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Corresponding Secretary


									Corresponding Secretary
Alpha Xi Delta, Theta Chi Chapter
The University of Toledo
                                              Corresponding Secretary

The corresponding secretary is the point of contact with others in the Fraternities on campus and in the outside world.
                       She must observe neatness and correct form in all communications.


Serves on the public relations council

Staying within the budget for the office

Writes official chapter correspondence at the direction of the president, public relations council, or executive

Maintains close and open communication with the chapter advisor

She sends all information to Fraternity Headquarter

Sends notice to Fraternity Headquarters: p.2
       All pledges and inductions
       All new members’ information after initiation
       Elections of office
       Verified changes of addresses, marriages, and deaths.

Enhances communication between the Alpha Xi Delta chapter and other Greek groups on campus by
sending: p.3
       Good luck notices for Recruitment, Homecoming and Songfest
       Congratulations on Recruitment, Homecoming and Songfest (or any other accomplishments)
       Best wishes on their Founders’ day
       Christmas cards

Enhances communication between the Alpha Xi Delta chapter and the university (and faculty) by sending:
       Christmas cards to the university departments
       Notes of congratulations to professors on their accomplishments (including published articles)

Enhances communication between Alpha Xi Delta and parents by sending: p.7
         Holiday cards
         At pledging and initiation
         Chapter’s accomplishments over the academic year
         In mournful (such as death within the family) situations send a card and flowers.
All Pledges and Inductions:
         List the pledges name and address in alphabetical order.
         List all schedules inductions to Nationals.

All new Members info after Initiation:
        List all new members in initiated order (alphabetical) send to nationals.
Elections of Office                  The University of Toledo
Example:                                Theta Chi Chapter
                                          2009 Officers

                      Positions                                 Name
Activities Chair
Academic Achievement Chair
Alumnae Relations
Assistant Financial Chair
Assistant New Member Orientation Chair
Bridges Chair
Chapter Life VP
Chapter President
COB Chair
Co. Songfest Directors
Corresponding Secretary
Financial VP
Fraternity Heritage Chair
Homecoming/Assistant Social Chair
House Manager
Internal Relations
New Member Orientation
Panhellenic Delegate
Philanthropy Chair
Programs VP
Publicity Chair
Public Relations VP
Recording Secretary
Ritual Chair
Scrapbook Chair
Sisterhood Chair
Social Chair
Song Leader
Fraternities:                                               Sororities:

Alpha Sigma Phi                                             Alpha Chi Omega

Kappa Delta Rho                                             Alpha Omicron Pi

Phi Gamma Delta (FIGI)                                       Chi Omega

Phi Kappa Psi                                               Delta Delta Delta

Pi Kappa Alpha                                              Kappa Delta

Pi Kappa Phi                                                Pi Beta Phi

Sigma Alpha Epsilon                                         *Chi Delta Pi (Not a national Chapter)

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Theta Chi




                         January 2, 1897- Alpha Omicron Pi’s Founders’ day
                         Welcome back Letters / Good luck this semester


                         February 19, 1852- Phi Kappa Psi’s Founders’ day


                         March 1, 1868- Pi Kappa Alpha’s Founders’ day
                         March 9, 1856-Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Founders’ day
                         March 13, 1937-Alpa Sigma Phi’s Founders’ day


                         April 5, 1895- Chi Omega’s Founders’ day
                         April 10, 1856- Theta Chi’s Founders’ day
                         April 11, 1907 - Triangle’s Founders’ day
                         April 28, 1867- Pi Beta Phi’s Founders’ day

                     May 1, 1848 – Phi Gamma Delta’s (FIGI) Founders’ day
                     May 17, 1905- Kappa Delta Rho’s Founders’ day


                                           (Not in School)


                     Recruitment / Welcome back letters
                             *Chi Delta Pi can’t recruit till the week after sorority recruitment
                             * Fraternity Rush is the Week after Sorority Recruitment

                     October 15, 1885- Alpha Chi Omega’s Founders’ day
                     October 23, 1897- Kappa Delta’s Founders’ day


                     November 1, 1901- Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Founders’ day
                     November 27, 1888- Delta Delta Delta’s Founders’ day


                     December 10, 1904- Pi Kappa Phi’s Founders’ day
                     Good Luck on exams/ Happy Holidays


Good luck in Songfest
Good luck in Homecoming
Address:       (Department)
               University of Toledo
               2801 West Bancroft Avenue MS#
               Toledo, OH 43606

                           University Departments and Mail Stop Numbers
Arts and Sciences:

                  Africana Studies                MS# 956
                  American Studies                MS# 510
                   Art Department                 MS# 214
                 Biological Sciences              MS# 601
                      Chemistry                   MS# 602
                   Communication                  MS# 915
                      Disability                  MS# 920
                     Economics                    MS# 922
                       English                    MS# 612
               Environmental Science              MS# 604
              Geography and Planning              MS# 932
                   Global Studies                 MS# 511
                       History                    MS# 503
                     Humanities                   MS# 510
               Law and Social Thought             MS# 510
              Master of Liberal Studies           MS# 941
                    Mathematics                   MS# 942
                 Middle East Studies              MS# 956
                     Philosophy                   MS# 510
               Physics and Astronomy              MS# 111
    Political Science and Public Administration   MS# 511
                       Pre-Law                    MS# 511
                     Psychology                   MS# 948
            Sociology and Anthropology            MS# 956
                  Theatre and Film                MS# 611
           Women’s and Gender Studies             MS# 965

Business Administration:

                   Accounting                     MS# 103
        Applied Organizational Technology         MS# 103
        Finance and Business Economics            MS# 103
 Information Operations Technology Management     MS# 103
       Marketing and international Business       MS# 103
                  Management                      MS# 103

            Curriculum and Instruction              MS# 924
 Early Childhood, Physical, and Special Education   MS# 954
      Education Foundations and Leadership          MS# 914


                   Bioengineering                   MS# 303
     Chemical and Environmental Engineering         MS# 305
                  Civil Engineering                 MS# 307
   Electrical Engineering and Computer Science      MS# 308
               Engineering Technology               MS# 402
     Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing       MS# 312

Law:                                                MS# 507
Nursing:                                            MS#1026


                 Pharmacology                       MS# 607
       Medical and Biological Chemistry             MS# 606
               Pharmacy Practice                    MS# 609
    Center for Applied Pharmacology (CAP)-          MS# 608
  4142Center for Drug Design and Development        MS# 608

University College:                                 MS# 340

College of Health Science and Human Services:

   Counselor Education and School Psychology        MS# 119
                Criminal Justice                    MS# 119
       Health and Rehabilitative Services           MS# 119
               Health Professions                   MS# 119
                  Kinesiology                       MS# 119
             Occupational Therapy                   MS# 119
                Physical Therapy                    MS# 119
                  Social work                       MS# 119
        Undergraduate Legal Specialties             MS# 119

Honors Program:                                     MS# 504
Communication between Alpha Xi Delta and parents by sending:

Holiday Cards:

        Help the Public Relations VP with holiday cards. Usually we have a photographer take a picture of
our chapter as a whole. Then put that card onto a Christmas like back ground with some text whishing
happy holidays.

At Pledging and Initiation:

        Send a letter welcoming the parents into our extended family.


 Dear Parents,
         Welcome to Alpha Xi Delta! Your daughter has found a home in an organization that has been
inspiring women to realize their potential for over 110 years, and Alpha Xi Delta Strongly believes that you,
as parents are a part of our extended family. Alpha Xi Delta looks forward to playing a strong and positive
role in your daughter’s college life and long after, and we hope that you will be an involved and supportive
part of this experience.

Chapter’s accomplishments:

        Philanthropy events
        How much money we raised
        How Many hours of community service
        Awards won
        Over all GPA (if over 3.0)

    *Add pictures and inspirational quotes!
    * Work with the publicity chair

Sending flowers and cards:
        Pick out a card that is precise for the situation and have everyone sign in the chapter sign it.
        Send flowers to the Family:
                Look up her address on Omega Financial ( under chapter roster.
                Log on to Pro Flower and gifts ( pick out flowers within your budget.

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