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					26 February 2009
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Students do some awarding of their own…

In a year long pilot project, students’ associations from across Scotland have decided it’s time to
recognise lecturers that go above and beyond for students.

A project between the Higher Education Academy and NUS Scotland has supported eight universities in
creating student-led learning & teaching awards.

Students from across Scotland have been nominating their favourite tutors and lecturers in categories
such as I Love My Tutor, Outstanding Teacher, Innovative Teacher, Greatest expertise in video
conferencing delivery and Teaching in an international context . Awards ceremonies are now planned so
that students can show their appreciation, but more importantly showcasing best practice and helping
universities to improve their teaching practices in a constructive way.

Evan Beswick, Vice-President Academic Affairs at Edinburgh University Students’ Association, said:

"The Teaching Awards have been have been one of our most successful academic campaigns over. We
were so pleased with the impact of last years' awards and staggered by how many students invested
time in it. Students really got on board with the chance to recognise, in a really positive way, those
teachers who have put thought and effort into the way they help their students develop. The university
also saw the value in this very quickly and we've been really grateful for their support.

And Dr Elizabeth Bomberg, Lecturer in Politics at the University of Edinburgh and winner of the
Edinburgh University Students’ Association 2009 overall high performer prize said:

“These awards are a wonderfully positive and constructive way for students to acknowledge and
reward the teaching they most value here at Edinburgh.”
Alastair Robertson, Higher Education Academy Head of Policy and Partnerships, Scotland said:

“We are delighted to support this pilot project in conjunction with NUS Scotland. There is a lot of
debate in higher education about the recognition and reward of excellence in learning and teaching.
Recent research published by the Academy shows a gap between how teaching is recognised by
comparison with research in higher education institutions. It is great to see students doing something
really positive to celebrate the excellent lecturers the Scottish sector is fortunate to have. Also, the
winners’ words speak for themselves about the value they place on these awards".

Liam Burns, President of NUS Scotland said:

“It is incredible the difference which can be made to a student’s life by a lecturer who is willing to go
above and beyond. Scotland has some of the best academics in the world and it is about time we
started shouting about it.

“Of course, there’s always room for improvement, and these awards are an amazingly positive way to
highlight the great teaching which is happening on our campuses every day. The awards have been
really well received by the winners and I hope that their positive impacts will be felt by lecturers across
the institutions and beyond.

“Congratulations to all those nominated. Better than an annual appraisal any day!”


   For more information contact Russell Gunson, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at NUS
                                          Scotland on 07980 845 639

   1. Case studies and images of nominated teaching staff, nominating students, students’
         association officers, university management and awards themselves are available on request.
   2. Local award ceremonies will be taking place at:
         Institution              Contacts                Role                       Date of Ceremony
         Edinburgh Napier         Kasia Bylinska          Napier Students            January 2010
         University                                       Association President

                                  Anne Sibbald            Associate Director,
         Heriot-Watt University   Murray Hope             Heriot-Watt Students’      10 March 2010
                                                       Association Vice

                              Professor Rob Pooley     Head of Educational
     University of            Evan Beswick             Edinburgh University      24 March 2010
     Edinburgh                                         Students’ Association
                                                       Academic Affairs

                              Professor Dai            Vice-Principal
                              Hounsell                 Academic
     University of            Philip Whyte             University of             24 March 2010
     Strathclyde                                       Strathclyde Students’
                                                       Association President

                              Anne Hughes              Deputy Principal
                                                       (Learning and
     University of the West   Susan Duncan             Depute President,         23 April 2010
     of Scotland                                       Student Association of
                                                       the University of the
                                                       West of Scotland

                              Dr Judith Vincent        Vice-Principal
                                                       (Learning and
     UHI Millennium           Dr Iain Morrison         Head of Lifelong          Multiple (across
     Institute                                         Learning, Student         different campuses)
                                                       Support and
     University of Abertay,   Ian Todd                 President, Abertay        12 April
     Dundee                                            University Students

                              Dr June Leishman         Director of
     Glasgow Caledonian       Sara Milne               Vice President Student    TBC
     University                                        Development,
                                                       Glasgow Caledonian
                                                       Students Association

                              Professor Sue Scott      Pro Vice-Chancellor -
                                                       Learning Innovation

3.   The Higher Education Academy's mission is to support the sector in providing the best possible
     learning experience for all students. We provide national leadership in developing and
     disseminating evidence-informed practice about enhancing the student learning experience;
     operate as an independent broker, enabling expertise to be shared across institutions and subject
     areas; work at multiple levels, with individual academics, subject communities, departments,
     faculties and institutions; and work across the four nations, recognising the distinctive policy
     contexts and priorities of the devolved administrations but also providing opportunities to share
     expertise among them.
The Academy and the GENIE CETL at the University of Leicester report into the reward and
recognition of teaching in higher education can be found at