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The Big Apple Beckons


									                                                                                                                                             Vol. 21 No . 1 Win t er 2010

        The Big Apple Beckons
        2010 An n u a l R e cog n it io n Din n er in Ne w Yo r k Tak in g Sh a p e

                he Coca-Cola Company is lead                                what promises to be a spectacular din-                            “It looks like we’re going to have a
                sponsor of the 2010 Annual                                  ner at the Hilton New York on October                             great series of leadership events this
                Recognition Dinner. The com-                                14, 2010. Returning to New York City                              year,” said Carl Brooks, president &
        pany, a 1995 Corporate Award recipient,                             for the second time since 2008, this                              CEO. “In the world’s greatest city, the
        will join The Executive Leadership                                  year’s dinner will also serve as the kick-                        reigns of the organization will be
        Council and other sponsors in hosting                               off of our 25th Anniversary Celebration.                          passed to a new leader as we launch
                                                                                                                                              our celebration of twenty-five years of
                                                                                                                                              inclusive leadership. It’s going to be
                                                                                                                                              very exciting.”

                                                                                                                                              “This year’s dinner represents the first
                                                                                                                                              day of our year-long celebration of the
                                                                                                                                              legacy, leadership, and excellence ELC
                                                                                                                                              has come to represent: 25 years of build-
                                                                                                                                              ing networks and a corporate leadership
                                                                                                                                              pipeline for African Americans,” said
                                                                                                                                              Jessica Isaacs, ELC Board Chair and
                                                                                                                                              senior vice president at American Inter-
                                                                                                                                              national Group, Inc. “The legacy ELC
                                                                                                                                              continues to build is one that we all
                                                                                                                                              should be proud to celebrate and even
                                                                                                                                              more determined to maintain and build
                                                                                                                                              over the next 25 years and beyond.”

                                                                                                                                              Brooks announced his plan to retire
                                                                                                                                              December 31, 2010, making this year’s
        Au t u m n is a s p e cia l t im e in Ne w Yo r k Cit y w h en t h e t e m p e r a t u r e s a r e co m f o r t a b le ,
                                                                                                                                              Annual Recognition Dinner a special
        t h e t r e es in Ce n t r a l P a r k a r e s p ect a cu la r a n d t h e cit y s h in es . M o r e t h a n 2,000 lea d e r s
        in b u s in e s s , g o v e r n m en t , s p o r t s , e n t e r t a in m en t a n d ed u ca t io n w ill g a t h er in Oct o b er    event. “Corporate America is a
        t o h o n o r Ca r l B r o o k s a n d k ick o f f T h e Ex ecu t iv e L ea d e r s h ip Co u n cil’s 25t h A n n iv e r s a r y .                            Continued on page 3

Inside This Issue...                                                        ELC Presses Education Agenda
 2 Me s s age f r om Co u n cil Ch air                                      By: M.V. Greene
 3 EL C M em ber s App oin t e d t o
   Na t io n al P TA Ad v is o r y B oar d                                  Preparing new generations of African-                             ment with an often-underachieving edu-
                                                                            American executives has been a top-                               cational system, beginning with K-12.
 6 Wh at Doe s EL C Do w it h It s $?
                                                                            level objective of The Executive
10 Me m b er s on t h e Mo v e                                              Leadership Council since its founding                             “We need to make sure we are doing
17 B lack Wo m en ’s L e ade r s h ip                                       nearly 25 years ago. But stocking the                             what we can do at the lowest levels of
                                                                            corporate executive pipeline with                                 the education forum so that we have
   Su m m it R et u r n s t o DC
                                                                            minority group candidates can’t rely on                           the senior executives coming through
20 Me m b er s Co n v en e in Or la n do                                    wishful thinking, ELC members will                                                        Continued on page 5
   f or Win t er M ee t in g                                                tell you. It demands hands on involve-
    Message from the
        Council Chair
    The Future
    We M u s t C r e a t e
                                                                                Jessica Isaacs

          The future of The Executive Leadership Council must not be something that just happens to us, it must be a
          future we create through our hard work and commitment. Over the past year, the ELC and Executive Lead-
          ership Foundation Boards have committed considerable time, energy, and expertise, alongside our ELC lead-
          ership team and a dynamic group of facilitators and collaborators to design our 2010-2012 strategic plan.
          Our focus was to design a strategic plan that could stand the test of time as we move to enhance our brand
          and rededicate our resources and ourselves to the Council’s continuing evolution and legacy of excellence.
          The strategic plan will focus on achieving preeminence on these five key strategic goals:
              1.   Professional Development, Network and Forum
              2.   Visibility, Recognition and Achievement
              3.   Community Impact
              4.   Pipeline Development
              5.   Leading Edge Research

          It is our belief that we are or can become leading experts in each of these areas. We look forward to intro-
          ducing new initiatives and programs that will help us expand our reach and help us impact more of the
          African-American leadership pipeline. It will be important for each of us to rededicate ourselves and our
          corporations to ensure that we will meet these challenges and continue to heighten the legacy of excellence
          we have established.

          One of the most important architects of our legacy, our enhanced brand, and our international respect as a
          thought leader has been my brother, friend and our fearless leader over the past decade, our President & CEO
          Carl Brooks. Carl recently announced his plans to retire at the end of this year. Carl’s tireless commitment
          and passion for this organization has been instrumental in helping us transition from a time of deep difficul-
          ties to our present position which includes a strong financial foundation and a highly-valued position within
          corporate America and the halls of leadership as a trusted advisor. During times of leadership transition, as
          we all know within our corporations, there frequently is a concern about whether there can really be a truly
          smooth transition. It is my commitment along with our ELF Chair Roy Dunbar and Carl himself, to all of
          you, that we will do everything necessary to ensure we have a smooth transition and a transparent President
          & CEO selection process. We pledge to bring in a leader that is highly capable and qualified to take The
          Executive Leadership Council forward.

          Transparency, a rededication to member services, and enhancing member and corporation value will be my
          key priorities and our guiding principles for this year and my term as chair. I am blessed to have a board
          team that is equally committed to all of you, our member corporations, and our other constituencies in this
          effort. ELC represents the very best in corporate leadership and therefore, we must continue to make coop-
          erative support and commitment to our mission and ideals as paramount to continuing our legacy now and
          into the future.

          Jessica Isaacs
T h e B i g A p p l e B e c k o n s Continued from Page 1
                                                                                                                    National PTA
stronger, more inclusive workplace
because of the legacy Carl Brooks
                                               tion of the many contributions African
                                               Americans continue to make to corpo-
leaves behind,” said Ingrid Saunders
Jones, senior vice president of Global
                                               rate business in the face of daunting
                                               challenges. This year represents an
                                                                                                                    First Advisory
Community Connections for The
Coca-Cola Company, and 2008 recipient
                                               opportunity for companies to demon-
                                               strate they have weathered the eco-
of The Executive Leadership Council’s          nomic storm as The Executive
Achievement Award. “For more than              Leadership Council embraces the                                      ELC members Floyd W. Green III,
two decades, The Coca-Cola Company             theme of “A Legacy of Leadership.”                                   Head of Community Relations, Aetna
has strongly supported the ELC’s                                                                                    Inc.; James White, President & CEO               3
mission to build a diverse business            Tables are moving at a faster pace this                              of Jamba Juice; and new member
leadership pipeline. We’re proud to be         year. Tables can be reserved by visiting                             Patrick Gaston, President, Verizon
the lead sponsor of this year’s Annual and clicking on the                                  Foundation, have been selected to
Recognition Dinner, and honored to             banner at the top of the home page. This                             serve a two-year terms with the
participate in the kickoff of the 25th         year’s leadership events will take place                             National PTA Advisory Board. The
anniversary celebration.”                      October, 14th and 15th at the Hilton New                             board is comprised of nine influential
                                               York located at 53rd Street and Avenue                               and well-known figures in their respec-
In 2008, when ELC held its first dinner        of the Americas (Sixth Avenue) in Man-                               tive industries. National PTA com-
in New York City, corporate America            hattan. We expect another record crowd.                              prises millions of families, students,
had just begun to feel the sting of a          You can reach them with your message                                 teachers, administrators, and business
recession that would force many com-           in an ad in the dinner program book.                                 and community leaders devoted to the
panies into mergers, government                To reserve your space, contact Damon                                 educational success of children and the
takeovers and out of business. Even            Williams at or                                 promotion of family engagement in
then, ELC was able to create a celebra-        (703) 706-5216.                                                      schools. Advisory Board members
                                                                                                                    were selected based on their executive-
                                                                                                                    level leadership; experience and quali-
                                                                                                                    fications; valuable contributions to
ELC Scholarship Winner                                                                                              education; and shared vision to trans-
                                                                                                                    form tomorrow’s families today.
Invited to Washington, D.C.                                                                                         O t h e r N a t i o n a l P TA A d v i s o r y
                                                                                                                    Board Members 2009-2011
By William Roller, Yuma Sun Staff Writer
                                                                                                                    •    Tichina Arnold
Arizona Western College Student Gov-                                                                                     Actress (best known for her role
ernment Association (SGA) President                                                                                      as Pam on the sitcom Martin)
Lemar Griffin, a winner in the ELC
2009 Award for Excellence in Business                                                                               •    Charlotte Frank
Commentary National Essay Contest,                                                                                       Senior VP, McGraw Hill
was invited to attend an international                                                                                   Companies
peace conference in March by the
American Israel Public Affairs Com-                                                                                 •    Greg Schuman
mittee (AIPAC) in Washington, D.C.                                                                                       VP and Group Publisher,
                                                                                                                         Parenting Magazine
Along with 175 other SGA presidents
from across the U.S., Griffin had the                                                                               •    Guy Vickers
opportunity to meet with U.S. senators                                                                                   President, Tommy Hilfiger
as well as the Israeli leadership in a         L e m a r G r i f f i n , AW C s t u d e n t g o v e r n m e n t          Foundation
seminar about achieving a lasting              p r e s i d e n t a n d E L C E s s a y C o n t e s t w i n n e r,
peace for the region.                          a t t e n d s a c o n f e r e n c e i n Wa s h i n g t o n           •    Judy Werthauser
                                               D.C. focusing on strengthening
                                               U . S . / I s r a e l i r e l a t i o n s a n d i m p ro v i n g          VP of Human Resources, Target
“I feel excited. It’s an honor to repre-       p ro s p e c t s f o r l a s t i n g M i d - E a s t p e a c e .
sent AWC and be among such highly                                                                                   •    Denise White
respected people,” Griffin said.               “I feel as us being Americans it’s impor-                                 Executive VP, Viacom
                                               tant to maintain good relations among
The purpose of the conference is to            all countries so we can help preserve
promote strong relationships between           peace and keep stability in the world.”
the U.S. and Israel, Griffin said.                                                     Continued on page 6
     A Message from the President & CEO

                             Staying True to Our Purpose

    C a r l B ro o k s

    We are constantly reminded that when it comes to advancing through the senior leadership ranks of
    corporate America, we are in a marathon and not a sprint. Every day, we must fight to preserve the gains
    we have made, reaching out to one another and providing the mutual support that represents what our
    membership organization is all about. By not leveraging our progress we run the risk of losing ground
    in increasing African American representation in the C-Suites and boardrooms of America’s largest

    The global economic crisis has shaken the confidence of many and lately we have witnessed a lack of
    civility among even our congressional representatives. In this challenging environment, there is a
    strong case for maintaining a professionally assertive posture while seeking personal and professional
    development. Coming out of this economic challenge, it will be important for us to be mentally and
    physically strong, spiritually centered, and able to demonstrate the resilience and determination that has
    carried us this far.

    Members of The Executive Leadership Council have always shown a desire to go beyond themselves to
    advance our community. Our Founding Members took on the cause of rescuing a financially strapped
    HBCU, Bishop College. Today, we are guided by our Strategic Initiatives that focus on Professional
    Development, Visibility and Community Impact. While it is clear that we have accomplished a great deal
    in our careers, some of our members have encountered difficulties in today’s economy. It is at times like
    these that we must remain vigilant, taking advantage of all that we have learned about surviving to help
    ourselves, our fellow members and our communities.

    We continue to work with our strategic partners to increase opportunities for members and to help each
    other. Our work with the Alliance for Board Diversity has helped us promote the selection of more
    minorities and women for corporate board seats. We are encouraged by some recent board appointments
    that indicate a positive trend and initiatives undertaken by the SEC to promote board diversity. Our
    alliance with The Marathon Club allows our members to learn more about emerging domestic and global
    business opportunities. Our programs and offerings through our Institute for Leadership Development
    & Research provide opportunities for you to gain and share knowledge about executive leadership and
    to support the next generation of African-American leaders.

    Over the past 24 years we have built an inclusive leadership organization. Our value comes from the full
    participation of our members and their support for one another. We have so much to offer. It is up to
    you, our members, to take advantage of it. You can be assured that we’re in this for the long haul and
    that we are here to help you reach your goals personally and professionally.
EL C P r es s e s Ed u cat ion Age n da
Continued from Page 1

that continuum later on. If there is any
break in that continuum, it then has a
negative impact on our success of want-
ing to put more African Americans and
people of color in the C-Suite and board-
room,” said ELC member Jimmy Jones.

ELC members recognize the role of             ( l- r ) Ta m a r a Na ll, D o n n a B r o o k s - L u ca s , Ala n a Wa r d R o b in s o n a n d M ich a e l D u t t o n
education in executive preparation,           m et w it h R o b er t o R o d r igu e z ( c), Sp e cia l As s is t a n t t o P r e s id en t Ob a m a f o r Ed u ca t io n .   5
acknowledging it is what has help in
guiding them to senior executive posi-        ing Group that is offering guidance to                             To have impact, we are going to apply the
tions in Fortune 500 companies during         the Obama Administration and other                                 business acumen of our members and
their careers. To ensure African Amer-        organizations such as the United Negro                             target specific areas where we can have
icans will achieve those same opportu-        College Fund on increasing African-                                some quick wins,” Brooks-Lucas said.
nities, the ELC is embarking on a series      American enrollment and graduation
of initiatives focused on education.          rates in colleges and graduate schools.                            To garner ideas, the working group has
                                              The group’s formation is an outgrowth                              surveyed ELC members to get their
Jones, formerly Senior Vice President and     of an August 2009 briefing conducted                               input and views, Brooks-Lucas said.
Chief Human Resources & Administra-           for ELC members by the White House.
tive Officer for Reebok International Ltd.,                                                                      Additionally, the ELC/ELF Executive
co-chairs one ELC initiative with member      Robinson, managing principal of Robin-                             Committee established a Community
Paula Sneed, Chairman & CEO, Phelps           son Group Consulting Inc. whose career                             Impact Committee in 2010 that will
Prescott Group & Interim President &          executive experience includes IBM,                                 lead an effort to ensure that the organi-
CEO of INROADS. In August 2009,               Sara Lee Hosiery and Coors Brewing,                                zation is making a measurable impact
the ELC joined with the New America           said she and Brooks-Lucas met in                                   on the African American communities.
Alliance to launch a national program         December with Roberto J. Rodríguez,                                ELC members Lynton Scotland and
aimed at addressing the achievement           who serves on the White House Domes-                               Susan Chapman are chairing this effort
gap of African-American and Latino            tic Policy Council as Special Assistant                            with one area of focus to support and
students in the nation’s high schools         to President Obama for Education to                                encourage promising African-American
where dropout rates in some U.S. cities       outline the group’s objectives center-                             students interested in corporate careers.
approach 50 percent. The NAA is a             ing on K-12 education, higher educa-
national organization comprised of            tion and parenting and education.                                  Scotland, former vice president of
Latino business leaders seeking to                                                                               operational excellence at NRG Energy
address American Latino economic              “He was delighted to know he could                                 Inc., said the committee intends to cre-
empowerment.                                  partner with a resource of the caliber of                          ate mechanisms in partnership with
                                              the ELC as well as the portfolio of ELC                            other organizations to provide career
As support and momentum have grown            companies to engage and support the                                development support for students in
quickly around the project, Jones said        president’s agenda around education,”                              high school as they move to college,
already the joint group is proposing to       Robinson said, adding that Rodríguez                               joining other ELC efforts aimed at col-
advance the initiative as a dedicated         offered updates on administration ini-                             lege students and early- and mid-career
venture with its own staffing, budgeting      tiatives that increase educational fund-                           professionals. Central to enlightening
and resources. Jones said the program         ing to states and Historically Black                               African-American high school stu-
would be governed by the ELC and              Colleges and Universities.                                         dents about corporate and executive
NAA, but members believed they                                                                                   careers will be to offer them a vision of
could be more effective in a standalone       Because issues surrounding education                               possibilities, Scotland said.
capacity. “We’re still in the embryonic       are monumental, Brooks-Lucas CEO/
stages of trying to understand what           Founder of DBL Strategic Business                                  “A lot of times our kids don’t have that
role we can significantly play in this        Communications Group, and formerly                                 vision to see what is possible. They
enormous issue that faces our country         a Senior Vice President at Burson-                                 might see what is possible from a sports
more than others. For the ELC, this is        Marsteller, said the working group will                            standpoint or a music standpoint, but
around the whole pipeline issue, which        be strategic in how it goes about meet-                            not always from a career or corporate
is our livelihood,” Jones said.               ing its objectives – through engaging                              standpoint. They need to see those
                                              ELC members’ participation as advisers                             potential fields and what those career
In another educational initiative launched    to current educational initiatives and                             tracks would be like,” Scotland said.
in 2009, members Alana Ward Robinson          collaborating with proven and successful
and Donna Brooks Lucas are co-chairing        external organizations. “The problem                                                    Greene is a freelance journalist
the ELC’s White House Education Work-         is pervasive in schools around the nation.                                                          based in Baltimore.
    What Does ELC Do with Its $?
    By Robin McQueen

    We build an inclusive business leader-              the programs for which they were                    10,000 managers have participated in
    ship pipeline by developing African-                acquired.                                           our programs such as Strengthening
    American corporate leaders – one                                                                        the Pipeline, Mid-Level Managers’
    student and one executive at a time. Our            The Executive Leadership Foundation                 Symposium and NextGen Network.
    Foundation provides financial support               has more programs geared towards stu-
    for educational and leadership initiatives          dents in undergraduate and graduate                 The money raised through our founda-
6   developed by members of The Council                 schools, as well as for young man-                  tion not only helps our pipeline of
    which include preparing students for                agers, mid-level managers and senior                African American talent, it also helps
    corporate life, training managers to                level executives.                                   senior level executives in the C-suite.
    become executives and grooming sen-                                                                     Contributions help us to deliver pro-
    ior executives for the C-suite.                     Our higher education programs focus                 grams such as our new Executive Out-
                                                        on helping students get the necessary               looks program that coaches senior
    The Executive Leadership Foundation                 education, financial assistance, men-               level black women executives. Our
    is a 501 C (3) organization that imple-             toring, and leadership skills needed to             Corporate Board Development pro-
    ments the programs envisioned by The                succeed in corporate America. Men-                  gram helps prepare executives for
    Executive Leadership Council. The                   toring, internships and job placement               placement on corporate boards.
    only source of revenue for the Council              are major elements of all of our higher
    is through Member Dues and Member                   education programs. Since its incep-                In addition to our programs, our Insti-
    Meetings Fees. All other revenue is                 tion ELC has helped hundreds of stu-                tute for Leadership Development and
    received by the Foundation, either                  dents get jobs and become successful                Research also conducts research and
    through sponsorship, grants dinner                  corporate Executives. Some have                     produces publications on blacks in cor-
    table sales and fees.                               become ELC members over the years.                  porate America partially funded by the
                                                        Donations to the Foundation have                    Foundation.
    The ELF business model is such that                 made this possible.
    the money raised by the Foundation                                                                      Without your support or the support of
    through the Annual Recognition Din-                 Pipeline and Leadership Development                 the member companies, the ELC
    ner is used to cover General & Admin-               programs have engaged over thousands                would not be able to help so many stu-
    istrative expenses, subsidizes the                  of new, middle and upcoming man-                    dents and managers navigate through
    Institute for Leadership development                agers. Five programs are dedicated to               and excel in the corporate world. This
    and Research, and the TTP Program. It               providing leadership, training, support,            is how we develop the pipeline of
    also funds the Foundation’s Endow-                  mentoring, and coaching to this next                African American talent to produce
    ment and Strategic Reserves. Member                 level of corporate executives. Dollars              leaders of tomorrow.
    corporation sponsorships and member                 raised help us deliver these programs
    contributions go directly into funding              throughout the country. To date nearly               McQueen is Director of Development for ELC.

    E L C S c h o l a r s h i p W i n n e r I n v i t e d t o Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . Continued from Page 3

    Along with the SGA presidents, there                Camilla McGhee, director of ELC’s                   to ensure these outstanding scholars
    was a delegation of the foremost                    Corporate Council Services & Founda-                take advantage of the many amazing
    Mideast policy experts, including                   tion Programs, directs the National                 opportunities before them. ELC mem-
    Robert Satloff, executive director of the           Essay Contest and is proud of all of her            bers provide mentoring and network-
    Washington Institute of Near East Pol-              students. “I am particularly pleased to             ing opportunities to the students,
    icy, and Robert Kagan, senior associate             see that Lemar is engaged in this kind              testament to their commitment to con-
    at the Carnegie Endowment for Interna-              of leadership activity,” said McGhee. I             tinue the pipeline development of
    tional Peace, as well as other politically          take mentoring the next generation                  future African-American corporate
    engaged Americans, Griffin said.                    very seriously and spend endless hours              leaders.
                                                        with our students before and after the
    “I feel I'll gain a lot of experience by            competition.”                                       The 2010 National Essay Contest has
    meeting with U.S. senators and Israeli                                                                  begun and details are available on
    officials. It's a real diverse setting and          McGhee works closely with the stu-         Contact Camilla
    that is always a plus for keeping cor-              dents, providing support and facilitat-             McGhee at or
    dial relations throughout the world.”               ing engagement with ELC members                     703-706-5217.
   New Board Diversity Findings Due in June
                                                          By M.V. Greene

       The Alliance for Board Diversity (ABD), a strategic collaboration of
 The Executive Leadership Council and several strategic partners, plans to
  release findings from its third joint report on boardroom diversity in June.

This year’s report, “Women and               tions, they should be more open to fur-     gest that if we were to broaden our cri-
Minorities on Fortune 100 Boards,” on        ther embracing diversity. “We believe       teria somewhat you can get different
the state of progress toward bringing        forward thinking organizations will         kinds of quality people and a broader
diversity to the boardrooms of Amer-         look at the changes in the business         array of thinking to help organizations
ica’s leading corporations will arrive       environment and will recognize that         navigate in changing circumstances.”
as the country struggles to emerge           diverse boards will better prepare their
from a prolonged financial crisis punc-      organizations to successfully compete       In a September 2009 speech before a
tuated by falling corporate income and       in a more complex and diverse market-       forum on boardroom diversity at the
job losses.                                  place,” Livers said.                        Stanford University Law School, SEC
                                                                                         Commissioner Luis A. Aguilar voiced
ABD’s January 2008 report, covering          Uncertain times may render corpora-         his amazement that in 2009 there
September 30, 2004, to April 30, 2006        tions fearful of the future, thus aban-     remains a need to highlight the impor-
– well before the global recession           doning emerging initiatives like            tance of boardroom diversity. “In an
began to accelerate – documented sub-        boardroom diversity, but that offers lit-   increasingly global environment, the
stantially little progress in the tradi-     tle solace for progress, Livers said.       ability to draw on a wide range of
tional makeup of corporate boards.           “Fear makes you default to old fault        viewpoints, backgrounds, skills and
According to that report, white men          lines but does little to prepare you for    experience is critical to a company's
still held a disproportionate share of       new realities.”                             success,” Aguilar said.
board director seats despite rapidly
changing national population demo-           In fact, corporations need to be more       A January 2010 Wall Street Journal
graphics.                                    rather than less proactive in seeking       article headlined “Why Diversity Can
                                             diversity as a way to continue to com-      Backfire On Company Boards” ques-
The ELC and alliance members Cata-           pete in the future, according to Livers.    tioned that while board diversity may
lyst, the Hispanic Association on Corpo-     For instance, while many qualified          be good in theory it too often leads to
rate Responsibility (HACR), Leadership       minority and woman board candidates         some boards operating ineffectually
Education for Asian Pacifics (LEAP)          are experts in financial matters, many      when boards do not take steps to wel-
and The Prout Group contributed              others are able to bring value to a         come different points of view.
research to the study to provide a picture   director’s seat beyond expertise in
of the state of progress. The alliance       finance, Livers said, noting the oppor-     But Livers said boards can do more
was formed in 2004.                          tunity for “diversity in background” is     than just add a minority or woman here
                                             an important one.                           or there. “If you are going to bring peo-
Dr. Ancella B. Livers, executive direc-                                                  ple who are different on your board,
tor of the Institute for Leadership          “It behooves organizations to be able       then you have to allow them to be dif-
Development & Research at the ELC,           to expand their view. If you say people     ferent. There’s nothing worse than
said the nation’s taxing financial envi-     who are qualified are only financial        bringing somebody on the board who
ronment ought not to derail robust           people, then you are cutting out a lot of   is different and then saying now you
efforts at board diversity. Livers said      strong potential candidates,” Livers        have to think the way I do,” she said.
that at times like this when corpora-        said. “This is not an argument for less-
tions already have to dramatically shift     ening the quality of people you have on                   Greene is a freelance journalist
their financial and business assump-         boards. It is an argument that may sug-                               based in Baltimore.
    2010 New Members – Winter Membership Meeting Inductees
    Danté Anderson                         Shacara N. Delgado                    Steven M. Hilton                       Jeffery Perry
    VP, International Marketing            SVP, Employment & Benefits Law        Vice President, Government Relations   America's Transaction
    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.                  Realogy Corporation                   McDonald's USA                         Integration Practice Leader
                                                                                                                        Ernst & Young
    Aster Angagaw                          Sonya Dukes                           Darline Jean
    SVP, Market Development                SVP, Director of                      CFO & SVP, Emerging Businesses         Kenneth Robinson
    Sodexo                                 Corporate Supplies Diversity                             Vice President-Finance
8                                          Wells Fargo                           Div of New York Times Co               The Procter & Gamble Company
    Nicole Black
    Vice President                         Ingrid Clark Durfy                    Netha N. Johnson, Jr.                  Agnes Bundy Scanlan
    Marketing & Business Solutions         President                             President & General Manager            Chief Regulatory Officer
    Johnson & Johnson Healthcare           Strategic Account Management          3M Company                             TD Bank
    Systems                                Johnson & Johnson Healthcare
                                           Systems                               Gregory Jones                          Harold Singleton, III
    Pamela Blow-Mitchell                                                         Director, Diversity & Inclusion        Managing Director
    VP & CIO                               Lawrence Duncan, III                  Northwestern Mutual                    Pinebridge Investments-AIG
    Lockheed Martin                        Vice-President, Federal & State
                                           Government Relations & PAC Affairs    Victoria Jones                         Lauren States
    Marilyn F. Booker                      Lockheed Martin                       Vice President, Government             Vice President, Cloud Computing
    Managing Director                                                            Affairs & Community Relations          IBM Corp
    Morgan Stanley                         Robert Ellis                          The Clorox Company
                                           Global Chief Inclusion &                                                     Michael K. Stewart
    David P. Bozeman                       Diversity Officer                     Freda C. Lewis-Hall                    Vice President & Controller
    Vice President                         ITT Corporation                       Chief Medical Officer & Senior Vice    Marathon Oil Corporation
    Core Components Division                                                     President
    Caterpillar, Inc.                      Laurena L. Emhoff                     Pfizer                                 Sylvia F. Taylor
                                           Vice President & Treasurer                                                   Vice President, Human Resources
    Esi Eggleston Bracey                   The New York Times Company            Cindy R. Kent                          AutoTrader.Com
    Vice President,                                                              Vice President, Marketing
    Global Cosmetics                       Robert E. Estill                      Medtronic, Inc.                        Angela Thomas
    Procter & Gamble                       Vice President Strategy & Portfolio                                          VP, Supply Chain Solutions
                                           Marathon Oil Corporation              Michael A. Lewis                       Cardinal Health
    Julia M. Brown                                                               SVP, Energy Delivery Florida
    SVP- Global Procurement                Darryl Fraser                         Progress Energy Florida                Gregg Walker
    Kraft Foods, Inc.                      Corporate Vice President,                                                    SVP- Corporate Development
                                           Communications                        Jon Love                               SONY Corporation
    Payne Brown                            Northrop Grumman Corporation          President, Pitney Bowes
    VP, Strategic Initiatives                                                    Government Solutions                   Loretta Young Walker
    Comcast Corporation                    Donald Frieson                        Pitney Bowes                           SVP/Chief Human
                                           President Central Div.,                                                      Resources Officer
    Theodore Bunting, Jr.                  VP Store Operations                   Leonard E. McLauglin                   Turner Broadcasting System
    SVP & Chief Accounting Officer         Wal-Mart Stores, Inc                  President                              (Time Warner Subsidiary)
    Entergy Corporation                                                          Cornerstone Innovative Solutions
                                           Patrick Gaston                        AON                                    Lewis Warren, Jr.
    Lawyer L. Burks                        President                                                                    President, NE Commercial Banking
    VP, Marketing & Product Management     Verizon Foundation                    Michael H. Millegan                    Bank of America / Merrill Lynch
    Cardinal Health                                                              President- Wholesale Markets
                                           Angela E. Guy                         Verizon                                William Whitman, Jr.
    Matthew Carter, Jr.                    SVP, General Manager                                                         Vice President, Communication
    President                              SoftSheen-Carson                      Patricia Howell Miller                 McDonald's USA
    Boost Mobile                           Consumer Products Division            Vice President, Human Resources
                                           L'Oreal USA                           Southern California Edison             Steven Andrew White
    Frank Clyburn                                                                                                       Regional Senior Vice President,
    SVP, Global Pharmaceutical Franchise   Paula McCann Harris                   Kevin Newell                           Comcast California
    Merck & Co, Inc.                       Community Affairs Director            US. SVP, Restaurant Support Officer    Comcast
                                           Schlumberger                          McDonald's USA
    Yolanda Conyers                                                                                                     Dontá L. Wilson
    VP, Global Integration & Diversity,                                                                                 President-BB&T Bank of America
    Chief of Staff-HR                                                                                                   BB& T Bank
National Black Business Information Clearinghouse
(Black BIC) Helps Black Entrepreneurs Start and
Grow A Business
Black BIC website joins Hispanic BIC website in Strengthening Minority Entrepreneurs

The National Black Business Informa-       “The Black BIC website is a compre-          “Minority owned businesses are the
tion Clearinghouse (      hensive toolbox of resources, informa-       fastest growing business segments in
joined the BIC family of entrepreneurial   tion, videos and articles designed to        the U.S. and their success is critical to   9
websites that are dedicated to ensuring    ensure the success of black business         their communities as they not only pro-
the success of small business owners.      owners,” said Dr. Eric Lee, President        duce jobs, they also create innovation
The Black BIC website, which is free       of the Black Chamber of Commerce of          and our future leaders” stated Michael
to use, provides Black Entrepreneurs       Colorado. “This is a valuable resource       Barrera, President of the Black BIC.
national and local resources on access-    we will use to further assist and edu-       “By providing this free business
ing Money, Managing and Marketing a        cate our membership and the Black            resource we empower minority busi-
small business, Procurement, tips on       business community.”                         nesses and communities across the
Technology, Demographic informa-                                                        country.”
tion and local information on permits,     “The Minority Business RoundTable
licensing, economic development etc.       strongly believes in the value of partner-   The Black BIC is a free resource center
Additionally, the website contains         ships like the one we have established       and website that provides critical
research on small business and training    with the Black BIC and the Hispanic          business information on MONEY,
videos on financing, networking and        BIC ( ” stated           MARKETS, MANAGEMENT and
business development.                      Roger A. Campos, President and CEO of        TECHNOLOGY to support the startup
                                           the Minority Business RoundTable. “It        and growth of Black-owned busi-
“The Black BIC website has been in         broadens our collective resources to help    nesses. The Black BIC offers a collec-
planning for a couple of years and we      and assist more minority— African            tion of business-related articles,
are excited to make it available to        American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native        videos, local city resources, demo-
aspiring and existing Black entrepre-      American business owners.”                   graphics, a small business search
neurs who want to start and grow a                                                      engine and other business tools that
successful business,” stated Sal           The Black BIC will be reaching out to        help aspiring entrepreneurs start and
Gomez, Founder of the Black BIC.           more local and national grassroots           run a successful and profitable business.
                                           organizations to further assist aspiring
The Black BIC website has received         Black Entrepreneurs in owning their          The BIC websites have been funded by
accolades from local, immigrant and        own business and leading the eco-            Our World, Our Family, Western
national organizations. The website        nomic development of their communi-          Union’s $50 million, five-year initiative
has been demonstrated to Black Cham-       ties. The Black BIC joins the Hispanic       to empower communities around the
ber Commerce of Colorado, the Minor-       BIC website which now boasts 10,000          world, the U.S. Department of Labor,
ity Business RoundTable and was part       unique users per month from the U.S.         Microsoft, U.S. Army, The Coca-Cola
of the sub-Saharan African Diaspora        and Latin America and the BIC family         Company and Comerica Bank.
Trade show and Marketplace in Wash-        of business websites that include
ington D.C. sponsored by U.S. AID          regional sites in Florida, New York and
and Western Union.                         North Carolina.

                                           Is there something missing?
                                     If you have news to share or would like us to cover a
                                    particular subject, send us your news and story ideas.
                                    Contact us at or (703) 706-5200. Contact is published
                                        four times a year, generally in March, June, September and December.

                                                     WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU.
     Members on the Move
     Velma Monteiro-Tribble, COO and            Stephanie Bell-Rose recently joined
     Assistant Treasurer for the Alcoa          TIAA-CREF as Managing Director
10   Foundation recently retired after seven    and head of the TIAA-CREF Institute
     years with the company and over 30         after a decade as serving as the found-
     years of leadership in philanthropic       ing President of the Goldman Sachs
     leadership.                                Foundation.

     On January 4th, 2010, Keith Wyche,
     President – U.S. Operations for Pitney
     Bowes Management Services became
     President of Cub Foods, a Minnesota-
     based grocery chain with stores
     throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illi-
     nois, and Iowa.                                                                      Paula Sneed, current Chairman &
                                                                                          CEO of the Phelps Prescott Group was
                                                                                          named in January Interim President &
     On January 13th, 2010, Don Thompson                                                  CEO of INROADS, a corporate intern-
     was promoted from President of US                                                    ship and leadership development organ-
     Operations to President & COO at                                                     ization for minority college students.
     McDonald’s Corporation.

                                                Bridgette Heller, Global President –      Joyce Hayes-Giles, Senior VP – Cus-
                                                Baby GBU was recently transitioned        tomer Service for DTE Energy was
                                                into the position of Worldwide Presi-     recently appointed February 19th to
                                                dent for McNeil Nutritionals, which       the Board of Directors for Covenant
                                                was held by fellow ELC member and         House Michigan of Detroit.
                                                new Mars Chief Consumer Officer at
                                                Mars Chocolate North America Debra
                                                Sandler. On March 1, Heller became
                                                Executive VP & President – Consumer
                                                Health Care for Merck and a member
                                                of its Executive Committee.

                                                Adriane Brown recently left her posi-
                                                tion as SVP – Energy Strategy at
     Darden Restaurants Chairman & CEO          Honeywell International to become
     Clarence Otis was recently elected to      President & COO at Intellectual
     a 3 year term on the Board of Directors    Ventures on January 11th, a Bellevue,
     of The Federal Reserve Bank of             WA based leader in the creation and
     Atlanta.                                   patenting of new inventions.

                                                                                          Diane Ashley, Chief Diversity Officer
     Randy Melville, Senior VP – Sales for      Rosalind Brewer, former President of      for the Federal Reserve Bank of New
     Frito-Lay North America was recently       the Southeast Division for Walmart        York, was recently named the Blanton-
     named to the Board of Interline            was promoted on January 28th to EVP       Peale Institute and Counseling Center’s
     Brands, Inc., is a leading international   and President of Walmart South, as        Norman Vincent Peale Award for Posi-
     distributor and direct marketer of         part of a major restructuring at the      tive Thinking for 2010 recipient and
     maintenance, repair, and operations        company.                                  will receive the award Tuesday, May
     products.                                                                            11th at the New York Marriott Marquis.
Keith Pigues, Chief Marketing Officer      Solomon Watson IV was appointed            Herman Bulls, Chairman – Public
for Ply Gem Industries, Inc. was           November 20th as General Counsel for       Institutions for Jones Lang LaSalle
recently appointed an Adjunct Profes-      the Department of the Army by Presi-       was named March 15th to the Board of
sor of Leadership at the University of     dent Obama.                                Directors of Rasmussen, Inc., a post-
North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Busi-                                                  secondary educational services organi-
ness School.                                                                          zation delivering Master's, Bachelor's,
                                           Derica Rice was recently promoted          Associate's, and Doctoral degree pro-
                                           from Senior VP and CFO to Executive        grams through its network of 18 Ras-
Wayne Hewett was recently promoted         Vice President – Global Services and       mussen College campuses and
on January 7th from COO to President       CFO for Eli Lilly.                         partnerships with leading universities.
& CEO of Arysta LifeScience Corpo-
ration. Hewett just joined the company                                                                                          11
in October 2009 after two decades of
leadership at GE.

Members in the News
The Executive Leadership Council was recently highlighted as part of a special        In the September/October 2009 issue
section on how executive diversity can help companies during the economic recov-      of The Network Journal, the Eighth
ery in the December 2009 Issue of Black Enterprise. It was also featured on the       Annual Black Women on Wall Street
BE website as Black Enterprise did several stories and live web streaming of their    was spotlighted as part of the maga-
Conversation on Energy which featured several ELC members engaged in this             zine’s Industry Focus section. The
high level discussion with White House officials.                                     headline article featured quotes from
                                                                                      ELC members Geri P. Thomas, Sen-
                                                                                      ior VP- Human Resources & Corporate
The Alliance for Board Diversity (ABD), of which ELC is a founding partner, had       Diversity Executive for Bank of Amer-
its 2008 research report on Women and Minorities on Corporate Boards featured as      ica; Westina Matthews-Shatteen,
part of a February 3rd DiversityInc. story about the SEC's recent announcement of     Retired Managing Director – Commu-
new diversity disclosure rules for corporate board seats at US publicly traded com-   nity Business Development for Merrill
panies. ELC and the other ABD member organizations (Catalyst, Hispanic Associa-       Lynch; Carla Harris, Managing
tion for Corporate Responsibility (HACR), Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics     Director – Strategic Client Group,
(LEAP), and the Prout Group) sent letters in support of these new rules. ABD was      Morgan Stanley; Amy Ellis-Simon,
also featured in a recent editorial in the March/April 2010 issue of The Corporate    Managing Director – Head of Middle
Governance Advisor by John Chiang, California State Controller, and on the            Markets and Multi-Product Sales at
Blogsite Acquire, Build and Fulfill about women on boards, which can be found         Bank of America/Merrill Lynch; and
at             Nicole Lewis, Vice President – Global
corporate-world                                                                       Marketing, Kelly Services. In addi-
                                                                                      tion, several NextGen Members were
                                                                                      featured in the issue. Former NextGen
Debra Nelson, VP – Corporate Diver-                                                   Network President Joy Booker and fel-
sity and Community Affairs at MGM                                                     low member André Branch were inter-
Mirage, was recently named “One of                                                    viewed for an article on the importance
the Top 25 People to Watch” by Global                                                 of international assignments. In addi-
Gaming Business magazine.                                                             tion, Booker, Sheila Marmon, Shari
                                                                                      Slate along with ELC Member Windy
                                                                                      Lawrence, Vice President & Counsel
Don Thompson’s recent promotion to                                                    for AXA Equitable were shown at the
President & COO of McDonald’s Cor-                                                    2009 Network Journal Top 40 Under
poration was featured in the January                                                  40 event.
25, 2010 issue of Bloomberg Busi-
nessWeek magazine.

                                           D e b r a Nel s o n
     Me m b er s in t h e New s Continued from Page 11

     Julie Washington, Vice President –       In the October 26th 2009 edition of         Laverne Council, Corporate VP &
     Marketing for Luxottica Retail was       Fortune magazine, Ken Chenault,             Chief Information Officer for Johnson
     named one of the Most Influential        Chairman & CEO of American                  & Johnson recently received two pres-
     Women in the Optical industry for        Express was profiled and interviewed        tigious honors. ComputerWorld mag-
     2009 by Vision Monday magazine, the      for a special C-Suite Strategies section.   azine named her one of the 100
     premier optical industry publication.                                                Premier IT Leaders in the world along
                                                                                          with an extensive interview on its web-
                                              In the December 29th edition of the         site. She was then named one of the
                                              Orlando Sentinel named Darden               best CIOs in the country by Business
12                                            Restaurants Chairman & CEO                  Trends Quarterly and was part of a spe-
                                              Clarence Otis as the 10th Most Pow-         cial one-day public forum on the future
                                              erful Person in Central Florida. He         of global IT where she was honored on
                                              was also a recipient of a 2010 Trumpet      January 27th.
                                              Award at the 18th Annual ceremonies
                                              held in late January 2010. Recently,
                                    , an African-American            Rodney Adkins recent promotion to
                                              news, politics, culture, and entertain-     SVP - Systems and Technology Group
                                              ment web portal recently announced          for IBM was featured in the January
                                              that he, along with Carla Harris,           2010 issue of Black Enterprise maga-
                                              Managing Director – Strategic Client        zine. In addition, 2008 Strengthening
                                              Group for Morgan Stanley and Ursula         the Pipeline Institute graduate Cindy
                                              Burns, Xerox CEO were named to its          Kent was featured for her recent pro-
     Lesia Bates Moss, President & CEO        TheGrio100 list of Historymakers in         motion to VP – Global Marketing,
     of Seedco Financial Services, Inc. was   the Making. He will also receive the        Gastro/Urology and Deep Brain Stim-
     featured in the February 15th 2010       2010 Kupfer Distinguished Executive         ulation Therapies at Medtronic.
     issue of Bloomberg BusinessWeek          Award from Texas A&M’s Mays Busi-
     magazine in a story on how non-profit    ness School on March 3rd.
     Community Development Financial                                                      Bob Billingslea, VP – Corporate Urban
     Institutions (CDFIs) such as hers are                                                Affairs and Development for The Walt
     helping large banks support small and    On February 8th Reginald Van Lee,           Disney Company has recently received
     minority businesses.                     Senior VP for Booz | Allen | Hamilton       a host of awards and recognitions for
                                              was honored at the Grace in Winter Sil-     his corporate and community service
                                              ver Ball, which was held to honor the       including serving as commencement
                                              25th Anniversary of the Evidence            speaker at Kent State University’s win-
                                              Dance Company. The event was held           ter commencement ceremonies on
                                              at The Plaza Hotel and honors Van Lee       December 19th and receiving the Diver-
                                              for his service as Chairman of the          sityFIRST Award from the National
                                              Board for the Evidence Dance Com-           Diversity Council at the Inaugural
                                              pany. Several other ELC members             Florida Diversity and Leadership Con-
                                              serve on the event’s Silver Anniversary     ference January 15th. Mr. Billingslea
                                              Committee and the Dance Company’s           also received the Bernard and Shirley
                                              Board including Rhonda Mims, Sen-           Kinsey Award from the Southern Cali-
                                              ior VP – ING Americas and President –       fornia Chapter of the Florida A&M
                                              ING Foundation, Leslie Mays (Board          University National Alumni Associa-
                                              Secretary) and Monica Azare, Senior         tion and received on March 25th of this
                                              VP – Corporate Employee Communi-            year the 2010 Torch Award from
                                              cations for Verizon.                        Legacy Ladies Inc., a California based
     John D. Harris, Raytheon VP- Con-                                                    philanthropic organization.
     tracts and Supply Chain was recently
     named the 2010 Black Engineer of the     Stacey Mobley, Senior Counsel for
     Year Award recipient.                    Dickstein Shapiro, LLP will be among        Billy Dexter, Managing Director &
                                              the featured speakers at the 9th Annual     Partner for Heidrick & Struggles was
                                              CLE Expo to be held March 18th-19th         interviewed in the January/February
                                              in Chicago.                                 2010 issue of Diversity Executive
                                                                                          magazine on the topic of how compa-
                                                                                          nies maintained their long-term diver-
                                                                                          sity plans even during the toughest
                                                                                          times of the recent recession.
Johnson & Johnson’s VP of Global              In the Winter 2009/2010 edition of         In the March 9th online edition of The
Diversity and Inclusion and CDO               Black Radio Exclusive magazine,            Black Collegian, the magazine did a
Anthony Carter was interviewed for            Kevin Liles, Founder & CEO of KWL          profile of African American Fortune
DiversityInc.’s website to discuss how        Enterprises was featured being hon-        500 CEOs. Dr. Ancella Livers of the
J&J’s strong values and commitment            ored at the Living Legends Foundation      ELC Institute was interviewed con-
to corporate responsibility has helped        Awards Gala, which raises funds for        cerning the significance of this barrier
guide its success and its position as #1      music industry veterans. He was also       being broken in corporate America and
on the magazine’s 2009 Top 50 compa-          the keynote speaker at the National        the potential ramifications for the
nies for Diversity. The interview is avail-   Black MBA Atlanta Chapter’s 25th           future. CEOs profiled in the article
able at by going         Annual Scholarship luncheon.               included:
1757/article/6969/?. He was also part                                                    •   Ursula Burns – CEO, Xerox              13
of a Chief Diversity Officer Round-           Chris Simmons, Market Managing                 Corporation
table in DiversityInc.’s November/            Partner for PricewaterhouseCoopers         •   Kenneth Chenault – Chairman &
December 2009 magazine along with             was shown in attendance at the Wash-           CEO, American Express Company
fellow ELC members Margot                     ington Business Journal’s Book of Lists    •   A. Barry Rand – CEO, AARP
Copeland, EVP and Director - Corpo-           annual event in the February 5th-11th      •   Clarence Otis, Jr. – Chairman &
rate Diversity & Philanthropy for Key-        2010 issue of Washington Business              CEO, Darden Restaurants Inc.
Bank and Chair of the KeyBank                 Journal. The event features the top        •   Don Thompson – President &
Foundation, and Ron Glover, VP –              business, non-profit, and entrepreneur-        COO, McDonald’s
Diversity and Workforce Programs for          ial leaders in the DC Metropolitan area.   •   John W. Thompson – Chairman,
IBM. In addition, the magazine also                                                          Symantec Corporation
showcased these members and high-                                                        •   Rodney O’Neal – President &
lights from its November Awards cere-         In the February 2010 issue of Diversi-         CEO, Delphi Corporation
mony and CDO Summit which                     tyInc, Ronald Williams, Chairman &         •   Ronald Williams – Chairman &
featured Ronald Williams, Chairman            CEO of Aetna and Johnson & John-               CEO, Aetna
& CEO of Aetna accepting an award             son’s VP of Global Diversity and
for Top Company for Community                 Inclusion and CDO Anthony Carter
Development. Summit participants              were quoted in a special report on how
also included Mae Douglas, SVP &              corporate leadership should express its
Chief People Officer for Cox Commu-           commitment to diversity. Mr. Williams
nications; Jimmie Paschall, SVP –             was also quoted, along with Essie Cal-
External Affairs and Global Diversity         houn, Chief Diversity & Community
Officer for Marriott International; and       Affairs Officer & VP for Eastman
Essie Calhoun, Chief Diversity &              Kodak Company in a special report on
Community Affairs Officer & VP for            the importance of Black History
Eastman Kodak Company.                        Month and what it means today. In
                                              addition, James Taylor, President –
                                              Senior Services, Sodexho North Amer-
In addition to the 25 ELC women exec-         ica talked about the relationships he
utives featured in the February 2010          built as a mentor in Sodexho’s Spirit of
issue of Black Enterprise, Council            Mentoring IMPACT Program as part
Board Member Keith Wyche and his              of a cover story on mentoring. Derica      Rhonda Mims, President of the ING
recent hire as President of Cub Foods,        Rice, Executive Vice President –           Foundation and Senior Vice President
SUPERVALU was featured in the                 Global Services and CFO for Eli Lilly      of ING’s Office of Corporate Respon-
magazine’s On the Move section and            was featured in Eli Lilly’s latest ad      sibility and Multicultural Affairs is
Council Board Vice Chair Bernard              campaign for the magazine. Rhonda          profiled with her company in the Part-
Tyson, EVP – Health Plan & Hospital           Mims, President – ING Foundation and       ner Profile section of UNICEF’s maga-
Operations was featured in a special          SVP – Corporate Responsibility and         zine, Every Child.
Health & Wellness Special Report on           Multicultural Affairs, ING Americas
heart disease and his personal near           was also featured as part of the maga-
death story and his subsequent rededi-        zine’s Profiles in Leadership section.
cation to healthful living.
     ELC Front and Center in
     Savoy 100 Most Influential
     Spring Issue
     Savoy magazine’s Spring 2010 issue featured a host of ELC coverage around our
     members, events, and research. Chief among the stories was the magazine’s 2010
14   listing of the 100 Most Influential Blacks in Corporate America. Fifty percent of the
     selections for the list were ELC members, including Xerox CEO Ursula Burns who
     was profiled in the story that preceded the final list. We want to recognize and con-
     gratulate all of our members who were featured:

     ■   Or lan d o As h f or d                                      ■   L in d a Goo den
         SVP and Chief HR Officer, Marsh and                             EVP – Information Systems & Global Services
         McLennan Companies (MMC)                                        (IS&GS), Lockheed Martin Corporation

     ■   R o ber t L. “ B o b” B illin gs lea                        ■   William H. “ B ill” Ha r pe r III
         VP – Corporate Urban Affairs and Development,                   VP, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PGE)
         The Walt Disney Company
                                                                     ■   J en n if e r Hu n t e r
     ■   Ur s u la B u r n s                                             VP – Corporate Affairs for Altria Client Services,
         CEO, Xerox Corporation                                          Altria Group

     ■   K e n n et h Ch en au lt                                    ■   Mich ae l “ Mik e” G. J oh n s o n
         Chairman & CEO, American Express Company                        VP – Human Resources for US Operations, UPS

     ■   R alph Clev e lan d                                         ■   Gale V. K in g
         EVP – Engineering and Operations, AGL Resources                 EVP and Chief HR Officer, Nationwide

     ■   Ta m m ar a Com bs                                          ■   An t o in et t e “ To n ie ” L eat h er ber r y
         VP –, Lowes                                           Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

     ■   Ma r go t J . Co pela n d                                   ■   Nicole M. L ew is
         EVP, KeyCorp                                                    VP – Global Marketing, Kelly Services, Inc.

     ■   To dd Cor ley                                               ■   Va ler ie D. L ew is
         SVP, Abercrombie & Fitch                                        Assistant VP, Assistant Secretary and
                                                                         Senior Corporate Counsel, Safeway Inc.
     ■   Cr aig Cu f f ie
         VP – Global Supply Chain Operations, Intuit Inc.            ■   L aw r en ce “ L ar r y ” Milan
                                                                         SVP – HR, ING Americas
     ■   H. J a m e s Da llas
         SVP – Quality and Operations, Medtronic, Inc.               ■   R h on da Mim s
                                                                         President – ING Foundation and SVP –
     ■   R ich ar d Den t III                                            Corporate Responsibility and Multicultural Affairs,
         SVP – COO for Victoria Secret PINK, Limited Brands              ING Americas

     ■   Son y a Du k es                                             ■   R acqu e l Od en
         SVP – Corporate Supplier Diversity, Wells Fargo                 Managing Director – Banking Products,
                                                                         UBS Financial Services, Inc.
     ■   Ma r v in Ellis on
         EVP – U.S. Stores, The Home Depot
■   C l a r e n c e O t i s , J r.                              ■    B e r n a r d J . Ty s o n
    Chairman & CEO, Darden Restaurants Inc.                          EVP – Health Plan and Hospital Operations,
                                                                     Kaiser Permanente
■   J i m m i e Wa l t o n P a s c h a l l
    SVP – External Affairs and Global Diversity Officer,        ■    J u l i e S . Wa s h i n g t o n
    Marriott International, Inc.                                     VP – Marketing, Luxottica Retail

■   A . B a r ry R a n d                                        ■    R o b i n L . Wa s h i n g t o n
    CEO, AARP                                                        SVP and CFO, Gilead Sciences, Inc.

■   Al B. Reid                                                  ■    J e f f e r y We a v e r
    Divisional VP – President of Corporate Development,              EVP & Group Head of Credit Portfolio Management,            15
    Abbott Laboratories                                              KeyCorp

■   Derica Rice                                                 ■    M a r y B e t h We s t
    EVP – Global Services and CFO, Eli Lilly and                     EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Kraft Foods Inc.
                                                                ■    R a y f o r d “ R a y ” W i l k i n s J r.
■   M a rv a S m a l l s                                             CEO – AT&T Diversified Businesses, AT&T
    EVP of Public Affairs and Chief of Staff,
    Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids & Family Group                        ■    Anré Williams
                                                                     President – Global Commercial Card,
■   D e r r i c k W. S m i t h                                       American Express Company
    VP – Finance, CSX Transportation
                                                                ■    Ronald Williams
■   R o b e r t “ B o b ” N . S t a r g e l J r.                     Chairman & CEO, Aetna
    VP – Global Nonwovens, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
                                                                ■    David Windley
■   S h e l l y S t e w a r t J r.                                   EVP & Chief HR Officer, Yahoo!
    SVP – Operational Excellence and Chief Procurement
    Officer, Tyco International                                 ■    J a m e s H . Wo o t e n J r.
                                                                     SVP, General Counsel & Secretary,
■   J a m e s Ta y l o r                                             Illinois Tool Works Inc.
    President – Senior Services, Sodexho North America
                                                                ■    M i c h a e l A . Wr i g h t
■   S h a ro n C . Ta y l o r                                        SVP and Chief HR Officer,
    SVP – HR, Prudential Financial                                   Covanta Holding Corporation

■   Geri Thomas                                                 ■    Keith R. Wyche
    SVP and Georgia Market President, Bank of America                President – CUB Foods, SUPERVALU

■   Don Thompson                                                ■    Te ro s s Yo u n g
    President & COO, McDonald’s                                      VP – Government Relations, Food Lion LLC

In addition, the issue also featured an   and Enterprise Development (CED)            Fitch were shown at last year’s Ohio
article on our Census of African Amer-    Group which he founded to help              Diversity & Leadership Conference.
icans on Boards of Directors with         minorities build and grow their small       Billy Dexter, Partner at Heidrick and
quotes from ELC President & CEO           businesses. ELC was named as a key          Struggles was also featured in a spe-
Carl Brooks and Institute for Leader-     leader in the efforts to diversify corpo-   cial commentary section offering his
ship Development & Research Execu-        rate boards by Edie Fraser, Senior          tips on how to be selected for board
tive Director Dr. Ancella B. Livers.      Consultant at Diversified Search            service. The magazine also profiled
Photos and highlights from our 2009       Odgers Berndtson and former CEO of          Don Thompson (McDonald’s), John
Annual Recognition Dinner also are        Diversity Best Practices in a special       D. Harris II (Raytheon), and Derica
displayed. Ralph Cleveland, EVP –         commentary about corporate diversity        Rice (Eli Lilly) for their recent promo-
Engineering and Operations, AGL           in 2010. In addition, Gale King, EVP        tions and recognitions (See Members
Resources was profiled for his social     and Chief HR Officer, Nationwide and        on the Move, Members in the News,
entrepreneurship venture, the Capital     Todd Corley, SVP, Abercrombie &             pgs 10-13).
         from the
       Foundation           Positioning Ourselves for
            Chair           Sustained Growth
                            Over the years, we have enjoyed generous support from member corporations,
                            foundations, and friends, as well as the in-kind contributions and donation of
16                          services. This sustains our mission and ensures the success of The Executive
                            Leadership Council.

                            The Foundation’s current program initiatives are strongly aligned with our strate-
                            gic objectives and represent a core portfolio for developing our long term brand as
                            a premier leadership development organization. I want to share with you a few of
                            the ways the dollars that you, your member companies, and our other constituents
                            invest in us are used.

     W. R o y D u n b a r   Our Professional Leadership Development & Network strategy includes our events
                            such as the CEO Diversity Summit and the upcoming Black Women’s Leadership
                            Summit. We continue to make progress in corporate board development and training
                            as well.

                            A Community Impact committee, launched at the request of the ELC/ELF Executive
                            Committee, has taken on education as an issue. This committee will use a vetting
                            process to select 2-3 institutions or organizations that can create tangible, measura-
                            ble results for education initiatives. In addition, our White House Working Group on
                            Education, partnership alliance with New America Alliance on K-12 education advo-
                            cacy and scholarship programs (Essay Competition, Business Case Competition, Ann
                            Fudge Scholars and Al Martins Scholars) are all having a positive impact.

                            ELC has acted independently and through strategic partnerships to focus on other
                            key issues facing our community. ELC provided a $25K initial donation to
                            Doctors Without Borders for relief efforts in Haiti, where ELC companies have
                            provided over $35 million dollars in direct aid and another $25-$35 million in
                            products and services.

                            With support from the Foundation, the Institute for Leadership Development &
                            Research continues to grow its Strengthening the Pipeline program, serving dozens
                            of promising executives each year. The annual Mid-level Managers’ Symposium
                            has had 11,000 mid-level managers participate in development, training and net-
                            working. For 2010 the Institute has introduced new offerings to reach out to
                            senior African-American women executives, mid-level African-American women
                            executives, and first-time executives. The Institute’s research on Black Women
                            Executives and Corporate Board Census has become something to talk about
                            around the country in the media and within corporations.

                            The Foundation will continue to grow its endowment through fiscal prudence and
                            expanding resources. We are working to secure more funds through institutional
                            giving (corporate & non-corporate), government sources and private foundations.

                            We still need your help. Please be strong advocates for the Foundation with your
                            companies, your networks, and your communities to help generate the resources
                            we need to take us to new heights and continue our work to fill the African-American
                            leadership pipeline from the classroom to the boardroom.

                            W. Roy Dunbar
Black Women’s Leadership Summit Returns to DC
April 19 – 20, 2010
Econ o m ic R eco v er y : A P u blic P o licy Br ie f in g – Apr il 19t h
Bla ck Wom en On Ch a n g e – Apr il 20t h

                                                                                                                            include: Evern Cooper Epps, retired
                                                                                                                            UPS Executive; Susan Chapman, Citi          17
                                                                                                                            Realty; and Racquel Oden.

                                                                                                                            “Black Women on Wall Street has been
                                                                                                                            a marquee event for ELC women,” said
                                                                                                                            Nicole Lewis, a member of this year’s
                                                                                                                            summit planning committee and vice
                                                                                                                            president of Global Marketing for Kelly
                                                                                                                            Services. “Without losing the brand we
                                                                                                                            built over the years, we are introducing
                                                                                                                            a new “Black Women On . . .” series
                                                                                                                            that will allow us to change subjects and
                                                                                                                            locations, bringing new issues to more
T h e U n it e d St a t es Ca p it o l is a s y m b o l o f t h e Am er ica n p e o p le a n d o u r go v e r n m e n t ,   black women in more cities.”
a n d t h e m e e t in g p la ce o f t h e n a t io n 's le g is la t iv e b o d ie s .
                                                                                                                            The expansion of the “Black Women
                                                                                                                            on Wall Street” series allows ELC to
The Executive Leadership Council Black Women’s                                                                              leverage the success of this signature
                                                                                                                            event and allow a broader range of
Leadership Summit takes place in Washington, DC,                                                                            member participation, discussion cate-
                                                                                                                            gories, and industries.
April 19 – 20, 2010, with 80 ELC members in
                                                                                                                             All proceeds from registration fees and
attendance. It has been nearly seven years since the                                                                        corporate contributions go to the Ann
                                                                                                                            Fudge Scholars Program to support
event has been held in the Nation’s Capital.                                                                                exemplary graduate and undergraduate
                                                                                                                            black college women majoring in busi-
In October 2003, ELC convened its                                include Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke                          ness with an interest in international
first women’s summit in Washington,                              as the featured speaker, and remarks by                    business. Last summer ELC women
D.C., for a public policy briefing                               Ambassador Ronald Kirk, U.S. Trade                         escorted a group of Ann Fudge schol-
where fifty Council women members                                Representative, and Kim Wallace, U.S.                      ars to South Africa to learn more about
heard a candid analysis of the eco-                              Department of the Treasury Assistant                       international operations of U.S. com-
nomic and political events that shaped                           Secretary for Legislative Affairs. An                      panies and the culture of an important
their businesses and lives. Since that                           early evening reception will be held on                    African nation. Ann Fudge is sched-
time, the event has been held in New                             Capitol Hill, followed by a closing din-                   uled to attend the Summit.
York City as “Black Women on Wall                                ner hosted by Bank of America/Merrill
Street,” focused primarily on financial                          Lynch.                                                     Registration for the Summit will be
services.                                                                                                                   conducted online at
                                                                 An open breakfast event will take place                    until April 2.
This year’s summit includes a welcom-                            at the National Press Club where ELC
ing reception hosted by JPMorgan                                 women members will address more                            Members of this year’s Planning Com-
Chase and a morning session hosted by                            than 250 mid- to senior management                         mittee include Council members Diane
Skadden Arps where Strobe Talbott,                               women. The 2010 offering is entitled                       Ashley, Avis Braggs, Leilani Brown,
President, Brookings Institution on                              “Black Women on Change” and will                           Susan Chapman, Kimberly Davis, Jes-
World Events, and representatives                                offer perspectives on personal and                         sica Isaacs, Nicole Lewis, Valerie
from the World Bank and neighboring                              individual change management within                        Lewis, Paula Madison, Lesia Bates
universities will discuss women’s                                the context of career development and                      Moss, Westina Matthews Shatteen,
health issues. Lunch and afternoon                               advancement.       Council members                         Lucia Riddles, Marva Smalls, Geri
discussions at The Federal Reserve                               invited as moderators and panelists                        Thomas, and Tina Walls.
     University of Michigan Team Takes First Place
     In ELC Business Case Competition
     A team of five students from the                                     This year’s competition challenged        and mathematics, the “STEM” disci-
     Stephen M. Ross School of Business at                                students to examine Reasoning Mind,       plines.
     the University of Michigan won The                                   Inc, an innovative, interactive, web-
     Executive Leadership Council’s 2010                                  based math curriculum that is achiev-     “We were just so excited about the
     Business Case Competition “Growing                                   ing    outstanding      results   with    opportunity to compete, present to the
     Reasoning Minds – 1M by 2015” held                                   economically disadvantaged, special       judges and meet representatives of
18   March 12 at the Fairfax, VA offices of                               needs, and limited English proficiency    ExxonMobil and The Executive Lead-
     Exxon Mobil Corporation, the event’s                                 students in grades 2-6. The program is    ership Council,” said Vasco Bridges
     sponsor. The winning teams were                                      designed to increase significantly        III, president of the Ross School Black
     awarded first, second, and third place                               Algebra readiness, helping to establish   Business Student Association and a
     awards of $35,000, $20,000 and                                       a sound foundation for future success     2010 MBA candidate. “Winning was
     $15,000, respectively.                                               in science, technology, engineering,      sort of the cherry on top,” he added.

     A b o v e : ELC president and CEO Carl
     B ro o k s i s j o i n e d b y E x x o n M o b i l
     executives, Business Case Competition
     j u d g e s a n d s t u d e n t s f ro m t h e U n i v e r s i t y
     of Michigan, winners of the 2010
     c o m p e t i t i o n . J u d g e s w e r e C a r l B ro o k s ;
     J i m S h e p a r d , G e n N x 3 6 0 C a p i t a l P a rt -
     ners; Gena Ashe, PBS; Paula Sneed,
     P h i l l i p s P r e s c o t t G ro u p & I n t e r i m
     P r e s i d e n t & C E O , I N R O A D S ; D r. J a m e s
     Calvin, Carey Business School - John
     H o p k i n s U n i v e r s i t y ; a n d , D r. C a r r o l
     Thomas, Superintendent, Beaumont
     Independent School District (TX).

     Right: Paula Sneed makes a point to
     D r. C a r r o l l T h o m a s a s J i m S h e p a r d
     looks on during the judging of the

C a r l B ro o k s g e t s a s t a n d i n g o v a t i o n a s h e s t e p s f o r w a r d t o r e c e i v e r e c o g n i t i o n f ro m E x x o n M o b i l e x e c u t i v e s d u r i n g t h e 2 0 1 0 B u s i n e s s
C a s e C o m p e t i t i o n a w a r d s l u n c h e o n a t E x x o n M o b i l i n F a i rf a x , V i r g i n i a .

“We were just so excited about the opportunity to                                                                                                       “The Executive Leadership Council is
                                                                                                                                                        delighted to have ExxonMobil sponsor
compete, present to the judges and meet representatives                                                                                                 this wonderful educational opportunity
                                                                                                                                                        to analyze this organization and an
of ExxonMobil and The Executive Leadership Council.                                                                                                     issue of national importance such as
                                                                                                                                                        STEM education for African American
Winning was sort of the cherry on top.”                                                                                                                 and minority students,” said Brooks.
                                                                                                                                                        “The competition supports the coun-
                                        — Vasco Bridges III, president of the Ross School Black Business                                                cil’s mission of preparing the next gen-
                                                        Student Association and a 2010 MBA candidate                                                    eration of African-American corporate
                                                                                                                                                        executives as well as our advocacy
                                                                                                                                                        mission to highlight the potential
Individuals from Texas Southern Uni-                                        the opportunity to obtain a first rate                                      achievements generated by harnessing
versity’s Jesse H. Jones School of Busi-                                    math education to all students.”                                            the power of inclusive leadership. We
ness and Dartmouth College’s Tuck                                                                                                                       salute the team from the University of
School of Business walked away with                                         Since 2002, the Business Case Compe-                                        Michigan Ross School on their
second and third prizes, respectively.                                      tition has invited African-American                                         achievement.”
                                                                            MBA students and predominantly
"This case has brought the Executive                                        black multi-racial MBA teams from                                           Executive Leadership Council member
Leadership Council into the national                                        select business schools to analyze                                          Jesse Tyson, Exxon Mobil’s Fuels
math and science crisis front and cen-                                      timely business issues that challenge                                       Marketing Global Aviation Director
ter, an issue that cannot be ignored,”                                      critical thinking, analytical, financial                                    based in Brussels, Belgium, co-hosted
said Gerald McElvy, council member                                          and communication skills.                                                   the event with McElvy. ExxonMobil
and president of ExxonMobil Founda-                                                                                                                     Foundation is the primary philan-
tion. “The Business Case Competition                                        Individual African American students                                        thropic arm of Exxon Mobil Corpora-
traditionally has focused on business                                       or teams of up to five students, the                                        tion in the United States, supporting
operational problems. This year we                                          majority of whom must be African-                                           initiatives to improve math and science
wanted to bring the innovation and cre-                                     American, from 50 selected schools                                          education at the K-12 and higher educa-
ativity of the teams to bear on dramat-                                     nationwide were invited to compete                                          tion levels. Additional information on
ically growing the exposure of                                              this year. Finalists made presentations                                     ExxonMobil’s community partnerships
disadvantaged public school students                                        to a group of distinguished judges                                          and contribution programs is available
to Reasoning Mind. The contributions                                        including Executive Leadership Coun-                                        at
of these teams will help Reasoning                                          cil President & CEO Carl Brooks, and
Mind achieve its vision of providing                                        a corporate audience.
     Members Convene in Orlando for Winter Meeting

               ore than 160 ELC members
               gathered at the Waldorf
               Astoria Orlando to meet,
     network, learn and relax. Nearly 40
     attendees were new members who
     were introduced and inducted during
     the opening night dinner.

20   The theme of the 2010 Winter General
     Membership Meeting was “On the
     Road to Economic Recovery: Achiev-
     ing and Sustaining Preeminence” and
     members were more than ready to talk
     about how to move beyond the eco-
     nomic recession and take full advan-
     tage of the recovery.

     National Director of the Minority          New m em b er Da v id B ozem a n a n d h is w if e Da w n w it h K e y n o t e Sp ea k er Dr. St ev e P er r y
     Business Development Agency of the         (c.), Fo u n d er a n d P rin cip a l of Ca p it a l P r ep a r a t o r y Ma gn et Sch oo l in H a r t f o rd , Con n .
     Department of Commerce David Hin-
     son attended and participated in the
     business meeting where our White
     House initiative was discussed and
     served as keynote speaker during Fri-
     day’s dinner. He also took the time to
     speak with members individually
     about what steps they can take to
     increase the numbers and success of
     minority businesses on a scale to com-
     pete for government contracts and
     serve as suppliers to the world’s lead-
     ing corporations.

     Opening night speaker Dr. Steve Perry,
     founder and principal of Capital
     Preparatory Magnet School in Hart-
     ford, Conn., and a CNN contributor on      Co u n cil B o a r d Secr e t a r y L a w r en ce M . D r a k e II d r iv e s h o m e a p o in t w it h m em b e r s
     Education, dazzled members with his        d u r in g a r e ce p t io n a t t h e Win t e r M e m b e r s M e e t in g in Or la n d o .
     remarks about the crisis in the achieve-
     ment gap of minorities in American
     public schools. ELC member Alana           rior education in America and that it is
     Ward Robinson, co-chair of the ELC         best to invest in developing productive
     White House Working Group on Edu-          citizens than paying for failing schools
     cation introduced Perry. (see Education    and the troubled adults they will pro-
     story on page 1)                           duce. He challenged the inflexibility
                                                of teacher unions that allow teachers
     “As business leaders, you should be        to spend less time with students each
     concerned about what is happening in       day and fewer days serving students
     America’s schools,” said Dr. Perry. “If    each year.
     we’re in a 100 yard dash, our children
     are starting 200 yards behind. No mat-     Throughout the week, ELC President
     ter how hard they try, how hard they       & CEO Carl Brooks participated in or
     run, they will never catch up. That’s a    officiated a wide range of activities and
     recipe for disaster,” he added.            events including the Pipeline Class of
                                                2010 Meeting and graduation, meet-
                                                                                                               M e m b e r s e n g a g ed in l iv e ly e x ch a n ge s
     Dr. Perry told members that one way        ings of 2010 Annual Recognition Din-                           d u r in g o u r b u s in e s s a n d p er s o n a l
     or the other, society will pay for infe-                                    Continued on page 23          d e v e lo p m en t m e e t in g s .

N e w m e m b e r N i c o l e B l a c k ( c e n t e r ) , Vi c e P r e s i d e n t o f M a r k e t i n g       N e w m e m b e r A s t e r A n g a g a w, s e n i o r v i c e p r e s i d e n t o f M a r k e t
& Business Solutions for Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems,                                                 Developm en t at Sod exo, c hats with Dennis Ma ple, pr esident o f
meets with other new members at the Winter Meeting.                                                            Aramark Educat ion.

Dennis Dowdell greets new member Jon Love, president of Pitney                                                 E s t h e r S i l v e r P a r k e r o f Wa l - M a r t w i t h D r. P r i c e C o b b s a t t h e W i n -
Bowes Government Solutions.                                                                                    ter Meeting.

Keynote speaker David H in so n, nationa l directo r of the Mino rity                                          Members were able to get their eyes examined at the
B u s i n e s s D e v e l o p m e n t A g e n c y o f t h e U . S . D e p a rt m e n t o f C o m m e r c e ,   Winter Meetin g, co mpliments of Lu xo ttic a.
w i t h F o u n d a t i o n Tr e a s u r e r M i l t o n I r v i n o f U B S I n v e s t m e n t B a n k .
     ELC Dominates Black Enterprise Energy Forum
     Nearly every panelist participating in a                               Inc.; Carolyn Green, managing part-                                       new economic model around energy.
     Black Enterprise forum on energy                                       ner, EnerGreen Capital Management,                                        The government expects to invest $150
     sponsored by Shell was a member of                                     LLC; Christopher C. Womack, EVP                                           billion in new technologies over the
     The Executive Leadership Council.                                      and President of External Affairs,                                        next 10 years. The Green Economy is
     The forum entitled “A Conversation on                                  Georgia Power; and, Lloyd Yates,                                          now touted as one of the strongest
     Energy” sought to address the opportu-                                 president and CEO, Progress Energy                                        areas for expected job growth.
     nities and risks associated with the                                   Carolinas.
     emergence of a “green” economy.                                                                                                                  Panelists urged caution as many entre-
22                                                                          According to Black Enterprise maga-                                       preneurs try to take advantage of this
     Invited guests included the following                                  zine The American Recovery and                                            new business opportunity. The article
     ELC members; Gaurdie E. Banister                                       Reinvestment Act, commonly referred                                       on the forum featuring comments from
     Jr., president and CEO, Aera Energy                                    to as the Stimulus Bill, commits more                                     ELC members is available online at
     LLC; Lynton Scotland, former vice                                      than $80 billion to clean energy invest-                        
     president - Operational Excellence,                                    ments and serves as a strong indicator                                    2010/01/12/energy-experts-to-blacks-
     NRG Energy; Roderick West, presi-                                      that President Obama has placed a high                                    you-must-think-green/.
     dent & CEO, Entergy New Orleans,                                       priority on the importance of creating a

     E L C m e m b e r C a ro l y n G r e e n w a s a p a n -               E L C m e m b e r L l o y d Ya t e s , p r e s i d e n t a n d C E O o f P ro g r e s s E n e r g y C a ro l i n a s s p e a k s d u r i n g
     e l i s t d u r i n g t h e B l a c k E n t e r p r i s e E n e rg y   t h e B l a c k E n t e r p r i s e E n e rg y F o r u m i n J a n u a ry.
     F o r u m i n J a n u a ry.

                                                                                                                                                                                           ELC members
                                                                                                                                                                                           Gaurdie Bannister
                                                                                                                                                                                           ( 2 n d f ro m l e f t ) ,
                                                                                                                                                                                           Lynton Scotland
                                                                                                                                                                                           a n d R o d We s t
                                                                                                                                                                                           p a rt i c i p a t e d i n t h e
                                                                                                                                                                                           Black Enterprise
                                                                                                                                                                                           E n e rg y F o r u m i n
                                                                                                                                                                                           J a n u a ry.
Me m b er s Co n v en e in
Or lan d o f or Win t er Mee t in g
Continued from Page 20

ner and CEO Diversity Summit plan-
ning committees, and meetings of the
Council and Foundation Boards. “We
had a full and eventful week that
demonstrated the value of membership
                                                         AP R IL
                                                         TBD       Price Cobbs Coaching Center | Webinar

in The Executive Leadership Council,”                    MAY
said Brooks. “Our members enthusias-                     24 – 28 2010 Strengthening the Pipeline (Application Deadline—March 12)
tically engaged members, new mem-                                5-day program helping participants gain an understanding of more         23
bers and our guests in spirited                                  advanced concepts in leadership—Program 1
discussions about improving the                                    Mandarin Oriental •Miami, FL
pipeline and opportunities for African-
American executives in a recovering                      J UNE
economy. With all of the set-backs of                    9 – 10    Board Meetings
the last 18 months, our members are                                Westin Hilton Head •Hilton Head, SC
helping one another position them-                       10        Member Orientation
selves to benefit from the global eco-                             Westin Hilton Head •Hilton Head, SC
nomic recovery,” added Brooks.
                                                         10 – 12 Spring Membership Meetings
                                                                   Westin Hilton Head •Hilton Head, SC
In addition to the meetings, receptions
and dinners, members participated in                     TBD       Price Cobbs Coaching Center | Webinar
health screenings, career coaching and                             Web/Teleconference
                                                         2–6  2010 Strengthening the Pipeline (Application Deadline—May 14)
The Spring General Membership
                                                              5-day program which helps participants gain an understanding of more
Meeting is scheduled to take place
                                                              advanced concepts in leadership— Program 2
June 9 – 13, 2010, at the Weston Hilton
                                                                   TBD •Las Vegas, NV
Head in Hilton Head, South Carolina.
Board meetings will take place June                      25 – 27 Bright Futures (Application Deadline—June 14)
9th and 10th with New Member Orien-                              3-day program designed for new managers, new project leaders, and/or
tation and a Welcoming Reception and                             individual contributors who have had little formal leadership training
Dinner on June 10th. Business meet-                                TBD •Chicago, IL
ings and additional receptions and din-
                                                         SEP TEM B ER
ners will take place June 11th and 12th.
                                                         TBD     Price Cobbs Coaching Center | Webinar

                                                         OCTOB ER
                                                         13     Board Meetings
                                                                   Hilton New York •New York, NY

                                                         14        CEO Diversity Summit
                                                                   Hilton New York •New York, NY

                                                         14        Annual Recognition Dinner
                                                                   Hilton New York •New York, NY

                                                         15        Mid-Level Managers’ Symposium         (Registration opens in April)
                                                                   Hilton New York •New York, NY

                                                         15        Strengthening the Pipeline
                                                                   Alumni Session (Invite Only)
                                                                   Hilton New York •New York, NY

                                                         NOV EMB ER
                                                         TBD   Price Cobbs Coaching Center | Webinar

                                                         DECEM B ER
EL C M em b er He rm a n B u lls h a s h is b lo od
p r es s u r e ch eck ed w h ile R ev. J o n a t h a n   2      Board Meetings
M a x ey loo k s o n .                                             Alexandria, VA
                                          Mission Statement:
                                          “Providing African American executives with a network and leadership forum that adds perspective
                                          and direction to the achievement of excellence in business, economic and public policies for the
                                          African American community, their corporations and the community at large”

                         The Executive Leadership Council Board of Directors
Officers                                         Cedric Coco                                     Alana Ward Robinson
Chair                                            Lowe’s Companies, Inc.                          Robinson Group Consulting, Inc.
    Jessica Isaacs
    Chartis International-AIG                    Kim Davis                                       Chris Simmons
                                                 JPMorgan Chase & Co.                            PricewaterhouseCoopers
    Bernard Tyson                                Tracey Gray-Walker                              Eric Watson
    Kaiser Foundation Health Plan/               AXA-Equitable                                   Food Lion, LLC
                                                 David M. Harris                                 Howard Woolley
Secretary                                        Sun Microsystems, Inc. (retired)                Verizon
    Lawrence M. Drake II
    HOPE 360, Inc.                               Nicole Lewis                                    Keith Wyche
                                                 Kelly Services                                  SUPERVALU
    Carla Harris                                 Valerie D. Lewis                           Ex-Officio
    Morgan Stanley                               Safeway Inc.                                   Milton M. Irvin
                                                                                                Foundation Treasurer
Directors                                        Ronald C. Parker                               UBS Investment Bank
    Carl Brooks                                  PepsiCo, Inc.
    The Executive Leadership Council

                      The Executive Leadership Foundation Board of Directors
Officers                                          Stephanie Bell-Rose                              Leslie Mays
Chair                                             TIAA-CREF                                        Pfizer, Inc. (retired)
    W. Roy Dunbar
    Network Solutions (retired)                   Susan Chapman                                    A. Louis Parker
                                                  Citi ®                                           GE Security (retired)
    Laysha Ward                                   Maurice Cox                                      Lynton Scotland
    Target Corporation                            PepsiCo, Inc.                                    NRG Energy, Inc.
Secretary                                         Michael C. Hyter                                 Tina Walls
    Evern Cooper Epps                             Novations, Inc.                                   Altria (retired)
    The UPS Foundation (retired)
                                                  Arlene Isaacs-Lowe                          Ex-Officio
Treasurer                                         Moody’s Investors Services                      Bernard Tyson
    Milton M. Irvin                                                                               Council Vice-Chair
    UBS Investment Bank                           Rick Frazier                                    Kaiser Foundation Health Plan/
                                                  The Coca-Cola Company                            Hospitals
    Carl Brooks                                   Lydia Mallet
    The Executive Leadership Foundation           Tyco International Ltd.

Department & Editorial Offices             President & CEO                                 Director, Corporate Council Services &
1001 N. Fairfax Street, Suite 300          Carl Brooks                                     Foundation Programs
Alexandria, VA 22314                                                                       Camilla McGhee
(703) 706-5200 (tel.)                      Director of Communications/Editor
(703) 535-6830 (fax)                       Michael Dutton                                  Technology Transfer Project (TTP)                                                                        Ramon Harris                            Communications Manager/Contributor                    Damon Williams                                  Design
                                                                                           Dawn Affiliated Services, Inc.

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