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					                            EDWARDSVILLE WRESTLING BOOSTER CLUB

                            Minutes from Booster Meeting – October 12, 2010

ATTENDANCE – Julie Arnoldi, Brian Chapman, Sandy Chapman, Ryan Followell, Chris Jordan, Dave
Knoebel, Shawn McBride, Carol Mestemacher, Mark Mestemacher, Marnie Prosser, Christy Simms, John
Simms, Debi Tutka, Rick Tutka, and Jon Wagner.

MINUTES – Minutes from the September meeting were presented and approved. Motion made by Shawn
McBride and seconded by Brian Chapman.

FINANCIAL REPORT – The financial report for September, 2010 was presented for review. A motion was
made by Marnie Prosser and seconded by John Simms to approve financial report. Motion carried.

HIGH SCHOOL – Coach Wagner wanted to thank everyone including the lane sponsors for Crazy Bowl.
Crazy Bowl turned out well. Coach Wagner also wanted to remind everyone of the Chicken Dinner Dance
to be held on November 20, 2010 at the Edwardsville Gun Club.

Intersquad scrimmage has been changed to November 16, 2010 and there will be a parent’s meeting.

Coach Wagner purchased online a hyper-extension machine for the weight room at a cost of $207.00.
Coach Wagner also purchased six 35 lb. plates to match the existing plates in the weight room for $375.00.
Coach Wagner indicated that he did not get preliminary approval for either item but would like approval for
them now. Discussion was given. A motion was made by Carol Mestemacher and seconded by Marnie
Prosser to approve the purchase of a hyper-extension machine at a cost of $207.00. Motion carried.

A motion was made by John Simms and seconded by Brian Chapman to approve the purchase of six 35 lb.
plates for the weight room at a cost of $375.00. Motion carried.

Coach Wagner also requested purchasing 20-25 pairs of shorts for the Varsity wrestlers. Existing shorts
will be passed down to the Junior Varsity and Freshmen teams. Discussion was given. A motion was
made by Marnie Prosser and seconded by Brian Chapman to approve the purchase of shorts for the
Varsity team at a cost not to exceed $250.00. Motion carried.

Practice shirts need to be obtained for the new season. Returning wrestlers will receive two shirts and new
wrestlers and freshmen will receive three shirts. A motion was made by Marnie Prosser and seconded by
Debi Tutka to purchase practice shirts from Robb Treat at a cost not to exceed $950.00. Motion carried.

Coach Wagner presented a fundraiser information sheet that he likes from a coaches perspective showing
who is chairing what at each event so that he could get more organized and know who to contact.

The 1987-1988 Wrestling team will be honored at this year’s Chicken Dinner Dance. Coach Wagner
indicated that he would also like to have the social for Alumni Day somewhere other than the Wrestling
Center on January 22, 2011. Discussion was given. Dave Knoebel stated that he would call various
restaurants, pick one and let Coach Wagner know the location. The quad meet should be done by 5:00
MIDDLE SCHOOL – Coach Followell stated that he bought a video camera to use to record the Liberty
meets. Coach Followell indicated that he purchased a Sony along with a warranty, extended battery and
case from Best Buy for $769.00. The amount over the $490.00 provided by the Booster Club will be taken
from his school fund.

Coach Followell stated that he will be having a Parent’s meeting sometime in the next couple weeks and a
representative of the Booster Club should be at the meeting. Jacob Greco will be his assistant coach again
this year.

Coach Followell stated this he is having his wrestlers buy their headgear this year for $26.00. He stated
that he would be getting orders from the wrestlers and purchasing the headgear. Mark Mestemacher
stated that they bought the remaining shoes and headgear from Passion for Sports and will be selling the
more expensive shoes.

Coach Jordan stated that he got his singlets for $50.00 instead of $55.00. Coach Jordan also stated that
Lincoln wrestlers will get three practice shirts and a game day shirt. Discussion was given to the practice
shirts for the Middle Schools. A motion was made by Shawn McBride and seconded by Carol
Mestemacher to obtain practice shirts for both Lincoln and Liberty Middle Schools at a cost not to exceed
$1,200.00. Motion carried.

The Jon Davis Tournament will be held on January 15, 2011 at the Liberty Middle School.

EWC – Mark Mestemacher stated that the Illinois/Missouri Dual Meet will be held on November 12, 2010 at
the Jon Davis Wrestling Center. Approximately 40-50 volunteers are needed to work concessions,
security, ushers, etc. Volunteers will also be needed to help with the VIPs. Mark stated that he would like
to have as many booster club members working the event as possible so that more tickets can be made
available. There are a limited number of tickets available and they will be on a first come first service basis
for $10.00 each.

Illinois wrestlers will do an autograph session after the meet. They are trying to have both the Illinois and
Missouri governors present. Raffle tickets will also be given to orange shirt fans for four seats to the Big 10
Championships. Missouri is getting approximately 150 seats and Illinois is getting approximately 800 seats.
The School District is providing food.

EWC sign up is set for Thursday. Coach Mestemacher indicated that they already have 80 kids signed up
for this season. November 3, 2010 will be a parents meeting. For fifth grade and under, EWC will be doing
teams. There will be approximately 15 teams of 10-12 kids per team and three coaches per team.

EWC Bucks merchandise has been ordered. Practice shirts have also been ordered. Theme this year is In
The Hunt. Shirts are orange with EWC written in Camo.

Wrestling 101 for EWC parents is scheduled for November 3, 2010 and November 8, 2010 to help parents
learn more about the wrestling program. The same program will be done on both days. November 22,
2010 will be equipment and November 29, 2010 will be tournament scoring.

Coach McNamara has Phone-Vite set up.
OLD BUSINESS – The Dan McGinnis Scholarship Fund was discussed. A motion was made by Mark
Mestemacher and seconded by Shawn McBride to contribute $4,000.00 to the Scholarship fund. Motion

Discussion was given to obtaining an enclosed trailer for concessions. Discussion was given to what size
of trailer would be needed. John Simms is to look and see what is available and obtain a possible cost for
an enclosed trailer.

Marnie Prosser indicated that she has contacted Kohl’s and they are lined up to help with the Open.
Booster Club should also receive $500.00 from Kohl’s along with five volunteers.

Discussion was given to the DJ for the Chicken Dinner Dance and the Donation Letters that need to be
sent out for auction items. Julie Arnoldi indicated that the Booster Club will get one free date from the
Edwardsville Gun Club in 2011 since the Chicken Dinner Dance is being held there this year.

Rick and Debi Tutka have agreed to chair this year’s Trivia night. Rick would like for the Booster Club to
pick a date in April, 2011 for the Trivia night and would like to have Co-Chairs to learn how to put on the
event and take it over for the following year.

Two 2’ x 8’ signs saying Harvesting Great Wrestlers will be needed for the Halloween parade float. Anyone
available to help decorate float should be at Shawn McBride’s house on Saturday, October 23, 2010 from
noon to 5:00 p.m.

        Next meeting is scheduled for:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at the Jon Davis Wrestling Center in the EHS Sports Complex.

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