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					Vol. 39                         PRELIMINARY PROGRAM                                                1231

                          THE 77TH ANNUAL MEETING
                         New York, N. Y., October 24-28, 1949
                               Hotel Reservation Formn
                                                                Roonms with Bath
Hotels                                         Singles                                        Doubles
Belmont Plaza                                $4.00-$7.00                                     $6.00$9.00
Governor Clinton                              3.50- 5.75                                      5.50- 9.50
Henry Hudson                                  3.50- 5.00                                      6.00- 8.00
Lincoln                                       4.00- 7.00                                      6.00- 9.00
Martinique *                                  3.00- 5.50                                      5.00- 8.00
McAlpin *                                     4.00- 7.00                                      6.50-10.00
New Yorker                                    4.00-10.00                                      7.00-13.50
Roosevelt                                     5.50-10.00                                       8.00-14.00
Statler                                       4.50- 7.50                                       7.00-10.00
Taft *                                        3.75- 7.00                                      6.50- 9.00
Tudor                                         3.00- 5.00                                      5.00- 9.00
Wentworth *                                   4.00- 6.00                                      6.00- 8.00
    * The starred hotels which are listed above also provide rooms without baths             at the fol-
lowing rates:
                                                Singles                                        Doubles
Martinique                                    $2.00-$3.50                                    $4.00-$5.00
McAlpin                                        3.00- 3.50                                     5.00- 5.50
Taft                                           3.00- 3.50                                     5.00
Wentworth                                      3.00- 4.50                                     5.00- 6.00

                      MAKE ROOM RESERVATIONS EARLY
      77th Annual Meeting and Meetings of Related Organizations, New York, N. Y.
                                   October 24-28, 1949
              (Note that the Meeting opens Monday, October 24 at 9:30 A.M.)
Please make hotel reservation as indicated below:
Double Room with Bath at $ ...... per day for ...... persons
Single Room with Bath at $...... per day for ...... persons
Double Room without Bath at $...... per day for ...... persons
Single Room without Bath at $...... per day
Suite at $. per for
              ....    day . persons
ARRIVING: OCTOBER .... Hour ..                     LEAVING: OCTOBER .... Hour
Please print (or type) names and addresses of all occupants including persons making reservation.
  NAMIE                        STREET ADDRESS                              CITY        STATE


                                                  Name      ....................................

                                                  Street Address    ............................
                                                                             City   .State

                      Mail Direct to the Hotel of Your Choice.
                                                                                   Sept., 1949

                        ASSOCIATION NEWS
                  NEW YORK, N. Y., OCTOBER 24-28, 1949

                     APPLICANTS FOR FELLOWSHIP
  In  accordance with the By-laws of the Association, the names of applicants for FeUowship
are officially published herewith. They have requested affiliation with the Sections indicated.
Action by the various Section Couincils, the Committee on Eligibility, and the Governing
Couincil will take place during the New York City Annual Meeting.
            Health Officers Section
D. Keith Barnes, M.D., C.P.H., Director,         Sidney S. Goldman, M.D., M.P.H., Senior
  Davis County Health Unit, Kaysville, Utah        Medical Officer, Communicable Disease
William C. Buss, M.D., C.P.H., Health Officer,     Division, City Dept. of Health, Philadel-
  Kern County Health Dept., Bakersfield,           phia, Pa.
  Calif.                                         Paul M. Golley, M.D., M.P.H., Director, Chat-
LeGrand B. Byington, M.D., M.P.H., Medi-           tanooga-Hamilton County Health Dept.,
  cal Director, Public Health Service, Federal     Chattanooga, Tenn.
  Security Agency, Denver, Colo.                 Clarence L. Guyton, M.D., M.P.H., Director,
Alexander M. Carr, M.D., Director of Health,       Hospital Division, State Board of Health,
  Bradley-McMinn County Health District,           Columbia, S. C.
   Cleveland, Tenn.                              James F. Hackney, M.D., M.P.H., Director
Ray D. Champlin, M.D., C.P.H., Regional            of Public Health, City Health Dept., At-
  Health Director, State Dept. of Health,          lanta, Ga.
  Syracuse, N. Y.                                Charles W. Harwell, M.D., Commissioner of
George W. Cox, M.D., State Health Officer,         Health, Crisp-Worth Health District, Cor-
  Austin, Tex.                                     dele, Ga.
Lt. Col. Edward J. Dehne, M.C. (M.D.,            Charles R. Hayman, M.D., M.P.H., Deputy
  M.P.H.), Chief, Occupational Health and          State Health Officer and Director, Kent
  Preventive Medicine, Army Industrial Hy-         County Health Unit, Dover, Dela.
  giene Laboratory, Army Chemical Center,        Thomas R. Hood, M.D., M.P.H., Acting Di-
  Md.                                              rector, Division of Local Health Adminis-
Robert Dessent. M.D., M.P.H., Director of          tration, State Board of Health, Topeka, Kan.
  Maternal and Child Hygiene, Cook County        Max C. Igloe, M.D., M.P.H., Chief District
  Health Dept., Chicago, Ill.                      Health Officer, City Health Dept., Chicago,
James N. Dudley, M.D., M.P.H., City Health         Ill.
  Officer, Roanoke, V"a.                         Lester J. Kantor, M.D., Chief Medical Officer,
Harry H. Ennis. M.D., M.P.H., Medical Di-          U. S. Indian Service, Lawton, Okla.
  rector, District Health Service 1, Decorah,    Roger A. Kennedy, M.D., D.P.H., Director,
  Ia.                                              Elgin-St. Thomas Health Unit, St. Thomas,
Morris Fiterman, M.D., M.P.H., Medical In-         Ont., Canada
  spector, City Dept. of Health, Philadelphia,   Charles K. Kincaid, M.D., M.S.P.H., Health
  Pa.                                              Commissioner, City Health Dept., Madison,
John D. Fouts, M.D., M.P.H., Health Officer,         Wis.
  Whatcom County District Board of Health,       Wilson W. Knowlton, M.D., M.P.H., Su-
  Bellingham, Wash.                                perintendent, Westfield State Sanatorium,
Ben Freedman, M.D., M.P.H., Director, Pub-         Westfield, Mass.
  lic Health Training Center, State Dept. of     Samuel M. Mallison, M.D., Public Health
  Health, New Orleans. La.                         Superintendent, District Health Unit 6,
Lenor S. Goerke, M.D., M.S.P.H., Director          Champaign, Ill.
  of Medical Services, City Health Dept.,        Clarke W. Mangun, Jr., M.D., M.P.H., Tu-
  Los Angeles, Calif.                              berculosis Control Officer, City of St. Paul,
Vol. 39                            ASSOCIATION NEWS                                          1233
   and Tuberculosis Medical Consultant, City       Louis S. Welty, M.D., M.P.H., Deputy State
   Health Dept., Minneapolis, Minn.                  Health Officer, State Health Dept., Easton,
Clayton B. Mather, M.D., Medical Director            Md.
   of Town Hospital and Health Officer,            Col. William L. Wilson, M.C. (M.D., M.P.H.),
   Greenwich, Conn.                                  Special Assistant for Civil Health Affairs
Paul W. McCracken, M.D., M.P.H., Director,           to the Surgeon General, U. S. Army, Wash-
   Maricopa County Health Unit, Phoenix,             ington, D. C.
   A.riz.                                          Mlfred Yankauer, Jr., M.D., M.P.H., District
A. Erin Merkel, M.D., M.P.H., Director, Jack-        Health Officer, City Dept. of Health, New
   son County Health Dept., Medford, Ore.            York, N. Y.
Frank A. Moore, M.D., M.P.H., Director,
   West Tennessee Regional Office, State Dept.                  Laboratory Section
   of Public Health, Jackson, Tenn.                Isadore R. Asen, B.S., Director, The Clinical
Alexander A. Neuwirth, M.D., M.P.H., Public          Laboratory, Newark, N. J.
   Health and Hospital Consultant, Griffen-        Cooper Brougher, Jr., B.Sc., Administrative
   hagen and Associates, New York, N. Y.             Director of Laboratories, State Dept. of
Andrew W. Para, M.D., Surgeon (R), Public            Public Health, Nashville, Tenn.
   Health Service, Federal Security Agency;        G. John Buddingh, M.D., Professor of Micro-
   Medical Officer in Charge, U. S. Quarantine        biology, School of Medicine, Louisiana State
   Station, Brownsville, Tex.                         University, New Orleans, La.
David E. Price, M.D., Dr.P.H., Chief Di-           Lillian Buxbaum, B.A., Senior Bacteriologist,
   vision of Research Grants and Fellowships,         City Dept. of Hospitals, New York, N. Y.
   Public Health Service, Federal Security         George M. Cameron, Ph.D., Director of Lab-
   Agency, Washington, D. C.                          oratories, State Dept. of Public Health,
Hamlet C. Pulley, M.D., M.P.H., Chief As-             Nashville, Tenn.
   sistant Health Officer, City Health Dept.,      Shih L. Chang, M.D., Dr.P.H., Assistant Pro-
   Los Angeles, Calif.                                fessor of Sanitary Biology, Harvard Uni-
James J. Quinlivan, M.D., M.P.H., Assistant           versity, Cambridge, Mass.
   Director, Division of Local Health Services,    Herald R. Cox, Sc.D., Director of Viral Re-
   State Dept. of Health, Albany, N. Y.              search, Lederle Laboratories, Pearl River,
Norman J. Rose, M.D., M.P.H., Superintend-           N. Y.
  ent, District Health Office 16, Highland, Ill.   Floyd H. Eggert, M.S., Director of Labora-
Robert E. Rothermel, M.D., M.P.H., Asso-              tories, U. S. Standard Products Co., Wood-
  ciate Field Director, American Public Health       worth, Wis.
  Assn., New York, N. Y.                           John E. Faber, Jr., Ph.D., Professor and
Ralph R. Sachs, M.D., M.P.H., Health Officer,        Head, Dept. of Bacteriology, University of
  Hanford Works, General Electric Co., Rich-         Maryland, College Park, Md.
  land, Wash.                                      Frances I. Friewer, A.B., Bacteriologist, State
Mildred E. Scott, M.D., M.P.H., County               Dept of Public Health, Chicago, Ill.
  Health Officer, State Dept. of Health, Rich-     B. Scott Fritz, V.M.D., Director, Biological
  mond, Va.                                           Laboratories, Wyeth, Inc., Marietta, Pa.
James K. Shafer, M.D., M.P.H., Assistant           Helen H. Gillette, S.B., Chief Diagnostic Lab-
  Regional Medical Director, Public Health            oratory, State Dept. of Public Health, Ja-
  Service, Federal Security Agency, Chicago,         maica Plain, Mass.
  Ill.                                             Irving Gordon, M.D., Associate Medical Bac-
Cecil G. Sheps, M.D., M.P.H., Associate Pro-         teriologist, Division of Laboratories anid Re-
   fessor of Public Health Administration,           search, State Dept. of Health, Albany, N. Y.
  School of Public Health, University of           Angus M. Griffin, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C.                  of Bacteriology, Hygiene and Preventive
George A. Silver, M.D., M.P.H., Health Officer,      Medicine, School of Medicine, George Wash-
  Eastern Health District, City Health Dept.,        ington University, Washington, D. C.
  Baltimore, Md.                                   William M. Hale, M.D., Professor and Head,
Roger F. Sondag, M.D., Director, Bureau of            Dept. of Bacteriology, College of Medicine,
  Preventable Diseases, State Board of Health,        State University of Iowva, Iowa City, Ia.
  Jacksonville, Fla.                               Laura G. Jacques, M.D., Director, Division
W. Carroll Summer, M.D., M.P.H., Director,            of Diagnostic Laboratories, State Dept. of
  Ouachita Parish Health Unit, Monroe, La.           Health, Concord, N. H.
Waldo L. Treuting, M.D., M.P.H., Professor         J. Emerson Kempf, M.D., Associate Professor,
  of Public Health Administration, Medical            College of Medicine, University of Illinois,
  School. Tulane University, New Orleans, La.         Chicago, Ill.
l1234                AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                 Sept., 1949
Sidney 0. Lexinson, M.D., Executive Director,        George I. Wallace, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  Michael Reese Research Foundation and                of Bacteriology, University of Illinois, Ur-
  Samuel Deutsch Serum Center, Chicago, Ill.           bana, Ill.
Thomas B. Magath, M.D., Ph.D., Chief, Clin-          Emory L. Webb, A.B., Associate Director, Di-
   ical Laboratories, Mayo Clinic, Rochester,          vision of Laboratories, State Dept.of Public
   Minn.                                               Health, Atlanta, Ga.
V'iola M. Michael, Ph.D., Bacteriologist-in-         Daniel Widelock, Ph.D., Assistant Director,
   Charge, Branch Laboratory, State Dept.              Bureau of Laboratories, City Dept. of
   of Public Health, Champaign, Ill.                   Health, New York, N. Y.
Ruth E. Miller, Ph.D., Professor of Bacteri-
   ology, Woman's Medical College of Pennsyl-                      Statistics Section
   vania, Philadelphia, Pa.                          Isidore Altman, M.S., Biostatistician, Public
Seward E. Miller, M.D., Chief, Laboratory              Health Service, Federal Security Agency,
   Division, Communicable Disease Center,              Washington, D.C.
   Public Health Service, Federal Security           Huldah Bancroft, Ph.D., Professor of Bio-
   Agency, Atlanta, Ga.                                statistics, School of Medicine, Tulane Uni-
Albert Milzer, M.D., Ph.D., Director of                versity, New Orleans, La.
   Bacteriology and Virology Dept., Michael          Wilbur V. Charter, I).P.H., Deputy Director,
   Reese Hospital, Chicago, Ill.                       Medical Statistics Division, U. S. Navy,
Roland B. Mitchell, Ph.D., Chief, Dept. of             Washington, D. C.
   Aero-Biology, U.S.A.F. School of Aviation         Antonio Ciocco, D.Sc., Professor of Biostatis-
   Medicine, Randolph Field, Tex.                      tics, School of Public Health, University of
Janie F. Morris, M.Sc., Bacteriologist, State          Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.
   Dept. of Public Health, Atlanta, Ga.              Bernard M. Cohen, Ph.D., Statistician in
Irwin S. Neiman, M.D., Ph.D., Professor and            charge of Record Follow-up Studies, Com-
   Chairman, Dept. of Bacteriology and Public          mittee on V'eterans Medical Problems, Divi-
   Health, Chicago Medical School, Chicago,            sion of Medical Sciences, National Research
   Ill.                                                Council, Washington, D. C.
John M. Newell, D.Sc., Senior Chemist, Anti-         William M. Haenszel, M.A., Director, Bureau
   toxin and V'accine Laboratory, State Dept.          of Vital Statistics, State Dept. of Health,
   of Public Health, Jamaica Plain, Mass.              Hartford, Conn.
Isadore Pilot, M.D., Associate Professor of          Lt. Col. Eugene L. Hamilton, Director, Medi-
   Medicine, University of Illinois, and Di-           cal Statistics Division, Office of the Sur-
    rector of Laboratories, Edgewater and              geon General, Dept. of the Army, Wash-
   Lutheran Deaconess Hospitals, Chicago, Ill.         ington, D. C.
 Joseph C. Register, Professional Liaison Officer,   Albert P. Iskrant, M.A., Principal Statistician,
    State Board of Health, Jackson, Miss.               Public Health Service, Federal Security
William Reincr-Deutsch, Ph.D., Director, In-            Agency, Washington, D. C.
   dustrial Testing Laboratories, New York,          Frank V. Jones, Jr., M.P.H., Senior Public
   N. Y.                                                Health Analyst and Associate Statistician,
Henry W. Schoenlein, M.S., Director, Dept. of           State Dept. of Public Health, Sacramento,
    Bacteriology, Difco Laboratories, Detroit,          Calif.
   Mich.                                             Mary A. Ross, Ph.D., Chief, Public Health
S. P. Sinha, M.B., M.P.H., Superintendent,              Section, Dominion Bureau of Statistics,
  Government Vaccine Institute, Bihar Public            Ottawa, Ont., Canada
  Health Service, Namkum, India.                     Antoine B. Valois, M.D., M.P.H., Demog-
John M. Slack, Ph.D., Associate Professor               rapher and Superintendent, Division of
  and Head, Dept. of Bacteriology and Public            Vrital Statistics, City Dept. of Health,
  Hygiene, Medical School, West 'Virginia Uni-          Montreal, Que., Canada
  versity, Morgantown, W. Va.                        Irvin R. Vaughn, B.A., Director, Public
Joseph E. Smadel, M.D., Scientific Director,            Health Statistics Section, State Board of
  Dept. of Virus and Rickettsial Diseases,              Health, Seattle, Wash.
  Army Medical Dept. Research and Gradu-             P. K. Whelpton, B.S., Associate Director,
  ate School, Washington, D. C.                         Scripps Foundation for Research in Popula-
W. Whitney Smith, Ph.D., Professor and head,            tion Problems, Miami University, Oxford,
  Dept. of Bacteriology and Public Health,              Ohio
  State Agricultural College, Logan, Utah.                       Engineering Section
Gustav I. Steffen, Ph.D., Director, Bureau of        George S. Bote, Typhus Control Specialist,
  Laboratories, City Dept. of Health, New              Public Health Service, Federal Security
  York, N. Y.                                          Agency, Washington, D. C.
Vol. 39                            ASSOCIATION NEWS                                         1235

J. Robert Cameron, M.P.H., Acting Director,        Charles B. Ruegnitz, M.S.P.H., Director, Divi-
  Sanitation Division, Bureau of Health and          sion of Sanitation, Almeda County Health
  Hospitals, Denver, Colo.                           Dept., San Leandro, Calif.
Richard F. Clapp, M.P.H., Sanitarian (R),          William W. Sampson, Ph.D., Instructor in
   Public Health Service, Federal Security           Public Health, School of Public Health,
  Agency, Columbus, Ga.                              University of California, Berkeley, Calif.
Gilbert H. Dunstan, M.S., Sanitary Engineer,       Charles D. Spangler, Ph.D., Sanitary Engineer,
   Public Health Service, Federal Security           Public Health Service, Federal Security
  Agency, Washington, D. C.                          Agency, Columbus, Ga.
Charles A. Farish, M.P.H., Principal Sanitary      Stanley B. Stolz, B.S., Sanitary Engineer,
   Engineer, State Board of Health, Columbia,        City Dept. of Public Health, New Rochelle,
   S. C.                                             N. Y.
John C. Geyer, Dr.Eng., Associate Professor        George E. Symons, Ph.D., Associate Editor,
   of Sanitary Engineering, Johns Hopkins            Water and Sewage Works, Gillette Publish-
   University, Baltimore, Md.                        ing Co., New York, N. Y.
William C. Gibson, B.S.C.E., Training Special-     Meredith H. Thompson, Dr.Eng., Director,
   ist, Public Health Service, Federal Security      Environmental Hygiene, Rensselaer County
   Agency; Educational Director, Sanitation          Dept. of Health, Troy, N. Y.
   Field Training, University of North Caro-       Emil A. Tiboni, M.P.H., S.A., Sanitarian (R),
   lina, Chapel Hill, N. C.                          Public Health Service, Federal Security
Wesley E. Gilbertson, M.S.P.H., Executive            Agency, Washington, D. C.
  Officer, Communicable Disease Center, Pub-       Ralph J. Van Derwerker, B.Sc., Chief Sani-
   lic Health Service, Federal Security Agency,      tary Engineer, Pan American Sanitary
   Atlanta, Ga.                                      Bureau, Washington, D. C.
Stafford W. Graydon, M.A., Public Health           Frank L. Woodward, M.P.H., Director, Divi-
   Engineer, City Health Dept., Atlanta, Ga.         sion of General Sanitation, State Dept. of
Richard S. Green, S.M., Senior Sanitary Engi-        Health, Minneapolis, Minn.
   neer, Public Health Service, Federal Security
   Agency, Washington, D. C.
Mark D. Hollis, C.E., Assistant Surgeon Gen-                 Industrial Hygiene Section
   eral and Chief, Sanitary Engineering Divi-      Herman J. Bennett, M.D., M.P.H., Associate
   sion, Public Health Service, Federal Security     Physician, New York State Workmen's
   Agency, Washington, D. C.                         Compensation Board, New York, N. Y.
Malcolm C. Hope, M.S., Sanitary Engineer,          Robert M. Brown, M.P.H., Instructor in
   Public Health Service, Federal Security           Public Health, Institute of Occupational
   Agency, Washington, D. C.                         Medicine and Hygiene, Dept. of Public
Herman A. Janzen, B.S.C.E., District Engi-           Health, Yale University, New Haven, Conn.
   neer, State Board of Health, Dodge City,        Harry Heimann, M.D., Industrial Hygiene
   Kans.                                             Consultant, Public Health Service, Federal
Emil C. Jensen, M.S., Chief, Division of Pub-        Security Agency, New York, N. Y.
   lic Health Engineering, State Dept. of          Warren H. Reinhart, M.S., Acting Chief, In-
   Health, Seattle, Wash.                            dustrial Hygiene Section, State Health Dept.,
Lt. Col. Raymond J. Karpen, M.S.C., (M.S.),          New Orleans, La.
   Sanitary Engineer, Office of the Surgeon        Abraham Wallach, M.S., Director, Division
   General, Dept. of the Army, Washington,           of Industrial Hygiene, State Board of
   D. C.                                             Health, Helena, Mont.
William A. Legwen, M.S., Sanitary Engineer
   (R), Public Health Service, Federal Security
   Agency; Assistant State Director of Malaria               Food and Nutrition Section
   Control, State Dept. of Public Health, At-      Virginia A. Beal, M.P.H., Nutritionist, Child
   lanta, Ga.                                        Research Council, Denver, Colo.
Karl M. Mason, M.P.H., Director, Division          Elizabeth K. Caso, M.S., Instructor in Nutri-
   of Sanitation, City Dept. of Health, Peoria,      tion, School of Public Health, Harvard
  Ill.                                               University, Boston, Mass.
Cyril P. Maughan, B.S., Senior Sanitarian,         Ancel Keys, Ph.D.. Professor and Director,
  State Dept. of Public Health, Boise, Idaho         Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene, Uni-
Dwight F. Metzler, C.E., Chief Engineer,             versity of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn.
  State Board of Health, Lawrence, Kans.           Henry R. Kraybill, Ph.D., Director of Re-
Paul WV. Purdom, B.S.C.E., Principal Sanitary        search and Education, American Meat In-
  Engineer, City Bureau of Health, Knoxville,        stitute Foundation, Chicago, Ill.
  Tenn.                                            Catherine M. Leamy, M.S., Regional Nutri-
1236                AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                             Scpt., 1949
  tion Consultant, Children's Bureau, Federal     Frederic M. Kriete, M.D., Chief, Bureau of
  Security Agency, New York, N. Y.                  Maternal and Child Health, State Dept. of
Anne R. Matthews, M.P.H., Chief Nutrition-          Public Health, San Francisco, Calif.
  ist, State Dept. of Health, Baltimore, Md.      Eva Landsberg, M.D., M.P.H., Director, Divi-
Marjorie M. Morrison, M.S., Nutrition Con-          sion for Physically Handicapped Children;
  sultant, State Board of Health, Jacksonville,     City Dept. of Health, New York, N. Y.
  Fla.                                            Ella Langer, M.D., Director of Maternal and
Fred W. Morse, Jr., M.D., M.P.H., Assistant         Child Health and Services for Crippled
  Chief, Nutrition Branch, Public Health            Children, State Dept. of Health and Wel-
  Service, Federal Security Agency, Washing-        fare, Augusta, Me.
  ton, D. C.                                      Donaldson F. Rawlings, M.D., M.P.H.. Chief,
Dorothea E. Nicoll, M.S., Supervisor of Nu-         Division of Maternal and Child Health,
  trition, State Dept. of Public Health, Bos-       State Dept. of Public Health, Springfield,
  ton, Mass.                                        Ill.
Harold B. Pierce, Ph.D., Professor of Bio-        Pauline G. Stitt, M.D.. Director of Maternal
  chemistry, University of Vermont, Burling-        and Child Health, Territorial Dept. ot
  ton, Vt.                                          Health, Honolulu, Hawaii
Herbert Pollack, M.D., in Private Practice        Allan C. Thurman, M.D., M.P.H., Director,
  and Chief, Metabolism Service, Mt. Sinai          Maternal and Child Health Division, State
  Hospital, New York, N. Y.                         Dept. of Health, Salt Lake City. Utah
Ethel M. Potteiger, M.S., Senior Nutritionist,
  State Dept. of Health, Albany, N. Y.
Mary A. Ross, M.A., Assistant Director, Nu-             Public Health Education Section
  trition Bureau, Community Service Society,      Lewis W. Andrews, M.P.H., Director of Pub-
  New York, N. Y.                                   lic Health Education, Wichita City-Sedg-
John M. Sharf, Ph.D., Chief of Closure Re-          wick County Health Dept., Wichita, Kans.
  search, Armstrong Cork Co., Lancaster, Pa.      Jay I. Boxer, M.A., Director, Cancer Service
Frances N. Shoun, M.S., Nutrition Consultant,       for Industry, Brooklyn Cancer Committee,
  State Dept. of Public Health, Nashville,          Brooklyn, N. Y.
  Tenn.                                           Lindsley F. Cocheu, M.D., Professor and Di-
Horace L. Sipple, Ph.D., Director of Research       rector, Dept. of Public Health and Indus-
  and Education, Evaporated Milk Assn.,             trial Medicine, New York Medical College
  Chicago, Ill.                                     and Flower and Fifth Avenue Hospitals,
Martha F. Trulson, M.P.H., Nutritionist,            New York, N. Y.
  Rheumatic Fever Research Institute, North-      Howard W. Ennes, Jr., M.P.H., Director of
  western University, Chicago, Ill.                 Health Education, Erie County Dept. of
Helen E. Walsh, M.A., Supervising Nutrition-        Health, Buffalo, N. Y.
  ist, State Dept. of Public Health, San Fran-    F. Carol Hunter, M.P.H., Health Education
  cisco, Calif.                                     Consultant, State Dept. of Public Health,
                                                    San Francisco, Calif.
      Maternal and Child Health Section           Daisy B. Jacobs, M.P.H., Director of Health
Donald J. Bourg, M.D., Regional Medical             Education, Peoria County Health Dept.,
  Director, Children's Bureau, Federal Security     Peoria, 111.
  Agency, Denver, Colo.                           James 0. Kelley, M.S., Executive Secretary
Sidney S. Chipman, M.D.C.M., M.P.H., As-            and General Manager, Medical Society of
  sociate Professor of Pediatrics, Louisiana        Milwaukee County, Milwaukee, Wis.
  State University and Associate in Pedia-        John P. Lamb, Jr., M.P.H., Principal Sani-
  trics, State Dept. of Health, New Orleans,        tarian, State Dept. of Public Health, Nash-
  La.                                               ville, Tenn.
George M. Cooper, M.D., Sr., Assistant State      Margaret L. Leonard, Ed.D., Professor of
  Health Officer and Director, Division of          Health Education, San Francisco State Col-
  Maternal and Child Health and Crippled            lege, San Francisco, Calif.
  Children, State Board of Health, Raleigh,       Yolande Lyon, Public Information Director
  N. C.                                             National Health Council, New York, N. Y.
Anita E. Faverman, M.D., M.P.H., Assistant        Aubrey Mallach, M.S., Executive Director,
  Chief, Bureau of Maternal and Child Health,       Health Council of Greater New York, New
  State Dept. of Public Health, San Francisco,      York, N. Y.
  Calif.                                          William A. Mason, M.D., M.P.H., Director,
Robert E. Jewett, M.D., M.S.P.H., Director          Office of Health Education for Negroes,
  of Maternal and Child Health, State Board         State Dept. of Public Health, Atlanta, Ga.
  of Health, Indianapolis, Ind.                   Levitte B. Mendel, M.P.H., Health Education
 VoW. 39                            ASSOCIATION NEWS                                         1237

   Consultant, State Dept. of Public Health,       Kirk T. Mosley, M.D., D.P.H., Professor of
   San Francisco, Calif.                             Epidemiology, Tulane University, New Or-
Leonard C. Murray, Ph.D., Director, Division          leans, La.
   of Public Health Education, State Dept. ot      Col. Thomas E. Patton, M.C. (M.D., M.P.H.),
   Health, Des Moines, Iowa                          Deputy Chief of Preventive Medicine, Office
Beryl J. Roberts, M.P.H., Associate in Health         of Surgeon General, Dept. of the Armr-,
   Education, School of Public Health, Har-          Washington, D. C.
   vard University, Boston, Mass.                  Jonas E. Salk, M.D., Research Professor of
George Rosen, M.D., M.P.H., Director, Bureau         Bacteriology School of Medicine, University
   of Public Health Education, City Dept. of         of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.
   Health, New York, N. Y.                         IA. Col. Hartwin A. Schulze, M.C., (M.D.,
Alice H. Sanders, M.A., Health Secretary,            M.P.H.), Chief of Preventive Medicine,
   Community Fund and Council of Social              Headquarters U. S. Forces in Europe, APO,
  Agencies of Indianapolis and Marion Countv,        New York, N. Y.
  Indianapolis, Ind.                               Harold G. Trimble, M.D., Consultant on
Lucretia A. Saunders, M.P.H., Health Educa-          Diseases of the Chest, Alameda County
  tion Consultant, State Dept. of Public             Institutions, Oakland, Calif.
  Health, San Francisco, Calif.
Cassie B. Smith, M.S.P.H., Associate Director,
  Division of Health Education, State Board                     School Health Section
  of Health, Jackson, Miss.                        Elizabeth S. Avery, Ph.D., Health Education
Edgar T. Stephens, M.S., Director of Dental          Consultant, American Assn. for Health,
  Health Education, Chicago Dental Society,          Physical Education and Recreation, Wash-
  Chicago, Ill.                                      ington, D. C.
Robert B. Thorpe, B.A., National Director of       William E. Ayling, M.D., School Health Di-
  Public Education, American Cancer Society,         rector, Dept. of Education, Syracuse, N. Y.
  'New York, N. Y.                                 Fred V. Hein, Ph.D., Consultant in Health
                                                     and Fitness, Bureau of Health Education,
                                                     American Medical Assn., Chicago, Ill.
        Public Health Nursinig Section             Holger F. Kilander, Ph.D., Assistant Specialist
Alice G. Nicolle, R.N., B.Sc., Educalional           for Health, U. S. Office of Education, Wash-
  Supervisor, Division of Public Health Nurs-        ington, D. C.
  ing, Provincial Dept. of Health, Toronto.        Edith M. Lindsay, Ed.D., Assistant Professor
  Ont., Canada                                       of Public Health, School of Public Health,
Ruth E. Rives, R.N., M.A., Director of               University of California, Berkeley, Calif.
  Nurses, Erie County Dept. of Health, Buf-        Thomas E. Shaffer, M.D., Associate Professor
  falo, N. Y.                                        of Pediatrics and Preventive Medicine and
                                                     School Physician, Ohio State University,
                                                     Columbus, Ohio
              Epidemniology Section                Alan H. Sorrell, M.D., M.P.H., Supervisor
Major Abram S. Benenson, M.C. (M.D.),                of School Health, City Dept. of Health,
   Commanding Officer, Second Army Area              New York, N. Y.
  Medical Laboratory, Fort George G. Meade.        Arthur H. Steinhaus, Ph.D., Professor of
  Md.                                                Physiology, George Williams College, Chi-
Francisco Borges-Vieira, M.D., Dr.P.H., Pro-         cago, Ill.
  fessor of Epidemiology and Vice-Director,
  Faculty of Hygiene, University of Sao
  Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil                                     Dental Health Section
John H. Brown, M.Sc., Public Health En-            Clifton 0. Dummett, D.D.S., M.P.H., Profes-
  tomologist and Director, Division of En-           sor of Public Health Dentistry and Director
  tomology, Provincial Dept. of Public Health,       of Dental Education, Meharry Medical Col-
  Edmonton, Alta., Canada                            ege, Nashville, Tenn.
Nicholas J. Fiumara, M.D., M.P.H., Director,       Benjamin F. Gunter, D.D.S., M.P.H., Assist-
  Division of Venereal Diseases, State Dept.         ant Director, Dental Hygiene Service, State
  of Public Health, Boston, Mass.                    Dept. of Public Health, Nashville, Tenn.
Edward Kupka, M.D., M.P.H., Chief, Tuber-          Dorothy H. O'Brien, R.D.H., Dental Hygiene
  culosis Service, State Dept. of Public Health,     Consultant, State Dept. of Public Health,
  San Francisco, Calif.                              Nashville, Tenn.
Col. Charles H. Morhouse, M.C. (M.D.,              Henry C. Sandler, D.M.D., M.P.H., Assistant
  M.P.H.), Medical Officer, Station Hospital,        Director, Bureau of Dentistry. Citv Dept.
  Randolph Field, Tex.                               of Health, New York, N. Y.
1238                AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                              Sept., 1949
             Medical Care Section                    Washington University, St. Louis, Mo.
Edith M. Baker, Director, Medical Social          Lt. Comdr. Robert E. Coker, Jr., (MC) USN,
  Work Unit, Division of Health Services,             (M.D., M.P.H.), Assistant for Research
   Children's Bureau, Federal Security Agency,       Statistics, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery,
  Washington, D. C.                                  Navy Dept., Washington, D. C.
Morris A. Brand, M.D., Associate Medical          Dana Coman, M.D., A.M., Scientific Advisor,
  Director, Health Insurance Plan of Greater         Office of Quartermaster General, Dept. of
  New York, New York, N. Y.                          the Army, Washington, D. C.
Edward M. Cohart, M.D., M.P.H., Associate         John F. Conlin, M.D., M.P.H., Director of
  Professor of Public Health, Yale University,       Medical Information and Education, Massa-
  New Haven, Conn.                                   chusetts Medical Society, Boston, Mass.
Graham L. Davis, Director, Division of Hos-       Frederick G. Gillick, M.D., M.P.H., Chief,
  pitals, W. K. Kellogg Foundation, Battle           Heart Disease Control Branch, Public Health
  Creek, Mich.                                       Service, Federal Security Agency, Washing-
Leslie A. Falk, M.D., Ph.D., Area Medical            ton, D. C.
  Administrator, Welfare and Retirement           Harris W. Hantman, D.V.M., Student of
  Fund, United Mine Workers of America,              Medicine, University of Zurich, Zurich,
  Pittsburgh, Pa.                                    Switzerland
Edgar L. Geibel, M.P.H., Assistant Director,      Allan Hurst, M.D., Medical Director, National
  The Genesee Hospital, Rochester, N. Y.            Jewish Hospital and Assistant Professor of
Ernest B. Howard, M.D., M.P.H., Assistant           Medicine, University of Colorado, Denver,
  Secretary and General Manager, American            Colo.
  Medical Assn., Chicago, Ill.                    Benjamin A. Kogan, M.D., Dr.P.H., Assistant
Herbert L. Mantz, M.D., Chief Medical Con-           Health Officer, Alameda County Health
  sultant, Vocational Rehabilitation Division,       Dept., Oakland, Calif.
  State Dept. of Education and Physician-in-      J. Arthur Melanson, M.B.Ch.B., D.P.H., Chief
  Charge, Tuberculosis Clinic, City Health          Medical Officer, Provincial Dept. of Health,
  Dept., Kansas City, Mo.                            Fredericton, N. B., Canada
Evelyn A. Potter, Biometrician, State Dept.       James T. Newton, M.S., Assistant Director,
  of Public Health, Boston, Mass.                    City Health Dept., Wichita, Kans.
Louis J. Regan, M.D., Legal Counsel and           Abraham Oppenheim, M.D., Lecturer, Writer
  Director of Medical Relations, Los Angeles        and Radio Speaker, New York City Cancer
  County Medical Assn., Los Angeles, Calif.          Committee; on staffs of Montefiore and
Wilson M. Wing, M.D., M.P.H., Associate             Harlem Hospitals engaged in Cancer Re-
  Professor of Public Health Administration,        search and Professional Education
  School of Hygiene and Public Health, Johns      Franziska W. Racker, M.D., M.P.H., Associ-
  Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.                ate Secretary, Committee on Professional
                                                    Education, American Public Health Assn.,
                 Unaffiliated                       New York, N. Y.
Charles C. P. Anning, C.B.E., M.R.C.S.,           Marjorie W. Rowntree, M.D., M.P.H., Direc-
  D.P.H., Chief Medical Adviser, Dept. of           tor, Division of School Health, Louisville
  Social Services, Transvaal Chamber of             and Jefferson County Board of Health,
  Mines, Johannesburg, South Africa                 Louisville, Ky.
Robert A. Benson, M.D., Physician in Charge,      Leonard M. Schuman, M.D., M.Sc., Chief,
  Employee Health Conservation, and Assist-         Division of Venereal Disease Control and
  ant, Health and Welfare Division, Metro-          Acting Chief, Division of Communicable
  politan Life Insurance Co., Ottawa, Ont.,         Diseases, State Dept. of Public Health,
  Canada.                                           Springfield, Ill.
Erwin P. Brauner, M.D., M.P.H., Assistant         William A. Sodeman, M.D., Professor and
  Health Officer and Chief, Division of Tuber-      Head of Tropical Medicine and Public
  culosis Control, Orange County Health             Health, School of Medicine, Tulane Univer-
  Dept., Santa Ana, Calif.                          sity, New Orleans, La.
Agnes L. Brown, M.D., M.P.H., School Health       George W. Stiles, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Lab-
  Consultant, Maternal and Child Health             oratory Section, State Dept. of Health. Den-
  Division, State Dept. of Health, Atlanta, Ga.     ver, Colo.
Honora W. Camden, M.A.. Assistant Professor       Amadeo Vicente-Mastellari, M.D., Director,
  and Assistant Director of Community Health        Anti-Tuberculosis Campaign, Dept. of
  and Guidance Programs, School of Nursing,         Health, Panama, Republic of Panama
              A.P.H.A. membership application blank on page. XXXVII
 Vol. 39                            ASSOCIATION NEWS                                          1239

                      APPLICANTS FOR MEMBERSHIP
    The f ollowing individuals have applied foir membership in the Association.         They have
 requested affiliation with the sections indicated
             Health Officers Section                             Laboratory Section
 Charles H. Dowding, Jr., M.D., 831 Cherry,         John N. Abbott, M.D., Division of Labora-
    Denver, Colo., Asst. Health Officer, Weld         tories and Research, State Dept. of Health,
    County Health Dept.                               Albany, N. Y., Senior Pathologist
 Samuel S. Fischoff, M.D., 1261 Eastern Park-       Libero Ajello, Ph.D., 605 Volunteer Bldg.,
   way, Brooklyn, N. Y., Diagnostician, Con-          Atlanta 3, Ga., Scientist, Mycology Section,
   tagious Diseases, New York City Health             Public Health Service, Communicable Dis-
   Dept.                                                ease Center
 Luis F. Galich, M.D., Av. Orantes 8, Guate-         Anne Blevins, 303 E. 20th St., New York,
   mala, Guatemala, C. A., Director General,            N. Y., Bacteriologist, University Hospital
   Sanidad Publica                                   Sue M. Brandon, 12 Capitol Square, Atlanta,
William A. Harris, M.D., 25 Greenwood Place,            Ga., Supervisor of Routine Serology Lab-
   Potomac Heights, Indian Head, Md.,                   oratory, State Dept. of Public Health
   Deputy State and County Health Officer,           Bernard A. Briody, Ph.D., 310 Cedar St.,
   Charles County, State Health Dept.                   New Haven, Conn., Instructor in Bacteri-
Martin D. Hicklin, M.D., Health Center,                 ology, Yale Univ. School of Medicine
   Burlington, Ia., Medical Director, District      Michael Charney, 173 Main St., Hackensack,
   9, State Dept. of Health                            N. J., Director, Hackensack Bio-Chemical
Norman R. Ingraham, Jr., M.D., Stanton &               Laboratory
   Whitemarsh, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia 18,      Mabel Djang, M.S., Saginaw County Hospital
   Pa., Chief, Division of Communicable Dis-           Laboratory, Saginaw, W. S., Mich., Bac-
   ease Control, Dept. of Public Health of             teriologist
   Philadelphia                                     Chester W. Emmons, Ph.D., National Insti-
Raymond C. Leer, M.D., 1607 N. Flower St.,             tutes of Health, Bethesda 14, Md., Principal
   Apt. B, Santa Ana, Calif., Medical Officer,         Mycologist, Public Health Service
   Orange County Health Dept.                       Jack R. Fleenor, 3410 Selma Ave., Knoxville,
Jan Lieben, M.D., 27 Commerce St., Apt. 4B,            Tenn., Student, Univ. of Tennessee
   New York, N. Y., Student, Harvard School         C. E. Goulding, Ph.D., 3209 Barcelona Ave.,
   of Public Health                                    Tampa 9, Fla., Consulting Engineer and
J. Colin Lindsay, M.D., Ritzville, Wash.,              Chemist
   Adams County Health Officer                      George G. Gralak, M.S., 217 North Gifford
Joseph E. Malcomson, M.D., Health Office,              St., Elgin, Ill., Bacteriologist, Elgin State
   South Boston, Va., Health Officer, Halifax          Hospital
  County                                            Karl W. Hagen, Jr., 4957 W. 104th St., Ingle-
Isamu Nieda, M.D., PHW-GHQ-SCAP, APO                   wood, Calif., Bacteriologist, Chapman Chin-
   500, San Francisco, Calif., Chief, Venereal        chilla Research
   Disease Control Branch, Public Welfare and       George Heller, Ph.D., 325 E. 79th St., New
   Health Section                                     York 21, N. Y., Chief of Microbiology Sec-
James J. Powers, M.D., LL.D., 495 Mammoth             tion of Clinical Laboratory, Veterans Ad-
  Road, Manchester, N. H., City Health Of-            ministration Hospital
  ficer, Manchester Health Dept.                   Steven Horoschak, 13 W. Hinckley Ave., Rid-
Felix S. Shubert, M.D., Dept. of Health,              ley Park, Pa., Medical Research, Medical
  Erie, Pa., Health Director, City of Erie            Research Dept., National Drug Co.
Harry Strieb, M.D., M.P.H., 1826 W. Venaneo        Thomas P. Hughes, Ph.D., Rockefeller
  St., Philadelphia 40, Pa., Asst. Immunologist,      Foundation, 49 W. 49th St., New York 20,
  City Dept. of Health                                N. Y., Member, Field Staff International
Boonchuay Subhamani, M.B., 615 N. Wolfe               Health Division
  St., Baltimore 5, Md., Student in Public         William P. Jambor, Squibb Institute for Medi-
  Health, Johns Hopkins Univ., School of              cal Research, New Brunswick, N. J., Re-
  Hygiene and Public Health                           search Asst.
Edmond L. Whitfield, M.D., 64 East Broad           Jean B. Jones, 464 Jackson Ave., Elizabeth,
  St., West Point, Miss., Director, Clay              N. J., Medical Laboratory Technician,
  County Health Dept.                                 Newark City Hospital
Marion M. Young, M.D., Crossville, Tenn.,          Michael Kenney, M.D., 336 West End Ave.,
  Director, Cumberland County Health Dept.            New York 23, N. Y., Bacteriologist and
1240               AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                 Sept., 1949
  Parasitologist, Clinic Laboratory, Veterans        School of Hygiene and Public Health, Johns
  Hospital                                           Hopkins Univ.
Reginald J. Keys, Box 57, Lantana, Fla.,           Naomi M. Drake, 507 Carondelet St., New
  Junior Asst., State Board of Health                Orleans, La., Deputy Registrar, Vital
Earl E. Long, M.S., 708 Municipal Bldg.,             Records, New Orleans Health Dept.
  Akron 8, Ohio, Director, Dept. of Health,        Earl L. Geiger, 4514 Lancaster Ave., S.E.,
  Division of Laboratories                           Charleston 4, W. Va., Chief of Tabulating
Emanuel E. Mandel, M.D., Public Health               Unit, State Health Dept., Division of Vital
  Service, 605 Volunteer Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.,        Statistics
  Senior Surgeon, in Charge, Clinical Path-        Margaret J. Heath, R.R.L., 100 High St.,
  ology Section, Communicable Disease Cen-           Buffalo 3, N. Y., Chief Medical Record
  ter                                                Librarian, Secretary to Tumor Committee,
Mary J. Martins, Merced County Health                Buffalo General Hospital
  Dept., Merced, Calif., Public Health Lab-        Arthur Hopson, M.A., 2119 Ashwood Ave.,
  oratory Technician                                 Nashville, Tenn., Administrative Asst.,
Patricia Ann McDowell, Rt. 1, Box 349,               Tennessee Public Health Assn.
  Sumner, Wash., X-Ray and Laboratory              William C. James, M.A., National Safety
  Technician, Laurel Beach Sanatorium                Council, 20 N. Wacker Drive, Chicago 6,
Karin 0. Miller, 1101 W. Marquette Rd.,              Ill., Director, Statistical Division
   Chicago, Ill., Senior Bacteriologist, South     Paul J. Jehlik, 1218 Ridgwood, Ames, Ia.,
  District Filtration Plant                          Social Science Analyst, Division of Farm
Robert B. Miller, 7520-A State St., Hunting-         Population and Rural Life, Bureau of
   ton Park, Calif., Medical Technician, Profes-     Agricultural Economics, U. S. Dept. of
   sional Laboratories of Los Angles                 Agriculture
S. M. Papperman, 2415 St. Charles Ave., Apt.       Robert J. Keehn, Box 361, Athens, N. Y.,
   G., New Orleans 13, La., Graduate Student,        Junior Statistician, Bureau of Communicable
   Medical Bacteriology, Tulane Univ. of             Diseases
  Louisiana                                        Ben Z. Locke, 468 Hinsdale St., Brooklyn 7,
Donald C. Phillips, 116 Hickok Ave., Syracuse        N. Y., Public Health Statistician-in-train-
  6. N. Y.                                           ing, New York State Dept. of Health
Harold H. Plough, Ph.D., Amherst College,          Lydia S. Petrich, R.R.L., P.O. Box 564.
  Biological Laboratory, Amherst, Mass.,             Hanover, N. H., Record Librarian, Mary
  Professor of Biology                               Hitchcock Memorial Hospital
Geoffrey W. Rake, M.D., 745 5th Ave., New          Jerry Solon, 2805 Erie St., S.E., Washington
  York, N. Y., Director of Squibb Institute,         20, D. C., Public Health Research Analvst,
  E. R. Squibb and Sons                              Children's Bureau
Budd F. Rude, 129 Fremont Place, Los
  Angeles 5, Calif., Independent Research on
  Blood Diseases                                                Engineering Section
Delester Sackett, 555 South St., Elgin, Ill.,      James F. Aiken, Jr., C.E., 16 A. Suninyside,
  Bacteriologist, Elgin State Hospital               Lawrence, Kans., Sanitary Engineer, Divi-
William A. Seleen, Ph.D., 350 Madison Ave.,          sion of Sanitation, State Board of Health
  New York 62, N. Y., Research Bacteri-            James B. Carey, 2822 Fern St., Columbus.
  ologist, Borden Company                            Ga., Sanitary Engineer (R), Public Health
Miriam S. Shane, M.S., Board of Water                Service
  Commissioners, 16th and Market, Wilming-         L. Earl Davis, Court House, Health Dept.,
  ton 99, Del., Bacteriologist, Water Dept.          South Bend, Wash., County Sanitarian,
Janet Slease, M.S., Public Health Labora-            Pacific County
   tories, Terrace & Darragh Sts., Pittsburgh      Paul W. Eastman, Jr., C.E., 5515 Parkland
   13, Pa., Bacteriologist, Pittsburgh Dept. of      Ct. S.E., Washington 19, D. C., J. A. Sani-
  Public Health                                      tary Engineer (R) Public Health Service
Oscar Stern, 1004-S. 15th St., Mt. Vernon,         Calvin G. Kiefer, Public Health Office,
   Wash., Co-owner, Fostern Laboratories             Osceola, Mo., District Engineer, Missouri
                                                     Division of Health
                                                   Ronald G. Macomber, M.S., 4329 4th St.,
               Statistics Section                    S.E., Washington, D. C., Asst. Sanitary
Kathern M. Clay, M.S.. 620 S. Third St.,             Engineer (R), Public Health Service
  Louisville 2, Kv., Statistician, State Dept.     Newell L. Nussbaumer, C.E., 327 Franklin
  of Health                                          St., Buffalo 2, N. Y., Consulting Sanitary
William G. Cochran, M.A., 615 N. Wolfe St.,           Engineer
  Baltimore 5 Md., Professor of Biostatistics,     HIarol(I 1).   Rose, 26 Bailey St., Medford 55.
Vol. 39                             ASSOCIATION NEWS                                         1241

  Mass., District Sanitary Officer, State Dept.       Road, San Diego 4, Calif., Nutritionist, San
  of Public Health                                    Diego County Dept. of Public Welfare
Robert P. Smith, 4242 S. Delaware St., Engle-       Oliver H. Lowry, M.D., Ph.D., Washington
  wood, Colo., Food Sanitarian, Denver Dept.          Univ., St. Louis, Mo., Professor, Dept. of
  of Health                                           Pharmacology
Joseph I. Sollins, 1073 W. Kensington Rd.,          Philip T. McDonald, 1135 W. Fullerton, Chi-
  Los Angeles 26, Calif., Chief, Housing Sec-         cago, Ill., Sanitarian, American Institute of
  tion, Sanitation Bureau, City Health Dept.          Baking
Forrest . R. Walker, Jr., 4240 Eagle Rock,          Dr. Dean A. Smith, O.B.E., London School of
  Los Angeles, Calif., Sanitarian, Los Angeles        Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London,
  County Health Dept.                                 W. C. 1, England, Lecturer in Human Nu-
                                                      trition, Univ. of London
          Industrial Hygiene Sectiont               Shri Mohan Wahi, S/2 London St., Calcutta,
H. A. Belyea, Parliament Bulidings, Dept. of          India, Managing Partner, The U. P. Com-
  Health, Toronto 2, Ont., Canada, Indus-             mercial Corp.
  trial Hygiene Engineer, Industrial Hygiene        Elizabeth A. Willis, M.A., 605 South Hayne,
  Division                                            Monroe, N. C., Dietitian, Emergency Polio
Ethel C. Burgeson, R.N., 3043 N. Keating Ave.,        Unit
  Chicago 41, Ill., Director of Nursing Service,
  Sears Roebuck & Co.
A. Christine Einert, M.D., 2002 Acton St.,               Maternial and Child Health Section
  Berkeley 2, Calif., Medical Officer, Bureau       Richard 0. Cannon, II, M.D., 101 24th Ave.,
  of Adult Health, State Dept. of Public               South, Nashville, Tenn., Medical Director,
  Health                                               Red Cross Regional Blood Center
Enrique Escarra, M.D., M.P.H., Cordoba 1807,        Theodore Melvin Heller, M.D., 8831 18th Ave.,
  Buenos Aires, Argentina, S. A., Professor            Brooklyn 14, N. Y., Pediatrician, Health
  of Industrial Hygiene, Universidad Nacional         Dept., Bureau of Child Hygiene
  del Litoral                                       Carlisle P. Knight, M.D., P.O. Box 25, Cam-
Gerald Palevsky, M.S., 1135 Boynton Ave.,             den, Dela., Acting Director, Division of
  New York 59, N. Y., Student, Columbia               Maternal and Child Health, and Crippled
  Univ., School of Public Health                      Childrens Services
John D. Vaden, Division of Health, Jefferson        Abraham M. Lilienfeld, M.D., M.P.H., 39
  City, Mo., Public Health Engineer I, Sec-           Columbia St., Dept. of Health, Albany,
  tion of Environmental Sanitation                    N. Y., Obstetric Consultant, New York
                                                      State Dept. of Health
           Food and Nutrition Section               Esther R. Ryan, M.A., 2080 Kuhio Ave.,
Edna G. Brown, Ph.D., Public Health Service,          Honolulu, T. H., Medical Social Consultant,
  Nutrition Branch, Washington 25, D. C.,             Territorial Dept. of Health
  Chief Nutritionist                                Anthony W. Scacciaferro, M.D., 4016 9th Ave..
Emma W. Butler, 315 Waverly St., Belmont              Brooklyn 32, N. Y., Physician, Bureau of
  78, Mass., Nutritionist, Belmont Health             Child Hygiene, N. Y. C. Dept. of Health
  Dept.. and Nutrition Council                      Martha L. Smith, M.D., 1489 Shore Parkway,
William 0. Caster, Ph.D., 90 Prospect St.,            Brooklyn 14, N. Y., Health Officer, Bedford
  Brattleboro, Vt., Biochemist, Public Health         Health District
  Service, Nutrition Unit
Mary Elsie Davis, Box 56, Solana Beach,
  Calif., Nutritionist, San Diego Health Dept.             Public Health Education Section
Christina Doyle, M.S., State Board of Health,       G. H. DeHart, 379 Rogers Ave., Macon, Ga.,
  Little Rock, Ark., Senior Nutrition Consult-        Milk Sanitarian, Dept. of Health
  ant                                               Franklyn L. Delaney, P.O. Box 218, Ventura,
Roberto Gandara, M.D., El Rosario, La                 Calif., Exec. Secy., Ventura County Tuber-
  Reformita, Guatemala, C. A., Clinician, In-         culosis and Health Assn.
  stituto Centro Americano de Nutricion             Lena M. DiCicco, M.S.P.H., 18 Dove St.,
Ola K. Gant, Ph.D., Box 146, Loma Linda,              Health Education, Albany, N. Y., Public
  Calif., Asst. Professor, Dept. of Therapeutics,     Health Educator, New York State Dept. of
  School of Medicine, College of Medical              Health
  Evangelists                                       Francisco J. Dy, M.D.. M.P.H., No. 9 A Lake
V. Jeanette Hamlin, 115¼1 First Ave., S. W.,          St., San Juani, Rizal, Philippines, Consult-
  Rochester, Minn., Nutritionist, Rochester           anit in Malaria & Chief of the Malaria
  Child Health Institute                              Control Division. PHS
Christmas Kelly Idle, M.S., 5163 Hasting,s          Marv Louise Finnev, 220 Anderson St., Bis-
1242               AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                Sept., 1949
   marck, N. D., Public Health Educator,           Helene J. Lieb, 1910 S. E. Franklin Ave.,
   State Dept. of Health                             Minneapolis 14, Minn., Graduate Student,
Ida J. Gadsden, M.S.P.H., 23 East Charlton           Univ. of Minnesota
   St., Savannah, Ga., Health Educator, Chat-      Marie L. Lowe, M.A., City-County Health
  ham-Savannah Health Dept.                          Dept., Winston Salem, N. C., Asst. Super-
Elliott L. Guy, M.A., B.D., 297 Hancock St.,         visor
  Brooklyn 16, N. Y., Health Education Asst.,      Ella T. Lynch, R.N., M.Ed., 20 Marshall Ave.,
  N. Y. C. Dept. of Health                           Floral Park, N. Y., Assoc. Director, Adelphi
Mary C. Martin, R.N., 4019 N. Harding Ave.,          College, School of Nursing          4
  Chicago 18, Ill., Clinical Instructor, Munici-   Helen H. Natwick, Owings Mills, Md., Student,
  pal Contagious Disease Hospital                    Univ. of Minnesota, School of Public Health
Zekin Shakhashiri, M.D., M.P.H., American          Mrs. Palma Oliver, 16 First St., Troy, N. Y.,
  University, Beirut, Lebanon, Physician             Director, Instructive District Nursing Assn.
Dorothy J. Sprague, 59 E. Monroe St., YWCA,        Helen Ostwald, R.N., 168 Beach St., Staten
  Chicago 3, Ill., Metropolitan Health Educa-        Island, N. Y., Case finding, New York Tu-
  tion Program Director                              berculosis and Health Assn.
                                                   Gertrude C. Peterson, M.P.H., 7105 S. W. 4th,
          Public Health Nursing Section              Portland 1, Ore., Asst. Professor, Univ. of
L. Kathryn Bergholdt, Rt. 2, Box 218, Saugus,        Oregon, Medical School, Nursing Educa-
   Calif., Staff Nurse, Los Angeles County           tion Dept.
   Health Dept.                                    Ellen A. Prier, R.N., 529 N. Martinson,
Sister Fidelis Billingslea, St. Agnes Hospital,      Wichita 12, Kan., Director, Wichita Public
   Baltimore 29, Md., Director, School of            Health Nursing Assn.
  Nursing                                          Willma Rose Smith, R.N., M.S., Court House,
Mary L. Callows, 518 Fisher Ave., Apt. 5,            Bedford, Ind., Public Health Nurse, Law-
   Rockford, Ill., Director, Visiting Nurses         rence County Nursing Service
  Assn.                                            Elfleda Sprague, Pan American Sanitary
Clara W. Curtis, Caixa Postal 1264, Rio de           Bureau, Washington, D. C., Nursing Con-
  Janeiro, Brazil, S. A., Chief Nurse, Insti-        sultant
  tute of Inter-American Affairs in Coopera-       Anne S. Tarcher, 1521 Verdi St., Alameda,
  tive Public Health Program                         Calif., Public Health Nurse, Alameda City
Dorothy M. Dixon, Fort Calhoun, Nebr., Stu-          Health Dept.
  dent, George Peabody College                     Anna E. Tibbits, R.N., 18 South Perry St.,
Patricia B. Geiser, R.N., M.S., 1750 Massa-          Pontiac, Mich., Supervising Nurse, Dept. of
   chusetts Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C.,          Public Health
  Asst. Nurse Officer, P.H.S.F.S.A.
Rossabelle J. Gunefson, 3920 Linden Ave.,                       Epidemiology Section
   Seattle 3, Wash., Student, Univ. of Washing-    Edward A. Beeman, M.D., 2226 Washington
  ton                                                Ave., Silver Spring, Md., Asst. Surgeon,
Aurora Gysler, 15 Avenue Dumas, Geneva,              Laboratory of Infectious Diseases, National
  Switzerland, Instructor in Public Health,          Institute of Health
  Bon Secours, School of Nursing                   E. M. Fainer, M.D., 116 W. Temple St., Los
R. Mildred Hall, M.P.H., 3810 Walnut St.,            Angeles, Calif., Director, Venereal Disease
  Philadelphia, Pa., Asst. Professor, Public         Clinic, Los Angeles City Health Dept.
  Health Nursing, Dept. of Nursing, Univ.          Irving Greenwald, M.D., M.P.H:, 39 Columbia
  of Pennsylvania                                    St., Albany 7, N. Y., Assoc. Public Health
Virginia D. Hines, P.O. Box 270, Thomasville,        Physician, Bureau of Venereal Disease Con-
  Ga., Senior Asst. Nurse Officer (R), Typhus        trol, State Dept. of Health
  Investigations                                   Lewis E. Hedgecock, M.D., M.P.H., 418 Rit-
Eunice G. Holmes, Berkeley County Health             tenhouse St., N. W., Washington 11, D. C.,
  Dept., Martinsburg, W. Va., Supervising            Venereal Disease Control, Division of Pre-
  Nurse                                              ventive Medicine, U. S. Navy
Mabel Johnson, R.N., Faculdade de Higiene e        Lt. Col. Adam J. Rapalski, M.C., Surgeons
  Saude Publica, Caixa Postal 99B, Sao Paulo,        Office, Fort Dix, N. J., U. S. Army
  Brazil, S. A., Public Health Nurse Consult-
  ant, Institute of Inter-American Affairs
Mary Joyner, Lake City, S. C., Local Super-                   School Health Section
  visory Nurse, State Board of Health              Anthony- A. Caputo, M.D., 1912 Tenbroeck
Lucy R. Kennedy, Hartwick College, Oneonta,          Ave., New York 61, N. Y., School Physi-
  N. Y., Instructor, Community Health Nurs-          cian, New York City Dept. of Health
  ing                                              Samuel R. Cohan, M.D., 127-02 103rd Ave.,
Vol. 39                             ASSOCIATION NEWS                                        1243
  Richmond Hill, N. Y., Medical Inspector,             Denver 6, Colo., Area Medical Administra-
  Bureau of Child Hygiene, New York City               tor, UMWA Welfare and Retirement Fund
  Dept. of Health                                   George Eastman, M.D., 401 Granite Bldg.,
Joseph Dollin, M.D., 98-120 Queens Blvd.,              Pittsburgh, Pa., Asst. to Area Medical Ad-
  Forest Hills, N. Y., New York City Dept.            ministrator, UMWA Welfare and Retire-
  of Health, School Health Physician                  ment Fund
Leo Ginsberg, M.D., 321 86th St., Brooklyn         Monroe Epstein, M.D., M.P.H., 2802 West
  9, N. Y., Physician, New York City Dept.            Oak St., Burbank, Calif., District Health
  of Health                                           Officer, Los Angeles City Health Dept.
George E. Lentz, M.D., 756 W. Market St.,          Melba M. Foltz, 166Y2 Blount Ave., Knoxville,
  York, Pa., School Physician, York City              Tenn., Asst. to Area Medical Administrator,
  Schools                                             UMWA, Welfare and Retirement Fund
Maude M. Pettus, R.N., 3635 S. Grand Ave.,         Louise F. Galvin, M.D., 214 S. Blvd., Rich-
  Los Angeles 7, Calif., Nurse, Methodist Hos-        mond, Va., Director, State Health Dept.,
  pital                                               Bureau of Crippled Children
Ida W. Rothschild, M.D., 632 West 185th St.,       Kermit H. Gates, M.D., Station Hospital,
  New York 33, N. Y., School Physician, New           Fort Bragg, N. C., Graduate Student, Univ.
  York City Dept. of Health                           of California, School of Public Health
Charlotte Singer-Brooks, M.D., M.S.P.H.,           Sam 0. Gilmer, Jr., PHS, FSA, Federal Secur-
  P.O. Box 57, Lafayette, Calif., Medical             ity Bldg., S., Div. of M & H Resources,
  Officer, Bureau of Maternal and Child               Washington 25, D. C., Hospital Consultant
  Health, State Dept. of Public Health             Julio R. Herrera-Solis, M.D., 9a Avenida Sur
                                                      No. 34, Guatemala City, Guatemala, C. A.,
            Dental Health Section                     Medical Director, Instituto Guatemalteco de
Harold A. Eskew, D.M.D., Group Health                 Seguri dad Social
  Assn., 1025 Vermont Ave., N. W., Wash-           Helen Hollingsworth, 2551-17th St., N. W.,
  ington 5, D. C., Dental Director                    Washington 9, D. C., Health Economist,
M. M. Nakadate, D.D.S., 112 North San Pedro           Hospital Facilities Division, P.H.S.F.S.A.
  St., Los Angeles, Calif., Private Practice       Ann P. Kent, M.D., M.P.H., 31-25 81st St.,
Albert E. Rigberg, D.D.S., 3577 Alaska Ave.,          Jackson Heights, N. Y., District Health
  Cincinnati 29, Ohio, Chief, Dental Service,         Officer, New York City Health Dept.
  Veterans Administration                          Benjamin F. Miller, M.D., 71 Mt. Vernon St.,
Max Weiner, D.M.D., 6264 Saunders St.,                Boston 8, Mass., Guest Investigator, Massa-
  Rego Park, N. Y., Supervising Dentist, Bu-          chusetts General Hospital
  reau of Dentistry, N. Y. City Dept. of           Philip H. Moore, M.D., Mt. Edgecombe,
  Health                                              Alaska, Orthopedic Surgeon, Alaska Dept. of
Evelyn J. Witte, D.H., Randolph, Nebr., Den-          Health
  tal Hygienist                                    Ben 0. Nelson, 540 Syndicate Bldg., 84 S. 6th
Catherine E. Young, D.H., 518 Parsons Hotel,          St., Minneapolis 2, Minn., State Representa-
  Spokane 9, Wash., Dental Hygienist, Spo-            tive, Southern Minnesota, The National
  kane School District                                Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Inc.
Virginia Zuckerman, U. S. Marine Hospital,         Frank B. Queen, M.D., 3181 S.. W. Marquam
  Stapleton, Staten Island 5, N. Y., Dental           Hill Rd., Portland 1, Ore., Professor of
  Hygienist, P.H.S., F.S.A.                           Pathology, Univ. of Oregon, Medical School
                                                   Alfred Ring, M.D., Triboro Hospital, Jamaica
              Medical Care Section                    2, N. Y., Medical Superintendent
Sophia Bloom, A.M., 4520 MacArthur Blvd.,          Margaret K. Schafer, 3355 16th St., N. W.,
  N. W., Apt. 101, Washington, D. C., Chief,          Washington, D. C., Asst. Chief, Hospital
  Medical Social Consultant, Tuberculosis             Nursing Section, Hospital Service Branch,
  Control Division, P.H.S.F.S.A.                      Hospital Facilities Division, PHS, FSA.
Howard L. Bost, M.A., 21437 Kingsville, De-        Clifton H. Smith, M.D., 5998 Peachtree Road,
  troit 24, Mich., International Representative,     N. E., Atlanta, Ga., Manager, Veterans Ad-
  UAW-CIO                                            ministration Hospital
Brn L. Boynton, M.D., Veterans Administra-
  tion Hospital, Houston, Tex., Chief, Physi-
  cal Medicine Rehabilitation Service                                Unaffiliated
C. Glenn Curtis, M.D., U. S. Embassy, Quito,       Asger F. Langlykke, Ph.D., E. R. Squibb &
  Ecuador, S. A., Chief of Party, Institute          Sons, Georges Road, New Brunswick, N. J.,
  cf Inter-American Affairs                          Director of Research and Development Lab-
William A. Dorsey, M.D., 3705 E. Colfax Ave.,        oratories
1244             AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                              Sept.,
                                                                                St 1949

Robert L. Mack, 712 E. High St., Jefferson    James E. Robbins, State Health Dept., Mont-
  City, Mo., Exec. Director, Missouri Divi-     gomery, Ala., Director, Division of Finance
  sion, American Cancer Society               Elizabeth Schilling, 832 Chancellor Ave., Irv-
Norman W. Miller, 645 Stockton St., San         ington 11, N. J., Superintendent, Irving
  Francisco, Calif., Product Sales Manager,     General Hospital
  California Packing Corp.                    James D. Stover, D.O., 615 David Stott Bldg.,
Edward F. Riedel, 1510 Riverside Drive,         Detroit 26, Mich., Director, Venereal Disease
  Austin, Tex., Personnel Director, Texas       Control, Michigan Association of Osteo-
  State Health Dept.                            pathic Physicians and Surgeons
   The Executive Board of the American of Research Grants and Fellowships
Public Health Association announces the of the Public Health Service for the pur-
appointment of Maurice A. Shapiro, pose of conducting field research in sev-
M.Eng., as Engineering Research As- eral phases of administrative activities.
sociate on the staff of the Engineering Mr. Shapiro's duties will be in connec-
Section Project. Mr. Shapiro began his tion with nation-wide research on pro-
assignment in June.                       gram evaluation, position classificatioin,
   Mr. Shapiro was graduated with a and a time study.
degree in biology from The Johns Hop-
kins University. in 1941. He also re-
ceived a Master in Engineering degree
from the University of California. He
served for 6 years in the U. S. Public
Health Service where his work included
assignments with the Georgia State De-
partment of Health, the Florida State
Board of Health, and 2Y2 years over-
seas with the Sanitary Engineering
Division of the UNRRA Yugoslav
Mission. After release from active duty
with the U. S. Public Health Service.
Mr. Shapiro served as Field Officer
with the United Yugoslav Relief Fuind
of America on its public health train-
ing and rehabilitation program in Yugo-
   A major interest of the Engineering
Section is the development of the ad-
ministrative procedures applicable to en-
vironmental sanitation. Funds have been
made available through the Division                 MAt-RICF A. SHAPIRO

  The appointment of. Norman Jolliffe, Hugh R. Leavell, M.D., Chairmlan of
M.D., of New York City, as liaison the Executive Board, A.P.H.A.
member of the Food and Nutrition         Dr. Jolliffe who is a Fellow of the
Board of the National Research Council Food and Nutrition Section was recentlv
representing the A.P.H.A., is jointly appointed Director of the Bureau of
announced by Frank G. Boudreau, Nutrition of the New York Citv De-
M.D., Chairman of the Board, and p)artment of Health.

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