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					      June 2003
                                   Ultimate Youth Camp 2003
 Volume 3 • Issue 6
                      Ultimate Youth Camp is the biggest event of the year for
                      Northside Student Ministry. The camp gives students the
                      opportunity to worship together and enjoy numerous
 Table of Contents    activities like water skiing, swimming in the Olympic size
                      pool, putt-putt golf, caving and a high ropes course. The
    Pastor’s Corner   dates for camp this year are June 21-27th. Ultimate
             Page 2   Youth Camp takes place in The Lake of the Ozarks and
                      is open to students grades 6-12 (completed).
     Ministry News
         Pages 3-4    The UYC Mailbag                                  UYC Pastor
                      Every year at The Ultimate Youth Camp            The Ultimate Youth
Children’s Ministry   we definitely hear from our home                 Camp Pastor for the
            Page 4    church. Northside does an incredible job         week is Mike Martindale
                      of communicating to our students and             of Lubbock, Texas. Mike
    Music Ministry    leaders and encouraging them in their            is the pastor of The
           Page 5     faith. We receive hundreds if not                Heights Fellowship,
                      thousands of letters and packages that           which is a new contem-
    June Calendar     make it into the waiting hands of our            porary church that has a
           Page 6     campers. Windermere Baptist Assembly             purpose driven model.
                                           is amazed every             Mike previously has served as a minister
  Numbers & News                           year at the quantity        to students since 1983. Most recently, he
           Page 7                          of mail that comes          spent 9½ years at Bacon Heights Baptist
                                           our way and through         Church in Lubbock, Texas. It was during
Church Information                         their office. They          his tenure at Bacon Heights that he
            Page 8                         typically deliver the       brought a group of students to Indianapolis
                      mail each day in a van to our program            and served at the Baptist Center for a
                      area. Thanks so much for your ministry           week while staying at Northside. He is a
                      to our campers. It is an incredible              friend of Rusty and Lance Shumake
                      blessing! We will be passing out our             (former Youth Evangelism Director,
                      prayer tents with student/leader names           SCBI).
                      on them June 1, 8 & 15th. Make sure
                      you grab one and send something to our           We are excited to have Mike with us for
                      participants. Here is the address just in        the week sharing from his heart what God
                      case you miss getting a prayer tent:             places there. The theme for the week is
                                                                       “Focus on Jesus.” Mike will be speaking
                      Camper’s Name                                    each night around 8:00 PM. Please take
                      Windermere Baptist Assembly                      time to pray for him this month, and each
                                                                       night of The Ultimate Youth Camp.
                      C/O Rusty Kennedy
                      PO Box 458
                      Roach, MO 65787
                      Breakout Growth
                      One of the basic laws of physics is that it is easier to keep an object in motion than it is to
                      reverse the direction of an object already in motion. That’s why growing churches seem to
                      gather momentum and continue to grow. However, two-thirds of Southern Baptist Churches
                      are plateaued or declining. How do you get the ball moving in the opposite direction?
                                     Dr. Ken Hamphill, former president of Southwestern Baptist Seminary, gives
                                     11 steps to get the ball moving.
                                     1. Breakout growth begins with an increased emphasis on prayer.
                                     2. Breakout growth occurs naturally as the congregation grows in maturity.
    pastor’s corner
                                     3. Breakout growth begins with renewed vision.
                      4. Breakout growth requires that the pastor generate enthusiasm for accomplishing the God-
                      given vision.
                      5. Breakout growth necessitates a willingness to change.
                      6. Breakout growth requires an understanding of the community.
                      7. Breakout growth necessitates an increased emphasis on goal setting.
                      8. Breakout growth starts with a few key actions that produce results.
                      9. Breakout growth requires a greater focus on evangelism and visitation.
                      10. Breakout growth occurs through an increased emphasis on Sunday School.
                      11. Breakout growth is aided by a positive rumor.
                      Northside is on the brink of “breakout” growth. This spring has been a wonderful time of
                      church growth. Sunday morning worship attendance is up 13% over a year ago. Monthly
                      visitation blitz es are being enthusiastically conducted. The Prophecy Conference brought a
                      new excitement and enthusiasm. Keep it up!
                                                                                         God is Good!

                      Please Don’t Think                                  Breakfast Blitz June 14
                      We’ve Forgotten                                     Our first three Breakfast Blitzes have been
                                                                          a great success. Northsiders have enjoyed
                      Due to the increasing cost of                       returning the visit to the new people who
                      sending flowers, and our                            have visited us. You can still get involved!
                      ever-growing congregation,                          This month’s Breakfast
                      it has become cost prohibi-                         Blitz is scheduled for
                      tive to send flowers to                             June 14th. We’ll
                      everyone who is hospital-                           meet at 9 am in the
                      ized. Therefore, effective                          Fireside Room for
                      immediately, we will no                             breakfast. Then,
                      longer send flowers to the                          we’ll divide into
                      hospital. We are hoping that                        teams, and visit a
                      individual Sunday School classes will be            list of names already
                      willing to take up this ministry to their           prepared. If you would
                      members by taking collections and sending           like to be a part of the Northside mission
                      flowers, if they so choose. Please contact          by helping ATTRACT and win new
                      the church office if you have questions.            believers in Jesus, be sure and join us.
Women’s Nite Out                               McNeils End Sabbatical

It is time for                                 Steve and Jeannine
Women’s Nite                                   McNeil will return
Out on Monday,                                 from their sabbatical
June 23rd at 6:30                              on June 3rd. A
p.m. Are you                                   reception will be held
looking for a                                  in honor of their
change from                                    return on June 8th.
inside to outside? Plan to join us for a fun   Watch your weekly
informative evening in the Fireside Room       bulletin for further
for the low cost of $3 per ticket. Bring a     information.
friend for a night out with the girls only.

                                                                                            ministry news
                                               Best Wishes
 Beth Moore Weekend Trip
                                               We would like to extend a sincere “thank
On Friday, July 11th, a group of Northside
                                               you” to Star Rose for her service the past
women will be leaving for Cincinnati, OH
                                               two years in the church office. She has
                 to attend the Beth
                                               resigned her position, and she will be
                 Moore conference. The
                                               preparing for an upcoming move. Star, may
                 group will leave
                                               God bless you in this new phase of your
                 Northside at noon and
                                               life. We will miss your smiling face and
                 will return on July 12th.
                                               servant’s heart. — Your Staff Family
                 If you are interested in
                 joining the ladies for a
                 sleep over and a spirit-
filled weekend, contact Jan Jeter at 849-
                                                           You’re Invited
                                                           You’re Invited
Women’s Ministry Team                              Sue Shadburne and Don Call, Jr.
We’re looking for women to give their
opinions, creative ideas, and desire for         invite you to celebrate their marriage
ministering to other women. If you are
                   interested in serving on
                                                   on Saturday, the seventh of June
                   our Women’s Ministry                  two thousand and three
                   Team to help in plan-
                   ning our studies and               at one thirty in the afternoon
                   activities, please
                   contact Jan Jeter at or 849-5132.
                                                   Downey Avenue Christian Church
                                                     111 South Downey Avenue
                                                       Indianapolis, Indiana

                                                  Reception immediately following in
                                                             Century Hall.

                                                God has blessed us so much. In place
                                                of a gift to us, we ask that you make a
                                                gift in our name to an organization
                                                that provides food to hungry people in
                                                your area.

                    TeamKid                                             Baby Dedication Day
                    TeamKid will meet                                   Parent Baby Dedica-
                    on June 1st and                                     tion Day is coming on
                    June 8th. June 8th                                  June 15, Father’s Day
                    will complete the                                   during both services.
                    meetings until                                      Please call Diane
                    September. We                                       Phillips or Becky
                    will have team                                      Englin if you would like to be involved in
                    store, awards night and pizza and skating!          this special event this year! You will be
                    Parents are invited for this event with us!         receiving a letter with all the details.
                    Don’t miss it!
                                                                        Kids Klub
                                                                        Summertime brings back Kid’s Klub on
    ministry news
                    VBS: The Great Kingdom Caper                        Wednesday evenings for 4 year olds
                    June 9th will be our last scheduled VBS             through 5th grade. We meet in Fellowship
                    faculty-training event! If you have not             Hall from 6:30 – 7:30 each week.
                    signed up to be involved, please do so
                    outside the worship center at the VBS
                    table. We have some key areas where
                    leaders are still needed. We have started
                    enrolling boys and girls! 4 year olds (by
                           July1) through the 8th grade should
                            enroll. If you are teaching, we
                                       have      places for your
                                                  children as
                                               well. A very                 Vacation Bible School
                                               special week –                    July 21 - 25th, 2003
                                              don’t miss out!                   Mark Your Calendars!

                    Fellowship Opportunities for Mothers and Children
                    Moms, Join us on Tuesdays during the month of June for a time of fellowship and play time
                    with your children! We meet at the Northside Gym from 10 – 11:15 a.m. The children play
                    under Mom’s supervision, followed by a time of fellowship for the Moms while the children
                    listen to a story and make a craft.
                    There will be two special events in June:

                    JUNE 3 – Tuesday – INDIANAPOLIS Z00
                    Meet at 10 a.m. at the zoo, stay as long as you like!
                    Cost $5 per adult and $3 for parking. Bring a sack lunch.

                    JUNE 24 – Tuesday – WATER DAY
                    @ Mary Harrington’s home 578-4916
                    Bring sunscreen and bathing suits for the children to wear while playing around the sprinklers.
Overnight Retreat                                      Meet Me In The Middle
Our annual overnight at Highland Lakes                 I would like to extend a personal invitation
for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders took place           to everyone to join me in worship Wednes-
on May 16, 17th. From the campfire,                    days at noon. “Meet Me In The Middle” is
                    singing and testimonies            an hour of prayer and music and a chance
                    by the boys and girls to           for all of us to regroup, reconnect, redirect,
                    the hikes and sessions             and refocus on the
                    together, it was a super           Lord right smack
                    time! Ask Jim David                dab in the middle of
                    about his special “sand-           the work week.
                    wich”! Thank you to                What better time to
Cindy Stater, Jim and Therese David,                   get back to the heart
Sven                                                   of worship than
Christiansen,                                          after a few days of

                                                                                                        ministry news
Matt Snow, Rob                                         being pounded on by the world?! Bring
and Annica Cook,                                       your praises, bring your heartaches, bring
and Deanne                                             your lunch, bring a friend. The piano and I
Clem! You were                                         will be singing, weeping, praying and
the best!                                              praising. So “Meet Me In The Middle.”
                                                       God always shows up!
Choir Rehearsal
Choir rehearsal has been
moved from Sunday nights
at 5:00 pm to Wednesday
nights after prayer meeting
at 7:30 p.m.

Northside Missions Trip to Alaska Departs July 18th
This summer the Northside Student Ministry and
a group of adults recruited by the Northside
Missions Team are working together on a joint
effort mission trip to Juneau, Alaska. Over 30
students and adults will be departing on July 18th
and returning on July 27th. We would like to
recognize the following people who will be
embarking upon the trip to Alaska:
Ryan Fitzpatrick          Nick Irvin
Josh Riedy                Lauren Higgins
Wes Cate                  Dan Gabbard
Whitney Higgins           Elizabeth Hilfiker
Suzanne Scharbrough       Eric Scott                 Ashley Thielen            Stephen West
Michael Ackerman          Bryan Christie             Rachel Gilliland          Rachel Hearn
Tommy Kreke               Kalli Nikou                Josh Riedy                Lauren Higgins
Katie Slone               Jack Bailey                Kristen Burns             Bob Cross
Jim David                 Mark Frost                 Danielle Hearn            Brent Higgins
Jeannie Hilfiker          Big John Hilfiker          Jared Law                 Tracy Leaf
Jim Hornaday              Rusty Kennedy              Chad Long                 Jim Moore
Nathan Moore              Curt Murphy                Len Piechocki             Randy Reitzer
Curt Waters

Please be in prayer as the students and adults are preparing now for this mission trip. The
cost of the trip is pretty expensive and they are each in process of raising funds for their
expenses. If you would like to contribute to this mission opportunity, you can contact Rusty
Kennedy at 255-6692 or                                                                    5
                        Sunday          Monday           Tuesday         W ednesday        Thursday         Friday              Saturday

                    1               2                3                  4              5               6                  7
                    8:30 am                          10:00 am
                                                                                                                           10:30 am
                    Prayer Walk                      Moms &
                    (AUD)                            Preschoolers
                                                     (Indy Zoo)
                    6:00 pm

                    8               9                10                 11             12              13                 14
                                                                                       10:00 am
    june calendar
                    6:00 pm         6:00 pm VBS      10:00 am     6:30 pm              WOM (109)                           9:00 am
                    TeamKid         Followup         Moms &       Kids Klubs                                               Breakfast
                                                                                       1:00 pm Sr.                         Blitz
                                    Training         Preschoolers
                                                                                       Adult Council
                                    (FR)             (CLC)                             (109)

                                                                                       7:00 pm WOM

                    15              16               17
                                                     10:00 am
                                                                        18             19              20                 21
                    Father’s                         Moms &
                    Day--No                          Preschoolers
                                                                        6:30 pm                                           2:30 pm Jeff
                    Evening                          (CLC)              Kids Klubs                                        & Dana
                    Activities                                                                                            Benesh
                                                     11:30 am JOY
                                                     Lunch (FR)         Business                                          Wedding
                    Parent Baby                                         Mtg.
                                                     7:00 pm Deacon’s
                    Dedication                                                                                                   UYC
                                                     Mtg. (LR)

                    22              23               24                 25             26              27                 28
                    No Evening                       10:00 am           6:30 pm
                    Activities                       Moms &             Kids Klubs
                                                     (M. Harrington
                                                                        Night Thing

                                                                                             C2 Mission Trip

                    29              30
                    6:00 pm                                              May                                July
                    UYC Report                                      S M T W T F S                      S M T W T F S
                                                                                 1 2 3                        1 2     3 4 5
                                                                     4 5 6 7 8 9 10                     6 7 8 9      10 11 12
                                                                    11 12 13 14 15 16 17               13 14 15 16   17 18 19
                                                                    18 19 20 21 22 23 24               20 21 22 23   24 25 26
                                                                    25 26 27 28 29 30 31               27 28 29 30   31
                         C2 Mission Trip

                    Additional Weekly Schedule
                    Tuesdays: Men’s Prayer Breakfast @ 7:30 am; Sr. Adult Exercise & Study @ 10:30 am
                    Wednesdays: Fellowship Meal @ 5:30 pm; “Wednesday Night Thing” for students, Kids Khoirs @ 6:30 pm;
                                   Choir Practice @ 7:30 pm
                    Thursdays: Women’s Prayer Group @ 9:00 am; Men’s Basketball @ 7:30 pm
                    Fridays: College & Career Impact @ 7:00pm
                    Sundays: Prayer Walk @ 8:30 am
                                           Jesus Family Picnic
         New Members
                                           Spirit of the Lord Outreach Mission Church
                                           is sponsoring the 4th annual Jesus Family
            March 30, 2003                 Picnic. The picnic, designed as an out-
                                           reach tool to the community, will be held at
                                           Garfield Park at the pagoda on Saturday,
                                           June 7th. The picnic begins at 10:00 am
                                           and will last all day until
                                           4:30 pm. This minis-

                                                                                               numbers & news
Statement                                  try provides a day of
                                           live Christian enter-
                                           tainment with fun
Steven (14) & Theresa (15) Johnson         and games for the
                                           children--including a
                                           Moonwalk, face
                                           painting, clowns, tug-of-war and various
             April 13, 2003                other games. The picnic is free and
                                           includes a full lunch, including brauts, ribs,
Letter                                     hamburgers, and hot dogs. This is an
                                           excellent place to reach the community and
                                           witness. Last year over 1000 people
                                           attended the picnic, and it is expected to
                                           draw a crowd again this year. Mark your
                                           calendars and plan to attend with your
            Eric (19) & Vicki Shaw (20)    family! We also really need workers. If
                                           you would be able to help, contact Dusty
            Brett Shaw (21)
                                           Selig at 862-7677.

                      Baptism                April Averages
                      Bailey Meador (15)    Total Worship .......................... 736
                                            8:00 Easter Service ................ 179
                                            9:00 am .................................... 266
             April 20, 2003
                                            10:30 am .................................. 426
                                            Sunday School ......................... 327
James Horn (16)                             Avg. Giving ................. $23, 089.64

                                           Bridal Shower
Tiffany Dailey (17)                        A bridal shower will be
                                           held for Dana Smith &
Letter                                     Jeffrey Benesh from 10:30
                                           a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on June 7th
                                           in the Fireside Room. The
Jordan Dailey (22)                         couple is registered at L.S.
                          Dr. Mark S. Hearn .......................... Senior Pastor

     church information
                          Steve McNeil ........................... Associate Pastor
                          Rusty Kennedy ................. Minister to Students
                          Phil Jacoby ................... Dir. of Music Ministries          Mark Hearn
                                                                                            Senior Pastor                     Steve McNeil
                                                                                         Associate Pastor
                          Diane Phillips ......... Dir. of Children’s Ministries
                          Kim Dickerson Dir. of Singles, College & Career
                          Beth Mills ........................... Office Administrator
                                                         Rusty Kennedy
                          Tiffany Dailey .............. Administrative Assistant             Minister to Students
                                                                                                                              Phil Jacoby
                          Micah Langmaack ................. Facilities Manager                                                Director of Music

                             The Northside Baptist Church exists                        Worship Times
                                                                                        Sunday Morning Traditional ....................... 9:00 am
                             to glorify God by working together to...                   Sunday Morning Contemporary ............... 10:30 am
                             adore our Lord in worship, to at-                          Wednesday Prayer Meeting ....................... 6:30 pm
                             tract and win new believers in                             Contact Information
                             Jesus, help them assimilate into                           Church Office .................................... 317-255-6692
                                                                                        Fax .................................................. 317-257-9168
                             the Northside family, mission                              Website ...........................
                             and values, help them anchor                               Editor .........................
                             in God’s word and God’s ways,
                                                                                        If you do not wish to receive this publication, please
                             affirm their God-given gifts and                           call us or email the editor.
                             ministries, and to multiply this
                                                                                        Submissions to the Vision must be received by the
                             process around the world.                                  15th of the month prior to publication and will be
                                                                                        included at the editor’s discretion.

                                                                                                                            NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                            INDIANAPOLIS, IN
                                                                                                                             PERMIT NO. 118
Address Service Requested

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