Chemistry for college teachers conducted by
            the Academic Staff College of Madurai Kamaraj University (07 th to 27th
            November 2006).
     (viii) Attended a Refresher course in Special Summer School on Basic Sciences
            held from 05-08-08 to 28-08-08 conducted by the Academic staff college,
            Pondicherry University, Puducherry.

16. Details of Study Materials:
      Title: Inorganic Chemistry, Alagappa University, Karaikudi.

17. Details of chairing as Resource Person:
      (i)   M.Phil. classes (Distance education) for Bharathidasan University,
            Tiruchirappalli, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Madurai Kamaraj University,
     (ii)   Special lecture on Polymer chemistry, Environmental chemistry, Laboratory
            safety and Electrochemistry in several institutions.
     (iii)  M.Sc Chemistry classes (week and programme) for Alagappa University,
     (iv)   Seminar on Industrial Chemistry organized by Department of Chemistry on 30 th
            Feb 2006 at Govt. Arts College for Women (Autonomous) Pudukkottai.
     (v)    Guest Lecture on “Applications of Polymers on Engineering Field” on 2 nd March
            2007 at AVC College of Engineering, Mannampandal, Mayiladuthurai.
     (vi)   Invited talk on Bio-diesel in the National Level one day workshop on
            “Renewable Energy” on 4th March 2007 at Mount Zion College of Engineering &
            Technology, Pudukkottai.
     (vii) Guest lecture on Degradable Thermoplastics in the National level workshop on
            Technology options for a greener environment on 9th March 2007 at Mount
            Zion college of Engineering & Technology, Pudukkottai.

   18. Administrative Positions held in the College:
        (i)   Served as Additional Chief Superintendent for Central Valuation centre of
               Bharathidasan University at Jamal Mohamed College during 2000 to 2002.
        (ii)  Member incharge for college calendar and general time table at
              Jamal Mohamed College from 2000 to 2008.
 19. Details of In charge / Membership in Committees for Autonomous
     Programme Implementation:
       (i) Member Academic Audit Committee.
       (ii) Member College Admissions.

 20. Details of in charge / Participation in Extracurricular Activities: (NSS, NCC,
     Sports, Games, Voluntary Association and Cultural Activities):

     (i)     Served as National Service Scheme (NSS) Programme Officer in
             Angalamman College of Engineering & Technology, Siruganoor, Tiruchirappalli
             during 1992 to 1997.
     (ii)    Served as Additional Chief Superintendent for Bharathidasan University B.E.
             Degree Examinations at Angalamman College of Engineering & Technology,
             Siruganoor, Tiruchirappalli. During 1992 to 1996.
     (iii)   Served as Youth Red Cross (YRC) Co-ordinator, Jamal Mohamed College,
             Tiruchirappalli, during 2000 to 2002.
     (iv)    Served as NSS Programme Officer, Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchirappalli,
             since August 2002 to July 2005.

21. Details of Participation in Consultancy, Training, Development etc.: ----

22. Details of Membership in Academic Bodies:
    (i)   Recognized Research Advisor for M.Phil. & Ph.D Programmes in
          Chemistry, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli.
    (ii)  Recognized Research Advisor for M.Phil Programme in Chemistry for
          Periyar University, Salem and Alagappa University, Karaikudi.
    (iii) Assistant Editor, Jamal Academic Research Journal: (JARJ), Tiruchirappalli,
    (iv)  Member of question setting and valuation board for Madras University,
          Chennai, Bharathidasan University, Trichy and Alagappa University, Karaikudi
          and Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.
    (v)   Peer Reviewer for Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Wiley- Interscience.
    (vi)  Peer Reviewer for Iranian Polymer Journal.
    (vii) Peer reviewer for Desalination, Elsevier Ltd., UK.

23. Details of Membership of Professional Bodies:
     (i)    Fellow, Society for Advancement of Electrochemical Science & Technology
            (SAEST), India.
     (ii)   Member of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), India.
     (iii)  Member of International Association of Computer Sciencpe and Information
            Technology (IACSIT), Singapore.

24. Countries visited: ----

25. Any other information if any: ----