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									      Building Your Toolbox
Practical Steps for Social Media Marketing
 Dave Evans, Author “Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day”
         Workshop Outline [5]

•   Social Media: What Is It?
•   Social Media Channels
•   Social Media Metrics
•   Building Your Toolbox
 Understanding Social Media [15]

• The Purchase Funnel
• The Feedback Cycle
• Transparency and Disclosure
The Purchase Funnel (5)

   be aware

brand awareness                    keyword
                                             relative media spending
The Feedback Cycle (5)
        marketer-generated                       consumer-generated
          (Think “funnel”)                       (Think “megaphone”)

   be aware                                                    talk
                   consider                   form opinion
                                 buy      use


                  Social content, networks, and interactions

brand awareness                        keyword
Example: Typical Conversations

•   AdGabber
•   Brooklyn Museum
•   The North Face
•   JanetAtExxon
       Example: Disclosure (5)

•   Jive Software
•   Belkin
•   Prowler
•   DELL
         The Social Web [25]

•   Social Media Channels
•   Social Content
•   Social Spaces
•   Social Interactions
   The Social Media Channels (3)
             EVENTS and                           Social Content
                          MICROBLOGS                                 VIDEOS
      EMAIL                             PHOTOS            AUDIO
     (BACN)                                             (PODCAST)

   UPDATES                                                   WIKIS

     SMS and TEXT
                                  WHITE-LABEL                             BRANDED
                                SOCIAL NETWORKS                            SOCIAL
   Social Interactions
                                                  Social Platforms

Social media is created and shared within social platforms: status updates
 and similar interactions drive participation by increasing visibility of use.
         Social Content: Blogs
Characteristics               Metrics                   Examples
•Text-based, Diary-oriented   •Posts                    •Boing Boing
•Often substantive            •Comments                 •IBM
•Extended Discussions         •Ratio: Comments/Posts    •Meredith
                              •Trackbacks, References
  Social Content: Microblogs
Characteristics    Metrics     Examples
•Phrase or word    •Comments   •Twitter
•Non-substantive   •Replies    •Jaiku
•Casual            •Members    •Pounce
        Social Content: Photos
Characteristics   Metrics       Examples
•Images           •Views        •Photobucket
•Galleries        •Recommends   •Flickr
•Tags             •Ratings      •ShareMy
          Social Content: Audio
Characteristics        Metrics             Examples
•MP3                   •Listens            •Podshow
•Multi-task Friendly   •Subscribes (RSS)   •HearThis
•RSS or Listen Now     •Pass-Alongs        •Personal Life Media
                                           •Beachwalks TV
             Social Content: Video
Characteristics          Metrics       Examples
•Video                   •Views        •YouTube
•Galleries               •Recommends   •Metacafe
•Tags                    •Ratings      •Snapse
•Format (MOV, RM, FLV)                 •Kyte
Social Platforms: Personal Networks
  Characteristics          Metrics                   Examples
  •Purpose-driven          •Unique Users, Active     •MySpace
  •Non-exclusive                                     •Facebook
                           •Page Views, Time Spent
  •Demographics                                      •Bebo (Europe)
  •Embedded Applications                             •Orkut (Latin America)
                           •Profile Completes
                                                     •Live Journal (Russia)
Social Platforms: White-label
Characteristics          Metrics                   Examples
•Software services       •Unique Users, Active     •Pluck
•(All SocNet Benefits)                             •Lithium
                         •Page Views, Time Spent
                                                   •Jive Software
                                                   •Broadband Mechanics
                         •Profile Completes
    Social Platforms: Forums
Characteristics              Metrics     Examples
•Project or Cause Oriented   •Members    •Jive Software
•Extended Relationships      •Projects   •Lithium
                             •Posts      •Pluck
         Social Platforms: Wikis
Characteristics   Metrics        Examples
•Entry            •Posts         •Wikipedia
•Consensus        •Corrections   •WetPaint
                  •Views         •Meredith (WOOD)
    Social Interactions: Bacn
Characteristics      Metrics                   Examples
•Opt-In (not Spam)   •Open Rate, Reject Rate   •Newsletters
                     •Subscriber Base          •Special Offers
                     •Pass-along Ratio         •Status Updates
      Social Interactions: SMS
Characteristics   Metrics              Examples
•Mobile           •Messages Received   •Twitter
•Short Text       •Messages Sent       •Brightkite
•“Best Effort”                         •Dodgeball
•Includes MMS
•Users Pay
  Social Interactions: Events
Characteristics             Metrics           Examples
•Physical                   •Attendees        •Upcoming
•Ratings, Recommendations   •References       •Eventful
•Personalized               •Online Signups   •Zvents
•Shared                                       •Facebook
    Social Media Metrics [15]

• The Social Connection
• The Net Promoter Score
• Establishing an ROI
The Social Feedback Cycle (5)
           marketer-generated                        consumer-generated
             (Think “funnel”)                       (Think “megaphone”)

      be aware                                                    talk
                      consider                   form opinion
                                    buy      use


                                                    You can measure this!

                     Social content, networks, and interactions

   brand awareness                        keyword
               The Social Flywheel

It takes money to drive the purchase funnel. It takes a great product or
experience to drive the flywheel. Over the long-term, the Flywheel always wins.
   Measurement Points

 Web Analytics
       {                Social Media Monitoring
                            {   Content

   Pipeline Metrics
     The Net Promoter Score (3)
•   Likelihood of Recommendation (0-10)
•   Share of Promoters (9-10)
•   Share of Detractors (0-5)
•   Difference is Net Promoter score
      Social Media Measurement
• Raw Data
  – Google Alerts
• Conversational Data
  –   BlogPulse
  –   Collective Intellect
  –   Cymfony
  –   Radian6
  –   Techrigy SM2
• Diagnostic Data
  – Net Promoter
Web Analytics
          Tracking Vanity URLs

• In print and TV,
  “vanity” URLs can
  be tracked
• Using tools like
  BudURL, you can
  create and track
  user-friendly vanity
  URLs across the
  Social Web.
    Baseline Measures  ROI

• Conversation (Inference)
• Historical Analytics
  – TIP: Social Dashboards
    provide historical data as
    well as current.
      Building Your Toolbox [5]

•   Clarify Your Business Objectives
•   Quantify Your Audience
•   Integrate Selected Social Channels
•   Set Up Monitoring and Measurement Plan
Understand Your Business

   Social Media is a NOT a universal answer!
Understand Your Audience

Consumption and participation are indicators of the clear trend.
           Integrate Your Program
                                               EVENTS      NETWORKS     WHITE-LABEL
                                                                      SOCIAL NETWORKS

     TV and
      Radio                            WIKIS                                       BLOGS

Integrated           Social   COLLABORATIVE               Conversion                MICROBLOGS
                     Media        TOOLS
Campaigns                                                 (Purchase)
     Online        Mail                 SMS                                             PHOTOS

                                                  EMAIL                  AUDIO
                                                 (BACN)                (PODCAST)


  Tie your social media based efforts to your larger marketing and
 communications toolbox, and to your established success metrics.
        Monitor and Measure

• Social monitoring
  tools point to
• Referrer ties to
  your analytics
• Analytics data
  shows site path
  and goals
          * It’s less than perfect, but it’s better than nothing!

•   Social Media and the Social Web
•   Social Media Channels
•   Social Media Metrics
•   Build Your Toolbox

Building your Toolbox
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