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									Army Child, Youth and School Services
      Operation: Military Kids
       A collaborative effort with America’s
       communities to support Children & Youth
       living on and off post who are impacted by
       parental absences in support of the Military
          OMK State Teams Operate in 49 States & DC
          State, Community, & Garrison Networks of People,
           Organizations, & Program Resources Support “Military
           Families in our Own Backyard”
          Initiatives include:
              • Ready, Set, Go! Training for OMK State Teams
              • Mobile Youth Technology Labs
              • Youth Hero Packs
              • Speak Out for Military Kids
              • Hug a Dolls
              • Program Materials for Yellow Ribbon Events
            Army Child, Youth & School Services
                Operation: Military Kids Website


Localized information for
each state
    • Calendar of Events
    • Programs
    • Tell Me Your Story
    • Contacts

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