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Current                                                                            April 2009
Telsonic Increases its Activities in Sonochemistry Field
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Crystallisation in Focus                                      Contact and information:
(Bronschhofen) Switzerland based Telsonic AG                  TELSONIC AG
is increasing its activities in the Sonochemistry             Dr. Holger Keller
field. The ultrasonics specialist has entered                 Industriestrasse 6b
into a strategic partnership with Prodema                     CH-9552 Bronschhofen
Medical. They mean to use innovative products                 Headquarters
to introduce their skills effectively into                    Tel +41 71 913 98 88
chemical,    pharmaceutical       and   foodstuffs            Fax +41 71 913 98 77
technology. For instance, a crystallisation
process accelerated with ultrasonics can
produce medication of the highest degree of
purity and the newest generation of equipment                 Telsonic in Ger many
can be used in the laboratory as well as in                   TELSONIC GmbH
series production.                                            Munich Office
                                                              Christian Horn
"Our products for ultrasonic process technology can
                                                              Waldstraße 26
be used in laboratory applications as well as for
                                                              D-82041 Oberbiberg
series production of the purest active ingredients",
                                                              Tel.: +49 89 6666 55 39
said Area Sales Manager Dr Holger Keller,                     Fax: +49 3112 1149 772
emphasising one characteristic of Telsonic products 
for chemical and biological process technology. "We 
want to position this skill much more vigorously in
the market", added Telsonic Sales Director Ernst
Züblin. For this reason the Swiss ultrasonics                 Prodema Medical AG
specialist has entered into a strategic partnership           Prof. Dr. med. Christian Spenger
with Prodema Medical. The management and                      Industriestrasse 6b
engineering company, also based in Switzerland, has           CH-9552 Bronschhofen
                                                              Tel. + 41 71913 05 80
the best knowledge of and contacts to the chemical
                                                              Fax: +41 71 913 05 89
and pharmaceutical sector. "Based on many years of  
work we know the processes as well as the           
important contacts in industry and research",
emphasised Professor Christian Spenger. "Using the
effective Telsonic products we'll also be expanding
our spectrum", added the Prodema manager,
emphasising the win-win partnership.

Win-win partnership for the customers' benefit
The process of crystallisation is used in the
pharmaceutical industry for cleaning reaction
products. Size and purity of the crystal are decisive
quality characteristics and key to the optimal
absorption, dispersion and effect of medication in
the body. The development and purity of active
pharmaceutical ingredient crystals can be positively
influenced by means of ultrasonics. To do this the

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medication is first produced in the smallest possible
quantity. When the effect is demonstrable, the
manufacturing is scaled up, in ever increasing
volumes, to a production scale. In the Desintegrator
DG 100 and the Sonoprocessor DG2000 Telsonic
provides an equipment series that is geared towards

A special mini reactor, equivalent to a series product
reactor, has been developed for use in the
laboratory. In production the components can be
used either in batches or in a continuous flow
procedure. By controlling the ultrasonics effect with
the selection of probe geometry and the energy
applied, the required effect - locally focussed or
permeating the whole volume - is optimally tuned to
the process step. On request, customers can take
delivery of components complete with ATEX
certification, suitable for use in explosion proof areas
of the chemical-pharmaceutical industry.

Swiss pioneer and technology leader
The Swiss Telsonic AG is the pioneer in the field of
ultrasonic technology. The company, founded in
1966, with subsidiaries in Germany, England, South-
East Europe, China and the USA as well as a joint
venture in India and representatives in many other
countries, holds numerous patents. It applies
ultrasonic technology to welding, separation
welding, cleaning and sieving, as well as to chemical
processes. Prodema Medical is an ambitious Swiss
company that has wealth of knowledge pertinent to
the pharmaceutical and chemical processes and can
draw on a tight network of relationships in industry
and research.

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