Recital Information Packet 2011

					                      Dance Place * 180-182 Broadway * Arlington, MA   02474 * 781-643-8456

                           Rockin’ the Red Carpet!
       Dress Rehearsal— FRIDAY MAY 20th SATURDAY MAY 21st
          Recital — SATURDAY MAY 21st - SUNDAY MAY 22nd

This year’s dance performances will be held at the CHEVALIER THEATER
The dress rehearsal will also be at the CHEVALIER THEATER in
We are very excited about our 19th annual dance performance. We take
great pride in our programs and in our dancers. We have close to 600
dancers dancing here with us this year and are very happy to give them this
performance opportunity. We hope you enjoy this memorable day with your
child. In the future I hope they remember these performances as fun,
positive experiences. Please read this entire packet as it contains helpful &
important information!

During the last few weeks of classes, these are some of the things that we do
during class to help prepare for the performance…
* Cover the mirrors in the studio.
* Practice dancing for an audience by performing for fellow dancers whenever possible.
* Encouraging the students to have fun & SMILE onstage. Although preparing dances
    for performance takes a lot of practice and hard work, we also want the experience to
    be a fun one.
Here are some things you can do at home to help your child prepare…
* Welcome opportunities to watch your child practice, but don’t force the issue. Children
    love an approving audience. If the children express concern about knowing the
    dance, feel free to ask teachers for a copy of the music, or dance steps, and remind the
    dancer to trust in watching the teacher.
* Pay special attention to preparation and scheduling for the rehearsal & performance.
    Let your dancer know that this is a special event and not a burden.
* Talk about the performance with pride and pleasure at gatherings of family & friends.
    Let your child enjoy being the star.
* Create a special make-up bag labeled with your child’s name & phone #. Include in
    this bag * Safety Pins * Bobby Pins * Brush & Comb * Hairspray & Gel* Make-up *
We hope you enjoy this day with your child as much as we do. If there are any questions
not answered in this packet, feel free to ask Christine between classes or leave a message
at 781-643-8456, or e-mail at Thank you for dancing here with us
this year. We have enjoyed working with all of our dancers and look forward to the
performance this year and for many more to come!!!
                                                       RECITAL INFORMATION PACKET

DRESS REHEARSAL: Rehearsals will begin at 3:00 or 5:00 on Friday and
9:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. on Saturday. Please bring all costumes, headpieces,
shoes and accessories. This is a Full Dress Rehearsal, including Hair &
Make-up. You may take pictures and videotape at the dress rehearsal, but
not at the recital.

PICTURES: Photos will also be taken at dress rehearsal. Group pictures
will be taken immediately after each group performs. Individual or sibling
photos may be taken at any time during the day.

COSTUMES: Costumes are being distributed as we receive them. When
your child receives their costume, please take care of it, as there are NO
in costumes unless a cover-up, such as a t-shirt is worn. Please sew
costumes where they are pinned and cut off any extra material on the strap.
Little Feet, Mini Combo & Kids Combo classes will be receiving socks to
wear with their costumes. These classes may wear WHITE underwear under
their costumes. All other classes will receive tights to wear under their
costumes. No underwear is to be worn under tights. If any student would
like to purchase a bodysuit (a nude colored leotard that may be worn under
costumes), you can order one from Christine for $12.00.

VIDEOS: Majestic Video Productions will videotape the performances this
year. Order forms are enclosed.

HAIR AND MAKEUP: All students need to wear RED LIPSTICK, PINK
BLUSH, and BLUE EYSHADOW. Older dancers should also wear mascara
and eyeliner. This makeup is necessary due to the stage lights. The makeup
will help facial features to stand out. Dancers in Little Feet & Mini Combo
classes may wear their hair in any neat hairstyle. All other dancers are to
wear their hair in a bun. If you need help with this we will have help
available backstage. If your hair is too short for a bun, it must be pulled
back away from your face as much as possible. Please use hairspray and or
gel to keep hair in place. It is distracting to the dancers to have hair in their
face while dancing.
                                                      RECITAL INFORMATION PACKET

DRESSING ROOMS: Due to the number of dancers, we ask that only one
parent / guardian accompanies the dancers to the dressing room. You may
remain there with your child until 10 minutes before curtain to make sure
that all costumes, headpieces, hair and make-up are ready for performance.
At this time we will announce that all non-performers take their seats. Our
backstage help will supervise the dancers backstage. Please place all of your
child’s belongings in a labeled bag. To prevent any accidents, please do not
leave make-up or hair accessories in the dressing room.

TICKETS: Tickets for the performances will be available beginning May
1st. All seating is general admission. You may purchase tickets up until
May 19th. If there are any remaining tickets they will be available at the
door. Tickets purchased at dress rehearsal or the recital must be paid for
with CASH only…. no checks will be accepted. Tickets for the
performances are $15.00 (this includes a one dollar restoration fee for the

BACKSTAGE HELP: Help is needed for all performances. If you would
like to help out backstage for a show that your child is not participating in
you may do so with Christine. You may sign up to help in one of the
following areas * Hair & Make Up, * Stage Runner (bringing groups to &
from the stage), * Dressing Room attendant (general supervising of the
dressing room) * Bathroom Duty (bringing younger dancers to the
bathroom). Parents, siblings or older dancers may sign up to assist in any of
these areas.

THEATER ETIQUETTE: Over the past few years I have had complaints
about this area. Please adhere to proper theater etiquette during the
performance. It is disrespectful to leave your seat while dancers are
performing. Please treat each group of dancers as if it were your own child’s
group. If you must leave the theater before intermission, please do so
between dances and only by the doors at the rear of the auditorium. It is
preferred that parents wait until intermission to go backstage.

OPEN CLASS WEEK: This is held the week following the recital. All
dancers should attend their regular scheduled class for a short class
demonstration for parents, an end of the year party, and early registration.
                                                  RECITAL INFORMATION PACKET

Directions to the Chevalier Theater:

       From Dance Place: Take a Left onto River Street. Take a right at
the lights onto Mystic Valley Parkway. Follow to the rotary (.4 miles)
Take Rt. 16 East. Follow for 1 mile. Take the exit for Rt. 38 Mystic Ave
/ Medford Sq. Take a left at the end of the ramp. Bear right before the
lights (Clipper Ship Dr.) Take a left at the lights (Riverside Ave) Take a
left at the lights (Salem Street) get into the right hand lane. Take a
sharp right onto Forest Street (Dunkin Donuts is on the corner) The
Theater is on the left.

                                                         RECITAL INFORMATION PACKET

Recital Program Book Ads….
To make our recital program books more personal, we leave space for parents to
send a message to their special dancer! Program books from last year will be out in
the waiting room for ad ideas.

Ad prices are….
      1/8 Page—$8.00
      1/4 Page—$12.00
      1/2 Page—$22.00

Please write your ad on the bottom of this slip, indicate the size ad you
would like and return to Dance Place by April 30th.
Or e-mail your message & ad size to Christine at
We also have business ads in our program book. If you have a business
you would like to advertise or know of someone who does, business card
ads are $15.00. Larger size ads are also available. Anyone selling
$50.00 in business ads will receive a free recital ticket.

Recital T-shirt order— All t-shirts must be ordered by May 1st.
Any orders after this date are not guaranteed to be delivered before the
performance. Payment is due with your order.
      * Recital t-shirts are a great memento of a special occasion.
      * The shirts are 100% cotton and have a full color image on the
      front of the shirt and all of the dancers names on the back.

Style :     White T-Shirt — Blue T-Shirt ( Please choose one)

Performance : Saturday 4 Saturday 7 Sunday 12 Sunday 3:30
                                      ( Please circle one)

Youth Sizes Small (6-8) Medium (10-12) Large (14-16)
Quantity     ______       ________         ________
Adult Sizes Small       Medium       Large     X-Large
Quantity     _____        _____       ____      _____

                               Total Cost for T-shirts _______

Other items available with the recital artwork:

      Canvas Tote Bags $10
      Teddy Bears ( White, Honey or Pandas) $20
      Stuffed Monkey ( Black or Pink) $20
      Hooded Sweatshirts $26.00

       The bags have front artwork only. The stuffed animals are wear
       shirts with the recital design on the front, but no names on the
       back. The hooded sweatshirts have artwork on the front & the
       cast list on the back.
               Rockin’ the Red Carpet!
           Friday May 20th 3:00 Rehearsal
         Saturday May 21st 4:00 Performance

Monday 2:00 Little Feet
Monday 4:00 Ballet
Monday 5:00 Jazz
Tuesday 11:00 Mini Combo
Tuesday 3:00 Kids Combo
Tuesday 4:00 Mini Combo
Tuesday 4:00 Ballet / Tap Combo
Tuesday 5:15 Hip Hop
Wednesday 5:15 Hip Hop
Wednesday 6:15 Hip Hop ***
Thursday 11:00 Mini Combo
Thursday 4:30 Kids Combo
Thursday 5:30 Lyrical
Thursday 7:15 Hip Hop
Friday 11:30 Mini Combo
Friday 12:45 Mini Combo
Friday 3:00 Kids Combo
Friday 3:00 Modern
Saturday 10:30 Ballet
Saturday 10:30 Tap
Saturday 11:40 Mini Combo – Lauren
Saturday 2:00 Lyrical
Saturday 3:00 Hip Hop
Select Dance Team Dances
              Rockin’ the Red Carpet!
          Friday May 20th 5:00 Rehearsal
        Saturday May 21st 7:00 Performance
    Saturday 9:00 Ballet
    Saturday 10:00 Pointe
    Saturday 2:00 Jazz (Chrisitne)
    Saturday 2:00 Jazz (Erin)
    Monday 5:00 Ballet
    Monday 5:00 Tap
    Monday 6:00 Ballet
    Monday 6:00 Jazz
    Monday 7:00 Ballet
    Monday 7:00 Jazz
    Monday 8:00 Contemporary
    Tuesday 4:00 Hip Hop – Boys
    Tuesday 5:00 Ballet
    Tuesday 6:00 Tap
    Tuesday 6:15 Jazz
    Tuesday 6:15 Hip Hop
    Tuesday 7:00 Tap
    Tuesday 7:15 Hip Hop
    Wednesday 6:15 Hip Hop ****
    Wednesday 6:15 Modern
    Wednesday 6:30 Lyrical
    Wednesday 7:15 Hip Hop
    Wednesday 7:15 Modern
    Thursday 6:00 Lyrical
    Thursday 6:15 Hip Hop
    Thursday 6:30 Lyrical
    Thursday 7:00 Lyrical
    Thursday 8:00 Tap
    Thursday 7:30 Modern
    Friday 4:00 Boys Tap
    Friday 4:00 Modern
       Friday 5:30 Boys Tap      ** Select Dance Team Dances***

                Rockin’ The Red Carpet
         Saturday May 21st 9:00 a.m. Rehearsal
        Sunday May 22nd 12:00 p.m. Performance

 Saturday 9:00 Little Feet
 Saturday 9:50 Little Feet
 Saturday 10:30 Ballet / Tap Combo
 Saturday 11:40 3 in 1 Combo
 Saturday 11:40 Mini Combo – Erin
 Saturday 12:45 Ballet / Jazz Combo
 Saturday 12:45 Mini Combo
 Saturday 12:45 Kids Combo
 Tuesday 10:00 Little Feet – learn to Grow
 Tuesday 1:00 Kids Combo
 Tuesday 3:00 Ballet
 Wednesday 10:30 Little Feet
 Wednesday 12:45 Kids Combo
 Thursday 3:00 Mini Combo
 Thursday 3:00 Ballet/Tap Combo
 Thursday 5:15 Hip Hop
               Rockin’ the Red Carpet —
          Saturday May 21st 11:00 Rehearsal
       Sunday May 22nd 3:30 p.m. Performance

 Saturday 3:00 Jazz / Hip Hop
 Monday 12:00 Ballet Duo
 Monday 12:45 Mini Combo
 Monday 3:00 Ballet
 Monday 3:00 Kids Combo
 Monday 3:00 Jazz / Hip Hop
 Monday 4:00 Hip Hop – Boys
 Monday 4:00 Tap
 Tuesday 10:00 Little Feet
 Tuesday 3:00 Hip Hop – Boys
 Tuesday / Thursday Tiny Tappers
 Wednesday 2:00 Kids Combo
 Wednesday 3:00 Mini Combo
 Wednesday 3:00 3 in 1 Combo
 Wednesday 3:00 Ballet
 Wednesday 4:00 Jazz
 Wednesday 4:00 Kids Combo
 Wednesday 4:30 Little Feet
 Wednesday 5:15 Jazz / Hip Hop
 Wednesday 5:30 Lyrical
 Thursday 3:30 Jazz / Hip Hop
 Thursday 4:00 Ballet / Jazz
 Thursday 4:00 Jazz
 Friday 10:30 Little Feet
 Friday 11:15 Mini Combo – Learn to Grow
 Friday 3:00 Ballet / Jazz
 Friday 4:30 Tiny Tappers

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