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					Social Networking: A
    Tool for Law
Enforcement, Schools
    and Parents
Topics Covered:
• Why use it?
• Introduction to social
• Overview: MySpace,
  Facebook, Craig’s List
• Best Practices
Law Enforcement Uses
• Identify Suspects
  -associates, school, partial name
• Research Complaints
  -Businesses, people
• Proactive Enforcement
  - Undercover searches
  - monitor students
  - solicit information on open sites
  - Underage Parties, prostitution,
What is the draw for youth to
 MySpace and other similar
• A false perception of anonymity
• A chance to portray an image
• A chance to meet like-minded
  - Sports, music, hobbies, cliques
• Little to no supervision
• The perception that parents,
  teachers and law enforcement
  are in the dark
         Teen Image
• Young adults can project
  either their real image or the
  image of who they wish they
• The shy student in the corner
  can now communicate her
  hopes and dreams without
  saying a word
• Never before has there been a
  tool where students can get so
  much information across in so
  quick a fashion
What sites are available?
• Facebook, MySpace, Craigslist
• Facebook – more than 175
  million active users
• As of April 2008, studies show
  Facebook/ MySpace attract
  115 million site visits each
• Craigslist – “online Garage
  Sale” also offers personals and
         What is MySpace?
•   An online social network used
    by more than 200 million users,
    members must be 14 to join.
•   Free to join, no credit cards, or
    other verifying tools are used.
•   MySpace started 3 years ago
    by Tom Anderson, and it makes
    money through Ads.
•   The new “Hour long phone call”
Why Parents and Educators
  should care:
• A false sense of anonymity
• Admissions and Evidence
  of Youth at Risk
- “Street Pharmacist” –
  suspected HS dealer
- “I love smoking blunts and
  drinking a forty” – student
  who claims he was not on
Facebook - #2 popularity
• Must be at least 13 years
• No longer need School
  Email address
  - Used to be an important
    safety feature
• Search Capabilities
  - regions, colleges, work
    places, high schools
Restaurant’s alcohol license yanked over
Facebook pictures
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Kennesaw restaurant had its license to serve alcohol revoked today after pictures of underage
drinkers were posted on Facebook.

The Cobb County Commission approved a recommendation to revoke the license held by Mi Pueblo
Mexican Restaurant on Town Center Drive following a show cause hearing requested by the county
license review board.Police cited Mi Pueblo last September for serving alcohol to patrons under 21.
The restaurant is located near Kennesaw State University and is frequented by students.

Police investigated the restaurant following a written complaint, and after viewing photos of minors
drinking at the restaurant that were posted on the social networking site.

Several restaurant employees also did not possess valid work permits, Detective Chip Mercier told
commission members.

Ricardo Bernal, the assistant manager and son of Mi Pueblo owner Jesus Bernal, said his father put
his life savings into the restaurant.

“All he wanted was a better future for our family,” Bernal said.

“I have been in the U.S. for a long time. I’ve always worked,” Jesus Bernal said through an interpreter.
“This is basically the future for me and my kids.”

Cobb Commissioner Tim Lee said the authorities cannot look the other way when local ordinances are
• Online Garage Sale
• Local/ City specific
• Personal Ads
  - prostitution, etc
• Events
  - party and event ads
  - personal and business
      Best Practices
• Where to put the
- Would you put a doorway
  to porn, gambling, violence
  and strangers in your
  child’s bedroom?
- Public area: living room,
  kitchen, etc.
   How to Take Action:
• Education
• Utilize the web
• Younger officers are a
• Research your complaints
• Practice, Practice, Practice
      Chip Mercier

Cobb County Police Department
    140 North Marietta Pkwy
      Marietta, GA 30060