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					               Bobcat Volleyball
              8th Grade ~ Fall 2010

 “The way a team plays as a whole determines its success.
You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the
  world, but if they don't play together, the club won’t be
                 worth a dime.” -Babe Ruth

   BROOKINGS 2010-2011 7th & 8th Grade VOLLEYBALL
              Home Matches – 7th & 8th at Mickelson Middle School

         Date               Opponent             _____________
     Thu 9-9 4:00           @ Sioux Valley (A-B)
     Tue   9-14 4:00        @ Brandon Valley (A-B-C-D)
     Thu 9-16 4:00          vs Watertown (A-B-C-D)
     Tue   9-21 4:00        vs Harrisburg (A-B-C)
     Sat   9-25 11:00       @ Aberdeen (A-B-C-D)
     Thu 9-30 4:00          @ Huron (A-B-C-D)
     Tue 10-5 4:00          vs Mitchell (A-B-C-D)
     Thu 10-7 4:00          vs Brandon Valley (A-B-C-D)
     Mon 10-11 4:00         @ Watertown (A-B-C-D)
     Thu 10-14 4:00         vs Huron (A-B-C-D)
     Tue 10-19 4:00         vs Madison (A-B-C-D)
     Thu 10-21 4:00         vs Flandreau (A-C)
                               & Sioux Valley (B-D)
     Sat   10-30 9:30       Big 4 Tournament – BHS (“A” team)

**First day of practice: Tuesday, August 24th!
   **Picture date: Monday, August 30th! Remember your uniform!!
General Information:
     There is a ―no cut‖ policy at MMS. Any girl wishing to participate is
      welcome to come and have fun!
     Practice times are as follows: 3:30-5:30 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,
      and Friday) and 4:00—5:15 (Wednesday) at Mickelson Middle School.
      o There may be exceptions to this rule; athletes will be informed prior to
         practice if changes are made.
      o No School=No Practice (We do have a match in Watertown when
         there is no school on Monday, October 11th. )
     An athlete dedicated to his/her sport and team will do his/her best to not
      miss practice. Attendance at practice will be taken.
      o Excused absence: doctor, dentist, wedding, funeral, sick, family
         emergency, school work
      o Unexcused absence: detention, hair appointments, shopping, tanning,
         work, birthday parties, etc.
     Please make arrangements to be picked up immediately after practice.
      Practice will end promptly at the time designated UNLESS TOLD
      o While waiting for rides outside, please dress according to weather
         conditions. We want you to stay healthy.
     Teams are not ―set in stone‖. We will try to place players of similar skill
      level on the same team. We approximate having four teams. We look at
      skill level, attitude, hustle, and teamwork as factors in determining team

General Expectations:

       Have your clothes for practice and uniform for games. You will need the
        following: SHORTS, T-SHIRTS, SHOES, and KNEEPADS.
       When a coach is talking, no one else should be talking. Everyone needs
        to listen!
       Be on time! Dress quickly! Be ready to go!
       Lying will not be tolerated.
       Warm-ups are to be used for warming up, so be serious.
        If you lose a ball, follow the ―Group Get‖ rule.
        o Group Get=both partners hustle after a loose ball together.
       In order for a safe and productive practice, the balls should be picked up
        and put in the carts so people do not get hurt. If you are not immediately
        involved in a drill, you should be shagging balls as quickly as possible.
       Hustle in practice at all times!
       Drink plenty of water!
       Respect the equipment: don’t lean, hang, or pull on the nets or kick or
        shoot the volleyballs..
       Notify the coaches if you are unable to play in a game as soon as
        possible. Also notify the coaches if you will not be at practice(s).
       Be a good representative for Bobcat Volleyball. Conduct yourself in a
        responsible and respectful manner.
       If you have a question or concern, please contact one of the coaches. We
        are here to help you and build a successful volleyball team. Everything
        we do is done to benefit the Brookings Bobcat volleyball program.
       Each day, the net should be set up at the beginning of practice.
        Everybody can help set up the net! Everyone should then start warming

       o Be ready to board the bus as soon as possible. Late players will be
         left home.
       o You must stay seated in your seats on the bus.
              No excessive screaming or yelling will be tolerated.
       o Do NOT spray perfume, body spray, or hairspray on the bus.
       o Clean up your garbage when leaving the bus. Be responsible for
       o In the event that you need to be transported to and/or from an out-of-
         town match by your parent/guardian, you need to obtain a form from
         Coach Timmons or Coach LeFebvre that needs to be signed by
         yourself and your parent/guardian. This form is mandatory if you
         wish to travel with your parent/guardian. You may not travel
         with anyone other than your own parent/guardian.

  Game Sites and Directions:

   As the coaches, we are excited to start the 2010 volleyball season. We look
forward to helping the athletes grow and mature both as volleyball players and as
          a team. If any questions or concerns arise, please let us know.

      You may contact Coach LeFebvre by email at
or by phone at 696-4622 or Coach Timmons at or
                            by phone at 696-4540.