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					Vol. 1, No. 5, 1955                           ThE CLINICAL CHEMIST                                             349

AAAS        CLINICALCHEMISTRYSYMPOSIUM                        1955, 2 p.m., Henry Grady Hotel,

      Albert E. Sobel, Program              Chairman          Dixie Ballroom.
for     the    Association  on scientific par-
                                                            AACC Dinner: December 26, 6 p.m.,
ticipation       in a Symposium     to be held
                                                              Henry Grady Hotel, Dixie Ballroom.
under the auspices of the subsection,                       Contributed   Papers: December 27, 9
the American Association of Clinical                          a.m., Henry Grady Hotel, Room B.
Chemists, participating  in the Atlanta                     Contributed    Papers:  December 27,
Meeting of the American Association                           2 p.m., Henry Grady Hotel, Room B.
for the Advancement     of Science, an-
nounced the following program for the                                    LECTURINGABROAD
meetings.                                                      Harry  Sobotka,    Mount Sinai Hos-
      The     Symposium,         entitled    “Recent        pital, New York      City, is visiting the
Concepts in Clinical Chemistry,”                     will   Near     East during September and Oc-
be held in the Dixie Ballroom                    of the     tober.     He will give a number       of lectures
Henry         Grady     Hotel,   Atlanta,     Ga.,     on   and hold conferences             on subjects of
Monday, December 26, 1955.                                  physical       biochemistry      at the    Univer-
                                                            sity of Athens       and the National            Tech-
Symposium         Program
                                                            nical University in Athens, Greece, at
   Opening Remarks by the Chairman,                         the University of Ankara and Istan-
Albert    E. Sobel, of the Jewish Hospital                  bul, Turkey, and at the University of
of Brooklyn, N. Y.                                          Jerusalem and at the Weizmann Insti-
   Role of the Clinical Chemist in the                      tute in Rehovot, Israel.
Hospital-      Joseph H. Gast, Baylor
University College of Medicine, Hous-
ton, Texas                                                       NEW CATALOGUE SUPPLEMENT
   New Concepts      in Acid-Base Balance                     The Arthur H. Thomas Company,
-Samuel            Natelson,      Memorial        Hos-      Philadelphia, Pa., announces publica-
pital,      Rockford,     Ill.                              tion of a 264-page        supplement       to their
   Studies on Lipid Metabolism-D.                           1472-page general catalogue. The Sup-
B. Zilversmit,      University   of Ten-                    plement follows the tradition of the
nessee, Memphis, Term.                                      catalogue        and provides       factual,        de-
   Blood Proteins-Henry        G. Kunkel,                   tailed,       and   up-to-date        listings       of
Rockefeller Institute, New York, N. Y.                      items added to their stock since pub-
                                                            lication of the catalogue in 1950. Also
Meeting Program                                             included is a price list covering all
Symposium:              “Recent       Concepts         in   current  items in both catalogue and
      Clinical      Chemistry”        December       26,    supplement.

              In the article, “A Note on Quantitative Urobilinogen Deter-
            minations”, by Bernard Balikov, Vol. 1,264 (August 1955), the
            abscissa label of Fig. 1, page 265, should read “2% glacial
            acetic acid assumed to yield 100% recovery.”