Steffen Meyer by pengxuebo


									                                      Steffen Meyer

                    Hometown: Nuremburg, Germany

                    Alma Mater: St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN, USA

Steffen Meyer ’08 originally hails from Nuremberg (i.e. Nürnberg auf Deutsch), but life’s strange
paths led him to spend high school in India and college in Northfield, Minnesota, about an hour
south of Minneapolis. He graduated from St. Olaf College in 2000 with a B.A. (magna cum laude)
in Economics and English, and went to work for Target, a discount retailer with roughly 1,500
stores around the United States.

Steffen spent two years in Target’s merchandising group, mainly replenishing holiday goods for
all the “American” holidays (notably Halloween costumes, 4 of July flags and assorted
Thanksgiving dinner paraphernalia). After a stint in strategic pricing, he built financial forecasts for
another two and a half years. He moved to New York with his wife Amy, who is studying toward
her M.A. in international education at NYU.

During his first year at Columbia, Steffen was academic representative for his cluster, co-
organized the German MBA Conference, and participated in I-Prep, a program that prepares
unemployed job seekers for interviews, among other activities. During his oh-so-plentiful free
time, Steffen enjoys swing dancing, South German cooking, board games, and exploring New
York City.

During the Summer of 2007, Steffen is interning in business development at SAP’s New York
office. He hopes for a position in business development, strategic planning, or consulting.

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