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					        Assumption Greek Orthodox
                    Fr. Peter Karloutsos
30 Clapboard Ridge Road ~ Danbury, CT 06811                    phone: 203.748.2992 fax:
                        Website: e-mail:


                                     PASCHA - 2011

                   9:00 am Orthros
                  10:00 am Divine Liturgy

                             Making of Crosses for Palm Sunday. We invite the young people
                             of our Parish as well as adults to join us following services for a light
                             snack and to help us make Crosses from the Palms. This is a
                             beautiful tradition which everyone can observe and learn. We need
                             parents to help with lunch.

Sun., Apr. 17     PALM SUNDAY
                   9:00 am Orthros
                  10:00 am Divine Liturgy
                           Catechism School

                             Traditional Palm Sunday Luncheon after Church Service. Please
                             join us for this delicious luncheon prepared by our Ladies
                             Philoptochos Purchase your Easter Bread and candles after
                             Church. Start off Holy Week with your Church Family.

                   7:00 pm PARENTS...Young girls from 3rd grade through 9th grade are
                           needed to participate in the procession of the Bridegroom. (Sunday,
                           Monday and Tuesday evenings) They will represent the wise maid-
                           ens mentioned in the Parable of the wise and foolish maidens who
                           were waiting to meet the Lord and entered into the Feast of the
                           Bridegroom (Matthew 25:1-33). Please contact Presbytera Maria.

Holy Monday        7:00 pm

Holy Tuesday       7:00 pm Hymn of Kassiani the Nun

Holy Wednesday     4:00 pm
                   7:00 pm

Holy Thursday      6:00 am Please plan to attend the full service and not just five minutes before
                           Holy Communion. We should offer prayers and prepare for Holy
                           Communion, not just make it a pious custom. This is the Day we
                           commemorate as the Day Christ instituted this most beautiful and
                           meaningful Mysterion - Sacrament - Holy Communion.

                   7:00 pm The Twelve Gospel Lessons of Christ’s Passion

Fri., April 22    GREAT & HOLY FRIDAY
Holy Friday       10:00 am Reading of Hours

                             After "Hours", we will adorn the Kouvouklion with Flowers and
                             prepare the Church for Pascha. A lenten meal will be served.
                   3:00 pm   The Apokathilosis Service - Christ is taken from the Cross and placed
                             in the Tomb. A beautiful and solemn service.

Fri., April 22     7:00 pm   Service of Lamentations - Orthros - The Epitaphios will be taken
Holy Friday                  in a procession around the Church. Join us for this most beau-
                             tiful service.

Holy Saturday     10:00 am Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great. Commemorate Christ's De-
                           scent into Hell to raise Adam and Eve.

                  11:00 pm   (Evening) - The Canon (Hymns of Pascha)

                  12:00 pm   (Midnight) - The Resurrection Gospel - CHRISTOS ANESTI -
                             Divine Liturgy

Sun., April 24    HOLY PASCHA
                  11:00 am AGAPE Service (Great Vespers)
                           Gospel read in many languages – We need people to read the Gospel
                           in the different languages. Please contact Fr. Peter.

Mon., April 25-

Mon., April 25    FEAST DAY OF ST. GEORGE
                   9:00 am Divine Liturgy at St. George, Norwalk, CT (Ph: 203.849.0611)

Sun., May 1       SUNDAY OF THOMAS
                   9:00 am Orthros
                  10:00 am Divine Liturgy
                           Catechism School

                   7:00 pm

                   9:00 am Orthros
                  10:00 am Divine Liturgy
                           Catechism School

                  HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY

                   9:00 am Orthros
                  10:00 am Divine Liturgy
                           Catechism School

Sun., May 15      YOUTH MINISTRY BREAKFAST – Assumption Community breakfast
                  sponsored by Ahepa , served by our GOYA youth recognizing all our youth
                  advisors, coaches, parents and participants.

                   9:00 am Orthros
                  10:00 am Divine Liturgy

                             CATECHISM – GREEK SCHOOL YEAR-END PROGRAM

Sun., May 29       SUNDAY OF THE BLIND MAN
                   9:00 am Orthros
                  10:00 am Divine Liturgy

Wed., June 1      GREAT VESPERS - CHURCH OF OUR SAVIOR - RYE, NY (914.967.2838)
                   7:00 pm

Thur., June 2     ASCENSION DAY
                  10:00 am Divine Liturgy at Church of our Savior-Rye, NY (914.967.2838)


 9:00 am   Orthros
10:00 am   Divine Liturgy


Sat., June 11          SATURDAY OF SOULS
                       10:00 am Divine Liturgy

                       Memorial Service - Please give names of deceased loved ones to Fr. Peter t to
                       offer prayers during the Traditional Memorial Service. Please bring

Sun., June 12          PENTECOST
                        9:00 am Orthros
                       10:00 am Divine Liturgy
                                Service of Kneeling

Mon., June 13          Festival Clean-up Day
                       Please take a day off to help clean.

Sun., June 19          ALL SAINTS DAY
                        9:00 am Orthros
                       10:00 am Divine Liturgy

                       GRADUATE RECOGNITION SUNDAY

                       HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY

Sun., June 26          2nd SUNDAY OF MATTHEW
                        9:00 am Orthros
                       10:00 am Divine Liturgy

Sun., July 3, 10,    All Sundays in July
      17, 24, 31     9:00 am Orthros
                    10:00 am Divine Liturgy
                                  SATURDAY OF LAZARUS

Every year, the Sunday School children get together on the Saturday of Lazarus to attend the Divine
Liturgy and then go downstairs to have a Lenten luncheon and make crosses out of palms for Palm
Sunday. This is a beautiful tradition and all those who participate enjoy it very much. The children who
attend that day are invited to walk in the procession on Palm Sunday holding bouquets of palm leaves.
No monetary donations or food items will be collected. We want everyone to join us! Any parents
who can help are asked to help prepare the foods, set-up and clean-up.
                                             HOLY FRIDAY

Every year, we encourage our children to be excused from school to attend the morning service. They
stay afterwards to clean and beautify our Church in preparation for one of the holiest days of the year.
The adults prepare and serve a Lenten meal, decorate the Epitaphio and the flowers inside the Church,
and then services are attended again in the afternoon. This is one of the most inspiring and spiritual days
of the ecclesiastic year and the memories of preparing for it with our Church Family will never be
forgotten. Help us to continue this beautiful and meaningful tradition by being here with us.
                                   PASCHA - EASTER DONATION

Please remember to offer your PASCHA-EASTER donation. Your generous support which comes
from your heart reveals the love you have for your Assumption Church. It is a tangible and visible
sign of your Faith and Commitment. Are you a Faithful Steward of Christ's Church?
                            PASCHA FLOWERS & DECORATIONS
Please donate towards flowers, lily plants, candles and many other items needed for PASCHA
(Easter) celebration and services. See Fr. Peter.
                                  EGGS FOR PASCHA (EASTER)

Holy Thursday, April 21 (9:30 am - 1:00 pm) - Come during these hours to help dye and wrap the
red eggs for Pascha (Easter) that are Blessed and given to the faithful during the Resurrection
Divine Liturgy and at the Agape Service. It is a beautiful tradition that you can learn and
participate as you give your time and talent to your Church. The red reminds us of Christ's
sacrifice on the Cross and also the glory of His Resurrection. Contact Sheila Pappas (203.798.2760)
and offer a few hours of your time to your Church. WE ENCOURAGE NEW MEMBERS TO


Sun., May 22   Following Divine Liturgy, we will honor our teachers and students who
               participated in our Sunday Catechism School and our Greek School programs.
               Make sure you are part of the most important program in our Church.
                       JOIN ASSUMPTION - PETRO FUEL OIL CO-OP

Through Assumption-Petro Fuel Oil Co-op, you can save money on oil fuel heating bills and your
Church receives a rebate/donation back from Petro Fuel Oil Company. If you now use Petro Fuel and
are not part of our ―Co-op, you must send your name to Fr. Peter to be put on the Co-op List and
receive your discount. If you would like to join as a new customer of Petro Fuel Oil, you must send in
your name to the Church office or call Fr. Peter. Fr. Peter will tell Petro Fuel Oil to call you to discuss
service. Remember, fuel prices are very competitive.with going rates. Save money and help your Church!
Service contracts are half price.
I wish to join the fuel oil "co-op"; please include me in the program.
Name             _____________________              Phone           __________
Address          _____________________
City/State       _____________________              Zip             __________

Do you currently use Petro Fuel?               No      _____ Yes    _____
(Do not send this form in if you already are with the Assumption Co-op plan.)

Compare Prices: Jan. 14 - $3.21; Jan. 31 - $3.29; Feb. 19 - $3.35; Feb. 28 - $3.44; March 15 - $3.66

The Sunday Bulletin and Fanari Newsletter are special ministries offered by our parishioners. We
thank those responsible for their Stewardship of Talents and Time in typing and printing the
Sunday Bulletin. Our volunteers and those who take responsibility for projects are truly
appreciated. Also, thank you to those who type, print, collate, fold, stuff envelopes, seal envelopes
and do so much to make sure the Fanari Newsletter goes out regularly. Your gift of Time and
Talents is true Stewardship. Volunteers make things happen! Thank you. If you would like to
help with mailings and other office work, please contact Fr. Peter. Volunteers are needed.

                          THE GREEK EXPERIENCE FESTIVAL

June 10-11-12 Get to know your fellow parishioners by working together for the benefit of our
              Church. We need each and every one of you! VOLUNTEER!!

                Mark your calendars!! Sell your Raffle Tickets!! If you need additional tickets, call
                Angeles Angelou. Get your pastry recipes ready! We need Festival Chairpersons
                and Co-Chairpersons! Are you willing to work and take on a responsibility? We
                need Co-Chairpersons for a variety of booths! WE NEED YOUR HELP!! CALL
                FR. PETER!!

                Keep these dates open! Everyone’s help is needed at Festival time. This is our
                Community’s big fundraiser. Come be a part of it all. There is work (and fun) for
                all. Please do your best to sell and buy as many raffle tickets as possible. To
                volunteer, please see Fr. Peter or any Parish Council member, or contact one of the
                Chairpersons listed below:

Taverna                 John & Valerie Rountos (203.794.1317)
Loukoumades             Rose Koulouris (860.350.4338)
Boutique                Angela Stefanopoulos (203.938.0592)/ Valerie Rountos (203.794.1317)
Pastry                  Stacey Neofitidis (203.730.2289) – Lynette Stefanatos (860.350.0072)
Souvlakia               Konstantine & Erin Karloutsos (203.244.5912).
Cafenio                 Anastasia Osdranus (203.792.3268)
Bar                     Nick Kaplanis (203.792-2782 or Tony Kaplanis (203.312.8165)
Raffle                  Angeles Angelou (203.792.6153)
Dancing                 Presvytera Maria Karloutsos (203.797.0685)
Children’s Activities   Philip Herzegovitch (203.746.8940)
Advertising             Allison Arvanitis (203.748.2992)
Parking                 Harry Manesis (203.775.4206) - Peter Stefanopoulos (203.938.0592)


                                       FESTIVAL BAKING
I Will Bake:
        _____   Baklava                               _____ Koulourakia
        _____   Diples                                _____ Kourambiedes
        _____   Galaktobouriko                        _____ Melomakarouna - Finikia
        _____   Karidopita                            _____ Ravani
        _____   Kataifi                               _____ Other _______________
        _____   I cannot bake - please accept donation for baking supplies $ _____

Name: ____________________________________                   Phone: ______________________

Pastries should be large pieces to be able to be sold between $1.00 and $1.50. Place all pastries in
cup cake cups - put in box with your name and phone number. Drop off pastries at Church on
Thursday, June 9 after 4:00 pm or on Friday, June 10. Please cut off top portion of form. Mail to
Church or give it to Stacy Neofitidis or leave it at the Pangari (candle-stand). Thank you.

Please complete this form by May 20. After May 20, the Pastry Committee usually makes phone
calls. By completing this form, it lets us know what you are baking and we can save time by
making fewer phone calls. Filling out this form means you will not receive a call from the Pastry
Committee. Thank you.

                             FESTIVAL DANCE PRACTICES

Dance practice begins after PASCHA. You must come from the beginning. For dance information,
please contact Presbytera Maria Karloutsos (203.797.0685). All children 5 years old and up and
through college are encouraged to join. Look for practice times on Bulletin Board.

                                 FESTIVAL CLEAN-UP

June 13         We need your help! Please take a personal day off from work and help clean up
                after the Festival. We need many hands!!!!!!!!!!!

                2011 GRADUATE RECOGNITION SUNDAY - JUNE 19, 2011

Traditionally on Fathers’ Day our Church honors college and high school graduates. We ask
parents of high school and college graduates of 2010 to participate in honoring their children by
hosting the coffee fellowship following Divine Liturgy. Please contact Presbytera Maria (203.

Parents of college graduates, please contact Fr. Peter or Presbytera Maria with your graduate’s
name and the college they attended.



Your parish council, fellow members of our community, wants to keep you informed of the
financial status of our Assumption Parish. Our hope is to make you aware of the needs of
our Church and where we stand in our ability to cover the weekly and yearly expenses of
providing for all the programs and Ministries of our Church, as well as paying utilities,
maintenance, insurances, salaries and overall expenses associated with our Parish. Your
yearly Stewardship commitment, as well as collections from the candle stands and donation
baskets, is vital to support our yearly budget. We hope that each parish member and
family will understand that your financial support is truly needed.
Please become more aware of the obligation we all have, as Christians, to support the
Ministries of our Assumption Church and our Lord, Jesus Christ. Please fulfill your
yearly Stewardship Commitment. Thank you……

TOTAL INCOME TO DATE---FEBRUARY—2011------------ $41,034.37
TOTAL EXPENSES TO DATE---------------------------------------$46,290.60
2011 YEARLY BUDGETED EXPENSES--------------------------$272,500.00
       Please note that expenses are more than income…..your support is needed.

                             CAMP ST. PAUL AND IONIAN VILLAGE

From the Desk of Fr. Peter:

Dear Parents, College Students and Youth,

Our Greek Orthodox Archdiocese has wonderful opportunities for our youth to participate in
exciting and meaningful camp programs. Our Direct Archdiocesan District of New York has a
camp program that is located in Litchfield, CT at a beautiful camp site. Please visit this web site to
learn more about the Camp St. Paul program for our young people. Also, I highly recommend our
college students and young adults to become camp counselors. It is a way to serve your Church and
put into practice your Orthodox Christian Faith. We need young adults and college age youth to
volunteer to be a camp counselor. You will find it a richly rewarding experience.
Also, visit the web for the Ionian Village Camp located in Greece. Many of the youth of our parish
have participated in the camp and have enjoyed the beautiful camp site and country of Greece.
They have also made long lasting friendships with youth from all over the Archdiocese. Some of
our young adults have also volunteered to be counselors.
For more information, please contact Fr. Peter.
Parents – your children will benefit both spiritually and culturally from these programs. They will
learn more about their Faith and create friendships with youth from other communities. They will
see their Faith in action and have great fun with their fellow Orthodox Christian Youth.
College Students and Young Adults – Your Church needs your support – give of your Time and
Talents. Live your Faith!!! Visit the web sites to learn more or call Fr. Peter.

                                           CHURCH LIFE
Sarantismos/Newborn Blessing
February 13    Evangelina Efrosini, daughter of Faith and John Doupis of Mahopac, NY.
February 13    Nikhil Anthony, son of Christina and Arun Biswas of New York, NY.

Holy Baptism
February 27     Iaonnis Anthony, son of Ada and Anthony Rountos of Danbury, CT.
                Godparents are Steven James Rountos and Shannon Colley.

                              NA MAS ZISOUN – LONG LIFE & HEALTH
Memorial Service
February 27     Ernest ―Anastasios‖ Tsaldaris      1 year
February 27     Tulla ―Efstratia‖ Spinicelli       13 year
March 6         For the deceased Choir members, directors and chanters of our Holy Orthodox Churches in
                our Archdiocese.
March 20        Athanasios Tsipos                  3 year
March 20        Mary Christos                      3 year

                            EONIA I MNIMI – ETERNAL THEIR MEMORY
Coffee Fellowship
February 27      In loving memory of Ernest Tsaldaris by the Tsaldaris Family.
March 6          In honor of the pastoral visit by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios and in honor of our
                 wonderful Choir and the Direct Archdiocesan District Choir Federation which held their
                 conference at our Church. Thank you to our Ladies Philoptochos and so many parishioners
                 who brought delicious foods and deserts for our Coffee Fellowship. The hospitality of our
                 Assumption Church Family is well known. Thank you.
March 13         Sponsored by our JOY youth to raise funds for St. Jude Childrens’ Hospital. Thank you to
                 all who gave so generously and for the work of our JOY group, their advisors and parents.
March 20         In loving memory of Athanasios Tsipos by his wife, Maria.
March 27         In honor of the visit by missionary, Christina Semon, OCMC missionary to Romania, by
                 our Missionary Committee. Thank you to our Missionary Committee.

Altar Flowers
February 27     In loving memory of Ernest Tsaldaris by his wife Sonja and daughters, Christine and Lori.
March 13        For Heretismi Services in loving memory of Dionysios Kalogeratos by his wife, children and
                grandchildren (Neofitidis family).
March 20        For Heretismi Services by Florence and Warren Marble and family.
March 27        In celebration of the Feast of Evangelismos (Annunciation), March 25th by the Koutmos family.
March 27        Daffodils for Sunday of the Veneration of the Holy Cross, in memory of Anthony Kaplanis and
                Stephen Kaplanis by the Kaplanis family.
April 3         For Heretismi Services in loving memory of Eduardo Ortiz by his son, Steven & Maria Ortiz and
                their daughter, Alexis.
April 10        For the Akathistos Hymn Service by Donna Rondano.

                                      EFHARISTO – THANK YOU