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					                        Cactus Shadows High School

                                    2010-2011 CSHS Cheer Constitution


       Support athletic teams, uphold school spirit, promote the crowd’s involvement during events and promote pride
        and image of our school.
       Develop a good sense of sportsmanship among students as well as uphold the highest in personal standards.
       Support all football and basketball athletic events.
       Perform and contribute at school activities and functions.


All members must have a minimum academic GPA of 2.0 on a scale of 4.0 in order to attend cheer tryouts. Members
must maintain a 2.0 GPA in order to remain on the team. No semester failures in any course are allowed. If you are
ineligible twice during the season or receive a semester grade “F” you can be removed from the squad for the year. For
tryouts, you must be passing all classes the semester prior to tryouts. For incoming Freshman if you have a failing grade
at semester you will be eligible to tryout; however, if you have a semester “F” at the end of the year you can be
immediately removed from the squad.


       Members of each squad are responsible for knowing all the CSHS cheer expectations and requirements.

       All squad members are expected to attend summer cheer camp and be available for all summer practices before
        camp. Cheer camp is scheduled for June 18th through 20th, 2010 at the UCA Master Elite Camp in Flagstaff,
        Arizona at Northern Arizona University. We will travel as a team via district transportation to the camp.
        Exception to this rule is another academic responsibility (i.e. summer school, etc.)

       Each person who makes the squad must have a current physical completed before attending summer camp.

       Attitude, dedication and enthusiasm are just as important as the physical skills. You should have school spirit and
        get involved at CSHS. Be friendly, cheerful and always observe the rules of good sportsmanship.

       You are encouraged to be involved in other activities, but they must come second to CSHS cheer. This includes
        not leaving practice early or coming late due to an outside activity. You may have a job as long as it does not
        conflict with cheer practices and games.

       All members must be good citizens. Any student suspended or expelled from school can (at our discretion) be
        dropped from the squad. Foul language, smoking, excessive public displays of affection, fighting, poor
        sportsmanship or disrespectful behavior are unacceptable and subject to team and school disciplinary action.

       Students may not use or have possession of tobacco, alcohol, narcotics or dangerous drugs. Your behavior must
        also be a positive reflection of CSHS at all times. You will adhere to the CSHS Athletic Code of Conduct for all
        athletes; however, the cheer constitution institutes a 30 day suspension for a 1 st offense that includes self-
        reporting and removal from the squad for a 2nd and final offense. If you do not self-report, your suspension is 60
        days. This rule is in effect for the entire duration that you are a CSHS cheerleader. This includes weekends and

       Members are expected to dress in a neat and modest fashion, following the guidelines of CSHS dress code. You
        have been selected to be a member of a team with high standards. Your appearance and actions are a reflection
        of the whole team. Anyone sent home from school for inappropriate dress can be benched.
     Poor sportsmanship is the worst mistake that we can make in the eyes of our school and the AIA. Never boo a
      call, taunt a losing team or lead a derogatory cheer. It is our job to discourage bad sportsmanship. Lead a
      positive chant when the crowd is booing.

     You must attend school and be in at least four classes on the day of an assembly or game. Assemblies and
      traveling to games are excused as school business and cannot be counted against you. However, you must make
      up what you miss! You are required to be at school the entire day before a competition. If you are sick and not
      in classes on the day of a game, you are ineligible to participate at that game.

     Members with injuries will dress out and sit with the team. Ineligible athletes are required to attend the game
      and will sit, in uniform, with the coach. However, if it is an away game and transportation is offered through
      CCUSD, ineligible athletes CANNOT ride the bus, but are expected to attend via personal transportation. This
      also pertains to in-state and out-of-state cheer competitions.

     All members are expected to be at all games. The only acceptable excuse for missing a game is an excused
      illness or a death in the family. Jobs, babysitting, homework, concerts, etc. are not valid excuses. Any planned
      family activity such as wedding, anniversaries, etc. should be known well ahead of time. Anyone who makes
      the squad will be asked to provide a list of planned events immediately that may conflict with practice, football or
      basketball season. Every attempt will be made to accommodate legitimate excuses.

     You are expected to participate in ALL group fundraisers (i.e. Sports Program, etc.). There will be other
      fundraisers that are on a voluntary basis (Gold Canyon Candles, etc.) and those profits will be directly applied
      towards your personal competition fees.

     Members will provide their own transportation to home games. School transportation will be provided for away
      games. Any unauthorized transportation will lead to removal from the squad. In an emergency, a member may
      leave with a parent or guardian if the coach has been notified. A member may leave with a parent or guardian
      with written notice given to the athletic director or cheer coach. The coach must converse with the parent or
      guardian before the member leaves. This is for the safety of the squad member.

     Open communication needs to be maintained with the coach and within the group. If you have any problems or
      concerns, you need to communicate them to the coach first. It is detrimental to the whole squad if you complain
      to other member and parents instead of voicing your concerns with the coach. If another member is unhappy or
      starts complaining to you, encourage them to talk directly to their coach.

     Captains and Co-Captains will be named and placed by the Head Coach. All chosen will have specific
      responsibilities and duties and if they are unable to fulfill these duties to the level expected by the Head Coach,
      they can and will be replaced mid-season.

     Tattoos, Body Piercing and Hair Color: Tattoos cannot be visible anywhere on the body when wearing the school
      issued uniforms, camp clothing or in the required spankies and sports bras. Body piercing are allowed; however,
      all jewelry has to be removed prior to each practice, game, exhibition or competition. There are no exceptions to
      this rule. This is sanctioned by the National Federation and AIA rules. Hair color must be of a “natural” color at
      all times. Temporary color (blue streaks, etc) to display school spirit may be allowed with the prior permission of
      your coach.

     As each girl represents the team as a whole both on and off campus, the surfacing of any inappropriate,
      incriminating, or explicit photographs of any member of the team is grounds for termination based on a case by
      case basis. This includes but is not limited to drinking alcohol, partaking in other illegal substances, or posing with
      full or partial nudity. This clause also applies to any written comments on social networking sites or in other
      public domains.


     Uniforms will be purchased by each cheerleader and will remain their personal property. Members will be
      responsible for additional costs including their own shoes, socks, spankies, sports bra, etc.
      All uniforms will be kept for a two year cycle. You will be able to sell your uniform at the end of the season if you
       are graduating, make Varsity, for a cost of about ½ the original purchase price.

      Any member who quits or is dismissed from the squad has the option to sell the uniform back to the squad if
       needed by the team.


      All cheerleaders are to be at practice 15 minutes early, stretched and ready to go when practice starts. Typically
       practices for Varsity and J.V. begin at 5:30 AM! The J.V. team may have afternoon practices as determined by
       the JV coach.

      Members are expected to be attentive and cooperative at practice. The team will follow the instructions of the
       coach or captain and treat them with respect.

      You are responsible to attend all practices unless cleared through the coach well in advance; otherwise, it will be
       considered an unexcused absence. Any member with two unexcused absences can be dismissed from the squad.

      If you attend school, but are unable to practice because of a medical condition, you must provide a doctor’s
       written excuse. You will still be expected to attend and watch the practice.

      Anyone missing school/practice because of illness should call the Head Coach or Assistant Coach that morning.

      Practice attire must be complete. This is an AIA rule. You will be assigned a practice wear schedule for your
       specific team and that outfit is to be worn on the specified day. If you lose a shirt or shorts (camp wear) during
       the course of the year, you will be expected to replace that lost item with new camp wear at your cost).

      Both squads will be training one day each week at Desert Storm Elite gym in Scottsdale. There we have the
       equipment and additional coaching staff to work on tumbling and stunting skills in a safe environment. The cost
       is $47 or $94/month, (depending on the squad) plus a $62.00 annual registration fee.

      Only activities and practices attended by the coach are sanctioned by the school. All practices must include
       adequate warm-up time, a safe area to practice in and the following of safety guidelines.

      All Varsity and J.V. cheerleaders will be required to cheer at all home football and home boys basketball games.
       The Varsity squad will travel to away football games.


      Parents will be assigned to work and organize specific committees.

      Maintain open communication with the coaches at all times. Please go directly to the Head Coach regarding any
       issue before attempting to involve the Athletic Director or other Administration.

      Attend parent meetings and participate in fundraising.

      Always remember that your perspective of practice, routines, etc. may not always be the same as the coaches.
       We welcome any comments or concerns that you may, but will not make changes to routines, positions or
       placements of an individual cheerleader based on parent complaints.