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                                                                                                                      Spring Newsletter 2009


   Staff and clients enjoying Christmas Day

   Crisis came
   at Christmas
   Christmas is a particularly hard time for anyone who is homeless,
                                                                                                           Ted Neville and Christine Keily

                                                                                                           February 13th saw the 22nd anniversary
                                                                                                           of the Centre’s Charity Shop, which
                                                                                                           specialises in clothes, crockery, books,
   who lives alone or who is estranged from their families. Every year,                                    and music, and has provided the
   the Centre makes sure that all its clients have the opportunity to                                      community of Westminster and beyond
                                                                                                           with bargains galore since the Centre
   celebrate and enjoy this special time. In the run-up to Christmas,                                      first started operating.
   we always have parties across the Centre, and on the day itself the
                                                                                                           Ted Neville (84), the volunteer manager for over
   residents of our two Hostels have the opportunity to eat a festive                                      15 years along with Christine Keily (80), who
   meal together, if they wish to.                                                                         started working the day the shop opened, have
   This Christmas, however, the Centre was                  As one young resident said: “I don’t have      seen many treasures come through the doors.
   able to open all its doors throughout the                a family and I usually spend Christmas Day     They take particular delight in watching people
   period, thanks to a new partnership with                 like any other so this is pretty special for   find a bargain as well, of course, as making sure
   Crisis. Alongside our own staff, volunteers              me.” We welcomed several new clients           those people with little spare cash get the things
   and logistical support from ‘Crisis at                   alongside existing ones who would              they need.
   Christmas’ enabled us to offer access to our             otherwise have nowhere to go.                  If you are planning a spring clear out, please
   normal services in addition to providing                 Everyone who called in received presents       keep the shop in mind for those books, knick-
   festive food, games and activities. Music                as well as toiletries and items of clothing,   knacks, clothes and just about anything else. All
   workshops and magic circle sessions were                 which had been donated, either directly to     monies go directly to supporting the Centre’s
   provided by skilled volunteers from Crisis.              the Centre, or through Crisis. We intend to    work and last year the shop raised a magnificent
   Christmas morning itself started off with                make this the first year of many when we       £25,000. For more information please contact
   breakfast for early arrivals, working up to a            open our doors wide at the time of year        Jennifer Mosley on 020 7222 1602 or email
   turkey dinner with all the trimmings.                    when people need us most.            

       Tel:     020 7222 1602                      email:
The Centre Spring Newsletter 2009

       Chief ‘Super Saturday’
  executive’s                                          Just before the big

      Letter                                           freeze hit London in
                                                       February, the Centre
                                                       opened its doors to
    Just before Christmas, the Tablet asked me if      forty new members of
      I would take part in a public meeting about      the Junior League of
       young people today, their concerns and the      London. The JLL are a
     challenges facing them. In the weeks leading
        up to the event, I realised that I wasn’t as
                                                       women’s volunteering
      equipped as I might be to contribute to the      organisation, who
          debate. So I checked if any of the young     are mostly ex-pat
      people in the Centre would be willing to tell    Americans, who
   me their story and talk about their hopes and       want to serve in the
  fears. Paul came down from the Hostel to talk                                  Junior League London
                                                       community through
      to me and it was one of the most educative
      hours I have had since I came to the Centre      volunteering and fundraising. Their vision: ‘eliminating poverty and its effects
                                 over six years ago.   in London’ is perfectly aligned with that of the Centre.
         A 19-year-old, born and bred in West          The JLL work closely with a number of               Centre to have a makeover. It might not have
  London, Paul is determined to get a job in the       community organisations in London and identify      been Changing Rooms but the most important
    music industry: and every day he is out and        ways in which the volunteers, averaging 400 at      consumers in this case - the children -, will
   about in the West End, wearing his suit and         any one time, can dedicate both time and skills     certainly appreciate the end result!
                            brandishing his CV.        to improve other people’s lives.                    The volunteers got to work with stencils, paints
  It wasn’t always like that though: Paul took up      The JLL have been supporting the Centre for         and a big helping of all-American energy and
     drugs when he was ten – for fun he said. By       some years now, with a range of projects            enthusiasm, not forgetting impressive creativity.
   the age of 17, he was dealing and had all the       including the ever popular ‘Holiday Hampers’,       During the day they worked on each part of the
      material trappings that brought including a      which are delivered to many of the Centre           Family Centre, painting murals and pictures,
      new Audi. He knew all the gangs and they         clients and their families every Christmas.         most of which were placed at child height,
                                       knew him.       The League’s ‘Super Saturday’ event is an           including Thomas the Tank Engine which all felt
                                                       opportunity for new members to get to know          would go down particularly well.
       He had tried to get out of the downward
  spiral when he was 16 when he pleaded with           each other and the organisation – and to get        The Centre greatly values the relationship with
  his local housing services to help him get out,      involved in a community project straight away.      the Junior League and is especially grateful to all
                                                       They always aim to have the project ‘done in a      the ‘Super Volunteers’ for giving up their
  to find him somewhere safe to go as he knew
                                                       day’ and this time it was the turn of the Family    Saturday in such a good cause.
     he would probably end up being killed if he
  didn’t escape the gang culture. They sent him
    back home and referred him for counselling.

                                                         The Debt Burden
    One day his Mother looked at him and said
    “I don’t know you any more: what have you
     become?” That night he left home, and for
      the next year he slept rough, moving from
     place to place to avoid his history catching        Even before the recession bites, many clients accessing the Centre are
    up with him. He then came to the Cardinal            struggling with debt, and whether it is rent arrears, utilities bills, credit
     Hume Centre, where he says he feels safe,           card debts or bank loans, we want to be able to help them access high
      and for the first time in his life he feels he     quality, advice and support. We have therefore linked up with Capitalise
         is Paul, and not a label or a stereotype.
                                                         who will be running weekly debt advice sessions at the Centre giving
       Just after the Tablet event in November, a        clients the opportunity to have one-to-one appointments with
   BBC1crew was filming in the Hostel and Paul           a debt advisor.
    became one of the stars of the programme.
      Although, at the time of going to press, we        Capitalise is London’s free debt service. It is   have a more holistic approach, and
  still don’t know the broadcast date, we would          a partnership involving a number of agencies      understanding of clients’ past difficulties.
 love to have your email address, so we can get          including Citizens Advice, independent            The service is funded by the BERR (formerly
    in touch with you at short notice to confirm         advice agencies and law centres. Broadway,        the Department for Trade and Industry).
  the date so that you can hear Paul’s powerful          a leading homelessness charity, has been
                                                         given the remit to coordinate this service.       We are actively seeking to establish other
      story for yourself. Please do contact me on
                                                                                                           partnerships to widen this service to five days
                Capitalise has a unique approach which            a week. If you know of anyone who would
                                                         allows them to offer a slightly different         be interested in helping us, please contact
                                                         environment to ordinary money advice              Hilary Nightingale on 020 7222 1602.
                                                         services. They spend longer with clients,

PAGe 2          Tel:    020 7222 1602                   email:
       casestudy... Darren Ord
    Darren Ord moved down to London from Liverpool to help overcome his
    addiction to Class A drugs. Every day this battle continues, but Darren is now
    drug and alcohol free after staying in the Centre’s Horseferry Road Hostel
    for people who are homeless and in recovery from substance misuse.
    Whilst he was at the Centre, Darren took              ‘Safeguarding Children’ and ‘Drug
    part in a camping trip to Worth Abbey in              Awareness’ courses and he is hoping to start
    East Sussex, where he helped to renovate              a ‘Health and Social Care’ course to become
    the Bermondsey huts. The huts had earlier             a Hostel Support Worker. In this work,
    provided a holiday home for children from             he is looking forward to working with and
    low-income families in London’s East End              mentoring parents dealing with addiction
    but had long since fallen into disrepair. In          issues, tapping into his own experience.
    October 2008 Darren was approached by                 Darren’s twenty-year addiction to drugs
    the Centre’s Wellbeing Team to help                   destroyed his self-confidence as well as
    coordinate the 2009 camping trip and ever             alienating him from his family and friends.
    since he has been busy helping raising funds          Through his volunteering work he has
    and planning the activities for the 4-day visit.      regained his confidence and now has joy in
    Darren will be accompanying the young                 the knowledge that he is giving something
    clients from the Centre and from other                back to the community. Through the
    Westminster-based services, helping to                Centre’s help and through his own
    motivate and engage them.                             determination and courage, Darren is back
    With the Centre’s support, Darren has just            on his feet and making steps towards a full
    completed his ‘Introduction to Counselling’,          and rewarding life.

Get Active Get Rowing                                                                                         A View from
                                                                                                              a Volunteer
                                                                                                              Joelle Rosen-Buett is a 21-year-
                                                                                                              old from Connecticut who
                                                                                                              arrived at the Centre on the
                                                                                                              3rd January 2009. Joelle is part
                                                                                                              of the London Intern
                                                                                                              Programme, which provides
                                                                                                              placement for students from
                                                                                                              overseas to gain work
                                                                                                              experience whilst studying in the
                                                                                                              UK. She is attending Birkbeck
                                                                                                              College where she is studying
Mark and Freddy working up a sweat                     Young rowers receiving certificates                    Art, Theatre and Sociology.
Mark Stipanovsky, a fully qualified rowing coach and a member of the                                          Joelle is spending time across the Centre
Centre’s Wellbeing Team, has launched ‘Get Active in Westminster’ across                                      gaining knowledge of the day to day
                                                                                                              running of each service. “I have particularly
the Centre to get clients interested in leading a healthier lifestyle.                                        enjoyed working with the children as they
The first taster session ran for a week in               April when clients, and staff, will take part in a   are so sweet and friendly. The Centre has
February and consisted of giving advice and              row-a-thon with the eventual aim of getting          opened my eyes to the difficulties that
guidance on how to use a rowing machine                  everyone into the water. We are very grateful        people face trying to get homes in the
correctly and demonstrating the benefits of this         indeed to Waterrower for their donation of           capital.” Joelle is here until April 18th and
type of exercise. Mark hopes that this will be           two premium machines.                                will return to the US to complete a Masters
the start of a much bigger project planned for                                                                so that she can become a teacher in an
                                                                                                              elementary school.
                                                                                                              “I have found the work here so interesting
  If you would like to sponsor a client or a staff member                                                     and the staff and clients very friendly.”
  then please visit our website for further details.

We would love to hear from you!                                                                                                                     PAGe 3
The Centre Spring Newsletter 2009

Christmas in the
Family Services
This year the Family Services Christmas party was better than ever.
Santa arrived with one of his trusted elves to give out lots of
wonderful presents. We hope none of the children are reading this
Newsletter as we would like to thank staff members, Mark
Stipanovsky, for being Santa, and Ines Kabula who was his elf. After
eating mountains of food, parents were encouraged to join in the
dancing and games with their children to burn off the extra calories.
We would like to thank Our Lady Help of Christians,
Rickmansworth, and the Westminster Cathedral Choir School who
donated many of the gifts, and the Junior League of London who
provided hampers filled with food, toiletries and toys for every family
and we are also extremely grateful for the regular monthly donations
of food from St Augustine’s Church in High Wycombe.
In addition to our own party, 100 children from the Family Services
were invited to a Christmas party organised by the London Scottish
Regiment on Horseferry Road where everyone had a great time,
especially as their older brothers and sisters were also able to attend.

                                                                           Seysha-Rae receives her gift from Santa

Santa and his helpful Elf                                                  Some of our staff meeting Santa

PAGe 4              Tel:    020 7222 1602             email:
                                  Fundraising Fun!
                                  Charity Flowers
                                  Need to order flowers online? Want to raise money for the Centre?
                                  Visit or phone 08705 300 600 and quote
                                  CARH. Quoting this source code ensures we receive 15% of the cost
                                  of your order. So whether it’s Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary,
                                  Happy Christmas, Happy Easter, Congratulations, a present for
                                  Mother’s Day or just to show you care, please place your order with
                                  Charity Flowers Direct.
                                  Each One Counts
                                  The Centre has teamed up with Each One Counts, a company
                                  specialising in working with charities, to raise as much as £3.00 an
                                  item for recycled mobile phones and ink cartridges. To participate you
                                  can either log onto
                                  order-bags.htm to open an account and order some recycling bags or
                                  you can send your phones and ink cartridges to: The Recycling Appeal,
                                  the Cardinal Hume Centre and we can send them off to be recycled.
                                  Mission Fish
                                  This registered charity has developed an initiative called eBay for
                                  Charity, a unique programme that helps charities raise money on eBay
                                  or through eBay for Charity which raises £11,000 each day!! Help raise
                                  money for the Centre by eBaying your goods and thereby donating
                                  10%-100% of the profit.
                                  How to eBay on behalf of the Centre:
                                  To register as a Community Seller in the UK, please follow these steps:
                                  Go to the website
                                  1. Go to the Sell hub and be sure to select ‘Advanced Sell’
                                  2. Once you get to the ‘Choose how you’d like to sell your item’
                                     section, you will see the option ‘Donate a percentage of sale’
                                  3. Select a charity to support and the percentage (10%-100%)
                                     of your final selling price that you’d like to donate
                                  Blaze Fire Walking
Ines Joued in her party dress     Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk over 20 feet
                                  of wood embers burning at 1236 degrees Fahrenheit? Well take the
                                  impeccably safe Blaze Walk Challenge and find out. Click onto this
                                  link or phone
                                  0115 960 8208 and organise a fundraising fire walk on behalf of
                                  the Centre.

                                  Other ideas and ways to support
                                  the Cardinal Hume Centre
                                  Hold a spring party or bbq; have a spring clean out and a jumble sale
                                  and donate the money to the Centre; have a themed dress-up day at
                                  work or partake in a sponsored event.
                                  Charity of the year: If you are a school, a church, a company
                                  or a family why not make the Centre your charity of the year?
                                  Leave a legacy in your will: please contact the Centre for our
                                  user-friendly Will making guide.

Disco Dancing

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The Centre Spring Newsletter 2009

Celebrity visits with BBC Children
In Need and Comic Relief
Last November saw two celebrity visits to the Centre organised
through BBC Children In Need and Comic Relief.
BBC Children In Need have supported the
work of the Family Services since 2005. As part
of the build up to their annual televised appeal
on 14th November, they approached us to
see whether former Atomic Kitten and winner
of Celebrity Masterchef 2008, Liz McClarnon,
could spend a morning with the parents and
children in the Family Centre.
Liz had a fantastic time playing with the children
and being painted all the colours of the rainbow
with special (and easily removable) foam paint.
She was also able to listen to the stories their
parents told her, which gave her an insight into
their lives in often inadequate and overcrowded
conditions. In fact Liz was so touched she made
sure we received a huge box of toys from
Hamleys a couple of days later. The children
were absolutely delighted with their new fairy
dresses and joined together to paint a very
special thank you card to Liz. Just afterwards, we
were contacted by Comic Relief to see whether
Rod Stewart’s daughter, Kimberley, could visit as     Liz McClarnon and Evie Fleming
she had expressed an interested in seeing some
of the work for herself. Comic Relief have been
involved in the Centre since 1993 and this
year’s grant is earmarked to the work of the
Gateway in assessing client need.
                                                        Westminster Cathedral Choir School
Kimberley spent the morning talking to staff and                                                          raised £7,500 for the Centre. And in the week
clients about the different services we offer on                                                          running up to Christmas, boxes and bags full
our one site. Afterwards, she was able to join in                                                         of gifts were delivered to the Centre to spread
circle time in the Family Services, telling stories                                                       the cheer even further.
and singing rhymes, before being asked to pose
with some of the staff in their red noses.                                                                In January, we invited the boys to the Centre
Kimberley asked if she could come back for                                                                to see what their support is helping to achieve.
another visit a few weeks later, which she did,                                                           We welcomed 2 elected representatives from
helping some of the families to make their own                                                            each class who together form the School
Christmas cards and decorations.                                                                          Council, together with Rob O’Brien, Head of
                                                        Westminster Choir School                          Religious Studies, and Nicola Marchant and
We are really grateful to BBC Children In Need                                                            Gabrielle Speaight, the two parents who
and Comic Relief for their support and recognise        On the last day of term before Christmas, the     helped forge the relationship with the Centre.
how important it is to help celebrities like Liz        Choir School enjoyed a traditional Christmas      At Assembly the next morning with the whole
and Kimberley to see for themselves both what           party welcoming not just as many parents as       school present, the boys described their visit
the needs are, and how even the toughest                possible, but also staff from the Centre, which   to the Centre:
situations can be turned around with their help.        is the School’s charity of choice. After the
                                                        carols and the food, there was an auction of      “I think everyone should try to visit the Centre
                                                        promises where parents were asked to bid for      because the experience has shown me that
                                                        a range of donated prizes and some brave          in London, no-one is ever completely alone.
                                                        “promises” from school staff. The Auctioneer,     The Centre gives hope to people who have
                                                        deputy headmaster John Floyd, ran                 run away from home. So people get a second
                                                        proceedings brilliantly and inspired parents      chance. The Centre gives a big push in the
                                                        to dig deep for the various lots including the    right direction.”
                                                        opportunity for one lucky boy to be Head          We are deeply grateful to everyone at the
                                                        Master for a day. With added incentives such      School, including the parents, for their
                                                        as a week’s ski holiday, weekends away            generosity and continued support of our work
                                                        and various pampering prizes, the auction         here at the Centre.
Sue Endean and Kimberley Stewart

PAGe 6            Tel:    020 7222 1602                email:
Kitty and Lillie make a mint
Kitty (9) and Lillie (11) Toon raised
over £500 for the Centre by
asking their friends and family to
make a donation rather than give
them a gift at their recent joint
birthday party.
The girls first heard of the Centre from their
father Nick who regularly runs in the London
10K on our behalf. “We were inviting a lot of
people to our disco and it seemed silly to ask
for presents.”
”Our school has raised funds for the Centre
previously and Mum and Dad suggested we
gave the money to a charity we knew so the
natural choice was the Cardinal Hume Centre.”
The party was in the school hall where we had
a DJ, hotdogs, crisps and a chocolate fountain.
We invited our classmates and also our friends
from Donhead Lodge school.
                                                    Kitty and Lillie Toon
The invitation told guests that presents were
welcome but we’d love it if you could donate to     raise money for a charity but it made us feel       encouraged a lot more people in our classes
our charity, the Cardinal Hume Centre. To the       proud and gave us a warm sensation that we          to do the same for the Centre.”
shock of the Toon family they received much         had helped.” The girls both attend the Ursuline     Kitty agrees and says “We were both very happy
more money than expected. “Our friends were         Prep School, Wimbledon. Lillie says “We’d love      that we had a great time and could help others
amazed that we had given up our presents to         to do more fundraising and hope that we’ve.         in the process.” Well done to the Toon family.

  casestudy... Gazmen’s Story
   Gazmen Duraku-Hodie,18, originally
   from Kosovo, came to England to live
   with his father; unfortunately he was
   taken into care at the age of 6. He
   came to the Centre when he was 17
   to start to live semi-independently.
   Gazmen had the opportunity to travel to
   the Gambia with Westminster Social
   Services to take part in an ‘identify
   programme’ which allowed the young
   people from both countries to show the
   other what made them who they are.
   Gazmen believes this trip has changed his
   life. “We were working with people aged
   between 18 and 19 who gave us a
   presentation about their lives. This showed us
   everything that was important to them in
   their lives. The contrast to ours was amazing.
   There were no rap or football stars, no
   designers clothes or gangs.” Gazmen was in
   awe of their commitment to their families,       Gazmen Duraku-Hodic
   their schoolwork and the respect they have       support of the staff here at the Centre           that I can be a London black cab driver but
   for everyone. It has made him look at his        Gazmen is working towards changing his            my ultimate goal is to have my own chauffeur
   own life and want to make changes. “ I wish      future. “I want to do the Knowledge soon so       company when I’m more experienced.”
   I had worked harder at school now, I can see
   the importance of it and how it can make a       “There were no rap or football stars, no designers clothes or gangs”
   big difference to my life.” With the help and

We would love to hear from you!                                                                                                              PAGe 7
 The Centre Spring Newsletter 2009

The London
10K Run
                                                  A Big Thank You
Fancy getting fit?                                goes to...
Want to raise money
for the Centre?
Why not combine the two.
The Ninth Annual British 10K London
Run will once again take place through
the heart of central London in summer
2009. The race starts outside the
Hard Rock Café in Piccadilly.
The route will take runners past
London’s world famous historic and
iconic landmarks.
Taking part will be Olympic athletes and
celebrities from stage and screen, as well
as tens of thousands of recreational
runners, who will raise over a million
pounds for the participating charities.
For the fourth year running the Centre
has 30 places in the prestigious race             The school council at St Johns Primary School
and would like to build on the success of
last year’s fantastic effort. If you would like   St Johns Catholic Primary School, Rickmansworth for raising £350 from their parents and friends
to be part of the day please contact              at the end of the nativity play by Key Stage 1 (4-7 year olds). Many thanks to all concerned.
Jennifer on jennifermosley@
Or call 020 7222 1602 for more
information and your entry form.

The London 10K Run

                                                  Pupils at St Francis Xavier School preparing boxes
                                                  Another huge thank you goes to St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College, London, who delivered
emergency                                         over 30 boxes full of food and toiletries, which were shared out between the families, young
                                                  people and refugees who come to the Centre. The efforts made by the young people to collect

Housing Packs                                     up such a vast amount of goods were greatly appreciated by everyone who received the gifts.

Can you help us? In the big February                 To Cynphia Goodwin from Bromley who

freeze, we were able to welcome and                  regularly donates clothes for the adults
help some rough sleepers who had                     and children who use the family service.

nothing to protect themselves from
such extreme weather. Would you be                   To Margaret Legg and her colleagues who
willing to contribute to putting together            work at Buckingham Palace who generously
an emergency housing pack? £100 will                 donate toiletries on a regular basis.
buy a pack of a new sleeping bag,
canned soups and warm new clothes
for rough sleepers.
PAGe 2
Help us ensure even more
homeless young people
find their future
I would like to make a
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