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Cheerleading Constitution - DOC


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									                            Cheerleading Constitution
                                  & Strike Policy 2010 - 2011
Cheerleading is a full contact sport and must be taken seriously for the safety of all members. LHS has published a
handbook of rules and regulations that each athlete must follow. Any violation of the rules at practice or contest can
result in disqualification and/or ejected from games/contests – EVEN COMPETITION. The LHS cheerleading
program has added to these regulations to form a higher standard and to fit the needs of the school. IN ADDITION TO
the LHS athletic contract, LHS cheer adheres to the following:

   A. If a cheerleader accumulates 9 points or 3 STRIKES she will be suspended for the remainder of
      the calendar year and will not letter. If a cheerleader quits the squad she will not letter and will
      try out the following season with 1 point on her record.
   B. Points will be carried into other seasons (football / basketball)
   C. Once you tryout for a squad and make a squad, you are considered an LHS cheerleader and all
      obligations in this constitution apply immediately.
   A. Three points (1 strike) will result in sitting with a coach during next performance/game.
   B. Six points (2 strikes) will result in suspension from performances for one week, must attend
   C. Nine points (3 strikes) will result in the dismissal from the team.
   D. One point will be given for: (but not limited to)
           1. Tardiness at any team activity.
           2. Chewing gum during a game / competition.
           3. Visible disrespect towards coach, captains, or team members at practice / games
           4. Inappropriate practice uniform (hair, jewelry, missing cheer shoes, etc.)
           5. Forgotten poms or accessories (wearing wrong items to school or contests)
           6. Further excused absences more than 3 already excused absences
                1. Excused absences must be a legitimate reason for missing any activity, work is not an
                excused absence.
   B. 1 Strike - Three points will be given for:
           1. Unexcused absence
           2. Any school detention
           3. Use of inappropriate language at practices or games
           4. Cheering with jewelry of any sort at a game
    A. Each member must be passing her classes and maintaining a GPA as stated in the handbook or
       attending extra help as needed.
    B. All students who participate in school events (game, contest, pep rally, performance) must be in
       school 6 of the 9 periods of school the day the activity is scheduled in order to participate.
            1. If a member is ill and misses ANY activity, he/she must be HOME or seeking medical
    C. If a member misses any practice, it must be called in / email / note ahead of time to a coach.
            a. A missed practice before a game/meet will result in sitting out for 2 quarters.
    D. All members must be on time to scheduled events. Admitting to losing a schedule is not an excuse.
    C. All members should be leaders within the school and set a good example at all times.
    D. Members must hold themselves responsible to the Athletic Code of Conduct.
           1. The Athletic Code of Conduct can be found on the LHS web site and in the handbook.
           2. The Cheerleading Constitution must be signed by every member before participation.
           3. Each member must abide by the standards found in the LHS Handbook.
    E. A member must be courteous and friendly to all team members and opposing squads.
    F. A member must be respectful to the coach, school employees and a credit to the school.

Lynbrook High School
     A. Each member will receive a uniform issued by the school. Uniforms are school property.
            1. Members cannot wear uniforms to outside school activities (no Halloween or parties).
            2. Uniforms are not to be lent to anyone.
            3. Each member must maintain good condition and cleanliness of his/her uniform on a
                 weekly basis. They can be machine washed separately and hung to dry.
            4. Each member will be required to return every item checked out at the end of their season
                 by deadlines.
            5. If uniforms are not returned by deadline:
                        i. Verbal reminder.
                        ii. Phone call home from AD.
                        iii.        Report card will be withheld.
     B. All members must wear their full uniform to all classes the day of a contest or game. In the event
        of multiple contests /games in one week a coach can make a decision to change the dress code.
     C. Contest Uniform must always be followed.
            1. Only school issued uniforms may be worn, cheer shoes, squad ribbons with school colors,
                 joggers and hoodies or jackets may be worn to cheer in. No bra straps should show.
                 Coaches may amend to fit squads. No colored nail polish.
     D. Practice Dress Code must be in full compliance for each practice.
            1. Cheer shoes only. Bring water bottle. No PJ pants. Proper undergarments. No over
                 exposure (appropriate tops and support).
            2. No gum or food in mouth at any practice/game/performance.
            3. No jewelry at any time, this includes belly button, tongue, rings, ear, nose, plugs, studs,
                 athletic jewelry – nothing of the sort – If not removable, it must be taped BEFORE
                 practice begins.
            4. All hair must be out of the face and off the shoulders at all practices/games/performances.
            5. All fingernails must be cut so one cannot see nails over the tips of fingers. No colored
                 polish at any game/contest/performance.
     A. If a captain receives 2 strikes for any reason they will no longer be captain.
     B. Captains hold a higher standard than the rest of the team and will be held more accountable for
        absences and problem issues.
     C. It is the responsibility of the captain to make sure the team knows information, including those
        who missed a practice/game/performance.
     D. Captains will be voted for and/or hand picked by the coaches.

General Rules & Misc.
     A. Members are responsible for checking the web site
          https://secure.lynbrook.k12.ny.us/mminicus/cheerleading.htm every week and/or their
        school email for cheer updates, game dates, time changes, or other information.
            a. It is a personal responsibility to inform coaches of new email addresses & numbers.
     B. Members must maintain the same transportation to/from contests, unless a note is given by the
        parents 24 hours in advance to the AD, Mr. Graham.
     A. Each member will be required to participate in fundraising.
     B. There will be a few required fundraisers in 2009 – 2010, examples are below:
            1. All Cheerleaders will sell car wash tickets. Each cheerleader will be expected to sell at
                least 10 tickets at $5 each.

We appreciate everyone’s assistance in maintaining the higher standard for this school, organization and as individuals.
In order to participate in the Lynbrook High School Cheerleading Program these standards must be followed.

                  If you have read and agree to the above, please sign below:

Lynbrook High School
Parent/Guardian Name   Signature   Date

Cheerleader Name       Signature   Date

Lynbrook High School

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