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             ENG 110
    Prof. K. Horowitz

•   Objectives
•   Introduction
•   What is a noun?
•   Common & Proper nouns
•   Concrete & Abstract nouns
•   Collective & Compound
•   Try Your Luck!
•   Practice Exercises

• This module is designed to offer students the
  opportunity to familiarize themselves with
  English nouns and their different categories.
  Students should be able to identify nouns
  according to their individual characteristics.

• There are many nouns in English, and
  coincidentally, the categories we use to
  identify them are the same as the ones we
  use in Spanish. Through this module, it is
  hoped that you’ll be able to better identify
  them based on the categories they belong to.
 A noun is a word which refers to a
    person, place, thing, or idea.

There are several different types of nouns:
• Common and proper nouns.
• Concrete and abstract nouns.
• Collective & compound nouns.
• Noun categories overlap, and it is possible for
  a noun to be more than one.
• For example, the noun dog is common and
  concrete. The noun butterfly is common,
  concrete, and compound.
      Common & Proper Nouns

• Common Nouns: Refer to something that is
  not unique and has no defining
  characteristics. EX: desk, chair
• Proper Nouns: Refers to a unique person,
  place, thing, or idea; that has defining
  characteristics. They are always written with
  the first letter capitalized. EX: Mayaguez,
    Concrete & Abstract Nouns

• Concrete Nouns: Can be perceived by at least
  one of the five senses (sight, hearing, smell,
  touch, taste). EX: Chair, John
• Abstract Nouns: Cannot be perceived by any
  of the five senses. They are usually emotions,
  ideals, or concepts. EX: Freedom, love,
  Collective & Compound Nouns

• Collective Nouns: Refers to a single noun that
  indicates or refers to more than one. EX:
  Family, team, club
• Compound Noun: A single noun formed by
  two or more words. They can be together,
  separate, or divided by hyphen (-). EX:
  Butterfly, Christmas tree, mother-in-law
              Try Your Luck!

• What types of nouns is the following

                   • Kansas City

      Compound &      Abstract &   Common &
        proper        collective    concrete
• Let’s try another one!

                    • Family

       Abstract &    Concrete &    Common &
       collective     collective   compound
              Practice Exercises
    Identify the following nouns as common or proper.
•   Car
•   Dog
•   William
•   Mall
•   France
•   Cheetos
•   House
•   Clothes
•   Mother
•   New York
    Identify the following nouns as concrete or abstract.
•   Table
•   Hate
•   Keys
•   Snow
•   Common courtesy
•   Boredom
•   Pen
•   Chicago
•   Music
•   Wood
    Identify the following nouns as collective or compound.
•   New York City
•   grizzly bear
•   gang
•   man-at-arms
•   strawberry
•   band
•   city
•   freshman
•   circus
•   school
• Great job! See you next module!
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