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Intro 4x

When our time comes to an end
If I lose you in the end
When this place has come undone
Carry on, carry on

Interlude 1x

When I start to lose that glow
When I have to let you go
When this time we have is gone
Carry on, carry on

Interlude into Chorus

Esus-C#msus-Dsus x2
Enjoy the times we have
Baby, nothing lasts forever
Remember every sound
You’ll miss it when it’s not around
Carry on

When it seems I’ve run away
When your on your knees to pray
While you’re holding out for dawn
Carry on, carry on

When your dreams all have passed
When you don’t think you’ll last
When you’re hurt and withdrawn
Carry on, carry on

Chorus x2

Interlude into outro

When you’re happy and content
When you forgot what I once meant
When every memory is gone
I’ll carry on