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VOL. XXVII No. 5                The Floating Homes Association Newsletter                                         September/October 2010

                                                                                                           Almonte Marsh and the
                                                                                                           by Stan Barbarich

                                                                                                           N        o doubt, if you travel
                                                                                                                    Miller Avenue, you have
                                                                                                                    noticed an area of un-
                                                                                                           kempt, overgrown vegetation at
                                                                                                           the intersection of Almonte Av-
                                                                                                           enue, just south of the Tam High

                                                                                     PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                                                                                                           football field. What you might
                                                                                                           not know is that this area is the
                                                                                                           Almonte Marsh, a protected
                                                                                                           wetland that has not seen much
                                                                                                           upkeep over time due to a lack
                                                                                                           of available funds to allow the
                                                                                                           area’s owner, the school district,
                                                                                                           to do the work. Neighborhood
                                                                                                           residents have for many years
                                                                                                           hoped for a restoration of this
                                                                                                           valuable wetland, and the coun-
                                                                                                           ty has also looked for a solution.
                                                                                                           But funding has always been the
                                                                                                           Enter the goat
                                                                                                              Across the highway, at Gate
                                                                                                           6 Road and Bridgeway, there
                                                              Photo by Bill Duvall                         is an area known as the Gates
The 2009 Tour had clear skies, warm temperatures, and lots of visitors.                                    Cooperative, which is a part of
                                                                                                           the Waldo Point Harbor floating
                                                                                                           home marina. For decades Wal-
25th Almost Annual Floating Homes Tour                                                                     do Point residents and state and
Saturday, the 25th of September, 11am – 4pm                                                                county agencies have explored
                                                                                                           ways to clean this area up and
by JoAnn Dunaway                                                                                           bring it up to code. Finally, after

                                                                                                           a lot of hard work, a reconfigura-
   t’s that time of year again. Time to spruce up our docks, freshen the                                   tion of the harbor and rehabilita-
   gardens, and get ready to welcome 1200 of our closest friends to visit
   our watery community.                                                                                          continued on page 4
   Kappas Green will be mission central, with an information booth,
registration, artists, music, food, and control centers for all volunteers                                 President’s Message .................... 1
                                                                                                           Floating Homes Tour .................... 1

including the CERT safety team. Nineteen homes will be open on Yel-
low Ferry Harbor, Issaquah Dock, South 40 Dock and Main Dock, in-                                          Dinghy Dame ................................ 2
cluding two of the Arks.                                                                                   CERT News .................................. 3
   PARKING: As in prior years shuttle buses will ferry our visitors from                                   Sausalito Village ........................... 3
the Gateway Center parking lot to drop offs at Kappas Green and at the                                     Dock Rep Elections ...................... 3
entrance to Main Dock. Tour buses will be off-loaded at 3030 Bridge-                                       Marin Clean Energy ...................... 5
                            continued on page 4                                                            Dock Talk ...................................... 6
                                                                                                           Advertising .................................... 7
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The Floating Times                                                                                                                                   Page 1
 Water you doing here?                                                                    By the Dinghy Dame

L      inda and Craig Meyer have lived on Yellow
       Ferry for five years now. Linda, who says she
       has always had itchy feet and has never stayed
in any place more than four years, is starting to think
she just might like it here. They are the third owners
of their home and have turned it into a lovely family
dwelling for themselves, 15 year old James, one year
old Talia and their loveable pooch Snowflake.
    The Meyers seemed like everyday folk to me....easy
going, likeable, hard working. We sat chatting over a
cup of tea and when they began to relate what they did
for a living. I must say I did not expect to feel awed,
but left feeling that I had met some very special folks
indeed. With the words of John Gillespie Magee’s
WWII poem High Flight wafting through my brain,                                                      Photo: Dinghy Dame
I floated down Yellow Ferry. “Oh! I have slipped the                         Linda and Craig Meyer
surly bonds of Earth and danced the skies on laughter
silvered wings;”                                            to the C-5. They were transferred to Travis and Craig
    Linda and Craig are Lieutenant Colonels in the Air      went into the Airforce Reserves and joined Linda fly-
Force and they both fly BIG planes. Only 2% of Air          ing the C-5s in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan.The
Force pilots are women. When Craig was 9 and saw            C-5, a large double decker cargo plane whose nose
an F-15 do a full turn in an air show, he knew one day      comes up for supplies, is about the size of a 747. It has
he would be doing that very same thing. He turned           been operated by the USAF since 1969 and is one of
down an ROTC scholarship to engineering school be-          the largest military aircraft in the world. They take
cause his urge to fly was so great, and, instead, attend-   turns. One flies to Europe, proceeds to Afghanistan,
ed the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, which         and because they cannot pilot the plane for more than
is the Air Force version of West Point or Annapolis.        24 hours in one stretch, they often find themselves in
He hailed from Kansas and received his appointment          the middle of the desert in Iraq in a tent supposedly to
from Bob Dole.                                              get some sleep before coming home. Linda says that
    As a youngster living in Tam Valley, Linda always       the best part of it all is the homecoming and seeing
wanted to fly and attended the Air Force Academy            the people on the ground welcome the troops she has
one year behind Craig. She received her appointment         brought back to safety. What a rewarding feeling that
from Barbara Boxer! Although they knew many of the          must be! They each enjoy seeing how other folks live,
same people, they never met during their four years in      and take pride in all the countries they have seen. They
Colorado. It wasn’t until they found themselves in pi-      have a map in the house with pins to designate the lo-
lot training in Lubbock that they met at a party. They      cations to which they have flown. While many of the
each had vowed not to date, so when they met, they          places are the same, they like the unique ones where
made that very clear to one another. Then Craig said,       only one has been. Craig has pins in Israel, Norway,
How about leaving and getting a pizza? Craig told           Ascension Island and South Africa. Linda has Antarc-
her he would “take her under his wing” and they were        tica, Christchurch, Somalia and Hong Kong. Most of
married 20 years ago at the Presidio.                       Craig’s United flights are in the states or Hawaii.
    When they married their first assignment was in            Linda said she thinks that pilots have an affinity for
Okinawa and Craig got to fly his F-15, a tactical fight-    both the air and the water so she is not surprised to
er designed to maintain air superiority in aerial combat    find themselves in our midst. When they first married
since the early 70’s. While they were in Japan to protect   they lived on a 40 foot motor yacht and traveled from
the Korean peninsula he spent most of the time prac-        Ensenada to San Diego where they had family. They
ticing air to air combat. He had some exercises with        also lived in Tahoe for 4 years before moving here.
the Australian forces, Japan forces and Thais, so he           They love life here. They love being close to nature,
got to spend some time in their countries, but most of      the tides, and love the art, the angles and the unique-
the time they spent flying around their home base. For      ness of living on the water in such a neighborhood as
three years Linda’s mission there was Distinguished         ours.
Visitor (DV) transport, which meant she flew Gener-            Linda co- hosted our tour last year with Debra Levy
als and other dignitaries all over Asia in a C-12, which    and she is actively helping this year. Craig, who is Yel-
she describes as a small plane. She also flew supplies      low Ferry’s Dock rep, is in charge of transportation.
to The Aleutians. Linda says that “both of us thought       Alas, only busses.
we had the best job in the Air Force!”. When they fin-         They keep a Cessna in Napa, have 3 kayaks and a
ished the assignment in Japan and came back to the
states, Craig got hired by United and Linda switched                        continued on page 4
The Floating Times                           September/October, 2010                                          Page 2
                                                              Sausalito Village is ready to Launch
                       CERT News
                                                              by Felicity Kirsch

FHA Disaster Services Trailer Takes Form                           ausalito Village is ready to launch and the Float-
                                                                   ing Homes residents are invited to the celebra-
by Ray Dunaway                                                     tion at the Bay Model on Thursday, October 28

A        s mentioned earlier in this column the Float-        between 5PM and 7PM. There will be drinks, light
         ing Homes Association budgeted funds for the         refreshments and entertainment. Information about
         acquisition and equipping of a disaster services     the Sausalito Village will be presented.
trailer specifically designed to meet the needs of the
floating homes community. This trailer will have spe-            There will also be two Sausalito Village volunteer
cialized equipment to meet the needs of the waterborne        orientation meetings, for people interested in volun-
community and is located in the Waldo Point Harbor            teering, on September 21st between 7PM - 8:30 PM
parking lot. The trailer has been acquired and is cur-        and on September 30th between Noon – 1:30 PM in
rently being outfitted. Attached are pictures of most of      the Edgewater Room at the Sausalito Park & Rec , 420
the first workgroup involved in outfitting the trailer.       Litho Street. If you would like to attend an orientation
We plan to have the trailer open for exhibit at the float-    or the launch party or have any questions please call
ing homes tour. This group consisted of Stan Barbar-          or e-mail Felicity Kirsch, houseboat resident and dock
ich, Ray Dunaway, Court Mast, Steve Sekhon, Jon               rep from Commodore Marina, at 888 - 3919 or 10ava-
Sibaila and Tony Williams.There are two opportuni-  
ties left for CERT members in division 3B to meet the                                  ♦♦♦
requirements of attending two training classes in 2010.
The first is the communications and crowd control drill       Dock Rep Elections in October
held in conjunction with the floating homes tour on
                                                              by Ann Duvall
25 September. There will be another class covering

the basics of establishing an incident command post                   ow is the time for all floating home members
in October. Other classes are acceptable for fulfilling               to turn their attention to dock reps. Elections
these requirements. You may take the online ICS 100                   will take place in October and nominations are
and ICS 200 classes to fill your requirements. If you         open now. If you are currently a dock rep and wish to
do so please send me your certificate of completion           continue, please submit your name. If you would like
by 31 December 2010. Please send these to rdunaw@             to be a dock rep or know someone you think would be                                                great, please submit her/his name as well. Dock reps
                                                              attend FHA board meetings representing dock con-
                          ♦♦♦                                 cerns and inform dock residents of FHA happenings.
                                                              The term is one year beginning in January. This is a
                                                              great way to get involved in your community. Please
                                                              submit your name to Lewis at LJShireman@sbcglob-
                                                     or call him at 332-1916.
                                                              Rescue Tape
                                                              by Stan Barbarich

                                                              T      his is an amazing product that I think should be
                                                                     in every tool kit. It’s super strong (950psi ten-
                                                                     sile strength) can immediately seal leaky hoses,
                                                              pipes and fittings (even hot water lines up to 500°F,
                                                              while remaining flexible down to -85°F), insulates
                                                              wires (up to 8,000 volts), whips the cut ends of lines
                                                              to prevent fraying, and on and on. It is a silicone-rub-
Photo by Bill Duvall
                                                              ber tape that’s resistant to fuels, oils, acids, solvents,
                                                              salt water and UV. Even more remarkably, it has no
                                                              adhesive coating. After you wrap several layers of
                                                              it around whatever, all you need to do is stretch the
                                                              last few inches, make the final wrap and bingo, it’s
                                                              permanently sealed, airtight and water tight, and can
                                                              only be removed by cutting it off. It comes in 7 colors,
                                       Photo by Ray Dunaway
                                                              plus clear. Costs a bunch ($10 per 12-foot roll online,
     The New FHA disaster services trailer and work crew.     maybe more at West Marine), but in an emergency, it’s
                                                              worth many times the cost.
The Floating Times                            September/October, 2010                                           Page 3
                 Presidents Message                                              Dinghy Dame
               (continued from page 1)                                       (continued from page 2)
                                                             motor boat for local use, have a son who would make
tion of the Gates area was agreed upon by all the stake      anyone proud and a lovely daughter whose eyes twin-
holders. State, county and federal permits were issued.      kle like her daddy’s.
Of course, this required years of negotiation, planning,        It made me feel patriotic just meeting them.
multiple Environmental Impact Reviews and so on.
Everyone was happy that there were no marsh-type                “Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth,
areas that needed to be preserved, plans were made to           and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
begin the work and then the Gates Cooperative’s pet             Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling
goat died.                                                      mirth of sun-split clouds,--and done a hundred
                                                                things you have not dreamed of--wheeled and
    That’s right, their goat died. Timing being every-          soared and swung high in the sunlit silence.
thing, along comes the Army Corps of Engineers,                 Hov’ring there I’ve chased the shouting wind
who, at the 11th hour, just prior to issuing their permit,      along, and flung my eager craft through footless
discovered a total of about one square foot of pickle-          halls of air..up the long, delirious burning blue.
weed, a native plant, in the area. Apparently, the goat         I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy
had been eating it, and, absent the goat, the pickle-           grace where never lark or even eagle flew--and,
weed returned. Full stop to the project until and unless        while with silent lifting mind I’ve trod the high
acceptable offsite mitigation could be identified. An           un-trespassed sanctity of space, put out my hand,
extensive search for that mitigation began, but was not         and touched the face of God.”
bearing fruit.
                                                                                         John Gillespie Magee Jr.
    In order to fulfill the needs of all the stakeholders
and to bring this shaggy goat story to a conclusion, Su-                       Floating Homes Tour
pervisor and Mill Valley resident Charles McGlashan                           (continued from page 1)
suggested that the Almonte Marsh be reclaimed to ful-        way with those visitors entering at the South 40 en-
fill the offsite mitigation requirement. With the eager      trance.
support of the Almonte residents, the concurrence of            MUSIC: There will be live music starting at noon
the numerous agencies, including the Army Corps and          with recorded music starting at 11am. Some of our
Flood Control and the school district, and of course         favorite local bands will be on hand to entertain vol-
the agreement of Waldo Point Harbor to fund the proj-        unteers and guests alike.
ect to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars,            FOOD: This year we will have two terrific food
the deal was sealed. Work has begun to remove the            stands: Saylor’s Restaurant will feature south-of-the-
old, non-native species and do a general cleanup of the      border specialties while Aidells Sausage will be serv-
area. In the coming weeks new, native plantings will         ing a variety of their yummy sausages and burgers too.
be brought in and established.                                  ADMISSION: Is $40 at the gate, and you will need
    Waldo Point Harbor will not only pay for the res-        a program as your ticket to visit any of the tour homes.
toration, but will also maintain the new plantings for       If you are a volunteer, you will receive a program to
five years to assure that the restoration was successful     visit some homes while you are not on duty.
and the plants are thriving. So the environment wins,           VOLUNTEERS: Are the heart and soul of the tour.
the school district wins with a model marsh to serve         Thanks to all of you have committed part of your day
as a teaching tool, the neighbors who have longed for        to welcome our guests and show off our very special
the restoration win, Waldo Point Harbor gets its Army        way of living.
Corps permit, and the agencies are happy. Everyone              HOMEOWNERS: These are very special volun-
wins. Mill Valley, Almonte and Tam Valley folks can          teers, and we thank you for all your work to get your
look forward to visiting the new and improved Gate 6         home ready for our visitors.
area, with a very nice public park and improved Bay             See you next Saturday.
access, and WPH residents can visit and enjoy the re-           JoAnn & Ray Dunaway
stored marsh.                                                   Co-directors of the 2010 Tour

The Floating Times                            September/October, 2010                                        Page 4
Marin Clean Energy                                            be replaced with a clean electricity mix of a minimum
                                                              of 25% renewables, and no nuclear or coal in the bal-
by Supervisor Charles McGlashan                               ance. This helps us to address the systemic problems

W         hile there are numerous projects that my of-        of climate change and fossil fuel dependence, while
          fice is working on, by far the biggest news         supporting our local economy.
          at the moment is the successful launch of              Our five-year fixed price contract with Shell Energy
Marin Clean Energy (MCE) on May 7th.                          North America (SENA) is a ‘bridge’ to our own ener-
    That Friday was gloriously sunny and the perfect          gy independence. As ratepayer revenue begins to flow
day to celebrate “Power On!.” It was truly historic,          during this transition, MEA will incrementally replace
as Marin is the first in California to take this signifi-     our reliance on SENA with local generation from so-
cant step towards a sustainable energy future that is         lar, wind, biogas, geothermal and other renewables.
cleaner, more renewable, more affordable and local-           Marin County has more than eight times the local gen-
ly managed. Speakers included Senator Mark Leno,              eration capabilities than we require.
Assemblyman Jared Huffman, Tom Roth from Con-                     By transitioning to local energy independence, and
gresswoman Lynn Woolsey’s office and Amy Zimpfer              redirecting the ratepayer revenue stream from PG&E
from the EPA. We were also joined by over 225 Marin           to MCE, we can support the development of that gen-
County businesses that have signed on as supporters           eration capacity. For instance, I’d love to speak with
and customers of MCE.                                         a solar company about placing solar panels for shade
   While service began on that day to our Phase One           over the parking lot at the Larkspur Ferry terminal.
customers (approximately 7,000 residences and busi-           We want to buy as much power as we can from our
nesses), it was a significant and auspicious beginning        own residents and from firms that create new genera-
and bodes well for the launch of Phase Two in early to        tion opportunities in the North Bay.
mid 2011, when the rest of our customers will begin                In five years we will go back to the market for
receiving their electricity from Marin Clean Energy.          whatever we need to buy at that point in time. The
    Despite the barrage of mailers from PG&E (which           best broker will win our business again, but in the
were later found to be illegal by the Public Utilities        meantime we hope to own, co-invest or create power
Commission), the new Agency is ahead of Plan in               purchase agreements that will secure renewable power
terms of demand for power, number of customers and            generation in or near Marin County.
cash flow. We will be debt-free in approximately one              MCE will bring many energy-efficiency programs
year, paying back the taxpayers (County loan), the            to Marin, while maintaining all the benefits of senior,
bank, and 3 local citizens who provided our start-up          low-income and disabled rate tiers. Our Net Metering
capital to launch the new agency.                             program is already superior to what PG&E offers their
   So what are the benefits of Marin Clean Energy             ratepayers. This concept allows businesses and resi-
(MCE)?                                                        dences to sell back ‘surplus’ energy generated by the
   The Marin Energy Authority is a local non-profit           solar panels installed on rooftops. MEA pays the retail
public agency that makes decisions in open meetings           price for surplus electricity plus one cent per kWh,
in consultation with our residents. We intend our poli-       ‘trues up’ monthly so people can utilize credits in
cies to benefit our local economy, stabilize electric-        summer months and offset costs in winter, or use the
ity costs, create local jobs and help us do our part to       annual cash out option when they net over $100 worth
reduce greenhouse gas emissions by vastly increasing          of generation. And there is no limit on the amount of
the use of renewable energy.                                  power/credits/cash that someone can enjoy from this
   PG&E places approximately 14% renewable elec-              program.
tricity onto the California grid. The policy of MCE is             All in all, this has been an extraordinary time,
to supply a minimum of 25% renewable electricity to           and your support for me and these sorts of projects
the grid for our ‘Light Green’ customers and 100%             has been a huge boon to my fighting spirit. For infor-
renewable electricity for those who have signed up            mation on the many other issues, projects and future
for our ‘Deep Green’ product. This is real electricity        needs that must be addressed, please visit Facebook
provided on our behalf by real generators in Northern         for frequent updates at
California. The accounting for these electrons is un-         pervisorMcGlashan. Or you can sign up for timely
dertaken by the California Independent System Oper-           announcements via email by clicking on “Subscribe
ator (ISO), which manages the grid for the entire state,      to this page” at
and ensures that we are indeed contributing this mix to
the pool of electricity. Under state law, this is virtually   sdistr3/
equivalent to providing these electrons directly to our          I invite your comments and concerns, and you can
customers, and Marin gets ‘credit’ for these renewable        always call my aide for Sausalito, Leslie Alden, at
sources. The electrons obviously are not “tagged” in          499.7331. We look forward to hearing from you, and
any way, but we add this renewable supply to the grid,        continue to feel honored to serve southern Marin.
thus reducing the percentage of non-renewable power
that everyone uses. As a direct consequence of MCE’s                                    ♦♦♦
power procurement, 38 MW of dirty electricity will

The Floating Times                             September/October, 2010                                       Page 5
                                                          past Christmas on the Baby Hippo where they cur-
                  Dock Talk                               rently reside. They were married in Yosemite Valley
                                                          in front of the falls near the Merced River. They love
                                                          life here and feel living together on the water benefits
Floating Homes on the Market                              their love life and laughter together.
Provided by Rachelle Dorris                                  Zack and Jessica were married in Las Caletas Mex-

                                                          ico on a private island off Puerto Vallarta which can
       ere is a list of floating homes for sale on the    only be reached by boat. Zack and Jess are long time
       waterfront as of 8/1/2010, according to the Bay    residents and love their lives here as well.
       Area Real Estate Information Services MLS.            We wish them well and many happy years together!
                                                          Congrats to the newlyweds!
       12 Kappas East          $250,000                                             ♦♦♦
       30 South Forty          $260,000
       3 Issaquah Dock         $299,000                   Sad Loss for our Community
       2 West Pier             $299,000
       5 Main Dock             $299,000                   by Julie Durbin

       10 Issaquah Dock        $336,500                       was out of town for the
       11 Kappas East          $339,000                       month of July. Toward
       18 Kappas East          $349,000                       the end of August, I be-
       8 Main Dock             $369,000                   came worried as I hadn’t
       1 Liberty Dock          $369,000                   seen John Weber, of West
       3 Kappas East           $451,000                   Kappas, tinkering on his
       3 W Kappas West         $465,000                   cars in either of the Kap-
       37 Kappas East          $485,000                   pas parking lots in awhile. I
       2350 Marinship Way #3   $495,000                   called to check on him, and
       13 Kappas East          $495,000                   there was an outgoing mes-
       22 Issaquah Dock        $519,000                                                             John Weber
                                                          sage on his voicemail from July 17, 1940 - July 19, 2010
       55 Liberty Dock         $529,000                   his son, Jim Weber, saying
       15 Yellow Ferry         $545,000                   that John had passed away. I googled it and all I can
       50 Issaquah Dock        $585,000                   find is that he died on July 19, which made him 70
       33 Kappas East          $639,950                   years and two days old.
       24 Gate 6 1/2           $835,000                      John was like my second therapist . . . I call him,
       5 A Dock                $975,000                   “the parking lot therapist”. He knew so much about
       27 Kappas East        $1,200,000                   me from the conversations we would have, usu-
                       ♦♦♦                                ally through my car window, in the Kappas parking
                                                          lot. My work . . . school . . . men . . . philosophy of
Any excuse for a party on Gate 6 ½                        life . . . great stories of his fascinating life, what little
by Joan Lisetor                                           I knew of it. He was always ready and willing to lend

                                                          an ear, and a comment, and a suggestion, and a pre-
      arry and Jane Clinton hosted a Sunday afternoon     diction, and a story, and many laughs . . . oh, and car
      get together last month to introduce Richard        advice too.
      Benson and hear what the office of Marin Coun-
ty Assessor Recorder Clerk can do for floating homes.        I’ll miss my parking lot friend.
   Benson, the current Assistant Assessor Recorder
Clerk, is a candidate for the office. He is responsible                            ♦♦♦
for legislation that helped floating homeowners re-       Floating Times Articles Needed
ceive tax benefits. He discussed other ideas for reduc-
ing tax assessments on floating homes.                    by the Editorial Staff

Love is in the Air on Gate 6 1/2
by Donna Lunsford
                                                          A       s you may notice, there are a few blank areas in
                                                                  this issue of the Floating Times. I have filled
                                                                  the space with a few photos, but that belies the
                                                          fact that we need more articles to make the Floating
                                                          Times a robust, community newsletter. So, if you

T     wo couples on Gate 6 1/2 tied the knot this past    have something which you would like to see in print,
      April. Natalie Genn and Brian Sugrue were           please take the time to write it up and submit it to Bon-
      married April 29th and Zack Cohn and Jessica        nie Hunter at Sub-
Grumet were wed on April 3rd.                             missions should be plain, unformatted text without
   Natalie and Brian fell in love during the storm of     embedded returns or tabs. Articles will be formatted
the century in Washington State and he proposed this      when the Floating Times is layed out.
The Floating Times                          September/October, 2010                                           Page 6
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  Kirsch, MA                                      standards. 415 203 3836                           TIDAL SEQUENCE OPPORTUNITIES
  Tel: (415) 497 0194                    CONCRETE HULL REPAIRS                           CONCRETE BARGE REPAIR
                                                                                                      ANODE PROTECTION SYSTEMS
                                                  Using the Xypex(TM) system permanently                TED EITELBUSS-4153320145
 FINANCIAL BENEFITS CREDIT UNION                  seals concrete from the inside out!              46 years working on barges in community
  Sausalito Floating Home Owners Explore          Remodeling, Repairs, Deck 70.
  Your Options - Purchase or refinance with       Morgan Construction                               RARE EAST COAST FLOATING HOME
  25 and 30 year terms - No balloon note -        Contractor’s License. # 548554.                        SPECTACULAR LOCATION!
  Any hull type California’s most experienced     415.531.5146                                         All season custom furnished home.
  credit union lender.                            Visit for details.      Located on the Jersey Shore, close to Seaside,
  (415) 332-1233 –                                                                       LBI, Barnegat Bay, A/C & Manhattan.                                      HOUSEBOAT PAINTING
                                                                                                     Built by noted South Jersey shipbuilder.
                                                  The time is now!                            
 SADLER AND CO., INC. INSURANCE for               I have painted over 5 dozen floating                      Ed McCann (609) 618-7286
          Floating Homes                          homes, interior and exterior. References.
  Owner or tenant occupied Excellent rates.       All Marin Painting Company,                                Need Floatation Help?
  Also yacht, home, renters, auto, business,      332-7961
  life/health. Call Broker Laura Holst (415)                                                         Have new floatation devices, intermediate
  457-2400                                                      AQUAMAISON                          bulk containers “totes”, pump air into them
                                                                                                     without a diver to each float individually,
                                                  Houseboats,concrete barges, transfers
    Has your bank left you high and dry?                                                                        reasonably priced.
                                                  and remodels. Reputable, dependable;
   Call CIRCLE BANK for a floating home           licensed, bonded. Drafting, engineering,
                                                                                                           Bruce Clark, c 509 939 0912,
              loan In San Rafael                  permit apps, competitive rates.
         John Connelly 415.526.5411               Free estimate. Ian Moody 332-3910
                                           ADVERTISE IN THE FLOATING TIMES
      RON DORRIS ELECTRIC, INC.                        William Kirsch Architect/Artist             Place your (un)classified advertisement in
                                                        Do You Need An Architect?                  the floating times for the low, low price of
  Troubleshooting & Repair, Interior &
                                                                                                   $50.00/year (6 issues.)
  Exterior Lighting, Security Cameras, Hot        Houseboat resident with 50 years
                                                                                                   Ads should be no more than 250 characters
  Tubs & Jacuzzi Wiring, Outlet & Switch          architectural experience knows the
                                                                                                   in length with no formatting and with a
  Installs, Panel Upgrades, Replacements,         approvals path and is cost and time efficient.
                                                                                                   header of up to 2 lines and 50 characters.
  Bath & Ceiling Fans, Solar Installations,       New or remodel - houseboats, houses and
                                                                                                   Call Bonnie Hunter at (415) 302-5649.
  Additions, Remodels & Service.                  small commercial.
  Lic. #784130, Bonded & Insured                  Bill 415-457-1295
  CALL 415-381-0215

The Floating Times                                     September/October, 2010                                                           Page 7
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