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EAR PIERCINGS                                                                           NOSE PIERCINGS
Ear Lobes with stud                                  £7.50                              Nostril
Ear Lobe with BCR                                    £15.00                             (not including cost of jewellery)                    £18.00
Large Lobe piercing                                                                     Septum with BCR                                      £30.00
(not including cost of jewellery)                    £20.00                             Bridge with Barbell                                  £35.00
Ear Rim with Stud or BCR                             £20.00
Ear Rim with Barbell                                 £30.00                             MALE GENITAL
Rook with BCR                                        £25.00
Rook with Barbell                                    £30.00
                                                                                        Prince Albert                                        £35.00
Conch with BCR                                       £25.00
                                                                                        Reverse Prince Albert                                £35.00
Conch with Barbell                                   £30.00
                                                                                        Ampallang (horizontal through glans)                 £45.00
Tragus with BCR                                      £25.00
Tragus with Barbell                                  £30.00
                                                                                        (vertical through glans)                             £40.00
Daith with BCR                                       £25.00
                                                                                        Dydoe with BCR                                       £25.00
Daith with Barbell                                   £30.00
                                                                                        Dydoe with Barbell                                   £30.00
Scaffold with Barbell                                £35.00
                                                                                        Scrotum with BCR                                     £25.00
Helix with BCR                                       £25.00
                                                                                        For Pair                                             £45.00
Helix with Barbell                                   £30.00
                                                                                        Scrotum with Barbell                                 £30.00
                                                                                        For pair                                             £55.00
FACIAL PIERCINGS                                                                        Guiche with BCR                                      £30.00
Madonna with Labret Stud                             £30.00                             Guiche with Barbell                                  £35.00
Madonna with Gem Ball                                £40.00                             Pubic with BCR                                       £30.00
Madonna with Gold Ball from...                       £45.00                             Pubic with Barbell                                   £35.00
Eyebrow with BCR                                     £25.00                             Frenum with BCR                                      £25.00
Eyebrow with Barbell                                 £30.00                             Frenum with Barbell                                  £30.00
Eyebrow with 14ct Gold BCR from...                   £40.00                             Foreskin with BCR                                    £25.00
Eyebrow with 14ct Gold Barbell from...               £50.00                             Foreskin with Barbell                                £30.00
Lip with BCR                                         £25.00
Labret with Labret Stud                              £30.00                             FEMALE GENITAL
Labret with Gem Ball                                 £40.00
Labret with Gold Ball from...                        £45.00
                                                                                        Prepuce (Clitoris Hood) with BCR                     £25.00
Cheek with Labret Stud                               £35.00
                                                                                        Prepuce (Clitoris Hood) with Barbell                 £30.00
Tongue with Barbell
                                                                                        Clitoris with BCR                                    £25.00
(includes second visit)                              £35.00
                                                                                        Clitoris with Barbell                                £30.00
Web of Lip                                           £25.00
                                                                                        Labia (Inner or Outer) with BCR                      £25.00
                                                                                        For Pair                                             £45.00
BODY PIERCINGS                                                                          Christina with Barbell                               £35.00
Navel with BCR                                       £25.00                             Fourchette with BCR                                  £30.00
Navel with Regular Bananabell                        £32.50                             Fourchette with Barbell                              £35.00
Navel with Jewelled Bananabell                       £40.00
Navel with Double-Jewelled Bananabell                £45.00
Nipple with BCR                                      £25.00
For Pair                                             £45.00
Nipple with Barbell                                  £30.00
For Pair                                             £55.00
Nipple with 14ct Gold BCR                            £55.00
For Pair                                             £105.00
Nipple with 14ct Gold Barbell                        £75.00
For Pair                                             £145.00
Flat Skin piercings
(ankle, back, cleavage, nape)                        £35.00
Web of Hand                                          £30.00

Other piercings are available on request. Jewellery is, unless otherwise mentioned, hypoallergenic surgical steel or titanium. All gold is nickel-free.

TEL: 0208 684 7887                                                   

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