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					Come Celebrate With Us

                               Thank You to Our Sponsors
All families are
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should be too.                                Fournier Group

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                         We appreciate all those who support our auction, either through
                         cash, merchandise or in-kind donations. Your generosity helps
                         ensure that the maximum amount of the proceeds from our auc-
Auto | Home | Business   tion is put to work for our children.
     Letter from the Auction Chairs                             Greetings from Father Mike
Welcome everyone to the 25th annual Madeleine             Dear People of God,

School auction, At Home in the Pacific Northwest. It      What a perfect theme for this year’s Madeleine Benefit
                                                          Auction: “At Home in the Pacific Northwest.” Of all the
truly has been our pleasure and honor to act as this      beautiful places to see in the world, the Pacific Northwest is
year’s auction chairs.                                    one of my favorites. The diversity of ocean beaches, and high
                                                          desert, majestic mountains and lush valleys, and, of course,
                                                          our own scenic Columbia Gorge, all touch my spirit in a way
One of the first responsibilities of the chairs each
                                                          other places do not, providing a sense of drawing close to the
year is to decide on an auction theme. We were lucky,     earth, a sense of connectedness to God’s creation.
because thanks to an excellent suggestion from former     I’m grateful for your presence with us tonight, and I pray
                                                          that the Madeleine spirit will touch each of you to always be
Madeleine parent Chris Miller, we hit on the perfect
                                                          grateful for your presence here in the Pacific Northwest. May
idea right away. We don’t think it’s a coincidence that   we continue to grow as the Body of Christ, seeking always to
like so many others in our region, the three of us all    walk with justice and peace for all God’s people.

came here from somewhere else. In other words, we         St. Mary Magdalene, Pray for us.
                                                          Father Mike
have made the Pacific Northwest our home by choice,
not by chance. To us, the Pacific Northwest is a place            Greetings from Susan Steele
filled with promise for anyone with a pioneering spirit
                                                          Dear Friends of The Madeleine School,
and a sense of adventure. There is nowhere else we
                                                          At Home in the Pacific Northwest - what a great theme for
would rather be.                                          our 2010 auction. I have felt at home in the Northwest for
                                                          almost 26 years. Setting down roots to raise a family, cul-
Everyone who is part of the Madeleine community is        tivate friendships, and achieve personal goals was easy in
                                                          this great environment that we sometimes take for granted.
also here by choice, not by chance. We may all be here
                                                          Robert Frost, the noted American poet, once said that “Home
under different circumstances and have taken different    is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to
                                                          take you in.” I would change that a bit to say “The Pacific
routes to get here, but we come together to embrace
                                                          Northwest is where you want to go and they want to take you
our common hopes and dreams for our children while        in.” This is truly a wonderful place to call home.
sustaining and growing the legacy of the Madeleine        I am so fortunate to also call the Madeleine community
                                                          home. My life has been enriched by the families and friend-
School. We can’t think of a better place to educate and
                                                          ships that surround me in this community. It is almost
raise our children At Home in the Pacific Northwest.      impossible to count how many lives have been touched and
                                                          influenced by the Madeleine Parish and School over the
We sincerely thank all those who have worked tireless-    course of our 100-year history. Your presence here tonight
                                                          at our auction is a way of guaranteeing that the Madeleine
ly to help make the auction a success, and ask every-
                                                          will be here for another 100 years. Thanks to our legacy, the
one in attendance to match our volunteers’ dedication     Madeleine will be home for another generation of children
with generosity. Have a great time tonight!               and their families. As we celebrate Oregon food, wine, and
                                                          culture tonight, please know that I am so thankful for your
Tracy Dana                                                support of our students, who look to The Madeleine School
Margie Marksthaler                                        as their home away from home.

Suzie Puetz                                               Sincerely,
                                                          Susan Steele
                            2                                                           3
                     Auction Schedule                                                                   Items of Note
REGISTRATION 5:00 - 6:00 P.M.                                                    Decorations For Sale
When you arrive at The Madeleine enter through the Parish Hall and               The Monday after the auction, all of the auction decorations will be for sale
register. You’ll be asked to place your credit card on file and you’ll receive   on a first-come, first-served basis. All of the items will be for sale in The
your drink tickets and your auction paddle. Once you find your table, head       Madeleine Parish Hall.
upstairs to the gymnasium where the Silent Auction takes place.
SILENT AUCTION 5:00 - 7:15 P.M.                                                  While mingling with friends during the Silent Auction, you’ll have the op-
The Silent Auction is where the social hour begins. Held in the school gym-      portunity to purchase $10 and $20 balloons. Inside each balloon is a won-
nasium, it is here that you’ll be able to visit with friends while enjoying an   derful item donated to The Madeleine by parents, friends and businesses
adult beverage at the same time snack on tasty hors d’oeuvres. More impor-       throughout Portland.
tantly, you’ll be able to bid on some wonderful items on the Silent Auction
tables. You’re also encouraged to sign up for pre-sale events. Referred to       Keys
as “Easel Items” these are parties and events throughout the year that fill      $20 buys you a chance to win $500. Buy your lucky key for just $20 each
up your social calendar. Finally, be sure to make a point to buy a Best of       during the Silent Auction. Your key may be the one that unlocks the popu-
the Best ticket, balloons and keys to the Treasure Chest. The Silent Auction     lar Treasure Chest holding $500. Will it be your key? The winner will be
tables close at 6:30, 6:55 and 7:15.                                             revealed during the Oral Auction. Only 100 keys will be sold.

APPETIZERS 5:15 - 7:00 P.M.                                                      Raffle Tickets
                                                                                 Are your bags packed? Get ready to cruise to Alaska! The winning raffle
     Stuffed Cremini Mushrooms: Bacon, chicken, porcini and                      ticket, along with the second and third prizewinners, will be drawn at the
     cream cheese stuffed mushrooms topped with Provencal crumb                  end of the Silent Auction.
     Grilled Flatbread: Carmelized onion and Gorgonzola topped
     flatbread garnished with Macadamia nuts                                     Best of the Best Tickets
                                                                                 Here’s your chance to walk home with any oral auction item before anyone
     Asparagus with Proscuitto: Marinated, grilled asparagus with                has a chance to outbid you. When you arrive, be sure to purchase a ‘Best of
     shaved Proscuitto di Parma, chevre, and sweet Balsamic syrup                the Best’ ticket. Only 75 tickets will be sold.

DINNER 7:30 P.M.                                                                 Buy It Now
Sit down and enjoy a wonderful Pacific Northwest feast prepared by Caleb         We have a BUY IT NOW option in the Silent Auction this year, so keep your
Denison:                                                                         focus in the Silent Auction and…Buy it now!
     Salad: Baby arugula, pear, and persimmon salad with crumbled
                                                                                 Wine Drawing
     gorgonzola, and sherry Dijon vinaigrette dressing
                                                                                 If you’re the first bidder on any Silent Auction item, you will be entered into
     Entrée: Hazelnut-Crusted Chicken                                            a drawing for a magnum bottle of wine. The winner will be announced
     Hazelnut and panko crusted chicken with brandy and Frangelico               prior to the auction video.
     reduction, served over roasted root vegetable puree, with fresh seasonal
     vegetables.                                                                 Pre-Sale
                                                                                 You’re encouraged to sign up for pre-sale events. Referred to as “Easel
     Vegetarian Option: Fire Roasted Stuffed Capsicum                            Items” these are parties and events throughout the year that fill up your
     Roasted red bell pepper stuffed with quinoa, cranberries, fresh basil       social calendar.
     and feta, served over roasted seasonal vegetables

     Dessert: Pumpkin Custard with Whipped Cream                                 Treasure Chest
     All the warm flavors of pumpkin pie in a creamy custard with fresh          Finally, be sure to make a point to buy balloons and keys to the Treasure
     whipped cream                                                               Chest. The Silent Auction tables close at 6:30, 6:55 and 7:15 P.M.

ORAL AUCTION 8:00 P.M.                                                           We Are Changing It Up This Year Folks!
The highlight of the evening, the Oral Auction, will be held in the Parish       The raffle winners will be announced in the gym at the end of the Silent
Hall and will be hosted by master of ceremonies Mr. Mark McGinnis. The           Auction. Once we all move down to the Parish Hall for dinner we
auctioneers, our friends at Stokes, will help us to make this a successful       will enjoy a video highlighting our students at The Madeleine School.
auction.                                                                         Immediately following the video presentation we will begin dinner and the
                                                                                 Oral Auction.
Prior to the Oral Auction, the winner of the “Best of the Best” will be an-
nounced and throughout the auction the Treasure Chest and Raffle winners         Raise Your Paddles!
will be announced. The Oral Auction descriptions are found on the follow-        This year’s Paddle Raise will establish a scholarship fund to be given to a
ing pages.                                                                       student with financial need. Get ready to raise your paddle in support of
                                                                                 this important and worthy cause.

                                                                                 “Round-Up” for The Madeleine School!
                                                                                 This is a painless way to help our pennies add up! By rounding your bill up
                                                                                 at the end of the evening we are able to add to our auction profits.

                                       4                                                                               5
                          Easel Items                                                                        Easel Items
1. Post-Auction Party                                                              5. Be Your Own Cake Boss
Alison and Brandon Anderson                                                        Aimee Holzschuh; Margie Marksthaler; Heather and TJ Matteri
Belly up to the bar at the Anderson Home in the Pacific Northeast - NE             Think you have what it takes to be a Cake Boss? Neither do we, but thanks
Portland, that is! Enjoy a fabulous post-auction party as you celebrate your       to Madeleine’s own professor of cake decorating, Aimee Holzschuh, you
purchases, bemoan your losses (we hope it’s not the latter) or just enjoy          could be on your way to cake-bossing! You don’t have to be a chef or even
some time with friends, old and new. Midnight snacks will keep your energy         experienced in the kitchen to decorate a cake, cookie, cupcake or brownie.
up and partying until…Alison and Brandon kick you out!                             This decorating basics class will cover icing a cake and using a decorating
          Saturday, November 6, 2010, immediately following the auction            bag. From there you will learn how to use a variety of tips to make stars,
          Anderson Home                                                            borders, flowers and pipe messages. In addition to the class, you will leave
          Guests: 75                                                               with a decorating starter kit valued at $35.00. Your friends and family will be
          Cost $25.00/person                                                       impressed when you share your decorated masterpiece!
                                                                                              Sunday, January 23, 2011, 1:00-5:00 p.m.
2. PJs and Popcorn                                                                            Madeleine School Commons
Susan and Tim O’Leary; Linda and Matt Hush-Loomis; Meg Scharle-Gehred and                     Guests: 25
Dan Gehred; Sonya and Mark Gonzales                                                           Cost: $40.00/person
Parents this is your night to get some Christmas shopping done or perhaps
enjoy dinner with your favorite someone (even if that someone is just you!)        6. The Madeleine Middle School
Put your kids in their pjs, bring a blanket and pillow and we will take it from       Winter Dance
there. Dinner, refreshments, games and a movie…what more could a kid               8th Grade Parents; music provided by Terry Mitchell
want? Open to children grades K through 5 only.                                    “Tell all on your Facebook wall to attend the Madeleine Middle School
          Friday, December 3, 2010, 6:30- 9:30 p.m.                                Ball!” Whew, we spent hours coming up with that rhyme. See, we are totally,
          Madeleine Parish Hall                                                    um, hip. Cool. Whatever. Anyway, Middle Schoolers, this is your night! We
          Guests: 75 children, grades K through 5.                                 want to see you at the Madeleine Parish Hall for pizza, pop and dancing.
          Cost: $20.00/person                                                      Bring your neighbors, cousins, friends from other schools, sports teams, etc.
                                                                                   Music provided by our Pacific Northwest famous DJ and Madeleine alum,
3. Christmas Caroling with the Teachers                                            Terry Mitchell.
Susan Steele and Madeleine School Staff                                                       Friday, February 25, 2011, 7:00-10:00 p.m.
This long-standing Madeleine tradition is back! Waterproof your kids for a                    Madeleine Parish Hall
wet and wonderful night with their favorite teachers. Simply drop off your                    Guests: 150
children at the Madeleine School after dinner and let the faculty and staff                   Cost $15.00/person
take it from there. Your children will enjoy hot cocoa and tasty treats in ad-
dition to neighborhood caroling at homes in the Pacific Northwest!
           Wednesday, December 8, 2010, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
           Madeleine School Commons
           Guests: 50 children, grades K through 4.
           Cost: $20.00/person

4. Mad Men and Women
   Run for the Shamrock
Dena and Tim Dooney; Char and Mark Riley; Kristina and Tom Gianotti; Colleen
and Andy Perry
Have you always wanted to take up running but didn’t think you could?
Well no more excuses! Starting January 7th, your running mentors will get
you up and running every Friday morning for 10 weeks. It doesn’t matter if
you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, your trainers will help you through
your training to the finish line of the Shamrock Run. Includes entry fee to
race, pickup and delivery of race packets and t-shirt. We’ll celebrate your vic-
tory with a VIP post-race party the day of the Shamrock Run!
          Fridays, January 7 through March 11, 2011, 6:00-7:00 a.m.
          Dooney Home
          Guests: 20 runners
          Cost: $125.00/person

                                       6                                                                                 7
                          Easel Items
7. Girlfriends’ Closet Exchange Party
Jude Hanley and Joanna Curley
Ladies, it’s time to clean out your closets! Bring your gently used clothing,
handbags, costume jewelry, hats, belts, shoes, etc. to Jude Hanley’s house for
a fun evening of swapping with friends. Sip on wine and enjoy some yum-
my appetizers while checking out the goods. The total cost of the evening
goes to the Madeleine school auction and any items left will be donated to
Dress for Success. It’s a win-win, all the way around!
            Friday, March 4, 2011, 7:00-9:30p.m.
            Hanley Home
            Guests: 25
            Cost: $15.00/person

8. The Sidebar at 5Q
Tracy Dana and Jerry Fechter; Angela and Tim Kennedy
5Q wants you! Back for a fabulous second year, bigger and – dare we say –
better! Sample all of Lompoc’s best seasonal beers or just drink your favorite.
We’ll have some snacks and light appetizers, too. Although we don’t pretend
to understand it, we know there are some non-beer drinkers out there, too.
We’ll have a few Northwest wines and some non-alcoholic beverages on
hand, so no one has to turn this one down! Sign up early, this one sold out
before the auction last year!
          Saturday, March 5th 2011, 7:00-10:00 p.m.
          Sidebar at the 5th Quadrant
          Guests: 50
          Cost: $40.00/person

                                      8                                           9
                           Easel Items                                                                        Easel Items
9. Father-Daughter Disco Dance                                                      11. Pacific Northwest Salmon Bake
Anne and JT Thompson; Fontaine Roberson and Paul Gladysz; Kari Skedsvold and        Tess and Kevin Healey; Melissa and Jim Lindsay; Lisa and Mike Rowan; Josie and
Bob Workmeister; music provided by Terry Mitchell.                                  Jose Pinomesa; Bruce Wood; Angela Henderson Wood
Mad Dads…How Deep is Your Love for your daughter? Show her by taking                Enjoy the best the Northwest has to offer - good friends and good food - in
her to the Father-Daughter Disco Dance. This is your chance to show your            the elegant NE Portland home of Tess & Kevin Healey. The evening will be-
daughters how you can Shake Your Groove Thing, but please, try not to               gin with appetizers and cocktails, followed by an incredible Northwest din-
dislocate anything in the process. Polyester pantsuits and platforms encour-        ner (paired with Northwest wine and beer) featuring fresh Pacific salmon. A
aged. So, Superfreak, start growing out your hair and sideburns now (we             Northwest berry dessert will provide the perfect ending to this very special
recognize for some of you that will be a considerable challenge and suggest         meal.
you get started right away) and get ready to request your favorite disco song                 Saturday, May 14, 2011. 6:00-10:00p.m.
on the sign-up sheet! Snacks and drinks will be provided for both daughters                   Healey Home
and dads. Come and have fun with the young lady or ladies in your life!                       Guests: 40 couples
          Saturday, April 9, 2011. 6:00-9:00 p.m.                                             Cost: $125.00/couple
          Madeleine Parish Hall
          Guests: 150 guests                                                        12. Dodgeball at Dusk
          Cost: $40.00/family                                                       Sarah Chartz & Bryan Tooley; Michelle & Jason Rodarte; Pat & Mary Hoglund
                                                                                    If you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball! So dodge that Friday night
10. 80s MTV Dance Party                                                             traffic, and join your family and friendly competitors for this fun event in-
Sara Killeen and Mike Posovich; Therese Lavallee and Laurie Merlino; Jill Soltero   stead. Arrive at the Madeleine Field of Dreams at dusk for Dodgeball, drinks
and Hugh Porter; Sarah and John Sullivan; Stefanie and Paul Slyman; Barb and        and dinner. Competition is sure to be hotter than ever this time around.
Pete Black; Valerie Ford                                                            Think you’re up for it? Just remember the 5 Ds of Dodgeball -Dodge, Duck,
Remember the good old days? When your biggest worry was whether your                Dip, Dive and…Dodge - and you’ll be fine, we think. Prizes awarded for
mom would have your Members Only jacket or your acid wash jeans out                 first, second and third place.
of the laundry by the weekend? When you had an armful of black rub-                            Friday, May 20, 2011, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
ber bracelets and a raspberry beret? Can you believe that was 25 years                         The Madeleine Field of Dreams
ago? Relive all the glory days, or at least a version of them, with your pals                  Guests: 50 people
Madonna, Devo, New Order, Billy Idol, and more! Dig out your 80s gear                          Cost: $75.00/family
and get ready to rock out to the music and MTV videos of the 1980s.
This party is adults-only, but feel free to invite your friends outside of the
Madeleine community to join in the fun, too.
           Saturday, January 22, 2011. 7:00-11:00 p.m.
           Madeleine Parish Hall
           Guests: 150
           Cost: $30.00/person

                                                                                                  TIMOTHY D. SMITH

                                                                                                Suite 2000, 1001 SW Fifth Avenue
                                                                                                 Portland, Oregon 97204-1136
                                                                                            Ph: 503.224.3092 Fax: 503.224.3176

                                       10                                                                                 11
                          Easel Items                                                                      Easel Items
13. Washer Toss Fest                                                             15. Men’s Smoker
Leanne and Steve Puga; Christina and Moe Codino; Shelby and Josh Walker;         Steven Sciborski; Jim Doherty; Todd Gaber; Michael Sheridan; Craig Santos;
Tracy and DG Graham                                                              Caleb Denison
Horseshoes, too tiring. Jarts, too dangerous. An addicting new game has          We hold fast to certain traditions in the Pacific Northwest: Summer starts on
taken their place…Washer Toss! It’s “Quarters meets Skee Ball.” An after-        the 5th of July; it will rain during Rose Festival; and there is no way you will
noon of fun and competition awaits in the Graham’s backyard, while you           find a parking spot at New Seasons on the day before Thanksgiving. As with
enjoy cold pints and delicious pizza from Vista Springs Café. Pick your part-    all great Northwest traditions, The Men’s Smoker endures year after year. So
ner well, then fine tune your tossing skills, ‘cause the big winner takes home   men, put on your big-boy pants and join your testosterone-soaked brethren
their very own game board and accessories.                                       for a night of fun, man-style. You’ll drink beer from a keg, chow on a big
           Saturday, August 20, 2011, 2:00-8:00 p.m.                             hunk of red meat with all the fixins, and follow it up with a fine cigar and
           Graham Home                                                           scotch. No dessert! No chicks! No exceptions!
           Guests: 50 people                                                                Saturday, September 17, 2011, 6:00-11:00 p.m.
           Cost: $25.00/person                                                              Sciborski Home
                                                                                            Guest: 40 people
14. First Friday at the Madeleine                                                           Cost: $90.00/person (and by “person” we mean “man”)
Susan Steele; Angela Rosebrook; Lynn Robinson; Anne Palmer; Janeen Reilly
Allred                                                                           16. Kids Kreations
Going to the Principal’s Office usually doesn’t bode well. Going to her          Special thanks to Kristina Gianotti, Angela Kennedy and Ida Galash
home, on the other hand is an open invitation to kick back and relax!            Our talented Madeleine students have been busy crafting unique and imagi-
Attend this Madeleine School tradition of spending the First Friday evening      native Pacific Northwest themed artwork, which have been transferred to
of the school year in Susan Steele’s gorgeous backyard. Fill your plate with     individual note cards. Each box of note cards contains mini-master-pieces
fantastic Mexican fare then join the casual conversation around the fire pit.    from Madeleine’s talented students. What could be better than writing a
Margaritas will be flowing as the sun sets down in the west. We promise, no      hand-written note on a beautiful card featuring your own child’s artwork?
demerits or conduct referrals given for rowdy behavior. Sorry guys, this one                Cost: $25.00 for a pack of 20 cards, 2’x3’ poster, or 11”x14”
is ladies only.                                                                             framed print
           Friday, September 9th, 2011, 7:00-10:00 p.m.
           Steele Home
           Guests: 40 people
           Cost: $40.00/person (remember, women only!)

         Who benefits most?
         Our entire community benefits by the important work of
         The Madeleine School. DDI Benefits is proud to support your
         mission. Congratulations on a job well done!

         insurance s olu t i o n s : s m a l l a n d l a rg e
         co mpanies, indi v i d ua l s a n d fa m i l i e s

         Dena Dooney

         customized employee benefits solutions

                                      12                                                                                13
                        Silent Samplings                                                                              Silent Samplings
Lounging in the Lap of Luxury - Durham                                                           Women’s apparel by Nike
4-poster Bed                                                                                     Workout ensemble, hats, shoes, socks to complete your workout!
You know those days when you just don’t want to get out of bed? Well, we                         Marcy Vavrosky; Kate Austin
apologize, because we aren’t making it any easier for you with this stunning
Durham, 4-poster bed, donated by Brunke Furniture. This queen size bed                           Bake Along with Grand Central Bakery
features a brushed nickel finish. Be the winning bidder, and you’ll never                        Come spend the early morning with Grand Central’s baking chef and learn
want to leave your bed!                                                                          the tricks of the trade. Cook book and certificate included.
Brunke Furniture                                                                                 Grand Central Bakery; The Joinery

Name the Gym                                                                                     Pie a Month
Here is your chance at 15 minutes of fame and you do not have to sing,                           Perry’s on Fremont
dance, or survive on an island to get it! Be the winning bidder and ban-
ner will be hung, high and proud, with your or your Madeleine student’s
                                                                                                 Athlete for a Day
                                                                                                 Meet with design studio specialist at Nike’s World Headquarters. You will
name. For the next consecutive year, the gym will officially be referred to
                                                                                                 create a personalized product up to $300.00 retail.
by the name you choose. Winning bidder must choose new gym name by
                                                                                                 John and Kelly Lance
December 15, 2010.
Lompoc Fifth Quadrant; Madeleine Parents’ Club
                                                                                                 Theatre and Dinner package
                                                                                                 Artists Repertory Theatre tickets and $100.00 gift certificate for dinner at the
Portland 4T Excursion
                                                                                                 Veritable Quandary
Train, Trail, Tram, and Trolley through Portland with stops at Washington
                                                                                                 Artists Repertory Theatre; Veritable Quandary
Park, hike to Council Crest with a gourmet lunch. Then on to OHSU and
a little stroll before catching the Portland Aerial Tram. From there, take a
                                                                                                 Hair Color gift certificates
trolley ride to enjoy a sweet treat in the Pearl and hop aboard the Max Train
                                                                                                 Magnum Opus
back over the river. Available for up to 8 people
Lisa and Richard Manthey                                                                         Home Remodel Design Package
                                                                                                 Interior design services for your home remodeling project. Floor plan and
                                                                                                 construction documents for your kitchen, bathroom, or basement remodel.
                                                                                                 Elliot Walter

                                                                                                 St. Mary’s Academy Package
                                                                                                 Tuition voucher for $500.00 and Believe Basket

                                                                                                 Jesuit High School
                                                                                                 Tuition voucher for $500.00

                                                                                                 Central Catholic High School
                                                                                                 Tuition voucher for $500.00

                                                                                                 Afternoon Baking Gift Basket
                                                                                                 Mother/Daughter matching aprons, Mom & Me Cookbook, mixing bowls,
                                                                                                 utensils, bottle of wine, wine glasses.
                      Miller Nash LLP is proud to support                                        Kelley and Don Jackson
                      the 2010 Madeleine Auction.
                                                                                                 Pet Package
                                                                                                 Complimentary physical exam and one vaccine for your dog or cat
                                                                                                 Fremont Veterinary Clinic

                                                                                                 Picnic to Go for Two x 2
                                                                                                 Pop into Foster and Dobbs, grab your picnic and head out to your favorite
    Best wishes for another successful auction, on behalf of                                     spot. The Picnic to Go comes with cheese and salami (3 kinds of each),
    everyone at Miller Nash LLP.                                                                 crackers, olives, dried fruit and nuts, condiments and cookies, all packed in a
                                                                         ~ Kieran Curley         canvas backpack with plates, wine glasses, cutlery and napkins. We’ve added
             (Miller Nash partner and proud father of Jackson, Madeleine School fourth grader)   Oregon wine and chocolates, too!
                                                                                                 Kayde and Craig Lemley
                                                                                                 2 Hours Interior Design Services

                                       seattle                                                   Consultation on a range of things from color/style design; furniture arrange-

                                 vancouver                                                       ment; floor plans; accessories and staging; kitchen and bath remodels; window
                         central oregon                                                          Patrice Westphal Interiors

                                               14                                                                                       15
                     Silent Samplings                                                                   Auction Rules
Dog Day Afternoon                                                                Oral Auction Rules
Six lucky Madeleine students will join Mrs. Grimaldi and Ms. Savery on a         Auctioneer will seek verbal bids on oral auction items listed in the Oral
private tour of the Guide Dog for the Blind campus, given by Madeleine par-      Auction section. Upon purchase of an item your bid number will be re-
ent, Polly Dugan. Lunch at A&W will follow the tour. Spring 2011                 corded by a cashier. This number will serve as the bidder’s account number.
Mrs. Grimaldi; Ms Savery                                                         Certificates for goods and services will be available at the cashier’s table.

Belle Notte Linens Satin Robe
                                                                                 Silent Auction Rules
Luxurious satin robe size small (4/6)
                                                                                 All Silent Auction items have bid sheets nearby. If you desire to bid on an
Trina and Michael Sheridan
                                                                                 item, write your bid number and amount legibly on the bid sheet. You may
Popcorn Box of Movies                                                            bid on each item as often as you please.
Karen and Tom Hughes                                                             Raises must be in the minimum amount specified on the bid sheet. If not
                                                                                 observed, your bid will be void. Silent Auction tables have various closing
Footjoy “Classics” Golf Shoes                                                    times starting at 6:30 p.m., then 6:55p.m. and the last set of tables closing
Casandra and Eric Bauccio                                                        at 7:15 p.m.

Barefoot Contessa Fun                                                            When the top (white) bid sheets are removed bidding on those items has
Basket full of coffee, coffee cups, platters, cookbooks. All things to make      ended. You may check with the cashier at any time to see if you were a suc-
your kitchen beautiful!                                                          cessful bidder.
Emily and Kevin Pennick
A Day at the Barn with Ms. Bourke
                                                                                 Balloons priced at $10, and $20 are for sale throughout the evening. When
Ms. Bourke will treat your horse-crazed child and one horse-crazed friend to
                                                                                 you purchase a balloon pop it and take the slip of paper you find inside to
a day at the barn with her horse, Quest. Riding is at Ms. Bourke’s discretion,
                                                                                 the cashier to redeem your prize. The prize represented in each balloon will
but we’ll enjoy a day of grooming and grazing and general horsey fun. Day
                                                                                 have a value equal to or greater than the purchase price of that balloon.
also to include a stop at Gallop’s Saddlery for a horse-themed present from
Ms. Bourke. June 1, 2011
Allyson Bourke

Beverly Beach Yurt Weekend
Yurt at Beverly Beach State Park. Gift certificate to Gartner’s Meat Market,
bottle of A to Z Pinot Noir wine, wine glasses, a book and marshmallow
Carole and Brad Hermanson

Warm Winter Soup for a Year
12 weeks of soup, homemade and delivered. Each soup serves 4-6 people
Jude Hanley

Women’s Nike Products
Women’s training-Nike Pro shirt; Women’s running jacket; Defiant sunglass-
es; Pass to the Nike Employee Store.
Penny and Thomas Pettey

Dine to Delightful Live Songs and Piano
Dinner music with song and piano for 1 hour while you dine with guests or
just your family. Vocals and some sing-a-long included.
Jim and Consuelo Jeannie Zeller

Glass Art & NW Cuisine
Tour the Museum of Glass in Tacoma and try your hand at creating your
own glass art with instruction from the trained artist at the Tacoma Glass
Blowing Studio. Top off the experience with a wonderful lunch at Woody’s
on the Water.
Nora and Mark Gravengaard

Pendleton Lewis & Clark Blanket
Louise and Garth Hallman

Adidas Barricade Tour Tennis Racquet
Karen and Tom Hughes

                                        16                                                                             17
                        Auction Rules                                                                      Auction Rules
Liability                                                                           Item Removal/Usage
The written or verbal bid at this auction constitutes a legal contract to pur-      All auction items must be removed from the premises by noon on Sunday,
chase the item. All sales are final and there will be no exchanges unless speci-    November 7, 2010. Items may be removed only by showing the PAID re-
fied by the donor. In all cases of dispute, the decision by the auction officials   ceipt from the cashier to the security officer when leaving the building.
is final. The Madeleine Parents Club has attempted to clearly catalog and
describe all the items presented at the auction. However, all items are sold in     Courtesy Reminder
“as is” condition. The school neither warrants or represents, and in no way,        As a courtesy to our donors please call by January 15, 2011 to discuss reser-
will be responsible for accuracy of description, authenticity, authorship, or       vations for your group events. Please examine your certificate for the name
condition of the items presented. No statement contained in the catalog or          of the contact person to call. Please note all conditions, restrictions, and
made orally at the sale or elsewhere will be deemed such a warranty, repre-         expiration dates on your purchases. Unless otherwise noted, services, tick-
sentation, or assumption of liability. Your receipt for your auction purchases      ets, certificates, etc., must be used within one year of the auction at a time
will show the total amount you paid for your items. This amount, minus the          mutually agreeable to the donor and purchaser. Items cannot be converted
approximate value for the items as established by our valuation committee,          to cash. Gratuities are not included in certificates unless specified. Friends
equals your net charitable donation. The purpose of establishing this value is      have been generous in donating their condominium and homes at the
to comply with federal law. The Madeleine Parents Club reserves the right to        beach or mountains. It is the responsibility of the successful bidder to leave
withdraw any items from sale prior to the call for bids.                            these accommodations in good condition. After the auction, any questions
                                                                                    should be directed to the Post-Auction Coordinator Linda Hush-Loomis by
                                                                                    email to
In an effort to reduce cash transactions at the auction, The Madeleine              For Your Safety
encourages the use of bid number or scrip when paying for items at the auc-         Prior to the festivities you’re encouraged to select a designated driver from
tion such as beverages, raffle tickets, and balloons.                               your group. The Madeleine has also made arrangements with Radio Cab to
Scrip will be sold at convenient stations and may be used at face value to          ensure that you arrive home safely. If you think you might like a taxi ride
pay for auction purchases. Scrip will be used for all drinks. It has no further     home, please see one of the auction workers. You will be taken home by cab
value following the conclusion of the auction. Guests may freely exchange           at no cost to you.
scrip with each other for whatever is mutually agreeable. No cash refunds
are made for unused scrip.                                                          Payment
                                                                                    When you check in you will be asked for the method of payment you wish
                                                                                    to use for the items you bid on. If you choose to provide your credit card at
                                                                                    the beginning of the event you will eliminate the need to see the cashier at
                                                                                    the end of the night. Consider that it is much like express checkout at a ho-
                                                                                    tel. Your VISA or MasterCard will be swiped in to the Tofino system during
                                                                                    registration. At the end of the night you can review an itemized receipt. Your
                                                                                    credit card will only be charged if you are successful at bidding. Cash and
                                                                                    checks are also welcome
       is a proud supporter of the Madeleine School Auction
                                      c Northwest.”

     La Salle Prep: A high school to believe in.
                    Investing in college-bound students since 1966.
                                     Believing in students every day.

                                       18                                                                                 19
    Group Packages For 6 or More                                            Group Packages For 6 or More
Plan ahead. Choose your favorite package, assemble your group, decide   Package Number & Name: __________________________________________
your maximum bid, and wish your designated bidder good luck!
                                                                        Group Members:
Package Number & Name: __________________________________________
Group Members:
                                                                        Maximum Bid: $___________________________________

Maximum Bid: $___________________________________
                                                                        Package Number & Name: __________________________________________

                                                                        Group Members:
Package Number & Name: __________________________________________
Group Members:
                                                                        Maximum Bid: $___________________________________

Maximum Bid: $___________________________________
                                                                        Package Number & Name: __________________________________________

                                                                        Group Members:

   Thank you Madeleine Families                                         ________________________________¸¸¸_______________________________
   And Parishioners for your                                            ________________________________¸¸¸_______________________________
   continued support.
   Here’s to a successful auction.
                                                                        Maximum Bid: $___________________________________

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                                      20                                                                21
                 Oral Auction Items                                                               Oral Auction Items
1. Best Of The Best                                                              a beach person, it would be pretty difficult to be unhappy in this incred-
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to pick the best item from the list of Oral      ible beach-front house in Manzanita, featuring a jacuzzi tub and two steam
Auction items before the bidding begins? We think so too, which is why           showers, generously donated by Rob and Debby Kemp. Ideal for a couple
we brought back the popular Best of the Best. Seventy five (75) tickets are      of families or a girls’ (or guys) weekend. You’ll be able to enjoy Manzanita’s
sold tonight and only one person will win. The ‘Best of the Best’ winner will    shops and restaurants or just hang our and watch the waves. Either way, we
be able to select one oral item of their choice. Tickets cost $100, which is a   dare you not be happy! Sleeps 10.
bargain when you consider the potential payoff!                                       Mutually agreed upon date; subject to availability, expires 12/31/2011
                                                                                      Debby and Rob Kemp
2. Dessert-a-Month
One homemade dessert per month for one year                                      5. One Enchanted Evening
Lots of folks around The Madeleine community will tell you there just aren’t     Evening out, including limousine, spa treatments, flowers and
enough superlatives in the dictionary to describe Kathy Laskowski’s baking       dinner
prowess. Find out for yourself by being the winning bidder and you’ll receive     This package includes all the trappings of an evening out on the town for
homemade, beyond-delicious desserts delivered to your home once a month          eight people. You can use this for high school prom or an evening out with
for the next year. Tonight’s winning bidder will also go home with a pie,        friends. Start your evening with 4 mani-pedis at Portland’s Hottest Nails on
made especially for them by Kathy. Need more incentive? This is your last        NE Broadway, then grab your dates and head out on the town in your chauf-
chance to be the winning bidder on this long-standing auction item, as this      feur-driven limousine. Need a place to stop for a bite to eat? We’ve got that
is the final year that the Laskowskis will be making this donation.              covered with $200 at Portland City Grill or any Stanford Restaurant. Package
     Expires November 2011                                                       includes 4 boutonnieres and 4 corsages. What more could you want?
     Pat and Kathy Laskowski                                                          Expires November 6, 2011
                                                                                      Susie and Peter Andersen; Julie and Ken Lance; Jill and Mark McGinnis
3. Bluehour Dinner Party
Master chef dinner for 10                                                        6. Fused glass platter &
Few Portland-area restaurants have generated the national buzz that                 set of 8 appetizer plates
Bluehour has, and with good reason! This is an incredible and unique             First grade class project
opportunity to see a true master chef in action, as award-winning celebrity      Inspired by the colors of the Pacific Northwest – browns, greens and blues –
chef Kenny Giambalvo of Bluehour prepares a special dinner for you and           and lovingly created by our first graders, this one-of-a-kind fused glass platter
nine friends. This convivial gathering will take place in the beautiful Lopez-   and set of appetizer plates are truly a work of art. The children worked hard
Fournier home, and includes cocktails, dinner and dessert.                       at designing the set and each child’s name is etched under their handiwork.
     Mutually agreed upon date; expires November 6, 2011.                            The Madeleine First Grade Class
     Efrain Lopez and Dirk Fournier

4. Don’t Worry, Be Happy…at the Beach
Three-night stay in Manzanita
One of the great things about living in the Pacific Northwest is that if you
are a beach person you’re never far from your happy place. Even if you’re not

                                      22                                                                                23
                 Oral Auction Items                                                                Oral Auction Items
7. Biryani and Spice and Everything Nice                                          11. Mountain Men
Indian dinner for 8                                                               Two-night stay for 8 men
You know, lush and exotic India has…nothing in common with the Pacific            Be the winning bidder on this 2-night stay in a mountain cabin nestled in
Northwest. That doesn’t stop us from loving our Indian food here. Curry,          the foothills of Mt. Hood and get ready to ski! Head over to the Corrados’
naan, biryani - they all add up to “yum” in our book! Luckily, you don’t          cabin in Rhododendron, where your hosts will give you a great dinner and a
need to travel to an exotic destination to experience a sumptuous feast fit for   night of man-type relaxation. We’re thinking that cards and possibly whiskey
a Rajah (that’s ‘king’ to you and me.) See, it’s exotic already, and you’re not   will be involved. Spend the next day skiing to your heart’s content. Return
even the winning bidder yet! This dinner is guaranteed to awaken the senses;      for another night at the cabin while you relive your incredible day of shred-
bindis and saris optional.                                                        ding or soothe your shredded muscles. Either way, it will be a perfect ending
     Mutually agreed upon date; expires August 31, 2011                           to a great getaway! Includes: 2 dinners and breakfasts, lodging and drinks.
     Linda and David Criswell; Daksha and Thomas Jackson; Jenn and Gunnar         Buyers must provide their own sleeping bag and pillow, lunches, lift tickets
     Langhus                                                                      and transportation. Sorry, ladies, this one is for men only.
                                                                                       January 7-8, 2011
8. Back to Black Butte                                                                 Peter Corrado; Jim Doherty; Jim Lindsay; Steven Sciborski
One-week stay at Black Butte
Get away from it all in Central Oregon, thanks to a generous donation from        12. Polish Dinner
Brian Pienovi. Enjoy a week at this stunning, lodge-style home, located on        Polish Dinner for 8
the 14th hole of the Glaze Meadow Golf Course within Black Butte Ranch.           Did you miss the Polish Festival this year? Are you craving pierogi and
It features 4 bedrooms, 3+ baths, a hot tub, loft and 2 rock fireplaces. Take     golabki like your babcia made? Come to the home of our resident Pacific
advantage of the hiking, biking, skiing, golfing and outdoor fun in beautiful     Northwest Polonia (a.k.a. Margie Marksthaler) and feast on this homemade,
Black Butte.                                                                      five-course, old-world style dinner. Be prepared for kielbasa, dessert and
      Mutually agreed upon date; not available June 1 to September 30, 2011.      lots more! And by “more,” we mean vodka, of course! By the end of the
      Brian Pienovi                                                               night you’ll be part of the family! Polka-ing optional, having fun required.
9. Recycled Fir Coffee Table                                                           Mutually agreed upon date; expires August 31, 2011
Fourth Grade Class Project                                                             Margie and Jeff Marksthaler
We sure do love to be green in the Pacific Northwest – “reduce, reuse,
recycle” are often the first words out of babies’ mouths around here (ok, we      13. Escape to Manzanita
admit we made that up, but it certainly seems plausible.) This fourth grade       Three-night stay in Manzanita
class project captures that spirit perfectly. An original, fir beam - removed     Soak in the sights of the Pacific Ocean as you walk the beach, fly a kite or
from the Thompson’s 100-year old Irvington home - has been crafted into           just settle in with a good book. In other words, it’s the perfect place to get
a gorgeous, hand-finished, one-of-a-kind coffee table. Included with the          away from it all. The Allred’s lovely 3-bedroom, 2-bath home is large enough
table is a book of the fourth graders’ Northwest-themed artwork and photos        to accommodate a group or cozy enough for a romantic getaway. It is only
showing the construction process.                                                 one block from the beach, so it offers easy access for families. Relax, play
     Anne and JT Thompson; The Madeleine Fourth Grade Class                       some games, lounge by the fireplace or take a lazy stroll. Three-night stay; no
                                                                                  smoking or pets, please.
10. It (Still) Never Rains in California                                                Mutually agreed upon date; holidays and Spring Break excluded.
Five-night stay in Palm Springs                                                         Janeen and Mark Allred
We love the Pacific Northwest as much as the next person, but come
February or March, we sometimes start to question that love. We try hard to
conjure up images of sunny summers, but often cannot see through the fog
and drizzle. Be the winning bidder on this week-long stay in Palm Springs,
and you won’t need your imagination to get some sun!
    Mutually agreed upon date; holidays and Spring Break excluded
    Chris and Gregg Miller

                                                                                        GEORGE P. ZENNER, President                          P.O. Box 10084
                                                                                        E-Mail:                              97296-0084
                                                                                        Phone:  (503)241-4113                         2131 N.W. Kearney St.
                                                                                        Fax:    (503)241-4058                           Portland, OR 97210
                                                                                        Cell:   (503)969-0412

                                                                                               PROUDLY SERVING THE NORTHWEST SINCE 1927

                                      24                                                                                25
                 Oral Auction Items                                                                Oral Auction Items
14. Kid Chefs                                                                     18. Year-Round Centerpiece
Cooking class and meal for 6 children                                             Seventh grade class project
Among the mainstays of The Madeleine Auction over the years has been              Each 7th grader handcrafted and painted a unique cross, which are displayed
amazing cooking classes and meals for the adults in our community. Well,          on all sides of carved wooden 33x7x5 centerpiece, appropriate for a dining
this time we have one for the children themselves. Our excellent Media            room table or mantle and adaptable to match the season. The top inset of
Specialist, Amy Richards, and beloved keep-it-all-together School Secretary,      centerpiece has three, large votive candle holders that can also hold water or
Angela Rosebrook, will debut the exclusive Parish Bistro, which will serve as     greens. Four inset candle holders (advent or taper) complete this piece.
the base for up to 6 children to work together planning a menu, preparing             Jackie and Pat Dooris; The Madeleine Seventh Grade Class
the food and, finally, enjoying a meal together. What a great learning experi-
ence for these children, to help them appreciate the effort involved in, but      19. Bon Appetit Dinner
ultimately, the joy of cooking!                                                   Catered 5-course dinner for 10
      Mutually agreed upon date                                                   Here’s an opportunity to have an unforgettable dinner party without all the
      Amy Richards; Angela Rosebrook                                              work. Enjoy a catered meal for 10 friends in your home prepared by Bon
                                                                                  Appetit General Manager, Kirk Mustain. He will work with you to write a
15. Tick-Tock Third Grade Clock                                                   custom menu featuring local seasonal ingredients from local farmers and ar-
Third Grade Class Project                                                         tisans. Dinner will include service items including china and glassware. Wine
Telling time just got a whole lot more fun! Third grade students were ar-         will be provided, so be prepared to sit back, partake and enjoy.
ranged on the Field of Dreams to simulate the numbers of the clock. They               Mutually agreed upon date; expires July 1, 2011
were photographed, and the picture was used to create a large, wall clock.             Jason McDonald
     Lisa Creamer; Melissa Lindsay; Andrew Mork; Angela Talbot; Sarah
     Thurston-Sullivan; The Madeleine Third Grade Class                           20. All Aboard in Astoria
                                                                                  Overnight stay for four
16. You Can See Clearly Now…                                                      Few places in the Pacific Northwest are as steeped in history as Astoria. Native
LASIK vision correction                                                           tribes, Lewis and Clark and the commercial fishing industry have all helped
…the rain is gone. Remember that old song? While we can’t even pretend            shape Astoria into the charming town it is today. No, we’re not forgetting The
that we can do anything about the rain, be the winning bidder on this             Goonies, either. No matter how you look at it, there is plenty of interesting stuff
custom, bilateral, Vue Intralase LASIK procedure and we can promise you           to see and do in Astoria. Check it out for yourself, by being the winning bidder
will see a whole lot clearer. Get ready to say goodbye to wet and fogged up       on this one-night stay at the Commodore Hotel. Includes four boarding passes
glasses forever (or at least until you need bifocals!)                            to Museum and Lightship and a $150 gift certificate to the Silver Salmon Grille.
     Includes pre- and post-op exams; Expires November 30, 2011                        Jill and Brian Faherty; Maritime Museum
    Will Vision and Laser Centers
                                                                                  21. Where the Salmon Are
17. Bones and Brew                                                                Guided salmon fishing trip for 4
Barbecue dinner for 8                                                             The Pacific Northwest is known, as much as anything, for its bountiful, beau-
We recognize that here in the Pacific Northwest, we aren’t exactly known for      tiful, delicious salmon. And catching them for yourself is one of the signa-
our barbecue. That could all change if everyone got a chance to enjoy this        ture experiences every true Oregonian must enjoy at least once. Professional
fabulous, home-cooked barbecue dinner. Enjoy Southern-style hospitality at        fishing guide Chris Vertopoulos knows where the salmon are and he knows
the Tooley home while you get warmed up with some delicious starters and          how to catch them. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a first-timer,
drinks. Then move on to the main event of slow-cooked ribs, grits, beans,         Chris will offer you the fishing experience of a lifetime. Fishing out of his
biscuits and cobbler for dessert! This dinner offers all of the fun of a barbe-   22-foot jet sled, Chris will take you and three friends to fish for fall Chinook
cue without any of the work. What more could you ask for?                         on the Columbia River in August where it’s possible to land a 50-pounder.
     February 25, 2011                                                            You’ll fish the famous Buoy 10 fishery where hundreds of thousands of
     Sarah Chartz and Bryan Tooley; Mary and Pat Hoglund; Kathy and Pat           salmon pass in August.
     Laskowski; Margie and Jeff Marksthaler; Suzie and Jim Puetz                        Mutually agreed upon date in August. Expires August 31, 2011.
                                                                                        Mary and Pat Hoglund, Brookwood Press, Inc.

                                                                                                                         Design / Build Remodeling
                                                                                                                         Handyman Home Repair
                                                                                                                         Home Performance
                                                                                                                         Your local home remodeling,
                                                                                                                         maintenance and improvement
                                                                                                                               OR CCB#001663 WA L&I# NEILKCI 18702

                                      26                                                                                  27
                Oral Auction Items                                                               Oral Auction Items
22. Canvas Artwork, Coffee Table Book                                            25. Easter Pew
    and Charm Bracelet                                                           Second-Row Pew at the 9:15 Easter Mass
Sixth grade class project                                                        As Catholics, Easter is our most important celebration of the year and one
The winning bidder on this item will be getting a great deal, because our        that no one wants to miss. Wouldn’t be nice to know that you have secured
industrious sixth graders completed three projects, to be sold as one auction    seating for Easter Mass, rather than worrying if you will be there early
item. First is a canvas artwork, showing an abstract representation of The       enough to get all the seats you need? Be the winning bidder on this reserved
Madeleine School and Church from an aerial vantage point. The second             seating for the 9:15 Easter Mass, and come Easter morning you’ll have plenty
piece consists of a coffee table book that includes short essays written by      of time to don your best Easter finery and still make it to Mass on time.
each child on what makes them special. Finally, the third piece is a unique           9:15 a.m. Mass, April 24, 2011
fingerprint charm bracelet that includes each child’s fingerprint preserved in        Father Mike Biewend; The Madeleine Parish Staff
fine silver and birth month represented by Swarovski crystals.
     Tiffany Horst; The Madeleine Sixth Grade Class                              26. Any Given Day
                                                                                 Kindergarten class project
23. Hawaiian Dinner                                                              We’ve all had good days and bad days. Our kindergarteners took this concept
Dinner for 20 people                                                             to the next level with their class project. The children were asked to picture
If your idea of a Hawaiian dinner only includes a luau-style roast pig, fire     what kind of days they have had in the past. Responses included “a sunny
dancers and tourists, you are missing out. NoHo’s Hawaiian Café is here to       day” and “a hot lava day” - in other words, they had some adorable and
change your perceptions and to clue you in to the culinary treats our 50th       fresh ideas. They then painted those ideas onto a wooden block. The blocks
state has to offer, including loco moco, ono chicken and puhelu ribs. Sound      were joined together to create one big and beautiful piece of art. The piece
good? Then round up 19 of your closest friends and be the winning bidder         comes with a “legend” identifying the artist of each block and the title of
on this dinner for 20 (yes, we said 20 – they don’t mess around in Hawaii)       their day. Also included is a booklet with photos of each child during the
in NoHo’s on Fremont private Board Room. That’s “board” as in “surf-             production process and a written description, complete with actual quotes,
board,” brah. Aloha!                                                             of each child’s thoughts.
     Saturday April 2, 2011 NoHos on Fremont;                                         Joe Burgess, artist; The Madeleine Kindergarten Class
     Julie and Jim Doherty
                                                                                 27. Pacific Northwest Dinner
24. All Are Welcome,                                                             Salmon dinner for 8
    Let’s Open the Door                                                          Whether honoring a new leader, noting a rite of passage for children, or as
Paddle raise in benefit of a Madeleine School Annual Scholarship                 ritual gatherings showing respect to the spirits and seeking blessings upon
Everyone who has walked through the doors of The Madeleine School                a household, from the earliest recorded history, a salmon feast has been
knows about its wonderful sense of community and long-standing tradition         how denizens of the Pacific Northwest celebrate. Now, five “elders” of The
of excellence in education. We also know there are families within our com-      Madeleine School community will do the same in honor of the high bidder
munity for whom the financial cost of a Madeleine education is prohibitive       for this delicious package! Fresh Northwest salmon, seasonal sides, and a
and for whom the doors to Catholic education may be closed. We’d like to         Laskowski dessert will be prepared for you and your tribe of 8 people.
change that! The money raised through tonight’s Paddle Raise will be used             February 19, 2011
to help open the door with the establishment of an annual scholarship, to             Alison and Brandon Anderson; Mary and Pat Hoglund; Kathy and Pat
be given to a Madeleine Parish student with a demonstrated financial need.            Laskowski; Suzie and Jim Puetz; Margaret and Michael Thornburg
Get ready to raise your paddles high to show that, truly, all are welcome
here at The Madeleine School!                                                                                   Mark McGinnis proudly supports
                                                                                                                the 2010 Madeleine Auction, “At
                                                                                                                 Home in the Pacific Northwest”

                                                                                        Let’s cut through the haze of today’s
                                                                                           mortgage lending requirements.
                                                                                       Together, we’ll make sure you’re always
                                                                                                      “at home”.

                                                                                                         Mark McGinnis
                                                                                                   Premier Mortgage Resources
                                                                                                         (503) 416-2047

                                      28                                                                              29
                Oral Auction Items                                                               Oral Auction Items
28. Sunriver Retreat                                                            group of 20 revelers and be ready to enjoy traditional New Orleans food and
                                                                                drink. The evening will conclude with the sharing of the King’s Cake – who-
Five-night stay in Sunriver
                                                                                ever finds the baby is the King for the night!
October in Central Oregon is unmatched, with its warm, sunny days and
                                                                                     January 8, 2011
cool, clear pine-scented nights. And with this package, you can take your
                                                                                     Lisa and Richard Manthey
family and a couple carloads of friends (or not!) to beautiful Sunriver,
Oregon, one of the premier vacation destinations in the Northwest. This
4-bedroom, 2-loft, 3-bath home near Sunriver Village sleeps 12, and puts        33. Thanks for the Memories
you just minutes away from some of the best recreation opportunities            Eighth grade class project
Central Oregon has to offer. Play golf, or go swimming, fly fish on the         Nostalgia is something that is never in short supply for parents of eighth
Deschutes River, go for a run or bike ride, or stay around the house and        graders, and this year’s class project is no exception. For their very last class
enjoy the hot tub or a good book by the fireplace.                              project together, the eighth graders have put together a collage of photos
     Mutually agreed upon date in October 2011                                  that represent their passage from kindergarten through eighth grade. More
     Debbie Kielty                                                              than just a collection of photos, this collage includes words and artifacts that
                                                                                represent the unique spirit of each young adult.
29. Nike Athlete for a Day                                                           Patty Nelson; The Madeleine Eighth Grade Class
Nike tour and custom-designed shoes
Ever pictured yourself in one of those über-cool Nike commercials? Sadly,       34. Everybody in the Pool!
unless your first name is Tiger or LeBron, it may be unlikely to actually oc-   Children’s birthday party and barbecue
cur. You can still get the Nike VIP treatment, thanks to this donation from      The chances for our kids to have some outdoor pool action are few and far
the Widmer family. First, you’ll head out to Nike’s world headquarters in       between in the Pacific Northwest, so we suggest you seize this opportunity
Beaverton to receive a special campus tour. After that, you’ll have the op-     while you can. The winning bidder will enjoy a fun day in the sun (or, par-
portunity to customize a new pair of shoes at the Campus Nike D Studio (to      tial sun – this IS Portland, after all) at the Lopez-Fournier home with a pool
be delivered 3-4 weeks later) and end the day picking up a little swag at the   party and barbecue for up to 30 kids (age 12 years or younger) and their
Nike Employee Store with your store pass.                                       parents. Includes hot dogs, hamburgers, cake, ice cream, beverages (includ-
     Mutually agreed upon date; expires August 31, 2011                         ing beer and wine for the grown-ups).
     Nancy and Joe Widmer                                                             Mutually agreed upon date; expires September 30, 2011, not available
                                                                                      the first weekend in July
30. Rock Star for a Day                                                               Efrain Lopez and Dirk Fournier
Day in a professional recording studio
Live the dream of being a big shot recording artist without a panel of judges   35. Distinctively Delightful
to bring you down! This is a chance for up to six people to record three to         Weekend at the Beach
four songs in a professional recording studio downtown. Bring a handful of      $300 gift certificate to Distinctive Beach Lodgings
songs from your favorite artists and record your own vocals over the music,     Sure, we have mountains, deserts, valleys and cities, but when most people
karaoke-style. The tracks will be mixed and everyone will receive CDs of the    think of the Pacific Northwest they think about the beautiful, magical
performance, plus a DVD documenting the session. A catered lunch and fun        coastline. Perfect for a weekend away with the family, or just yourselves, this
snacks will be provided.                                                        package includes a $300 gift certificate for accommodations at one of four
     Mutually agreed upon date                                                  Distinctive Beach Lodgings properties in Gearhart and Arch Cape (more info
     Stolberg Family; Digital One                                               at, owned and lovingly restored by Madeleine
                                                                                School alumni parents and loyal parishioners Henry and Tracy Hooper.
31. Get Thee To the Shakespeare Festival                                        Choose from New England style attached cottages, a Cape-Cod style inn or
Two-night Ashland stay and 2 tickets to the Oregon Shakespeare                  a secluded retreat-style getaway. All units include dreamy-soft beds, wood
                                                                                or gas fireplaces or stoves, and the exquisite decorating taste that Distinctive
                                                                                Beach Lodgings are known for.
All the world’s a stage, said Shakespeare. That may be true, but few stages
                                                                                     Expires November 6, 2011.
can match those at The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which quite literally
                                                                                     Erin Couch and Rich Hammons; Tracy and Dave Sax
draws world-class actors from all over the world. Fortunately for us, this
incredible cultural experience does not require world travel, but instead a
few hours drive down I-5 to Ashland. Includes two ticket vouchers for the
                                                                                36. La Bella Cucina
Oregon Shakespeare Festival and two nights lodging in an Irish-style cottage,   Italian pasta-making class and dinner for 6
including evening wine tastings and breakfast.                                  It’s a proven fact, carbs + wine = happiness. We think it’s a proven fact,
     Lithia Springs Resort; Oregon Shakespeare Festival                         although our scientific method may not meet Ms. Yuhas’ standards. Anyway,
                                                                                we do know that good pasta and good wine are enough to send us over the
32. New Orleans King’s Cake Party                                               moon. It will be enough for you, too, if you are the winning bidder on this
                                                                                pasta-making class and dinner, generously donated by Rob Parker and his
King’s Cake Party for 20
                                                                                madre. You’ll learn the fine art and science of making perfect pasta, while
Ring in the New Year and kick-off Mardi Gras season with this New Orleans-
                                                                                enjoying some vino. Once done, you’ll sit down to enjoy the fruits of your
style King Cake party. The King’s Cake tradition dates back to the 1800s in
                                                                                labor as you toast your newfound skill in the cucina.
celebration of the Three Kings visit to the Christ Child. Get together your
                                                                                      Mutually agreed upon date.
                                                                                      Rob Parker; Kathy and Bruce Parker

                                     30                                                                                31
                 Oral Auction Items                                                               Oral Auction Items
37. Curry in the City                                                             41. Christmas Pew
Catered Indian dinner for up to 10                                                Second-Row Pew at The Madeleine Christmas Eve Pageant Mass
Pacific Northwest cuisine is wonderful, but sometimes the gastronomic             Christmas Eve is such a holy and special night, but it can also be one of
journey demands a trip across the globe. Enter this authentic Indian dinner,      the most hectic of the year. You can buy yourself some serenity this year by
delivered straight to your door. Chef Leena Ezekiel, locally known for her        securing reserved seating for your family. Your reservations will be locked in
cooking classes at In Good Taste and Whole Foods Market, will help you            for the second pew at The Madeleine’s Family Pageant Mass on Christmas
design a customized menu of your favorite Indian dishes (any maybe even           Eve. Once your bid is accepted, you can sit back, relax and remember the
some new ones) and deliver it to your home. Be the winning bidder and             reason for the season.
the curry…or biryani…or paneer…is yours for the taking! Appetizers, main               5:00 p.m. Mass, December 24th, 2010
course, sides, veggie dishes and dessert are all included.                             Father Mike Biewend; The Madeleine Parish Staff
     Mutually agreed upon Friday in February, April or May, 2011
     Jackie and Pat Dooris; Karen and Dan Hawkinson

38. The Greatest Step is Out the Door
Fifth grade class project
It might not seem like it now, but our children will be stepping out of their
doors and into the big world on their own before we know it. The fifth grade
class project will give the winning bidder a way to remember the safety
of home long after their child is grown. Each child was photographed in
front of their home’s front door. Accompanying each photo is a word that
describes the each child and a Haiku based on that word, written by the
child. All of the pictures and poems were put together in a 24 x 36 poster
size print and framed in a beautiful wood frame. This is a piece to treasure
for a lifetime!
     Colleen Perry; Melinda Reis and Chris Sandberg; Angela Rosebrook; The
     Madeleine Fifth Grade Class

39. Blazermania!
Four Club-level tickets to two Portland Trailblazer games, auto-
graphed 2010-2011 Blazer basketball
Blazermania is once again in full bloom, and the high bidder for this
package will enjoy two games, up close, and in style! Enjoy the excitement
from premium Club Level seats, which include food and beverage service
with cuisine that’s beyond the typical game time fare. Oh, and don’t worry
about a long walk or arranging public transportation to the game…parking
is included with the package! And, to memorialize your experience, you’ll
receive an official NBA basketball autographed by the entire 2010-2011 Trail
Blazer team (imagine what that will be worth when the Blazers win the
     Sunday, Dec 6th 6:00 P.M. Blazers vs. Clippers
     Saturday March 19th 7:00 P.M. Blazers vs. 76ers.
     Alison and Brandon Anderson; Portland Trailblazers

40. Wine on the Willamette
Northwest wine and appetizers for 20
From the central valley to the Columbia Basin, the Pacific Northwest has
become one of the premier wine destinations in the world. Whether you’re
the neighborhood sommelier, or the last remaining person who has not yet
discovered the magic of Pacific Northwest wines, become the high bidder
on this package. Then get your 19 closest friends together, and congregate
on the Willamette River houseboat of Scott Pillsbury for an evening of fun,
fellowship and fine wine.
     Saturday, June 11, 2011
     Caryn and Lee Fiedler; Susan and Tim O’Leary; Scott Pillsbury and Sherrill
     Corbett; Lynn and John Robinson; Tessa and Wade Siegel

                                       32                                                                              33
        Madeleine Auction History                                                  Acknowledgments
2010 At Home in the                  1997 Puttin’ on the Ritz   2010 Auction Co-chairs             Food Chairs
Pacific Northwest                     Andrea & Jeff Baffaro      Tracy Dana                         Caleb & Erika Denison
 Tracy Dana                           Anne & Jerry Brown         Margie Marksthaler
 Margie Marksthaler                                              Suzie Puetz
                                     1996 Dreaming of a                                             Jim Doherty
 Suzie Puetz
                                     White Christmas            Advertising                         Rob Kemp
2009 A Night at the                   Andrea & Jeff Baffaro      Scott Pillsbury
                                                                                                   PowerPoint Presentation
Parthenon                             Anne & Jerry Brown
                                                                Auctioneer                          Alison Anderson
 Maabi Munoz                          Diane & Gerry Kern
                                                                 Stokes Auction Group, Inc.
 Natalie Rogers                       Molly McMenamin                                              Video
                                      Marianne & W.C. Wells     Auction Set-up                      Suzie Puetz
2008 Casablanca Nights
                                                                 Lisa Rowan
 Rich Hammons & Erin Couch           1995 Miracle on 24th                                          Security
                                                                 Lisa Luna
 Tom & Karen Hughes                  Street                                                         Jeff Emer
                                      Diane & Gerry Kern        Catalog
2007 From Madeleine                                                                                Kitchen/Dishwashing
                                      Jim & Sandra Laubenthal    Andrew Mork
With  Love                                                                                          Mark Gravengaard
                                      Molly McMenamin
 Alison Anderson                                                Catalog-Bunching
                                      Marianne & W.C. Wells                                        Waitstaff
 Tracy Dana                                                      Mary Hoglund
                                                                                                    Nora Gravengaard
 Emily Pennick                       1994 Visions of             Sarah Chartz
 Angela Wood                         Sugarplums                  Kathy Laskowski                   Pre-sales & Reservations
                                      Diane & Steve Holmes       Louise Hallman                     Julie Lance
2006 The Roaring 20s
                                      Jim & Sandra Laubenthal    Alison Anderson                    Jill McGinnis
 Dena & Tim Dooney
                                      John & Patty Linde         Suzie Puetz
 Michelle & Jason Rodarte                                                                          Procurement Business
                                                                 Margie Marksthaler
 Margaret & Michael Thornburg        1993 Season of                                                 John Robinson
                                     Enchantment                Catalog-Writeups                    Louise Hallman
2005 Give My Regards to
                                      Greg & Tracy Bair          Tracy Dana                         Debbie Kemp
                                      Jim & Sandra Laubenthal    Rich Hammons                       Joanne Curley
 Jill McGinnis
                                      Joe & Karen Hudson
 Julie Lance                                                    Database                           Procurement Easel Items
                                      John & Patty Linde
 Margaret Thornburg                                              Lee Fiedler                        Melissa Lindsay
                                     1992 Let It Snow                                               Angela Kennedy
2004 A Time to Be                                               Decorations
                                      Greg & Tracy Bair                                             Josie PinoMesa
Thankful                                                         Emily Pennick
                                      Joe & Karen Hudson
 Janeen Reilly-Allred                                            Mary Corrado                      Procurement Gift
                                      John & Anne Spoljaric
 Suzie Puetz                                                     Susie Andersen                    Certificates
                                      John & Ann Timm
 Marianne Ritchie                                                                                   Margaret Thornburg
                                                                Friday Footnotes
                                     1991 A Victorian
2003 Christmas by the Sea                                       Communications                     Procurement School
 Jennifer Alldrin-Langhus                                        Tracy Dana                         Alison Anderson
                                      Kelly & Julie Ross
 Jessica Gowdy                                                                                      Sarah Chartz
                                      John & Anne Spoljaric     Post Auction
 Chelsea Muth
                                      John & Ann Timm            Linda Hush-Loomis                 Procurement Wall of Wine
 Nathalie Pillsbury
                                                                                                    Jeffrey Marksthaler
                                     1990 Orient Express        Cashiering
2002 A Winter
                                      Carol Nieman               Celina Ataras                     Raffle
                                      Hannah Callaghan           Barry Adams                        Aimee Holzschuh
 Mary Ann Bernetich
 Chris Howell-Miller                 1989 In The Mood           Announcer                          School Projects
                                      Sue Crosby                 Mark McGinnis                      Angela Rosebrook
2001 A Charles Dickens
                                      Patt Seeronen                                                 Colleen Perry
Christmas                                                       Balloons
                                                                                                    Julie Doherty
 Bethe McChesney                     1988 Making Memories        Jude Hanley
                                      Liz Durkin                                                   Kids Kreations
2000 It’s a Wonderful Life                                      Best of the Best & Treasure
                                      Meridith Sanman                                               Kristina Gianotti
 Janeen Reilly-Allred                                           Chest
                                                                                                    Angela Kennedy
                                     1987 Great Getaway          Jude Hanley
1999 Christmas Around
                                      Meridith Sanman                                              Silent Auction
the World                                                       Volunteer Coordinator
                                      Patt Seeronen                                                 Liz Smith
 Steph Kersten                                                   Annette Magner
                                                                                                    Stefanie Slyman
 Missy Lowes                         1986 Celebrate 75
                                                                Clean-up                            Karen Hawkinson
 Beth Morse                           Julie Gerber
                                                                 Amy Deppa                          Anne Thompson
1998 A Medieval                                                                                     Fontaine Roberson
                                                                 Terry Mitchell
 Jim & Sandra Laubenthal
                                34                                                            35
                    Acknowledgments                                                                 Acknowledgments
Sound                                       Bill Dickey, Witham and Dickey Inc   Mr. Formal Corporate Office           Root Whole Body
 Stew Dodge                                 Digital One                          Mrs. Mia Howell                       Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen
                                            Empress I Jewelry                    Music Millennium                      Seattle Mariners
Sponsors/In Kind
                                            Fitness Creators Studio              Jim Parker, Bonita Pioneer            Second Grade Students, Parents
                                            Five Star Cleaners                   Neil Kelly Company, Inc.                 and Teachers
 Dirk Fournier
                                            Flying Pie Pizzeria                  Nike                                  Sheraton Hotel
 Jim Parker
                                            Foster and Dobbs Authentic Foods     No Ho’s Hawaiian Restaurant           Speedy Auto Glass
Website                                     Fournier Group                       Northwest Children’s Theater          St. Mary’s Academy
 Rich Hammons                               Fred Meyer                           NW Dance Project                      Starbuck’s
                                            Fred Meyer Jewelers                  NW Personal Training                  Steven Sciborski
School Principal
                                            Fremont Veterinary Clinic            Oaks Amusement Park                   Supercuts
 Susan Steele
                                            French Quarter Linens                Oh Baby Lingerie                      Sylvan Learning Center
School Bookkeeper                           Friends of Madeleine                 Old Town Pizza                        The Sound of Music
 Anne Palmer                                Garden Fever!                        Old Wives’ Tales Restaurant           The Arrangement
                                            Gifts of the Spirit Inc.             OMSI                                  The Broadway Grill and Brewery
Facility Reservations
                                            Global Events Group                  Oregon Coast Aquarium                 The Children’s Gym
 Tammy Shadel
                                            Goose Hollow Inn                     Oregon Shakespeare Festival           The Grotto
Pastor                                      Grand Central Bakery & Cafe          Oregon Symphony                       The Joinery
 Father Mike Biewend                        Grand Central Baking Company         Ostrom Glass & Metal Works            The Leotard
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Additional                                  Grass Hopper                         Parish Staff                          TIMMCO Insurance, Inc.
Acknowledgements                            Gregg Miller & Chris Howell-Miller   Parr Lumber Co.                       Trade Roots
Acadia - A New Orleans Bistro               Hallmark Opticians                   Pearl Bakery                          Trader Joes
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Ad-Mark                                     Hollywood Bowl                       Perry’s on Fremont                    Tumbleweed
Alameda Brew House                          Hollywood Theater                    Pete and Barb Black                   Tune-Rite, Inc.
Amalfi’s Italian Restaurant                 Hot Lips Pizza                       Pfiefer MusicWerks Studio             Twisted
Amenity Shoes                               Ice Chalet at Lloyd Center           Pizza-A-Go-Go                         University of Oregon Athletic
Americana Frame                             Jesuit High School                   Pizzicato Gourmet Pizza                  Department
Antica Terra Winery                         Kaady Car Washes                     Portland Childrens Museum             University of Portland
Archery Summit                              Ken Wright Cellars                   Portland Chinese Garden               Veritable Quandary
Artists Repertory Theatre                   King’s Raven Winery                  Portland Spirit                       VJ Kittyrox
Beaumont Hardware Store                     Kramer Vineyards                     Portland Trailblazers                 Wildlife Safari
Beaumont Market                             LA Fitness                           Portland Winterhawks                  Will Vision and Laser Centers
Best Buy                                    La Salle High School                 QFC                                   Willamette Valley Soaring Club
Bike Gallery                                LaserPort                            Red Star Tavern and Road House        Willamette Valley Vineyards
Black Wagon                                 Laurelwood Public House and          Roadrunner Sports                     Yamhill Valley Vineyards
Brian and Jill Faherty                        Brewery                            Roku                                  YoChoice Frozen Yogurt
Brian Pienovi                               Les Schwab
Bridgeport Brewing Company, Inc.            Lithia Springs Resort/Ashland Inn
Bridges Cafe & Catering                     Lloyd Athletic Club
Broadway Books                              Longitudes Group
Brooklyn Community Acupuncture              Lompoc Fifth Quadrant, Jerry
Brookwood Press, Inc.                         Fetcher
Brunke Furniture                            Lotus Spa Salon
Bumblekiss                                  Lucca Restaurant
Caffe Destino                               Mad Science
                                            Madeleine Parents’ Club                                NW grown, natural meats
Campbell Salgado Studio
                                            Magnum Opus                                          Highest quality fresh produce
Catherine & Tom Beckett
                                            Makda                                         Outstanding selection of craft & import beers
Central Catholic High School
                                            Maletis Beverage, Tim Kennedy                                and fine wines
City Liquidators
                                            Malibu Grand Prix, Inc.                                Great gift and home items
Classic Pianos
                                            Marie’s Boutique                                      Beautiful flowers and plants
Cocoa Velvet
                                            Mark and Janeen Allred                                  Home Delivery available
Columbia River Maritime Museum
Costello’s Travel Caffe’                    Marshall Street Clinic
                                            Milo’s City Cafe                                          4130 NE Fremont St.
CYO/Camp Howard
                                            Mimosa Studios                                            Portland, OR 97212
Daniel White, Chiropractic Physician
                                            Mississippi Pizza                                            (503) 284-3032
Danna Brother’s Elmer’s Restaurant
                                            Mountainside General Dentistry                
Dennis Uniform

                                       36                                                                         37