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									             Code of Conduct and Ethics for Business Activities


Brown University is committed to the highest standards of ethical and professional
conduct. Each individual conducting business on behalf of the University will adhere to
these standards in the performance of his or her duties.

It is the responsibility of each individual – faculty or staff member, student employee, or
volunteer acting on behalf of the University – to comply with legal and regulatory
requirements, policies, and procedures that apply to his or her particular duties. In
addition, it is the responsibility of supervisors to see that staff in their areas receive
adequate information and training to permit full compliance and to monitor those
compliance activities.

This Code of Conduct is intended to remind members of the University community of the
importance of adhering to University policies as well as those that are specific to
particular administrative areas or functions. It is intended to supplement and promote
compliance with existing policies and not to change or replace them. As such, any
conflicts or inconsistencies between this policy and more specific ones shall be controlled
by the more specific statement.

Ethical Behavior and Adherence to University Policy is Every Individual’s
Responsibility. All staff members, as members of the University community are
expected to take personal responsibility for their actions, conduct themselves in an ethical
manner, and maintain satisfactory job performance. Appropriate measures may be taken
for violations of Brown University’s policies and practices, including disciplinary action
up to and including termination of employment.

The University encourages community members with concerns about possible unethical
behavior or noncompliance with University policy to discuss them with supervisors,
department coordinators, managers, department chairs or deans.

Business Ethics

Compliance with laws, codes, and regulations

A Code of Conduct for Brown University Licensees

Policies on Investigations

Human Resources Philosophy

Principles of the Brown University Community

Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy for Officers of Instruction and Research

Sanctions and Enforcement

All reported violations of this policy will be fully investigated in accordance with the
provisions of this policy. Appropriate corrective measures will be promptly implemented
upon completion of any such investigation.

The consequences for violations of this policy by faculty or staff may vary in severity up
to and including termination of employment. Violations of public laws and regulations
may carry civil and criminal liabilities, including fines and/or imprisonment.

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