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									                                                                 MAY 2010
Association of Dutch Businessmen in Singapore

                                                                  MITA 373/03/2001
  Simon Kramer of Hertel Group

  Votematch for Expats

  A MRT at everyone’s doorstep?
 adB MeMBers spotted in orange!
 “koninginnenach” @ Harry’s            “koninginnedagreceptie” by the embassy            Orange Ball @ Hollandse club

              l, Mary and Philippe H           adriaan du toit, Jacco Po
                                                                         land, sara caris,
  Michiel koo                                  frank kuijsters

        fulco Verheul, Maurice Venbruex, Jan kant, edwin
        nijhof, iwan Marks, Paul de Bruijn                                                                        ,
                                                                                               ee, christine tran
                                                                             Hans Loth, gene kw
                                                                             Mirjam Bout

                              eur, albert
               r Werf, Max sp
richard van de                  chelaer
                nier van den Bi              Berend Deiters, Paul rombeek
Jan Hofman, re                                                                          frank Bomers, P.c. ‘t Hart

          Hans Peter Borgh, Joep Hillegers, Heike
          Huidekoper, Lies ellison-Davis, Marie
          Piederiet, Wilco alberda                                   Lineke van nederp
                                                                                         elt, Patricia Butin

Board MeMBers                                             Up in the air
                    Jan De Vegt
                    VP Asia Air France Cargo/KLM Cargo

                    Marie-HéLène PieDeriet                Dear Members,
                    Vice President/Honorary Secretary
                    Owner Past Perfect Collection         First of all, I would like to thank TNT for the well organized
                                                          and interesting tour of their facilities. Always good to see
                                                          one of our Dutch companies here in action.
                                                               If this visit would have been a week later, it would
                    arD HuisMan                           have looked very different as TNT’s transport to and from
                    Honorary Treasurer                    Europe came to a standstill.
                    Director Finance Vopak Asia                It was a strange week with all airlines heading Europe
                                                          grounded and in crisis mode. Thousands of passengers
                                                          stranded in places in the world and probably all of you
                    ricHarD Van Der Werf                  knew somebody who was stuck in Europe.
                    Member                                    It is in times like this that you suddenly realize how
                    GM T&T Bisso Salvage Asia             dependent we are on air transportation and we all became
                                                          aware of what happens when that stops.
                                                               Suddenly people missed parties, weddings, business
                                                          meetings. There was no more mail coming from Europe.
                    frank kuiJsters                       The Straits Times mentioned that there were no more
                    Member                                tulips at Far East Florist. Some types of food ran out, both
                    Director Digne Consult Asia Pacific   here and in Europe. African farmers were not selling their
                                                          flowers and had to destroy them, loosing lots of money.
                                                          Vegetables and flowers from Holland were destroyed, just
                    MarLeen DieLeMan                      because air transportation had stopped.
                    Member                                     It remains also a strange thought that whatever you
                    Visiting fellow NUS Business School   did, if you wanted or needed to travel to Europe, it was just
                                                              Once again, it all makes you realize that we take things
                                                          for granted. There maybe flights cancelled, but there
                    rutger OuDeJans                       is always somebody flying to Europe. We are far more
                    Member                                dependant on air transportation than we ever thought and
                    Regional Manager Provimi
                                                          I do not say that because my salary is depending on it.
                                                               After these events we had our traditional Orange
                                                          parties, where we almost had to miss the herring due to
                    Hans LOtH
                                                          the above events.
                                                               Looking forward to see you at our May event, which
                    Managing Director
                                                          will be very different compared to the previous May
                    Asia De Lage Landen


                    Lineke Van neDerPeLt                  Happy reading,
                    Operations Executive
                    WWF International

“The ADB provides opportunities for Dutch business
people to meet, interact and share knowledge by
means of company visits, lectures, networking events
and membership communications.”                           Jan de Vegt


          Vol. 20 / no. 4 / May 2010

              PROLOGUE          1       By Jan de Vegt, ADB president
                 eVents         3       TNT, a world class global leader in express and mail
               Business         6       Interview with Simon Kramer of Hertel Group
             interVieW          8       Interview Annette Kunst, ADB member since 1994
                  extra         10      Votematch for expats
              Bizz neWs         12      Dutch business news and regional conferences
         knOW yOur tax          14      Focus on Hong Kong
            green Page          15      Natural Capital
       DutcHcHaM neWs           16      Latest news by DutchCham
                cOLuMn          17      Local guys not hot enough?
             singaPOre          18      A MRT at everyone’s doorstep, a dream or reality?
            nOt tO Miss         20      Things to do in Singapore
          eMBassy neWs          21      Latest news by the Dutch Embassy
              aDB neWs          22      Announcements, member info and more

P6                                P10                                  P18
More insights from Simon Kramer Some aid in deciding in what to        All the new MRT lines that have
in how the Hertel Group is doing choose on the elections of 9 June     been recently opened and will be
in Singapore and the region.     010.                                 opened in the next years.


tnt, a world class gloBal leader
in express and Mail
text FRANK KUIJSTERS               PHOtOs TNT

TNT, a world class global leader in express and mail, but         more flexibility. In 199, KPN took its first steps into the
also in hosting an event; upon arriving there where sign          international express business, and four years later acquired
posted to give clear direction, TNT staff were walking            the TNT group, heralding a new era for the global post and
around to give direction, there were drinks and snacks upon       express industry. Since 1998, TNT is listed and traded on
arrival, they had organized a great site tour to the regional     the Euronext Amsterdam. At this moment, TNT has 151,000
distribution centre and the life Science Express Hub with         employees worldwide and operates from 64 countries. It
professional TNT staff explaining TNT value proposition.          consists of two divisions: TNT Post and TNT Express.
After the site tour, there was a buffet and we received a              TNT Post provides the postal public service in the
goody bag before leaving. Overall, a very interesting and         Netherlands with a next-day delivery rate of over 96%, a
well organized evening.                                           European record.
    With more than 40 ADB members in the audience,                     TNT Express division is among the world’s largest
Karel van Pijpekamp, regional Sales & Marketing Director,         express operators and the number one in Europe. In 007,
Southeast Asia & India started with an introduction of TNT.       it delivered more than 4.4 million urgent documents,
    Today, TNT is an international group of companies,            parcels and pieces of freight a week to over 00 countries.
operating in 00 countries around the world. In 1996, TNT         TNT focuses on three industries; Hi Tech (computing,
was acquired by the Dutch company KPN (formerly PTT               electronics, telecommunications and semocon), Healthcare
Post). But TNT actually started back in the 1940s, when Ken       (clinical trials, medical devices and pharmaceuticals) and
Thomas set up his own transport business in Australia with        Industrial (machinery, mining, electrical components)
just a single truck.                                                   TNT Express has ambitious growth plans in Asia. In
    In the 90s, the TNT group had 70,000 employees. But           007, TNT started flying the first of its two Boeing 747
its bid to become a worldwide player in transportation,           freighter between Shanghai and Europe. Since early 008,
through rapid acquisition, had led it to diversify very quickly   a stop over in Singapore was added to this route, adding
– and it needed to find new investment. Around this time,         substantially to the network capabilities on the Europe-
the Dutch postal company, PTT Post, was looking to expand         Asia connection. In the last years, TNT acquired several
its business overseas. They’d had a monopoly on the postal        new growth platforms: TG+ in Spain and Speedage in India.
system in the Netherlands that had lasted for almost 00          It also signed an equity transfer agreement with China’s
years. But with the arrival of modern communications,             Hoau, which was completed early 007. Furthermore,
such as the fax and the internet, PTT had to move with            they have established an Asia Road Network, connecting
time to protect its traditional mail business. In 1989, Dutch     Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
mail became a private company called KPN, and was given           and China by road.


             Lim Hui Ject, Sales & Marketing director Singapore took
         over from Karel and told more about TNT Singapore. TNT was
         established in Singapore in 1974. Currently, it has over 550
         employees spread over 6 locations. Singapore is the regional
         distribution hub due to it’s strategic location in the region and
         great connectivity to all off the countries in the region. This
         means that all documents, parcels and pieces from Europe and
         America go first to Singapore and are then transported by air or
         road to any country in Asia/Pacific. The benefit of this approach
         is shorter order lead time, lower transportation cost, no breaks
         in the cold chain and in the end, greater customer satisfaction.
         To make this all possible, TNT has several warehouses in
             After the talk of Lim Hui and Karel, we visited the different
         warehouses in small groups.

          31 December 009
          Vehicles                                                  30,061*
          aircraft                                                  48*
          Mail depots / hubs                                        456
          express depots / hubs                                     ,409
          Mail retail outlets in the netherlands                    ,370
          countries with company-owned operations                   64
          countries served by express                               200
          employees                                                 159,663
          addressed postal items in the netherlands                 4,473,000,000
          - per delivery address                                    568
          - per delivery day                                        14,600,000
          express total tonnes carried                              7,695,844
          express total consignments carried                        30,635,000
          * A substantial number of vehicles are not owned by TNT, but are leased or

             TNT recognises its social responsibility and has formed
         partnerships with the United Nations World Food Programme
         and the United Nations Environment Programme to fight
         hunger and pollution in the world. These efforts are being
         recognised: in 008, TNT again reached the highest score of all
         companies included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. It
         also leads the carbon intensive sector in the Carbon Disclosure

                             IHC Merwede anchors in Singapore

IHC Hydrohammer B.V.
•   Hydraulic hammer sales
•   Hammer rental from
    Regional IHC Office
•   Geotechnical service
•   Engineering support
•   OEM support

                                        IHC Parts & Services B.V.      IHC Handling Systems V.O.F.
                                        •   Dredger renovation         •   Internal Lifting Tools
                                        •   Dredger maintenance        •   Pipe recovery tools
                                        •   Dredger parts              •   Jacket pile grippers
                                        •   Engineering support        •   Upending tools
                                        •   Life cycle support         •   Hydraulic shackles
                                                                       •   Skidding equipment

                                                      6 Chin Bee Avenue, #01-03, Singapore 619930
                                                      Phone: +65 6264 8433 | Fax: +65 6264 1933

                       Last year, Simon Kramer, Director Asia and Management

interView with         board Member of the Hertel Group, participated in the
                       panel “Starting a business in Singapore” that took place in
                       September 010. During the evening, he gave us a some
siMon KraMer of        insight on how Hertel Group started their business in
                       Singapore. Now eight months later, how is Hertel doing in
hertel groUp           Singapore and the region?

text FRANK KUIJSTERS   could you provide us with a brief introduction to Hertel
                       and your activities in singapore?
PHOtO HERTEL           The Hertel group was originally founded in 1895 in the
                       Netherlands. Our core business is insulation.
                           During the last two decades, Hertel’s business was
                       centred on Europe, particularly the UK, but also the
                       Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Seven years ago
                       we foresaw a clear need to seek additional business
                       opportunities to enable Hertel to sustain our growth plan.
                       We checked out those regions where it was clear that
                       considerable investment would be required to support the
                       extraordinary economic development that was beginning
                       to emerge. By filtering these prospects, the Middle East
                       and Asia emerged as prime targets.
                           In mid 007, we committed ourselves to the
                       implementation of a business plan for growth with
                       Singapore as the base of operations. Since then, we have
                       steadily developed our business through the winning of
                       targeted contracts not only from our existing client base,
                       but also other companies investing in the region.
                           Today, our primary activities in Singapore are insulation
                       and scaffolding. We are currently developing our capability
                       in the installation and testing of pipework systems and
                       associated chemical process equipment and intend to
                       gradually introduce these capabilities, along with others
                       already undertaken within the Group, to better position
                       Hertel Singapore to become a single source provider of
                       a greater number of support service disciplines under a
                       common integrated management team.

                       in addition to plant maintenance, are you intending to
                       extend coverage to include the construction of new plants?
                       Most certainly, about 80% of our current business is
                       derived directly from new plant constructions with the
                       obvious objective of following these construction projects
                       into the operational plant maintenance phase. The
                       new plants being built by ExxonMobil and Shell and the
                       considerable extensions to the existing petro-chemical
                       plants in Singapore provides us with an unparalleled
                       opportunity to expand our multi-discipline operations into
                       plant maintenance and shutdowns following completion.

                       How important is asia currently for Hertel as a group?
                       How much of your sales are currently represented by
                       Our operations in Asia are an integral part of the Hertel
                       Group’s strategic growth plan. That plan requires us to
                       generate 30% of our turnover from the Middle East and
                       Asian Regions by then end of 011. We are currently
                       generating some 13% from our Singapore based activities.

                       How much development opportunity do you feel there is
                       in asia and what are your plans to capitalize on it?
                       Without doubt the development opportunities in the


region are significantly greater than those in Europe at the    of our undoubted ability to deliver high quality product.
moment. Singapore is currently seeing an unprecedented          As I have already stated, we are establishing ourselves as
level of construction activity. Fortunately, we are well        an integrated support service provider to a specialised
placed to benefit from this activity and there are a number     high value market. Whereas we are aware that the
of other large projects planned for completion by 013          integrated services concept has been implemented with
/ 014. We are working very hard to secure follow-on            varying degrees of success, we know that it has not been
construction work, following the sizeable petrochemical         attempted to the scale and degree to which we have set
investments in Singapore. I am confident that Singapore         our sights. A uniquely important factor we have is that we
will continue to be tremendously interesting and I am           are able to transfer technology and resources from other
convinced that there will be abundant opportunities for         parts of the world when needed and without delay.
Hertel’s offering in Singapore.                                     Hertel Singapore is not a European company in Asia,
                                                                but an Asian company within a global organisation. In
coming from northern europe and now establishing                terms of our regional personnel, we have set a local
your activities in asia, what have you found the main           content target of 100%. This will be achieved by increasing
challenges in migrating across to asia are and how are          the number of Asian staff throughout the organisation,
you dealing with them?                                          but particularly amongst them front line managers and
To meet our strategic plan’s milestones, we opted to fast-      supervision. We will successfully compete locally with
track establishment through the acquisition of Singaporean      local knowledge and expertise and international support
operating companies with a proven track record and who          thorough the Hertel Group capability.
would complement each other as the integrated support
services concept became a reality. Careful selection of         are there any specific regional and local needs which are
companies able to demonstrate a high level of customer          different from your experience in europe?
satisfaction through the consistent application of good         Applying an integrated approach to the management of
management practices for up to 0 years was fundamental         the ongoing maintenance of petrochemical installations is a
to the success of this phase of our development.                development which is gaining more importance in Asia. We
                                                                have got that experience with Plant Operators in Europe
could you tell us about some of the companies you have          and we can bring that expertise to help our customers
acquired and what your criteria were for choosing those         by supporting them with the application of sophisticated
companies?                                                      asset integrity management techniques. We see this as the
The most important consideration has always been their          primary basis upon which we will grow the business during
relationship with their clients. Stability, consistency and     the coming three years.
robustness borne out of mutual respect were looked                   We have been awarded the maintenance contract for
for in the relationships. The quality of the management         the existing Pulau Bukom Shell refinery for a 3 year period
and supervision were also key, as were their systems and        with a further  years option. We are a new entrant to
procedures by which safety and quality could be delivered       the refinery. We are obligated to introduce a number of
with minimal effect on the environment. Recognised              initiatives based on techniques developed in the UK over
ISO standards were used as the basis of evaluation. We          a number of years to continuously improve the means
considered the management’s suitability to grow in line         by which the plant is maintained and uptime is safely
with our plans and strategies through the implementation        maximised.
of some far reaching changes which would call for a degree
of flexibility to be applied to established mindsets.           How important do you see singapore being in the future?
                                                                Will singapore continue to be your regional headquarters?
could you tell us about Hertel’s expansion strategy in the      Our objective is to become the premier provider
region?                                                         of integrated support services to the Singaporean
Our primary objective is to become the market leader in         petrochemical industrial market. We are confident that
the provision of integrated support services, predominantly     this objective is attainable, amongst others because the
in the construction and subsequent maintenance of the           Singaporean government stimulates our enthusiasm to
regional petrochemical industry. We will offer a portfolio of   succeed and has positively assisted us in setting up our
services to support our clients based on access scaffolding     business. There are also many incentives offered by the
and insulation and extended to mechanical installation and      EDB for start-up businesses.
testing of pipework systems, structural steel and associated
process equipment. It is not our intention to be the market     Do you have any final messages to the readers of aDB
leader in each of these disciplines, but the market leader      Magazine?
in the provision of the combined service package under an       Without doubt Asia is a major growth area. It is clearly
integrated management structure. Each of the acquired           well placed within the most economically dominant region
companies will form an integral part of Hertel’s ability to     in the world. So it is an absolute must for any business
bring this concept to fruition.                                 in the energy related sector to be in Asia. Not only is
                                                                Singapore is a good place to do business on its own right,
How does Hertel distinguish itself from their competitors?      but it is also an excellent hub for expanding in Asia. I
We define for ourselves a customer value proposition            would encourage people with international ambitions for
which is based on a number of components. We are proud          their businesses to have a good look at Asia and Singapore
of our world class safety performance. We are also proud        in particular.


                        What brought you to singapore in the first place?
                        Prior to moving here from The Netherlands, I was working
                        for Baan Company as International Marketing Manager
                        and travelled substantially globally. I always loved coming
                        to Asia and felt very much at home here. Much more
                        so than on my travels throughout Europe and US. So
                        when the local distributor informed me during one of
                        my trips that they were interested in hiring a Baan staff, I
                        immediately indicated my interest. I always dreaded the
                        cold, rainy, foggy Dutch weather and was looking out for
                        an opportunity to get out. And so it happened in January
                        199. Baan had just started their internationalisation and
                        had no office here yet, but I knew it was going to happen
                        some day soon. So I left my safe, cooshy and also exciting
                        job in The Netherlands and joint the local distributor
                        in 199, initially in Singapore and soon after moved to
                        Malaysia as the market was much bigger there. Two years
                        later, Baan had sky rocketed and they wanted me back
                        to run the AP regional office in Singapore as ‘in the land
                        of the blind, the person with one eye is king’! It was a
                        tremendously fast growing company. We set up offices
                        all over Asia, a fantastic ride. I changed roles halfway to
                        become in charge of all the channels, a separate segment
                        for Baan to focus on the midmarket. This was a very big
                        market, especially in Asia, with a different business model.
                            With the downturn of Baan, I was involved in selling
                        off some of the offices as well as closing others. I came full
                        circle. It was time to move on. I joint a Silicon Valley based
                        company, in the area of software for teleconferencing.

                        What is the difference in singapore between then and now?
                        In early 199, there were not that many ‘ang mohs’
                        (Caucasians) in Singapore and even less working women.
                        Taxi drivers always thought I was an English teacher. While
                        working for the distributor, we were based in a flatted
                        factory in Ayer Rajah. White working women were stared
                        at. That all changed when moving to Concourse and Suntec
                        and with the years going by…. Singapore was also much
                        less crowded then compared to today.

                        Why did you stay so long?
                        During my time in Malaysia I had found my life partner, a
                        Chinese who used to be my competitor, so hilarious. After
                        a couple of years we got married and settled in Singapore.
                            Personally I love Singapore and have great respect
                        for what has been achieved here. We travel to Malaysia
                        frequently, just cross the bridge and you are transformed
                        into another world, a backward world, which is very
                        relaxing and fun at times, but can also be very frustrating
                        and inefficient. And all this has been achieved in a matter
                        of a few decennia. Singapore is an excellent hub to travel
                        from within the region for business and pleasure.
interView                   We have 4 children and thus priorities change. Safety,
                        excellent education and healthcare, good local values,
annette KUnst           respect for authority, international cuisine and now even
                        the availability of Old Amsterdam Cheese in the shops. All
ADB member since 1994   the above are keeping us here for the time being.

                        How did you find out about the aDB and decided to
text RICHARD SOEMITA    become a member?
PHOtOs ANNETTE KUNST    Upon returning to Singapore from KL, I heard about ADB
                        and its networking opportunities so I signed up. But at
                        that time it was very much an ‘older men society’. Very


hard to penetrate and they were not very keen on these
younger men, and even less younger women joining the
association. But that gradually changed. And look at it
today. Now it’s more of a young guys/girls gathering.
What a transformation! In 1995 I was asked to do a
presentation about Baan Company during one of the
monthly gatherings. And after that, at every event I was
asked for advise on Baan’s stock prices, buying and selling
etc. Luckily got myself never into that, especially when it
all came crashing down. My first ADB black tie dinner was
during the 5th anniversary of the ADB, 13 January 1996.
And I believe that was the first black tie dinner ever. It has
been a good tradition year after year. One request though:
aircon venue please!

are you a member of other similar network groups and
I joined Prime Time (Business and Professional Women’s
Association) when it just started (or even before that when
we had pot-luck gatherings at people’s homes) and was on
the founding board. They have grown leaps and bounds,
and are very professionally run. Networking at that time
was not a buzzword yet, but I was always looking to                What was the most remarkable event since you have
broaden my scope and step out of the Dutch comfort zone.           been a member?
Prime Time has grown to a much bigger organisation than            For me that was probably the visit of Hans van Mierlo,
the ADB, partly because of the creation of subgroups, like         Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs in early 1997. We had a
Small Business Group, or Marketing Group, HR Group and             dinner with him, Ambassador Wilbrenninck and Ben Vree,
even a Golf Group and Dine Time. In the middle of 1997 an          at that time president of the ADB.
attempt was made to start a Woman Subgroup of the ADB.
We got together a couple of times, but then it stopped.            What about the aDB magazine. Has that changed?
It was nice though and something we could consider                 YES! That changed a lot too. It used to be a few pages
again. So far, Prime Time has been more rewarding for me           stapled together (I still have a copy of 1995 issue) and
than ADB, business wise (is it the women power?!), but I           consist of sometimes longwinded company backgrounds.
hope that will all change in the coming months (see our            Look at it today with a great variety of articles! Congrats!
advertisement elsewhere in this magazine).                         I love to read it.

you think that the aDB has remained the same or has                How often do you attend aDB events?
moved on with its time?                                            I took a break from work to raise the kids and thus did not
The ADB has changed quite a lot, as an association is              attend too many ADB events for a couple of years. Last
defined by the type of members. It used to be a bit of an          year, however, I have re-entered the workforce and joint
elite club. At that time expat life with all its perks was still   Digne Consult, a training and consulting company, well
very prevalent. Nowadays the attendees are much younger,           known to many ADB-members. With my experience in both
more junior in organisations and no longer on fantastic            Holland and Asia, I can contribute well to this organisation
packages. The networking events and format is still very           and our customers. Over this last year, I have attended
much the same, as it is great. And so are the company              most events, very useful and enjoyable. And I look forward
visits, excellent opportunities to explore other businesses.       to many more good years with the ADB. Keep it up Board!


VoteMatch for expats
With the upcoming parliamentary elections on 9 June 010, the discussion on ‘what to vote’ is heating up again. To aid in this
discussion, I will summarize the election programs of the larger political parties or, when a party does not have a program yet,
give its main position on important topics.

                VVd                                                         as the CDA: 30. The PVDA wants to cutback EUR 19m in
                  The VVD is doing very well in the polls. In               two government’s terms by increasing the tax tariff scale
                  the latest poll, (www.politiekebarometer.                 for sole income from 5% to 60%, make the healthcare
                  nl) VVD will get 3 seats in Parliament.                  premium dependent on income and gradually diminish
                  It shows that the voters really share the                 the mortgage interest deduction. The PVDA wants to
                  opinion of their election program: ‘orde                  focus on the role of the local governments and reduce the
op zaken’. Many PVV and CDA voters now seem to switch                       number of secretaries and Ministries. Also, they want to
to the VVD. The VVD wants government cutbacks of EUR                        increase the AOW age to 66 in 00 and 67 in 05. Finally,
30m over a period of two (government’s) terms by e.g.                       healthcare will not be further exposed to the free market,
decreasing the number of politicians and other officials                    but government controlled, e.g. the salaries of specialists
with 5%, diminishing expenditure for aid to development                    like orthodontists.
countries and the EU by 50%, stop the integration
subsidies for immigrants and withhold immigrants for the                                                      cda
first ten years from unemployment benefits. Furthermore,                                                 The CDA wants to have a
they want to maintain the mortgage interest deduction,                                                   balanced budget by 015
halve the conveyance duty (overdrachtsbelasting) and                                                     with EUR 18m cutbacks in
immediately start with the increase of age of entitlement                                                government expenditure
to the AOW with two months a year. Also, they want to                                                    in the next four years. The
cutback all income taxes.                                                   CDA will not touch the current tax system, neither the
                                                                            mortgage interest deduction. It will increase the age for
                  pVda                                                      AOW entitlement in three steps: in 015 to 65,5 in 00
                  The PVDA is also doing very well in the                   to 66 and in 05 to 67. They also want to intervene in
                  opinion polls, even though it has lost                    the salaries of the medical specialists. The CDA also strives
                  three seats in the latest poll (16 April                  to cutback on ministries and officials by merging certain
                  010) and has the same number of seats                    ministries. On immigration the CDA strives for a European

                  SALVAGE ASIA PTE LTD

               12A Jln Samulun • Singapore 629131 • Tel : +65 6591 5288 • Fax : +65 6591 5289 • •


policy with the option to easily evict criminal immigrants
and stronger measures against people who benefit from
illegal immigrants. The CDA lost at first in the opinion
polls, but in the latest poll gained a seat to 30, competing
fiercely with the PVDA. However, polls on the party leader
and resigned Prime-Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende show
a decreasing support. The Dutch seem to have lost trust in
Balkenende, perhaps because 4 cabinets collapsed under
his reign.

                                                                participation in e.g. education, etc. Education is one of
pVV                                                             their main items in their election program. They deem
The PVV does not have an election program yet, but is           education very important and therefore want to invest in
doing pretty well in the polls with 1 seats in the latest.     a better quality of the Dutch education system. Also, D66
However, the main positions of the PVV are quite clear:         wants to gradually (in  years) diminish the mortgage
immigration stop (especially Moroccans and Turks), zero         interest deduction up to a maximum deductibility of 30%.
tolerance by taking harsh measures against ‘scum’ on            They want to cutback in the governmental organisations by
the street. Cost-cutting within the government (reducing        refocusing on the local level (municipalities) and decreasing
overhead in the government, reducing EU spending,               the number of Ministries and abolishing the Senate (Eerste
getting rid off ‘absurd’ subsidies, etc.) before touching the   Kamer). They want to rapidly increase the age of AOW
people’s money. The PVV wants to maintain the AOW-              entitlement to 67.
entitled age at 65. It furthermore advocates the democracy          These parties would now form a total of 116 seats in
by holding many referendums, ‘let the people speak’. They       Parliament, according to the latest poll. Summarizing: the
only desire economic partnership in the EU and no further       focuses of the campaigns are generally the same: cutbacks.
integration in the EU. The PVV cares for the elderly and        However, the measures are different. One recurring
the animals and last but not least, fights the Islam in any     item that seems to be popular is cutbacks within the
possible way.                                                   government by cutting back the number of ministries, the
                                                                number of officials, etc. Also, all parties except PVV agree
                                    d66                         that the AOW entitlement age should increase up to 67.
                          D66 is having a difficult time in         With Job Cohen as a runner-up, the political scenery
                          the opinion polls: it would now       changed and makes the 010 elections even more exciting.
                          have 1 seats in parliament. It       Will he be able to take Balkenende from the throne and
                          had a peak earlier this year of       form a Leftwing government? Or will the CDA prevail again
almost 0 seats, but somehow lost them again along the          and form a cabinet with the VVD and PVV? Not very likely
way. It wants to cutback up to EUR 15m in the coming            with the PVV, but including D66 will not give them enough
four years and another EUR 14m in the years thereafter.         seats according to the latest poll (65). And another cabinet
D66 wants to increase the levy on pollution duties, but         with CDA and PVDA is not very much desired after all
decrease the income tax for people with lower incomes.          recent ‘successes’.
D66 wants to speed up the decision-making process
for permanent residence of asylum-seekers and give                  Finally, please note that expats are required to register
them better shelter homes while awaiting the decision.          before they can vote. Please go to the website www.
They want to cutback immigrant integration subsidies   to download the registration form and further
by EUR 00m. They believe that integration is all about         information.

     Autohuur all-in tarieven                                                  vanaf € 23,- per dag

     Laagste eigen risico - Geen extra verzekeringen bij aankomst - No nonsense voorwaarden
     *28+ dagen tarief categorie A, excl. Schipholfee

  bb&l_2010_ad_194x61.indd 2                                                                                   12/9/09 4:13:43 PM
Bizz neWs

 few striKes in 2009,
 5,000 worKing days
 Workers were called out on strike
 just 5 times in the Netherlands
 last year, leading to the loss of
 5,000 working days, the national
 statistics office CBS said. This
 total is the lowest figure since
 1985. In 008, 11,000 days were
 lost through strikes. Almost half
 of the strikes last year affected
 manufacturing and industry                  ciVil serVice cUts MUst haVe a pUrpose, says
 sectors and conflicts over pay or           coUncil of state chief
 reorganisations were the most               Mr. Tjeenk Willink, deputy president of the government’s Council of State
 common causes. In six cases,                advisory body, quoted that the number of civil servants has to be cut and
 strikes were called in response to          merging government ministries must be done with an actual purpose.
 violence against staff. This year,          Most political party manifestos include ministerial mergers and civil service
 however, the total is likely to be          cuts without any underlying vision, Willink said in a speech marking the
 far higher. The cleaning sector             publication of the council’s annual report. ‘In the long term, cuts without
 has been on strike for weeks and            vision lead to more costs, not fewer,’ Willink said. ‘We have seen that when
 industrial action is pending in             we abolished tram conductors.’ ‘If developments in the private sector
 several other sectors as employers          have taught us anything, it is that bigger does not necessarily mean better.
 demand workers accept a pay                 Small, homogeneous entities are more effective,’ he said. The Financiele
 freeze.                                     Dagblad picks up on Willink’s criticism of the way the market is seen to be
                                             more important than the public interest. Parliament should have paid more
                                             attention to the sale of the Amsterdam stock exchange to the New York bourse
                                             in 006 and the takeover of ABN Amro by a consortium of three banks in
 KlM considers                               007, he said.
 Borrowing cash
 froM its own
 pension fUnd                                Cabinet overspend set to reaCh €3bn this year
 KLM, part of the Air France-KLM             Ministers have overspent their budgets by a total of almost €3bn this year,
 group, is considering borrowing             confidential sources have told the Financiele Dagblad. At the end of February,
 a ‘hefty sum of money’ from one             the overspend was put at a maximum €.5bn. The finance ministry has
 of its three pension funds to ease          refused to confirm the new figure, but has admitted the picture presented at
 its financial situation. ‘Borrowing         the end of February was ‘not complete’, the paper says. The health ministry
 money is expensive because of the           has recorded the biggest over-run on its budget, with spending outstripping
 market percentages we have to               forecasts by €1.5bn. The education ministry is also spending more than it
 pay, which is why we are looking at         should, the paper says. Acting finance minister Jan Kees de Jager told the
 this,’ a spokeswoman for the airline        paper that the cabinet’s caretaker status makes it difficult to take steps to
 told Dow Jones. She declined to             bring spending back under control. ‘Regardless how we do it, we’ll get there,’
 comment on what other measures              he said. It will be difficult to order health service cuts, because contracts have
 KLM may be looking at. The press            already been signed with healthcare providers, the paper states. Most parties
 bases its claims on trade union and         have committed themselves to not making cuts in education and healthcare
 pension fund sources.                       spending in their election manifestos.

 foUr firMs drop oUt of Bidding for new MoBile phone freqUencies
 Five companies will take part in the mobile phone frequency auction, the economic affairs ministry said. In March, nine
 companies had said they planned to take part in the bidding, the ministry said earlier. The ministry declined to say which
 companies had dropped out. There have been rumours that some potential bidders, such as cable companies UPC and
 Ziggo, may have joined forces. The Dutch mobile phone market is currently dominated by KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

 new players
 Also it emerged KPN and Vodafone had gone to court in an effort to get the auction postponed. They are unhappy
 that the process includes provisions to make sure at least three new players enter the Dutch market. But the court in
 Rotterdam rejected their applications, without giving any reason.

                                                                                                         Bizz neWs

aex down By proBleMs in
greece and portUgal                                      conference agenda
The AEX index suffers from the reduced credit
worthiness of Greece and Portugal. Last week                             JUne
the stock fell even on Wall Street and in Asia in
response to the news. Standard en Poor’s (S & P)
lowered the status of the Portuguese long-term                1          Leaders in Luxury
debt A+ to A-level, short-term liabilities were
A- status. The rating agency expects only a weak
economic growth in the medium term. Portugal                  1          tradetech india
has a deficit of 9.4 percent. The status of Greek
loans was set at BB+. This is the first level at which
S & P advises not to invest. The deficit of the             1-2          coal tech 2010
Greeks is 13.6 percent. The status of S & P is often
linked to the rate that a country must pay on loans.
                                                            1-3          2nd annual cDMa WOrLD fOruM

BanK tax proceeds shoUld                                   2-3           Offshore asset Life extension
                                                                         Kuala Lumpur
go to treasUry: finance
The proceeds of any new tax on banking profits             3-4           Private equity investor relations
                                                                         Hong Kong
should go to the treasury rather than a special
fund for banks which get into trouble, finance
minister Jan Kees de Jager said at a meeting of
European finance ministers in Madrid. De Jager
                                                           7-9           Middle east Petrochemical 2010
                                                                         Abu Dhabi
backs a banking tax as long as the demands
placed on banks are not too high and that the tax
is coordinated internationally. ‘The banks have
                                                           8-10          greentech 2010
to be in a position to continue to do their job,’
quoted the minister. He opposes the setting up
of a special emergency fund, as put forward by
                                                           8-11          World Vaccine congress asia 2010
internal market commissioner, Michel Barnier.
This could give banks the idea they can carry on as
they wish because any risks they take are covered,
                                                          12-14          retail Banking asia-Pacific 2010
                                                                         Kuala Lumpur
De Jager said. Dutch central bank president Nout
Wellink also warned that the tax could bring
disadvantages. Barnier is expected to present             15-16          strategic Hr Management summit
formal proposals for a banking tax in June.

                                                         21-24           real estate investment World asia 2010

cUt pension fUnd nUMBers
to Boost expertise: central                              22-23           carbon capture & storage World australia
BanK                                                                     Melbourne
If the number of corporate pension funds in the
Netherlands were reduced from 600 to around
100, it would be easier to find enough expert            22-23           Prepaid Mobile north asia 2010
managers to run them, Joanne Kellerman, head
of pension fund supervision at the central bank,
told during a tv show. In addition, there should be      22-24           3rd annual retail asia congress 2010
                                                                         Hong Kong
better individual assessments of fund managers
and better provision of information, Kellerman
said. But workers should also take steps to              23-25           csg Drilling & completions 2010
improve their financial acumen, she said. ‘It is a
pity that so many people are not making the effort
to familiarise themselves [with their pensions]’
NOS tv quoted her as saying. Research by the
                                                         23-26           Private Wealth Management asia 2010
                                                                         Hong Kong
financial services regulator AFM showed that a
large majority of people expect their pension to be
equal to 70% of their last earned salary, but most
people will get less, the NOS pointed out.               Log on to for more
                                                         information on these and other events

knOW yOur tax

focUs on hong Kong

Hong Kong is well-known for its low tax rates (for
businesses: 16.5%) and its favorable off-shore tax regime
which, over the years, attracted many companies to start
up business in Hong Kong. Coupled with the fact that
Hong Kong does not tax foreign dividends and capital
gains and does not levy a withholding tax on dividend
payments, Hong Kong could be a suitable jurisdiction for
a host of tax planning opportunities (holding company,
trading operations, service centre). In practice however,
besides for tax planning purposes vis a vis the Mainland
of China, Hong Kong has not yet often been used as a
location for holding companies because it has only a very
limited number of tax treaties for the avoidance of double
taxation. Currently, Hong Kong has tax treaties in effect
with China, Belgium, Luxembourg, Thailand and Vietnam.         Indonesia recently issued tax circulars which significantly
For all the other countries in the world, withholding taxes    reduce the ability to enjoy tax treaty benefits under
are not reduced. In contrast, other well-known holding         Indonesia’s tax treaties, unless the tax treaty country
jurisdictions like the Netherlands, Luxembourg and             satisfies the pertinent substance requirements prescribed
Singapore have concluded many tax treaties that limit the      by the circulars. Given Hong Kong’s territorial tax system,
taxing rights of the jurisdictions in which the subsidiaries   which distinguishes offshore source and onshore source
are located.                                                   income, with offshore sourced income not being taxable
    The above is about to change as recent developments        in Hong Kong, the question arises whether dividends paid
show that Hong Kong is very much focused on the                by an Indonesian company to a Hong Kong shareholder
expansion of its tax treaty network. During the last two       will be eligible for the reduced withholding tax rate under
months, Hong Kong concluded 3 new tax treaties (with the       Indonesia’s tax treaty with Hong Kong. Based on the tax
Netherlands, Brunei and Indonesia) and is negotiating with     circulars alluded to above, this may be in jeopardy because
several more countries. The expansion of Hong Kong’s tax       of the fact that the dividends are tax exempt in Hong Kong.
treaty network is the result of the OECD report issued in      This is a question, amongst many others, which still needs
April 009 on the progress by financial centers around the     to be clarified.
world towards implementation of an internationally agreed            Hong Kong’s treaty with the Netherlands provides
standard on exchange of information for tax purposes.          for an exemption of Dutch dividend withholding under
Since then, Hong Kong has implemented legislation              certain circumstances. Among others, if the Hong Kong
committing it to an active exchange of information in          company would be a listed company, a business centre
certain situations. Hong Kong’s tax treaties with Indonesia    for the group to which the Dutch company belongs or if
and the Netherlands present interesting tax planning           the tax authorities would issue a statement that the Hong
opportunities.                                                 Kong company has not been established to avoid Dutch
    Hong Kong’s tax treaty with Indonesia reduces the          taxes. This could make Hong Kong an interesting holding
Indonesian dividend withholding tax rate from 0%              company location to hold the shares of Dutch companies.
to 5% for interests of 5% or more in an Indonesian            It should also be noted that the treaty explicitly reserves
company. This is the lowest rate possible under Indonesia’s    the right to both jurisdictions to apply their domestic anti
current tax treaty network. The same applies to royalty        abuse provisions. Thus, it is possible that the Netherlands
withholding tax which is also reduced to 5%. The sale          may invoke its anti abuse provisions if they believe that the
of shares in an Indonesian company by a Hong Kong              treaty situation is created to avoid Dutch taxes.
shareholder will be exempt from Indonesian capital gains            Although the treaties recently concluded by Hong Kong
tax under the treaty, unless the Indonesian company            still need to be ratified by all countries concerned, which
would be a real property owning company as defined in          may sometimes take a while, the treaties themselves
the treaty. Indonesian interest withholding tax is reduced     stipulate that they shall take effect as from 1 April 011
to 10%, which is comparable to Indonesia’s tax treaties        insofar as Hong Kong taxes are concerned, and 1 January
with Singapore and the Netherlands. Because of Hong            011 with respect to Dutch and Indonesian taxes. In
Kong’s domestic tax restrictions with respect to interest      conclusion, with the recently concluded tax treaties, Hong
deductions however, we doubt whether Hong Kong will be         Kong is moving up the ladder of interesting choices for
used widely for financing Indonesian groups or borrowers.      tax planning purposes, but one should take care in acting
However, as a jurisdiction for holding investments in          wisely when considering all the ins and outs of using Hong
Indonesian companies, Hong Kong may become an                  Kong. You should consult your tax adviser to get a good
interesting choice. Care should be taken however, that         understanding of the relevant considerations.

                                                                                                             green Page

natUral capital
text LOUISE WOOD               PHOtO WWF

Can sustainable business practices protect our planet and        their business through the environmental and social lens,
give competitive advantage?                                      opportunities inevitably arise.”
                                                                     However, companies need the relevant skills and
A decade ago, sustainability was on the fringes of business.     processes in place to manage the sustainable imperative.
Now it is becoming an integral part of the business agenda.      One way is to send key personnel on sustainability
In fact, sustainability is becoming quite the ‘buzz’ word in     executive education courses run by institutions such as
business circles. However, it is one thing to use the phrase,    University of Cambridge and NUS’s Lee Kuan Yew School of
but another to fully understand and implement it. The            Public Policy.
truth is sustainability is a complex and gritty subject and is       There is also a growing trend for leading companies to
in its infancy in most mainstream business. In incorporating     tap into the resources and expertise of large conservation
sustainable business practice, firms may have to move            organisations. ABN Amro, Canon, IKEA, Nokia and Proctor
out of their comfort zone and be prepared to relearn and         & Gamble are just some of those who have started to
rethink.                                                         do so. They have been sending their mid-senior level
     What does sustainability mean? Sustainability looks         executives for training at WWF’s One Planet Leaders
at the maintenance and enhancement of environmental,             sustainability programme in Europe.
social and economic well-being to meet the needs of                  Jean Paul Jeanrenaud from WWF says it is a logical
present and future generations. Many of the serious              conclusion that business and conservation experts should
social and environmental challenges that we face globally        work side-by-side, “WWF has half a century of experience
– climate change, water scarcity, resource depletion,            in working with governments, companies and society to
air pollution – are down to our view of the planet as an         find solutions for humans to live in harmony with nature.
infinite source of free natural capital on which to build        The accumulated expertise is an extremely valuable
our global economy. Our global footprint now exceeds             resource for companies to tap into. For One Planet
the world’s capacity to regenerate all the goods and             Leaders programme, we work with the best in the field of
services we depend on by around 30 percent. According to         sustainability to deliver a top quality training experience”.
conservationists, we are living beyond our means, facing a           Following its success in Europe, WWF is now launching
kind of ecological credit crunch.                                One Planet Leaders Asia Pacific for the first time with
     Jean Paul Jeanrenaud, Director of Corporate Relations       training workshops running in Singapore from September
for the global conservation organization WWF (World Wide         010.
Fund for Nature) says companies should not fear a shift to a         “The time was right to offer sustainability training
more sustainable business model. In fact, he says it will give   here”, says Amy Ho, Managing Director of WWF Singapore.
them a competitive edge in the future.                           “With rapid development of Asian economies we feel we
     “Preserving our scarce natural resources is entirely        will be reaching the business leaders of the future”.
compatible with winning and maintaining customer value               The One Planet Leaders programme commences in
and trust. Sustainability has proved to be a powerful            September this year in Singapore. For more details, go to
vehicle for innovation. Once a company starts looking at

DutcHcHaM neWs

annUal general Meeting 2010
On thursday the 15th of april the Dutch chamber of
commerce held its second annual general Meeting at
suntec international convention & exhibition centre. After
presenting the Annual Report, accounts and expenditures of
009, the focus turned to “Plan 01”, DutchCham’s future
plans. Mr. Pieter Idenburg, current Chairman of the board
of Directors, presented the plans, execution and budgets
for this year up to 01. Some of the points discussed were;
substantially reduced membership fees, free events and
exclusive invitations for members. During a lively discussion,
during which our members quized the board, “Plan 01” and
its new components found overwhelming positive response.
                                                                 The Dutch Chamber is positively looking into the coming year
The Board of Directors for 010 consists of:                     and further future with great enthusiasm. DutchCham will
chairman: Pieter Idenburg                                        inform all members and prospective members in the coming
Honorairy treasurer: Alice Beurze                                weeks through it’s newsletter.
Honorairy secretary: Kees Stoute
Board members: Barbara Voskamp, Joanna Johnston,                 for more information you can always logon to our website
Marius de Beer and Vladan Babovic.                               or request more information at: +65 6884 5084

newsletter                                                                   eVents
DutchCham recently introduced a new avenue of                               May
communication in the form of a digital web-based newsletter.
                                                                   10       eurOPe Day ceLeBratiOn
                                                                            The 9th of May 010 marks the 60th annivesary
                                                                            of the Schuman Declaration that led to the
                                                                            creation of the European Union. EuroCham
                                                                            wants to celebrate this with a luncheon and a
                                                                            prominent speaker: Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, the
                                                                            Secretary-General of ASEAN.

                                                                   14       trenDs in teLecOM
                                                                            BLBG Breakfast Meeting with the Regional
                                                                            Vice-President of BELGACOM.

Subscription is free, so sign up for the latest news regarding     25       regiOnaL traDe cOMMittee
                                                                            The regional trade committee will address
Dutch (-related) business in Singapore and the region. Enjoy                and discuss various points of regional
exclusive invitations, company discounts and stay up to date                interest.
on events. to subscribe to this free newsletter, just log on



local gUys not hot enoUgh?
by Richard Soemita
                                                                 hear me talking and start checking me out. Then somehow,
                                                                 I see ‘she’s-interested-in-me-scale’ shooting up from 1 to
                                                                 8! Because the regular complaint I get is that local guys
                                                                 are so boring. But lets take a look at the local girls and
                                                                 their perception of the ideal man. In today’s society, local
                                                                 women are becoming more successful; both personally
                                                                 and in business, due to better education and Singapore
                                                                 becoming a welfare state compared to the neighbouring
                                                                 countries. Ahead of HKG and Tokyo, I would say that
                                                                 Singapore is by far the most westernised country in Asia.
                                                                 Marriages seems to be postponed and the birth rate of
                                                                 the Singaporean population seem to slacken as a result.
                                                                 These women tend to focus more and more on their own
                                                                 career rather than building a family and get children.
                                                                 The typical local girl of around 30 therefore seems to
                                                                 be as competitive and career minded as her European
                                                                 counterpart. They have their own car, sometimes own
                                                                 a condo and have a good salary. This particular profile
I covered a column before regarding SPGs, but lately I have      has become a ‘threat’ to the local guys, since they do
noticed that a lot of angmoh guys seem to hook up with           not behave like the traditional obeying Asian girl as most
the local girls. This is a great thing, since I also come from   local guys expect. They are the contrary: they make more
an interracial relationship. Within my Singapore circle of       money than the local guys, think ‘European’, don’t take any
friends this seems to be rather the norm than exception.         nonsense and are very demanding when it comes to a new
Even more female local celebs are hooking up with                partner. Rumours say that this kind of type prefers to have
Caucasians, for example: Jamie Yeo, Carole Lin, Joanne Peh,      an affair with the older (married) guys who are financially
or even local blogger like Xiaxue. This is hardly surprising     more powerful and mentally more able to handle these
given the high influx of foreigners into Singapore and the       women. After all, career comes first, but these ladies still
fact that almost 5% of the population is made up of non-        want to have some fun and cheating husbands seem to be
Singaporeans.                                                    quite accepted here.
     What is the reason that Singaporean girls, including             When I’m in the cab, for some strange reason
celebs, prefer angmohs rather than local guys? I have asked      Uncle soon asks me if I’m married. When I mention the
some of my lady friends this question and needless to say        ‘Singapore girl’ they all strongly recommend me not
that they all have an angmoh partner. Some of the answers        to get involved with them, obviously referring to the
were quiet shocking, but not totally surprising. The local       ‘danger profile’. Recently, I had a friend over from India
girls think that, in general, the Singaporean local guys are     who decided to move back home after she has lived in
really losing their “hot” and think that most Caucasians         Boston for more than 10 years. She currently has a local
are hot. There seems to be a lot of local girls now who          boyfriend from Delhi, but she seems to go through the
are specifically looking for angmoh partners and I would         same ‘transformation’. Her partner can’t cope with her
not classify these under the SPGs. I get this request quite      because she is too westernized and she can’t cope with
often from these girls since they know that I have a lot of      him because he’s far too local in her mindset.
angmoh male friends. I quote one of my lady friends: ‘In              Basically, there is nothing wrong with the local
all, many guys I have met who are local Singaporean men          Singaporean guys. It is the Singaporean girls that have
are still mummy’s boy, in-sensitive, rude, have no manners       changed their attitude over the last few years and of course
and some are just plain lazy to even wear proper clothes to      more exposure towards angmoh men. The grass is always
go on a date. There are no ugly women, but only lazy ones;       greener on the other side and this has attracted both sexes
compare this statement with men - there are Hot Men              to explore different cultures and personalities. Perhaps
everywhere if Men are willing to put in hard work. Building      it is the local guys that need to change their attitude to
a character and hitting the gym to look at least presentable     a more ‘European profile’ in order to cope with the local
at any situation should put the “Hotness” back to local          girl’s transformation. Because I still have to come across an
Men’.                                                            angmoh guy who wears slippers and shorts on a Saturday
     The interesting thing is that it is not necessarily the     dinner date, talks about his job and  kilo metal watch all
looks of the local guys, but more the attitude of the            night and finishes his entire 4 course meal and glass of
angmohs. I’m not by far Brat Pitt or Jack Neo, but most of       water within 35 minutes.
the time I’m being mistaken for a local… until the ladies


a Mrt at eVeryone’s doorstep,
a dreaM or reality?

Imagine Singapore without the MRT: an hour taxi ride from           The circle Line is not actually a full circle, as there
Orchard Road to Sentosa or  hours by bus from CBD to           will be no through service on the section between
Changi airport. The MRT saves Singapore from heavy traffic,     Harbourfront and Dhoby Ghaut. Passengers will need to
but congestion in the stations is near. Luckily, new stations   transfer onto the North-East Line instead, but it will be an
open, like the ten of the Circle Line last month.               orbital line linking all radial lines leading to the city, and
                                                                also will cover many parts of the Central Area. Transfers
Nicoll Highway MRT station can finally welcome its first        to the north south Line will be provided at Bishan, Dhoby
passengers. It was planned to open in 008, but only last       Ghaut and Marina Bay stations, East West Line at Paya
month this and nine other stations of the Circle Line were      Lebar and Buona Vista stations, and north east Line at
opened with a variety of festivities.                           Dhoby Ghaut, Serangoon and HarbourFront stations. The
    Six years ago, the station had nothing to celebrate,        future Downtown Line will interchange with the Circle Line
because on 0 April 004 a retaining wall gave way and          at Bayfront, Promenade, Botanic Gardens and MacPherson
a section of the tunnel collapsed. The accident left a          stations.
collapsed zone of 150 meters wide, 100 meters long and 30           The Circle Line will be fully open through the
meters deep. Three workers were killed, three were injured      completion of the subsequent stages; a 5 km five-station
and one body was never recovered. As a result of this tragic    segment stretching from Bartley to Marymount, was
accident, the station opened two years later and shifted        the first section of the line and opened on 8 May 009.
100 meters towards Republic Avenue.                             Unfortunately, until now the ridership on this section has
    The $6.7 billion Circle Line (CCL) is Singapore’s fourth    been considerably lower than estimated. Only 3,000
Mass Rapid Transit line. This fully underground line will be    passengers per day (ppd) are using the line instead of the
35.7 km long with 31 stations. It will be the world’s longest   expected 55,000 ppd.
fully automated metro line. The completed line will reduce          The nine new stations between Bartley and Dhoby
travelling time for commuters by allowing them to shorten       Ghaut opened on 17 April 010. And the last stages
trips between north to east or north to west and vice versa,    with the probably most longed for stations, like Botanic
bypassing busy interchanges like City Hall and Raffles Place.   Gardens, Farrer Road, Holland Village and One-North will
    In the 1990s, the Circle Line was first known as the        be opened in 011.
Marina Line. The Marina Line was initially planned as a             Like the North East Line, the Circle Line will also feature
1-station underground line, starting from Chinatown            the Land and Transport Authority’s (LTA) art in transit
and Dhoby Ghaut to the National Stadium. However, the           programme. Artwork and art seats will be integrated into
Chinatown leg was later truncated and was reduced to 6          station designs. Part of the LTA’s Art in Transit programme
stations up to Stadium station. On the other hand, a further    were the open architectural competitions for two Circle
extension towards Upper Paya Lebar was added. Eventually,       Line stations: Stadium, and Bras Basah. Both stations
the Marina line ended up as an inner circular line.             were awarded to WOHA Architects. They received the


“World Transport Building of the Year” Award at the World
Architecture Festival, 009. The stations were already
finished in 008, but they could not open until last month.
    The Bras Basah Mrt station was designed in 000.
The scheme sought to resolve the conflicting requirements
of bringing daylight into a deep station and providing
landscaping at ground level. The solution was to provide
a water covered glass roof, which acts as a reflection pool
at ground level, and as a huge skylight from underground.
The station roof reinforces the urban axes and reflects the
historic Singapore Art Museum and provides as a forecourt
for the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd and the Singapore
Management University.
    The scheme of the stadium Mrt station addressed the
problems of surge crowds and crowd holding areas by placing
the unpaid areas at ground level, and providing a public plaza
for holding crowds. Through this approach, underground
link ways and other situations where panic could occur were
avoided. The platform, although underground, relates to the
exterior through the extremely direct circulation path and
through skylights and the louvered walls, creating a calm,
easily navigated environment. The station design is inspired
by geological forms and the art of Richard Serra. The form
is generated by the stadium curve and the crowd flow. The
ribbed aluminium cladding is custom designed.
    With the opening of the new stations, The Land and
Transport Authority aims to bring the Nation to their favourite
people and places. For sure it will make it a lot easier to go to
a concert at the Esplanade or the Indoor Stadium.

  UpcoMing Mrt lines
  Although the Circle line is not round yet, the next MRT
  lines are already under construction or being planned.
      The 40-kilometre fully underground Downtown
  Line is currently in various stages of planning and
  construction, and will pass through 33 stations with a
  capacity for 500,000 commuters daily. It will connect
  the north western and eastern regions of Singapore to
  the new downtown at Marina Bay in the south and the
  Central Business District. It will be completed in three
  stages with stages 1,  and 3 opening by 013, 015 and
  016 respectively.
      Two more Lines are tentatively planned, the
  thomson Line and the eastern region Line. The TSL
  will reduce travel times between Woodlands and the
  Central Business District after it is completed by 018.
  The underground ERL will start from the Marina Bay
  station and go east to Marine Parade before terminating
  further north at Changi. It will generally be parallel to
  and south of the EWL and is expected to be completed
  by 00.
      Next to the new lines, the some two existing lines
  will be extended. The east West Line will be fully
  elevated extended westwards from Joo Koon Station.
  The 7.5 kilometre extension includes 4 new stations and
  a depot located near the Tuas Checkpoint.
      The north south Line will be southward extended
  from Marina Bay Station to the new station located near
  the upcoming International Cruise Centre at Marina

nOt tO Miss

tears for fears                                                                                                       4 May

                                            Made up of duo Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, Tears For Fears enjoyed
                                            worldwide success in the 80s when British bands were setting the commercial
                                            and cultural bar in regards to pop music. They have sold in excess of  million
                                            albums worldwide spawning massive hits such as “Everybody Wants To Rule
                                            the World”, “Shout”, “Head Over Heels”, “Sowing The Seeds Of Love” and “Mad

                                            internet WWW.LAMCPRODUCTIONS.COM/TEARSFORFEARS

rUssian rapsody By sso                                                                                                8 May

Conductor: Arvo Volmer Piano: Peter Jablonski

BRITTEN - Sinfonia da Requiem, Op. 0 (1’)
RACHMANINOV - Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op. 43 (’)
SHOSTAKOVICH - Symphony No. 5 in D minor, Op. 47 (44’)

internet WWW.SSO.ORG.SG

singapore arts festiVal                                                                            14 May-13 June

                                            Between You and Me, the Singapore Arts Festival’s new theme for 010, is all
                                            about getting closer to the arts. For the first time, the Festival will actively reach
                                            out to everyone through an outreach programme called com.mune. Together
                                            with a stellar showcase of international performances, the Festival will truly
                                            touch you in ways you never imagined possible
                                                Today, the Singapore Arts Festival has become an international showcase with
                                            a distinctive Asian flavour, known for its bold and innovative collaborations at the
                                            cutting-edge of contemporary arts.

                                            internet WWW.SINGAPOREARTSFEST.COM

charlotte’s weB                                                                                               22-30 May

The Players Theatre, a non-profit Children’s Theatre Company is the producer of
Charlotte’s Web. The play based on the book by E.B. White is a loving story about
true friendship, bravery and selfless love. Wilbur the irresistible pig strikes up
an inspired friendship with the extraordinary spider, Charlotte. When the young
Wilbur finds out that he’s destined to become bacon for breakfast, Charlotte
begins her campaign to save his life.


                                                                                                            eMBassy neWs

                                     The Embassy is closed on the following days in May 010:

                                     thursday 13 May (Ascension Day)
                                     friday 14 May
                                     Monday 24 May (Whit Monday)
                                     friday 28 May (Vesak Day)

                                     In case of an emergency, please contact the duty officer on HP: 9661 5704

dUtch MoVie: “hannahannah”                                                                    sUn 9 May, 9pM
                                                                    organizing the anniversary river cruise, Hannah is left
                                                                    with mixed feelings. Yet when Victor confides in her that
                                                                    her family is communicating terribly, she claims he is not
                                                                    the person to judge. Suddenly Hannah seems uncertain
                                                                    whether to stay with Victor who proves quite patient
                                                                    and understanding...

                                                                    awards: HANNAHANNAH (007), Awards: Barry Atsma
                                                                    received a Golden Calf for Best Supporting Actor from
                                                                    the Netherlands Film Festival Utrecht, the Netherlands,
                                                                    BITE (003)

                                                                    Principal cast: Maria Kraakman (06/05, Guernsey, Iles
rating               :   NC16                                       Flottantes), Antonie Kamerling (The Little Blond Dead,
GEnRE                :   Romantic Comedy                            I Love You Too), Janni Goslinga (The Northerners, Black
LanGUaGE             :   Dutch (English Subtitles)                  Book), Kees Boot (Kees The Boy)
running tiMe         :   77 minutes
DirectOr             :   Annemarie van de Mond                      The Dutch movie is screened as part of the 0th EU Film
year Of reLease      :   007                                       Festival in Singapore.

Hannah, a stubborn outsider within a large family,                  Thursday 6 – Sunday 16 May 010
watches her family with mixed feelings as they welcome              All sessions at GV VivoCity (MRT Harbour Front)
her new boyfriend.
                                                                    Tickets for public sessions available at SGD 10.00 from
Hannah, the headstrong rebel of seven siblings, tries                April 010 at the GV VivoCity box-office, online at
to avoid the preparations for her parent’s wedding         and at AXS stations islandwide.
anniversary, but her charming brand-new lover Victor                    For more information and updates on the 0th
sort of drags her along, and soon proves to be an ideal             European Union Film Festival, please visit:
son-in-law. As Victor assumes full responsibility for               sg / /

                            exclusive designer tailors
                            Great Tailor - Excellent Fit
                            The custom tailor is an artist in the
                            truest sense. Using a gentleman’s
                            imperfect body as inspiration,
                            the tailor fashions a garment that
                            captures every subtlety and caters
                            to its owner’s individual strengths.                                          TJ Custom Tailors
                            Whether you begin with a custom                                                    24 Raffles Place
                            dress shirt or mens’ suit, the experience promises to be among                  #01-23 Clifford Centre
                            the most rewarding you will encounter. A custom shirt shop such            (right opp Guardian Pharmacy)
                                                                                                              Singapore 048621
                            as TJ Tailor is an excellent place to embark on your journey.

Tel: (65) 6534 0301       Hp: (65) 9663 1207               Email:         Website:

aDB neWs

adB sponsor policy
As announced during our AGM, last March 15, we are pleased to outline and detail our new sponsor policy, simultaneously
requesting for your kind ongoing sponsor support.

ADB is a flourishing business organization set up to increase communication, understanding, cooperation and exposure across
the Singapore business community. Our new sponsor policy and offering fits right into that and provides for an easy and
friendly entrance into the Dutch business community living in Singapore for a competitive price.

Our sponsor vision is to create a more structural relationship with key Dutch & Singaporean companies by offering packages
consisting of value added benefits, linked to a certain sponsor amount; Bronze (S$3,750), Silver (S$5,000) and Gold (S$7,500).

i. sponsor packages
a)   Bronze: $ sing 3,750
                    1.    advertisements in our widely distributed and well read ADB Magazine (full color, 1 page, or 4 B/W,
                         1/ page)
                    .   Name posting at all (in-house) ADB events (from invitation to the event itself)
                    3.   A feature article in our ADB Magazine on company profile or company employee
                    4.   Link or banner on ADB Website (Horizontal & vertical banners).

                    Kindly note that stand-alone, the  advertisements already represent a value of S$,00 (please see II.
                    below). The value add of this package is self-explanatory.

b)   silver: $ sing 5,000
                    All of the above benefits, and in addition a quarterly (8 B/W) advertisements in our ADB Magazine,
                    a speakers opportunity at an ADB event, and name posting at the best attended events, being the
                    annual “Dinner & Dance” and the New Year reception, both of which events are excluded from

c)   gold: $ sing 7,500
                    All of the above benefits, and in addition to that monthly advertisements in our ADB Magazine, name
                    posting at all ADB events,  feature articles in our ADB Magazine, a visit to your company and/or
                    speakers opportunity, and access to our database ADB for direct e-mailing purposes to our members. As
                    discussed and agreed on during the AGM, we will “e-blast” your commercial contents to all members.
                    This proceeding will also safeguard privacy requirements.

Because of our large and high quality membership base, the above provides you and your company with the right exposure
and the right audience for a very competitive price.

ii. advertisements
Obviously, you can still choose to only advertise, which allows you access to our widely read ADB Magazine and ADB Website.
Please have a look on our website for our ADB magazine and ADB website advertising tariffs.

iii. aDB event sponsoring ($ sing 2,500 per event)
Every month, the ADB organizes an event for their members to network, gain knowledge and socialize at the same time. For
example, an inspiring lecture or an interesting field trip to a company, all held by members, prominent Dutch and non-Dutch
business people and industry experts. All in all, this provides for a broad range of events to suit the needs of our members.

Event sponsoring is open to you or your company at S$,500 per event.

Dinner & Dance august 28th
Other events are still in the planning stages, but the Dinner & Dance is already scheduled for August 8th! The Dinner & Dance
needs no further explanation, since this is traditionally one of our best attended events and a true annual happening that you
should mark early in your calendar.

We trust you will find our offering compelling, and hence, we look forward to your favorable response. Please contact us at
+ 65 81635650 or at

Rutger Oudejans and Hans Loth,
on behalf of the ADB Board

                                                                                                              aDB neWs

eMerging MarKets fUnd VietnaM
We are two students from the University of Groningen and are currently working on a research-assignment for the
Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO). FMO manages the Emerging Markets Fund (Fonds Opkomende
Markten, FOM), which supports the economic development of emerging markets by encouraging investments to be
made by Dutch enterprises. Therefore, FOM is interested in Dutch companies operating or willing to operate on the
Vietnamese market. FOM offers these joint ventures/full subsidiaries, a direct opportunity to strengthen their financial
structure. If you are interested in the FOM program or have any questions, please visit or contact us.
Karijn Scholte at or Vincent Jorna at

JoB seeKers / internship
naMe                :   Anne Yim                               naMe                :   Mieke Klanker
age                 :   6                                     age                 :   5
teL.nO.             :   +65 8311 4610                          teL.nO. HOMe        :   +33 611538941
eMaiL-aDDress       :                    eMaiL-aDDress       :

stuDy:                                                         stuDy: MSc International Political Economy
• Sep 001-June 007: Free University, Amsterdam,
  Master of Science in Economics (Specialization in            sPeciaLizatiOn: International trade and finance
  marketing). Graduated with honor.
• Sep 008-Sep 009: National Taiwan Normal University,        internsHiP: Dynamic environment, where I can
  Taipei, Advanced Level Mandarin Language Course.             increase my knowledge on South-East Asia/ASEAN,
• Sep 006-Sep 008: University of Leiden, Sinology.           a role where I can develop and take responsibility.
• Feb-June 006: Tsinghua University, Beijing, Intensive       Potentially to be combined with Master thesis. Interest
  Mandarin Language Course.                                    in globalisation and internationalisation strategies of
WOrking exPerience: Almost two years of
experience in (online) marketing and banking industry.         WOrking exPerience: During my three years in
Have worked in MNC’s as well as small consultancy              India, I was an intern at a start-up company where I
company. Other experience include HR and hospitality           set up a business development network. After that, for
industry. Team player and able to work independently.          over two years I have been engaged in the set-up of a
Fluent in Dutch, English, Mandarin and Cantonese. EPEC         Dutch venture in trade and marketing consultancy for
holder (likely to qualify for EP).                             European SME in India.

LOOking fOr: A dynamic job in marketing or                     LOOking fOr: Internship starting from July-
commercial banking. Preference for product or brand            August 010 onwards to maximum Jan 011. I am a
marketing in FMCG company, market research or finance          multifunctional, energetic professional with an interest
position in large bank. Looking for a full time position,      in entrepreneurship and international development.
ideally for long term. I have good analytical, numerical
and interpersonal skills.

                                  ET                                                  ARE
                           INTERN                                              &
           SKY             AANSL                                               HARDW
                   PE                                                                ARE

aDB neWs

     networking on the “Cheng ho”                                                                                            13 May
     Dear ADB Member,
     Traditionally, we organise a BBQ in the month of May. However, this year,
     our anniversary year, we have planned a different event for you and your
     partner on Thursday, 13th of May.
          Come and join us onboard the “Cheng Ho” for the Singapore
     experience, offering panaromic view of the city’s skyline, Southern
     Islands and the renowned busy port on board the replica of the famous
     Ming Dynasty imperial vessel. You will enjoy attractive sights of little
     vessels anchored in Marina South Pier Bay, the Singapore flyer, Sentosa
     Cove, Tanjong Pagar Container Port, the busiest in the world by shipping
     tonnage, and the coastline of Singapore’s pleasure isle, Sentosa.
     19:00 hrs Boarding at Marina South Pier (31 Marina Coastal Drive)
     19:30 hrs Boat trip, international buffet & drinks
     :30 hrs Return to Marina South Pier
     Cost for this event will be SGD 50 per person (including food and free flow of drinks for duration of tour).
         Please register at and arrange payment, both before
     7th of May. For payment details, please refer to the email-blast.
     No-show policy applies. In case of cancellation, please do so before the 7th of May, otherwise full registration fee applies.

     Co-sponsored by:

new MeMBers                                        Michaela Hofman-Scholvinck, BNP                    leaVing MeMBers
Andrea Breebaart, Unilever                         Paribas Fortis                                     Arjan de Boer, ABN AMRO Bank
Cor Tjalsma, Techsol Asia Pacific                  Richard de Jong, T&T Bisso Salvage                 Joyce Eikelboom, Media Catalyst
Duco Egressy, ING Bank                             Richard Smal, PMO Institute                        Margreet Mennes, Embassy of the
Jille Kuipers, University of Groningen             Rolf Eilander, Abbott Nutrition                    Kingdom of the Netherlands
Karlijn Buijs-van de Kamp, Embassy of              Sofie Denys, Screen Sculpture                      Rob Blokvoord, Van Leeuwen Pipe
the Kingdom of the Netherlands                     Stijn Brocker, Barco                               & Tubes
Martijn van den Hoek, HRP Asia                     Tony Moes, Linde Gas                               Sipke Mennes, Shell

  eDitOriaL cOMMittee                              Design                                             Membership fee is S$ 100 per
  Frank Kuijsters, Chief Editor                    Michiel Sengers                                    calendar year. For registration, please
  Gene Kwee                                        Jennifer Phua                                      see the website
  Lineke van Nederpelt
  Michiel Sengers                                  Printer Khoo Sun Printing Pte Ltd                  Membership is renewed
  Richard Soemita                                                                                     automatically effective the first
  Sara Caris                                       Mita 373/03/001                                   month of the new calendar year.
  Willem Anne Hoekstra                                                                                Make your cheque payable to
                                                   This magazine is distributed free of               “Assocation of Dutch Businessmen”
  secretariat                                      charge to all members and relations                and send to ADB, c/o  Camden
  Lineke van Nederpelt                             of the ADB.                                        Park, Singapore 99814.

  MaiLing aDDress                                  We invite members to contribute to                 Termination of membership must
  c/o  Camden Park                               the next issue.                                    be received by ADB Secretariat in
  Singapore 99814                                                                                    writing before 1 January. Please
  Telephone: 9101 601                             The contents of this magazine are                  notify the ADB secretariat of any
  email:                        partly based on information received               changes in employer, (email)
                                                   from third parties. The Committee                  addresses or any other personal
  WeBsite                                          does not take responsibility for the               particulars that might be of interest                                   correctness of the articles                        to the ADB administration.

                                                                      Jan Haank, c
                                                                                    aroline van
                                                                      kuijsters, Pe             der Meer, fr
                                                                                   ter raar                 ank
siep Hiemstra, ambassador Johannes Jansing, Hans Vriens,
Michiel kool

                                                                                                           idh    off, esther
                                                                                  Mathijs Boeren, Haiko zu
                                  sascha roosen, rik zwinkels, richard            Boeren
                                  van der Werf

                                                                     robert de B
                                                                                 ruin, Max spe
 Marie Piederiet, Wilco alberda, arjan Bolhuis,
 Marianne Doele

                                                                                        stijn Brocker, so
                                Dirk rabelink, Bram tijsseling, robert kessels,                          fie Denys
                                floris Messing
 Michael krayenhoff

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