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In some countries, a machine known as a lie detector is used to ______________ in criminal

investigation. The lie detector is used to determine ________ the person involved in the crime is

telling the truth or _________________.

How does such a machine work ? When a person ___________ an untruth, certain body

reactions may _____________ . For example, his heart may _______ faster and his face may

flush. His blood pressure may ______ rise and his breathing may ______ quicker. It is the

____________________ of the lie detector to record these reactions. Normally, the machine

_______________ record reactions which the subject has no control __________ , such as his

blood pressure, respiration or pulse.

How reliable ______ these machines? Some countries do not use lie detectors _______ they feel

that these machines are not totally reliable. in fact, the success ____________ of the lie detector

depends greatly ______ the sensitivity of the machine.

The ability of the person ___________ the test is also very important. The examiner must know

specifically ________________ kinds of questions to ask his subjects. The examiner would

usually familiarize himself _____________ the details of the case first. He then asks his subjects

________________ that are totally unrelated __________________ the case. The answers to

these questions would ___________________ the examiner gauge what _____________

'normal' reactions of the subject _____________ . After this, the examiner would ask questions

of _____________________________ kinds -- those that are important to the case and those

which have nothing to ______________________________ with the case at all.

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