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									Tyre Industry

    MRF
    J.K Industries:
    Balkrishna industries
    Good year
    Ceat India
Wait & Watch – Bullish Trend Yet to Confirm

MRF: Technically the stock keeps us in a wait & Watch status since
  reversal is not confirmed. The stock witness a strong support at 3500-
  3600. We could expect a positive turnaround up to 4000 levels initially.
  If it manages to consolidate and maintain a close above 4000 levels on
  weekly basis, We could see a further target of 5600–7800.
On Consolidation

J.K. Industries: We could see some consolidation happening in the range of
              130-140 levels. A Positive move is expected only if the
              scrip closes above 145 on weekly Basis with target 200-275).
Bullish Trend

Balkrishna Industries: The scrip slips from the Higher levels of 1055 and
           manages to take a support at 440 levels on weekly basis.
           We recommend a Buy only on dips.

Good Year: The scrip has turned bullish at current levels. We expect a
           positive target of 285-450 on long term basis.

Ceat:      Buy at current levels with a Medium Term Target of 208
           Level of 332 is possible on Long Term Basis.
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