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     Prospectus for the Year 2010 - 2011

    Bhakti Industrial School of Cooking,
Approved By Government of Tamilnadu through D.E.T
                 & Accredited To
American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, U.S.A

         A Specialized Training Centre for Chefs.

          Founder- Chef Himanshu Sahoo
              Executive Chef, Ex- Oberois

No 34 Maheswri Nagar Main Road, Hastinapuram, Chitlapakkam,
 Chennai- 600064, Tel 044 22232708, Web Site-
  Mail to - or

An overview of the School
BHAKTI Industrial School of Cooking, Chennai , proudly developing people
through Professional Training in the Culinary Arts. We create passion to cook and
develop Chefs in order to become a part of Great Culinary Tradition of Excellence
with skills that set them apart from the competition in a demanding and ever
changing Hospitality Industry. Here the Students will find harmony among their
love for fine dining food, passion to create delicious and beautiful Culinary Art,
above all an excellent environment to nurture the serving attitude where a
difference can be experienced.
Mission, Philosophy and Objective –
The Mission of Bhakti Industrial School of Cooking , Chennai is to Stimulate
Learning, Growth and Transformation ,there by making a difference in the History
of Culinary Art .
Our Philosophy and Objectives are very specific , fundamental and Industry
Requirement Oriented designed to achieve the following-
We Create Confident Chefs
Need based Training as per Industry
Skill oriented ( through intensive practical Classes )
Strong Basic Culinary Foundation
Personalized care as per student’s need
Regular Progress Monitoring through Examination and trade taste.
Special emphasis on Communication skills.
Meditation Classes on Saturdays at 5 am to understand the core potential.

Class Details
Classes are from Monday to Friday.
Saturday and Sunday- Holidays (Except During Industrial Training)
Classes are from 5 am to 5 pm
Students will prepare food and consume the same as per Practical Menu
Tutorial Classes for the Specific Students as per Performance Monitoring
Report. (Examination Results).
No leave during the course.
We Provide Specialization Training on any of the following Cuisines-
Continental, Indian, Tandoor and South Indian
Syllabus & Course Duration . . .
1-Food Production – 12 months
Approved By Government of Tamilnadu through D.E.T
Class starting in July 2010.
Age Limit- 14 years to 40 years.
Minimum qualification- 8th pass.

2-Principles of Food Production- 12 months
Accredited to American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, U.S.A
Class Starting in July 2010
Age Limit- 16 years to 40 years //Qualification 10 th Failed and above.
Entrance taste of English is a must for all the candidates .
For the above courses 6months Industrial Training is Mandatory and the Certificate will
be issued after the completion of the Training.

Please Note- No Industrial Training No Certificate.
 Documents required for the admission-
a-Original 10th Certificate b- Original Mark Sheet, c- Original T.C// S.L.C//
d- Original Migration Certificate for the students other than Tamilnadu.
3- In addition to the above Courses we offer H.A.C.C.P Certification by American
Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, U.S.A for the interested students on separate

Passing out Students will be confident of . . .
   Cooking in BULK
   Pre parin g food of on Spe cialize d Cuisine s.
   Basic Food Safe ty Practice s
   Sensory Quality Aware ne ss
   Yie ld Manage me nt
   R e cipe Costing
   Basic Se rvice Standard/ Timing
   Basic En glish Communication.

We provide the following facilities . . .
Yatna   C.V.R The Class Room,
   Gyana Prakash – The Library & Dinning
   Sudarsan –The Production Laboratory
   Mariam –Mamata – The Lobby
   Stores and Office
   Food- Breakfast ,Snacks, Lunch, Hi- Tea and Dinner.

   Laundry for the uniforms only.
   Study Notes, Visiting Lecture, Reference Books.
Tool   Kits, Industry Visit, Campus Interview.
   Hostel Facility- Dormitory Type For all Students

BISC Organizational Chart
      Correspondent and Principal - 1
      Consultant Chefs- 2
      Production Assistants-2

Business Prospects . . .
   O pening of New Hotels
   O pening of New Flight Catering U nits
   O ut door Caterings
   Com pany Catering
   New Chain O f restaurants
   Fast Food Concept in Shopping Malls
   Growth of Cruise Industry
   O pening O f New Hospitals
Industry’s Required Standard is to Achieve -
    World class, on time, Efficient & Personalized Service.
    Consistent Quality and Safe Food
    Innovative Cuisine, Intelligent Use of Resources and There by
      Minimizing Wastage.
    Optimum Growth

The Industry can live up to these standards, uphold it’s Vision and Dharma of
satisfying the Guests, Share Holders and Employees provided supplied with
Trained Man Power, who are passionate, hard working, skilled, efficient and
committed to deliver consistent quality support service.

Role of Bhakti Industrial School of Cooking In supporting the
BISC will provide Chefs who will uphold the Vision, Mission and Guiding
Principle of The Industry Success Standard .Our Training ensures that well
trained Chefs who will be able to Perform from the day one. We at BISC
emphasize on communication on a regular basis so that they can understand
the Specified Industry Standards while in the school. The Specialized Cuisine
Training Concept is planned as per the Industry Requirement which is Unique
and first of its kind. Each Student is taught the Food safety standards not only
in the Class but also while performing Practical classes. The Yield Management
and Recipe costing are included in the Training Curriculum so that they can
minimize the wastage and will be cost conscious while on the job. Above all we
at BISC will ensure that all the Trained Chefs are disciplined in order to take
up any Challenge for the Industry ‘s Success Story and a make a difference.

Trainer’s Profile-
Chef Himanshu Shekhar Sahoo, a professional chef who served more than two
decades in various cuisines all over the world. His spells include his current
profession as Executive Chef in Oberoi Flight services from February 1998 till
Nov 2007, in the capacity of Senior Sous Chef in Taj Coromandel Hotel (1987-93
and 1996 to 1998), a member of leading hotels of the world and handled
production as a Sous Chef in Carnival Cruise Lines, Miami , USA.
After graduating in Economics he completed his Diploma in Hotel Management
from    Institute of Hotel Management ,Catering Technology and Applied
Nutrition, Bubaneswar , Orissa in 1987. As a person who is spirited to achieve
more, underwent trainings on many development programs like Professional
Development programme, Management development Programme from Johnson
& Wales University, Mimai,U.S.A , and United States Public Health Training
from Nova University during his stay in United States.
Now He is Passionate, with these 21 years of Culinary Experience, to Train
Culinary Professionals as well as creates people for the Culinary Profession with
a sole purpose of making a difference to the Hospitality Industry, which he is
Indebted to.

           Bhakti Industrial School of Cooking, Chennai
  No 34-Maheswari Nagar Main Road, Hastinapuram, Chitlapakkam,
                        Chennai- 600064

We aim at 100 % attendance to enable students acquiring better Skill
ultimately deserving a better Career. Please note if the student does not qualify
the standard of the TRAINER, will not be given a certificate.

We have read and understood the above condition and accept the same for the
benefit of my ward .

Signature of Father/ Mother                              Signature of the Student


                   Justification of you Paying for Quality Training
                      Employment Opportunities for Bhakti Students–

The door is wide open for the students who move out of BISC as TRAINED CHEFS-

        EIH Limited (Oberoi Group) (has booked 20 to 25 students )-
    The Ambassador Sky Chef, Mumbai & Delhi (has booked 15 students )
    The Pavilion Group of restaurants in Dubai (has booked 5 to 10 students )
    CityMax Hotels and Leisure restaurants (Landmark Group)( has booked 50 students )
    The Radisson Hotels
    The Rain Tree Hotels
    The Oberoi Mumbai

This Page is for the Parents/ Guardian for the on time Payment
For one year- 10th failed students only. Session starts July 2010
Term Wise - Fee Package for the Total Course Rs 125000/-
Student name

                 Please make payment as per below schedule without fail
Our Banker       State Bank Of India Account Number              303 409 202 77
BOOKING FEE                                                        5,000
For Admission                                                      45,000
Installment-1                                                      25000
Installment -2                                                     25,000
Installment -3                                                     25,000
                 Total Amount Rs                                   125000

For one and half years- 10th Pass Students only. Session starts July 2010

Term Wise - Fee Package for the Total Course Rs 175000/-
Student name

                 Please make payment as per below schedule without fail
Our Banker       State Bank Of India Account Number              303 409 202 77
BOOKING FEE                                                       10,000
For Admission    (Before one week of starting your journey)        70,000
Installment -1    15th Sept to 20th Sept 2009                      40,000
Installment -2   15th Dec to 20th Dec 2009                         40,000
Installment-3    15th April to 20th April 2010                     15,000
Total                                                              175000

Please Note-
   Only Two Installments for one year Course and 3 installments for one
    and half years course .

   The payments are to be effected as per the above schedule, which are to
      be spent for the development of students.
   The total Training Programme is planned and needs funding at every
      stage to be implemented.
   Your delay in effecting the Payment as per schedule creates financial
      imbalance resulting in loosing the Purpose of the Training Programme.
   The amount you are paying is AN INVESTMENT not expenditure.
   We should invest on Quality.
   No bargain, No Capitation and No Recommendation

 Signature of the Parents-
Make a Xerox copy of this page and keep at home for financial planning

Financial POLICY of the Bhakti Industrial School.Chennai
1-The fees once collected will not be refunded at any circumstances.

2- on admission the student has to submit all the specified original documents to
the school authority till the successfully completion of the course and clearance of
School dues.

3- If any student leaves the course as per his own decision or gets terminated for
disciplinary actions by the School Authority, the original documents will be
returned to the student only on full payment of the fees for the whole course.
4-The fees have to be paid as per the attached schedule without fail.

5- The School extends a Grace period of 15 days from the last date of Payment.
6-If the payment is not made within the grace period; a fine of Rs 1000/- will be
charged, with an extension of 7 days.

7- If the payment is not received on or before the extended last date with fine, the
student will be kept under suspension and will be asked to leave the School.

8- The amount spent, due to the damage of the school property by the student, will
be deducted from the Security Deposit and a warning letter will be issued to the
concerned student with a copy to the parent and kept in his school file for future

9-In all matters, the decision of the Correspondent and Principal shall be final and
binding on the Students fully and parents wherever applicable.

10-Incase of cancellation / closure of the course, the liability of the School
authority will be limited to pay back the fee received from the candidate.
11-All legal matters to be addressed within Chennai Jurisdiction only.

We have read, understood and accepted the above financial policy of the B.I.S.C

Parent’s Signature                             Student’s Signature
Place-                                            Date-

Student’s attendance and Tardiness
Each student is a critical member of a Culinary Team with Daily Production
Responsibilities. The Curriculum Structure for each programme builds on the
Learning and Hands On Experience of the day before. We expect Student’s
commitment to provide first priority to Course Work and plan their schedule

Tardiness Policy-
   Students are expected to be in the class in uniform and ready to proceed
    when the class is ready to begin.
   If the student arrives any time after the class start time, he is considered
    late and declared absent for the day, which will be intimated to the
   All students must stay until the kitchen and the other areas are clean at
    the end of the day.
   Students must inform the chef instructor as soon as possible prior to any
    delay and absence.
   Students who are not in proper uniform at the time of class begins are
    late for the class attendance hence declared absent.
   No leave permitted for the students within training period except Govt.
Performance Monitoring Policy-
     Exceptional- 95% and above
     Excellent- 90 % to 94%
     Very good- 85% to 89%
     Good – 80% to 84%
     Pass- 70%.
     Tutorial classes will be taken for those who secure 70 % and below.

Programme Changes-

Bhakti Industrial School of Cooking , Chennai reserves the right to cancel
any programme, to change curriculum, to substitute instructors and to
adjust programme size at any time. Policies and procedures are subject to
change at any time at the discretion of the School Authority in compatible
with mission, philosophy and objective of the Bhakti Industrial Cooking
School, Chennai.

Student Complaint Procedures-
    Any grievance or complaint confronted by the student regarding all aspects of
     the school operation must intimate the Correspondent and the Principal of the
     School in writing which becomes a part of student’s file.
    The Correspondent and Principal will meet the student within 7 days.
    Action will be initiated within 10 days of the date of complaint.
    The student will be notified in writing regarding the solution.
Students are to adhere to the general standards of classroom conduct and will be
terminated without prior notice if involved in following-
    Cheating and Theft
    Damaging School Property
    Use of alcohol , tobacco in any form and Disrespect to any staff or fellow
    Other inappropriate behavior.
The Correspondent/ Principal is the sole authority to decide the student’s
Course continuation.
Personal Grooming instructions-
   Uniforms should be cleaned and pressed on a daily basis to avoid
   contamination and smell.
   Black and white check trouser, white chef coat, apron, white cap, Black
   shoes with black shocks, Digital Thermometer, Pen and marker and small
   spiral Note Book in their Pocket.
   Tools Kits
   Fingernails must be short, cleaned and no nail polish allowed.
   Rings, watches or earrings are not allowed.
   Daily shaving
   The hair should be short only half-inch length.
   Daily bathing, shampooing and unscented deodorant to be used.
   Perfumes, after shaves with cologne and highly scented deodorant are not
Health Safety and Sanitation-
   All students need to follow the health and food safety regulations .
   Students must keep themselves, their workstations and kitchen in spotless order at all
   Wash hands after every use.
   Alw ays taste your food with a cleaned Spoon.

                          Kitchen Cleanliness and Safety-

 ◦●Each student is responsible for organizing and keeping the kitchen clean
 throughout the programme.
 ●All students will look after the kitchen as well as the campus at all times.
 ●All students will stay until the kitchen is cleaned at the end of the Day.
 ●Always use Duster / Oven gloves while handling hot pots and utensils.
 ●Ask for HELP- for carrying, lifting or reaching for large or heavy items.
 ●Make your presence known when working around or working around people .
 This is especially important when carrying hot and heavy items. Announce in a
 Loud Clear Voice” WATCH OUT”.
 ●Keep Knives sharp. Handle with care. Never attempt to catch a falling
  ●Never put a knife in the sink or dish washing area.
  ●Your knife and personal belongings are your responsibility.
                              Medical Emergencies-
 ●Inform the chef instructor immediately.
  ●A First Aid Kit is located in the Kitchen for Minor Cuts and Burns.
  ●Students are responsible for their own health care insurance during the
  ●Students will be shown the location of the first aid box and their usage on
    the first day of the Class.
  ●All wounds/ cuts need to be properly bandaged and covered with a finger
  ● The Emergency medical charges will be taken care by the Sch ool and the
amount will be         deducted from the Security deposit and the same will be
intimated to the parents.
                                  Use of Phone-
    ●No personal calls to be made or received during the class except
    ●The administration department informs the message to the chef instructor
    who ultimately relays them to students.
    ●Please advise family and friends regarding this discipline.

 Cell phones are not permitted in the campus.
 Every Saturday 8 am to 9 am, the parents can call to school at the telephone -
 044 22232708.
 Consumption of food and Beverage –
 ●Self service.
 ●They will wash their utensils and pots including the floor, after the food
 Preparation , as per the Duty Roaster.
 ●We take care of the food and beverage aspect in case of sick students.
 With prior permission from the chef Instructor the student can invite guests for a
 Meal tasting.

To My Dear Parents and Students-

Thank You and Best Regards

Bhakti Industrial School of Cooking,
Chef Himanshu Sahoo,
Correspondent and Principal.

                          APPLICATION FORM
Please write clearly in BLOCK LETTERS, and attach photocopies of school , work certificates and
2 no recent colored passport size photo *

Family name:                                         First names:
Male: □                    Female: □                          Date of birth:

Nationality:                                Marital Status:

Address: Village -                           Po-

City:                      State:                        Country:

Phone:                                        Fax:

Parents name and profession:

Parents address:

City:                         State:                   Country:

Phone:                       :                       e-mail

For which Category do you wish to register?

        □ Food Production 18 months

        □ Food Production 12 months

        □ Food Production 6 months

        □ Food Production For House Cooks 30 days

        □ Food Production For House wives 3 months.

        □ Food Production Advance Course for Final year students 3 months

       School / University and professional training attended:
       Year            School / Institute       Qualification     Grade / Percentage

Employment held (starting with most recent):
       Year            Employing Firm           Position Held         Reason for

Languages: Please tick as required
Languages          Englis h            French          German        Others:




Mother Tongue :

Do you have any physical disability?                     □ No          □ Yes
If yes, please specify:

How we re you informe d about BHAKTI Industrial School of Cooking ?

□ Representative     □ Advertisement*             □ Education fair, specify

□ Internet           □ Othe rs*

* Please specify     Name and Contact Number

I wish to inform that all the information given is true to the best of my knowledge.
I have read and accepted the information contained in the Prospectus, as well as the
terms and conditions governing fees and dismissal. I am aware of the fact that
course conditions and programmes can be changed without prior notice.

Signature of applicant:

Place and date:

Signature of the Father / Mother or Guardian-

Place and Date

* Please attach two Reference Letters other than Family and friends who are
known to you at least for 2 years-


Interviewed by:

Certificates Checked by:

Date:                                 Fees to Collect:

Fees Collected by:

Receipt Number

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