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					Popular examples of Fiddle Toys and order details are listed below:

 Mini Animal Pals (pack of 4) £4.99           Mini Frog Water Snakes (pack of 6) £3.99 code: K9021   code: G375

 Fidget pencils (pack of 4) £5.82 code: ADMT10188            Dinosaur Pom-Pom Pals (pack of 9) £3.99
                                       code: G270
 50mm Zipped Koosh ball £2.25 each
 code: 59-KOOSH-ZIPPED                          Smiley Stretchy men (pack of 12) £3.99
 Twisty Tangle Toy £3.01 code:5092
 Fuzzy Tangle (not shown but with a soft       Alien Stretchy Men (pack of 12) £3.50
 covering) £3.57 code: 5441           code: L350

 5 assorted Stress Balls £5.50                  Wikki Stix (pack of 24 ) £2.99
 Ebay UK shop – The Tangle Shop       
                                                The Happy Yellow Ball £0.75 each
Squishy Mesh Ball £1.99 each           code: 12457 code:08842
                Moody Face £1.49 each                                     Fiddle Toys
                (choice of colours)
                         Why are they useful?
                                                                Children and young people on the autistic
                Bumbling Boris £1.49 each                       spectrum often have difficulties concentrating
                (choice of colours)                             and processing auditory information. Sustained
                           listening can then raise anxiety levels and make
                                                                the task of listening even harder.
                                                                Allowing a child or young person to have a
                Colour Change Putty £0.99 each
                                                                “fiddle toy” gives them something to focus on
                                        and reduces anxiety. They can then process
                                                                auditory information more easily .
Other ideas:                                                  Choosing a Fiddle Toy
                                                                Children and young people on the autistic
Cloths from glasses cases
                                                                spectrum can often have sensory preferences. It
Small piece of material or ribbon                               is important that the young person’s
Fluffy pom pom balls (from craft shops)                         preferences are taken into consideration and if
A watch with a spinning dial                                    possible are involved in the choice of fiddle toy.
Smooth pebbles or acrylic vase stones                           Most of the examples overleaf are small enough
Blu - tack                                                      to fit in a pocket.
Chewelery bracelets (LDA learning)                              A social story might be useful to explain when it
                                                                is appropriate to use the chosen fiddle toy. An
                                                                example can be found on the County Council
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              Children and Young People’s Service
              Autistic Spectrum Team
N.B. Prices and website details were correct as of
     July 2010.                                      AC001v