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The following uments should be attach to the Vaal University




Please process the following tender required for the refurbishment of the Electrical Machines and Power
Systems Laboratories in the Department of Power Engineering:


Educational Contents                                     Three-phase connections
                                                         Y-Y connection
    Single Phase Transformers                            Y Δ connection
    Polarity test                                        Y -Z connection
    Turns ratio test                                     Δ - Y connection
    Open circuit test                                    Δ - Δ connection
    Short circuit test                                    Δ -Z connection
    Load characteristic tests :
    Resistive load
    Inductive load
    Capacitive load

    Induction Machines                                    DC MACHINES

    Three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor            DC PM motor tests
        tests                                            Connection and rotation direction
    Connection and rotation direction control                control
    Y - Δ start                                          Starting torque test
    Starting torque                                      Torque-speed characteristic test
    PF correction                                        DC shunt motor tests
    No-load test                                             Connection and rotation direction
    Locked-rotor                                             control
    Torque-speed characteristic                          Starting torque test
    Three-phase wound-rotor induction motor              Torque-speed characteristic
        tests                                            DC separately-excited generator tests
    Connection and rotation direction control            Connection and operation
    Starting torque                                      No-load saturation characteristics
    Locked-rotor test                                    Load characteristic
    Torque-speed characteristic                          DC shunt generator
    Single-phase induction motor tests                   Connection and operation
    Split-phase start torque                             No-load characteristic test
    Capacitor start torque                               Load characteristic test
    Torque-speed characteristic test                     DC series motor
    Three-phase synchronous motor (salient-                  Connection and rotation direction
        pole type) tests                                     control
    Connection and rotation direction control            Starting torque test
    Excitation characteristic                            Torque-speed characteristics
    Load characteristic                                  DC series generator load characteristics
    Three-phase synchronous generator                    DC compound motor tests
        (salient-pole type) tests                            Cumulative connection and rotation
    Armature resistance measurement                          direction control
    No-load saturation and short circuit tests               Cumulative-compound motor
      Load characteristic test                            torque-speed characteristics
      Excitation characteristic test                      Differential connection and rotation
                                                          direction control
                                                          Differential-compound motor
                                                          torque-speed characteristics
                                                      DC compound generator tests
                                                      Cumulative connection and operation
                                                          Cumulative-compound generator
                                                          load characteristics
                                                      Differential connection and operation
                                                  Differential-compound generator load
                                                  characteristic test
 Relab Training Station 708/MS                    A training system with the
                                                  following features;

                                                        The Workstation 708/1
 Technical Specifications                            Earth Leakage (Ground Fault) switch
      3∅ 380V plus N output 10A                      Key Switched Output
      220V AC output10A                              Pilot lamps indications for Power On
      12V AC output 2A                               Voltmeter 400V AC/DC
      200VDC 15A                                     Ammeter 15A AC/DC
      Emergency Push Button                          Ammeter 15A AC/DC
      Audio Visual Continuity Tester                 Ammeter 10A

 Motor Starting Kit 708/MS

  Technical Specifications                            The Contactor
           1 three pushbutton module                  The Overload Relay
           2 Auto transformers                        Signalling
           1 4/6A overload relay                      Power On
           1 three indicator lights
           1 switch module                            The Start Signal
           1 AC contactor with ON delay relay         Control of a contactor with a switch
           2 AC contactor with 5 auxiliaries          Control of a contactor with a
           1 Slip ring Controller/sequencer           pushbutton
           1 Slip ring external resistors             Latching control of a contactor
           1 Faceplate Starter/sequencer              Inching
                                                      On-Delay Relay
  1 Faceplate starter external resistors              Starting of Induction Motors
  1 Capacitor Start Module
  See large number of optional extras*                Direct On Line starter
1 Split phase start module                            Star-Delta Starter
1 Set of Leads                                        The Two Speed Motor (Dahlander)
  1 Instruction Manual                                Autotransformer Starting
                                                      The Slipring (Wound Rotor) Starter
                                                      Forward – Reverse
                                                      The DC Face Plate Starter
                                                      DC Injection Braking
                                                      Dynamic Braking.

 Demountable Motors 10100 (Relab

 Technical Specifications                             1 DC Stator
                                                      1 Movable brush Holder
      Frame Size 100 Open construction machines       1 Brush Gear holder
      Nominal 0,75kW assemblies                       1 Set Fixing Bolts
   220/380V AC – 180V DC or Safe 48V             3 Slipring brushes
   Extended shafts                               6 Self Aligning Bearings on shafts
   2 Finned Aluminium Frames                     1 Centrifugal Switch Stationary part
   2 Cast Aluminium and precision machined       1 Centrifugal switch rotating part
       bases                                     1 Flexible coupling
   4 Cast Aluminium dead eyes with two part      1 Set of leads
       bearing housing                        1 Manual
   2 Silkscreened and colour coded front
   1 Armature
   1 Squirrel Cage Rotor
   1 Slip Ring (Wound) Rotor
   1 AC Stator

ReLab Plug & Play Multimotor 10100R           A set of panels fitting on the Relab
                                              Machines to convert into the following;

   DC Shunt Motor                                DC Compound Generator – Short
   DC Shunt Motor with Interpoles                    Shunt
   Speed Control                                 Split Phase Induction Motor
   DC Series Motor                               Capacitor Motor
   DC Series Motor with Interpoles               Capacitor Start- Capacitor Run Motor
   Speed Control                                 Series Wound Universal Motor
   DC Compound Motor – Long Shunt                Universal Motor with Interpoles
   DC Compound – Long Shunt with Interpoles      Repulsion Motor
   DC Compound Motor – Short Shunt            Two Pole Star Connected Motor
   DC Compound – Short Shunt with                DC Series Generator with Ips
      Interpoles (Ips)                           Sep. Excited Series Generator*
   DC Shunt Motor – Separately excited*          Compound Generator
   DC Shunt Generator – Self Excited             DC Compound Generator – Long
                                              Separately Excited Shunt Generators*
The following documents should be
attaché to the tender:
Tax Clearance Certificate
BBBEE Verification Certificate


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