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									                                                         VOICE MAIL   714-354-5981                 E-MAIL
SMOOTH, YOUNG LOOKING SKIN…                     COSMETIC SURGERY, we have developed a          “I am imazed how much time it saved me
without uneven skin color, sun damage           superior aesthetic practice by                 once I trusted my skin care needs to
spots, skin sensitivities, blemishes.           incorporating state of the art surgery with    Viktoriya… I look for fashion in fashion’s
…WITH VISIBLE IMPROVEMENTS IN THE               state of the art skin care.                    magazines. When I shop, I spend no time
SKIN TEXTURE, COLOR, AND TONE .                 To accelerate healing, maximize and            by cosmetic counters. I do not have a
The objective is to keep your skin slightly     enhance the results of your surgery,           clatter of “youth” promising product”
rosy in appearance. That indicates the skin     it is advisable to undergo our skin            Sharol L.
is getting stimulated and performs to its       conditioning process.
best.                                           IT IS OUR GOAL TO HELP YOU PRESERVE AND        “Ms. Bul demonstrates a very high level
WHAT MAKES OUR RESULT - ORIENTED,               MAINTAIN SURGICAL RESULTS BY PROVIDING         of competence in her specialty of skin care,
MEDICALLY SUPERVISED SKIN CONDITIONING          YOU WITH AN EFFECTIVE, LONG-TERM               products, and intervention strategies. I
PROCESS CLINICALLY SUPERIOR?                    MANAGEMENT SKIN CARE PROGRAM.                  have been very impressed with the
It is conducted by Dr. Malcolm Paul and                                                        professional treatments I have received
Ms. Viktoriya Bul, an innovative and            HERE’S WHAT WE DO FOR YOU                      under her care”
multidisciplinary team of internationally       During your skin evaluation we will:            Carol L., RN.
trained professionals.                           SHOW you how to best care for your
                                                  skin to both achieve and maintain the        “Viktoriya is a knowledgeable and caring
THE PROCESS IS PERSONALIZED FOR YOUR              results you always wanted                    person. With the program she designed, I
SPECIFIC SKIN CONDITION AND THE                  ANALYZE your present skin condition          have seen my skin improve to the best
IMPROVEMENTS YOU ARE SEEKING.                    ASSESS your current skin care products       condition it has been since my childhood”
                                                 IDENTIFY the need for medical attention      Silvie B., RN
OUR IN OFFICE TREATMENTS INTEGRATE               REVIEW your medical history
 the most advanced and effective                                                              “ In Viktoriya’s work she is thorough,
  formulas based on scientific data.            During the process we will:                    competent, responsible, trustworthy and
 Clinically proven anti-irritants provide       MONITOR your improvement                     most reliable. I have been her patient and
  comfort while delivering results.              PERFORM clinical skin care treatments        have referred many patients to her”
Our formulas are not available at salons.         in the office to achieve an effective skin   Perry F., MD
YOUR HOME CARE PRODUCTS are                                                                    “Viktoriya’s commitment to education,
formulated with the safety and efficacy         CLINICAL SKIN CARE TREATMENTS                  devotion, and enthusiasm for her work
your deserve. They are free of known skin       PERFORMED BY VIKTORIYA IN THE OFFICE           were readily apparent to many attendees
irritants: comedogenic oils and waxes,          ARE AN EFFECTIVE PART OF YOUR ONGOING          of her consistently ranked presentation”
colors, fragrances, and sensitizers.            SKIN CARE ROUTINE.                             Linda C.

FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, WE OFFER FLEXIBLE HOURS       E-MAIL                      VOICE MAIL   714-354-5981
                                                         VOICE MAIL   714-354-5981                 E-MAIL
MISSION STATEMENT:                                         VIKTORIYA BUL
Medically Supervised Skin Conditioning             MEDICAL SKIN CARE PROFESSIONAL,
is dedicated to providing our patients                  LICENSED ESTHETICIAN                        RESULT ORIENTED
with a result oriented skin care
  to prevent or delay the need for             Specializing in advanced medical skin care         SKIN CONDITIONING
    surgical procedures                         treatments for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,                PROCESS
OR                                              Dermatology for over 15 years
                                                                                             SUPERVISED BY DR. MALCOLM PAUL
    to maximize, enhance, and preserve
                                                Uniquely skilled professionals with an       CONDUCTED BY MS. VIKTORIYA BUL
     the results of your cosmetic surgery.
                                                extensive skin care training and cosmetics         AFFILIATED SINCE 1996
IT IS PERSONALIZED FOR YOUR SPECIFIC            chemistry background
YOU ARE SEEKING.                                Has worked since 1992 under direct
                                                supervision of a surgeon certified by the
Ask to see before and after pictures.           American Board of Aesthetic Plastic          MISSION STATEMENT:
                                                                                             Medically supervised skin conditioning is
We use products made by and for us:             Extensive training and work experience in    dedicated to providing our patients with a
                                                medical skin care centers in Europe and      result oriented skin care
    ACHIEVEMENT                                USA                                            to prevent or delay the need for
    BIOMEDIC                                                                                   surgical procedures
    PERFECT PEEL                                                                            OR
    REFINITY                                  ADVANCED TRAINING IN:                            to maximize, enhance, and preserve
    COSMEDEX                                    techniques for pre & post operative             the results of your facial cosmetic
    PROCYTE                                      skin care                                       surgery.
    OBAGI                                       use of the chemical agents for the skin
    PHYSICIAN CHOICE OF ARIZONA                 acne treatments
    AGERA                                       make-up applications
    HALS PHARMACY                                                                           To make an appointment:
                                                                                             Voice mail: 714-354-5981
                                                Ask to see before and after pictures.        E-mail:
                                                                                             Ask to see before and after pictures

FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, WE OFFER FLEXIBLE HOURS       E-MAIL                      VOICE MAIL   714-354-5981

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