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									                  Che mistry 30S Organic Che mistry Performance Task

Your Task
In groups of no more than two students, construct a bath bomb, prepare a product
information label, and package your product for sale.

Part I. Making the Bath Bomb

                           Equipment                      Che micals
                       100 mL beaker               Citric acid, 20 mL
                       250 mL beaker               Cornstarch, 20 mL
                       600 mL beaker               Ester fragrance, 1.0 mL
                       Glass stir rod              Baking soda, 65 mL
                       Plastic sandwich bag        Vegetable oil, 30 mL
Record the masses of each of the ingredients before making the bath bomb.

                Ingredients                                    Mass (+/- 0.1 g)

1. Mass each of the dry ingredients using the 250 mL beaker.
2. Mass the vegetable oil and the ester for fragrance using the small beaker.
3. Pour all ingredients into the large beaker and mix carefully with the glass stir rod. Take
   care not to break the stir rod!
4. Form the mixture into the shape of your choice. Place the bath bomb in a plastic
   sandwich bag and take home to dry and package. At home remove the bath bomb from
   the plastic and allow to dry for 24 to 48 hours before packaging.
5. Package the bath bomb as if it were a consumer product. Keep in mind that the bath
   bomb is brittle and an airtight seal will prevent the fragrance from escaping over time.

Part II. Pre paring the Product Information Label
Prepare a product information label which lists all of the ingredients, from highest to lowest
concentration by percent mass (%w/w). Use appropriate IUPAC naming systems for the
baking soda and ester ingredients.

Part III. Package Your Product for Sale
This is your opportunity to create an attractive product as if it were to be available for sale.
Be creative and consider who you may sell to, where your product may appear, how your
product will be manufactured and shipped, and how you wish it to be displayed in a store.
                 Che mistry 30S Organic Che mistry Performance Task

Student Data Sheet

Sample Calculations
Provide a sample calculation for each unique type of calculation.
                Che mistry 30S Organic Che mistry Performance Task

                            Bath Bomb Assessment Rubric

Student 1                            Student 2

                    Novice            Inte rmediate                         Expert
   Crite ria
                    (0 or 1)            (2 marks)                         (3 marks)
                                  Shape of bath bomb is
                 Bath bomb is not
   Group                           the same as another             Bath bomb has a unique
                 shaped (1) or no
 prepares a                        group and/or has no              shape and/or has some
                bath bomb present
 bath bomb                           unique aesthetic             unique aesthetic aspect(s)
                                                                 Label includes the names of
                 Label is missing       Label is missing         all ingredients, including the
                information from     information from one         correct IUPAC names for
   Product      more than one of       of the expert level        baking soda and the ester,
 information     the expert level       criteria or some             and the corresponding
label present    categories (1) or     information from            percent weights by mass
                 no label present    expert level criteria is       ordered from highest to
                        (0)                 incorrect           lowest percent concentration
                                                                            by mass
                                                                    Packaging secures bath
 Bath bomb       Only one or no                                 bomb, is airtight, and informs
                                     Only two criteria met
 packaging        criteria met                                  the reader of its contents in a
                                                                          unique way
                                         Evidence of one
                                                                   Evidence that all group
                                          group member
                                                                     members contributed
                                        contributing more
 Evidence of    One student does                                 equitably and each member
                                      than another student
  equitable     most or all of the                                submits a piece of writing
                                       or student does not
participation         work                                            listing their specific
                                       submit statement of
                                                                     contribution(s) to the
                                                                    completion of the task
  Student 1
    Mark              /12              Student 2 Mark                       /12
                   Che mistry 30S Organic Che mistry Performance Task

Product information Package
Concentrations of all ingredients are in mol/g
Sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO 3 (mol/g),
Cornstarch, C6 H10 O5 (amylose and
amylopectin) (mol/g), citric acid, C6 H8 O7
(192.13 g/mol) ( 2-hydroxypropane- 1,2,3-
tricarboxylic acid) (mol/g), vegetable oil ()(),
ester name (mol/g)

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