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					                                 Course Syllabus
                                  Fashion Design
                              Hendrickson High School

Instructor: Nicole Siler
Classroom: B114
Office: B Office
Telephone Number: 594-1100
Fax Number: 594-1105



Conference Time -
Nicole Siler: 2:30-3:20

Tutoring Hours -
Nicole Morvant: (M, T, W) 8:15 – 8:50 a.m.

Course Name –
Fashion Design I Course # 7261
Credit: 1 Grade: 10-12
Prerequisite: none
Fashion Design focuses on the fashion industry as well as all aspects of fashion and
wardrobe care. This is a project oriented course focusing on designing, constructing, and
altering apparel.

Advanced Fashion Design Course # 7262
Credit: 2 Grade: 11-12
Prerequisite: Fashion Design I
This course focuses on all aspects of the textile and apparel industries. Projects will
focus on more advanced production techniques as well as creation of a fashion design

Course Objectives -
      Analyze the influence of advertising on consumer apparel choices.
      Interpret labeling information to determine care procedures for apparel products.
      Explain human and financial resources affecting individual and family clothing
      Apply basic apparel production skills if training for a career in the apparel
      Utilize a career-connections experience to demonstrate occupational applications
       of competencies developed in the study of apparel.

Format and Procedure / Instruction Methods/Assignments
      Instructional methods will consist of but not limited to power point presentations,
     handouts, hands-on experiments, textbooks and other reading assignments. The use of
     multimedia materials (such as videotapes, computer software programs) and guest
     speakers may be included.

Hendrickson High School Grading Protocols for 2008-2009

          Major (Summative) Grades                             Minor (Formative) Grades
         3 or more per grading period                        6 or more per grading period

            Category Weight 60%                                  Category Weight 40%

    Tests/Exams                                          Independent practice
    Projects                                             Quizzes
    Portfolios                                           Warm-ups
    Performances                                         Reviews
    Products                                             Progress checks
    Final Process Writing Pieces                         Journals
    Major Lab Experiences                                Components of Writing Process
    Presentations                                        Lab Experience
                                                          Spelling tests
                                                          Daily work

     Assignment of Grades
         The teacher has the discretion to drop grades as long as minimums above are

     Timeliness of posting
      Teacher will refresh on-line grade books weekly, by start of school day each

     Retesting or Redoing
         Students scoring below “70” on a Major (Summative) Grade shall be allowed (or
          may be required) to redo the assignment/test (or similar) after completing
          prerequisite work. The higher grade, with a maximum of “70”, shall be recorded.
         Retesting/redoing should be completed within five school days (unless the teacher
          makes alternative provision for extenuating circumstances).

     Late Work
         Students will be afforded opportunity to submit late work for Formative Assignments
          during each grading period.
         Late work submissions in this regard must be submitted within two school days of the
          original submission date. Teachers may extend the deadline for legitimate student
   Late work submissions in this regard must be good-faith efforts at the assignment;
    trivial attempts at assignments will not be accepted or graded. The teacher will
    determine the worthiness of the late assignment submitted.
   Late work submitted in this regard will receive a grade no lower than 50.
   Extra credit assignments are NOT subject to this Late Work provision.

Class Expectations-
   Safety conditions will be required at all times and students not complying with these
    procedures will be removed from lab and sent to an alternative location for that time.

If a student does not adhere to this standard, they will not be allowed to participate in lab
for that class period and will not receive credit for the class that day until the alternative
assignment has been turned in.

Course Requirements –

       Standard Class Supplies – notebook, pencils / pens, notebook paper, highlighter,
        1 box of Tissue, glue stick, colored pencils. Each instructor may ask for
        additional supplies as the school year progresses.

       Composition Book/Spiral Notebook (for Journal)
          o In a composition book/spiral notebook you will keep a daily journal.
             You are required to write down the entry and then respond with
             what it means to you underneath the entry. I don’t know, I don’t
             care, and I don’t understand this, are NOT acceptable answers.
          o If you do not understand please ask me to explain the quote.
          o Composition books will be left in the classroom for me to be able to
             look at and respond to you.

Course Readings –
Required Textbook –
       Fashion!
       The world of Fashion Merchandising

Academic Integrity -
Each student in the course is expected to abide by the Pflugerville ISD Code of Conduct
and Student handbook with regard to academic integrity. Any work submitted by a
student in this course will be the students own work, unless otherwise specifically
directed by the teacher.